Railway Empire Walkthrough

11. DLC - The Great Lakes

Welcome to the walkthrough for the Great Lakes DLC for Railway Empire!

To obtain the 8 achievements included in this DLC pack you are looking at playing the scenario and then a sandbox mode game. Overall you are looking at 4-6 hours of game time to finish it.


Load up the Dominion Day scenario and I would recommend using the normal rail network and trainiac pause mode. There are 22 tasks to complete and they are all compulsory. The hardest part of this scenario is the beginning as you need Wood for practically everything - so make sure your cities/warehouses are well supplied with Wood.

Once you start, use the demolish tool to remove most of the signals between Montreal and Quebec - then complete Task 1 by connecting Saguenay to Quebec. Once this is done, complete Task 2 by connecting Grand-Lac-Victoria to Quebec via a station at Archer Clearing just east of Grand-Lac-Victoria. Get a few trains supplying Wood from Archer Clearing to Quebec, and 1 train supplying Grand-Lac-Victoria.

Next connect Baker Chopping east of Montreal to Montreal and supply that with Wood, Set up a train to take Meat from Quebec to Saguenay to work delivering 30 Meat for Task 3. Once Task 3 is complete change the train that was delivering Meat to Saguenay to take it to the Warehouse near Saguenay instead to work on and Task 4.

While Task 4 is being worked on, it's a good time to build a Warehouse to 'link' with Quebec (both this Warehouse and the one near Saguenay want to store Meat, Logs, Wheat, Beer, Vegetables, and Furniture). Change all your trains to deliver to your new Warehouse (Wood from the rural businesses, Beer from Montreal and Furniture from Grand-Lac-Victoria) and take goods from the Warehouse to both Grand-Lac-Victoria and Saguenay's Warehouse so that your city stations are clear for passenger trains. Supply your new Warehouse with Wheat and Vegetables and make sure it is well supplied as your stock levels drop very quickly in the winter.

There is no Corn nearby, so just make sure both Saguenay and Grand-Lac-Victoria are both well supplied with Meat, Wheat, Beer, and Logs so that they can grow.

Once Task 4 is complete you will receive your next 3 tasks - which are to grow Saguenay to 28,000, grow Grand-Lac-Victoria to 32,000 and achieve a quarterly profit of $800,000. Hopefully, your 2 cities are already at the sizes needed - or close to them. If they do still need to grow, check the demand section of the city to see what you need to supply more of. Either way, once they both reach the required sizes Tasks 5 and 6 will be complete. For Task 7, you want to add a few Passenger trains to your network to earn you some extra cash to go with your Freight Revenue. You are unlikely to complete this Task in Jan-March or Oct-Dec as the snow stops all your trains - so use these months to add more trains, or spend on upgrading stations and maintenance buildings - and avoid spending money from Apr-Sept as much as possible.

Once you achieve a profit of over $800,000 in any quarter you will complete Task 7 and the hardest portion of this scenario. You'll be rewarded with 4 easy tasks to complete.

Tasks 8 and 9 are simply to join the cities of Moncton and Halifax to your network. Once this is done, build a station at Ward Forest Aisles (south of Moncton) to supply Halifax with Wood and a station at Stark Preserve (south of Halifax) to supply Moncton with Wheat - which will work on Task 10 (deliver 35 Wood to Halifax).

Now, you might notice that Halifax uses Wood to make Cloth. You need to transport 35 loads of Cloth for Task 11 and for a future task you want to be producing Winter Clothing. Sageunay has the required industry for that - so, create a couple of trains to transport the Cloth to Saguenay to work on Task 11. Build a station at Anderson Clearing northwest of Saguenay to supply Furs. While this is going on, set up some trains to supply Halifax and Moncton with goods needed to grow from your Quebec Warehouse.

With Tasks 8-11 complete you are given the simple Task of having a company value of $8,000,000 and given the rails and stations located between Ottawa and London which includes a couple of rural businesses. Start by removing some or all of the signals located on the tracks you have just gained, and connect Ottawa to Montreal. You can choose to expand these cities if you wish (personally I left them) using goods from Montreal/Quebec Warehouse and the Meat that can be produced in London.

Around now you should be able to unlock the 'Achilles' locomotive with your innovation points. Do that now, and once you create a train line with this locomotive you will earn the following achievement:

Dog sleigh in Railway Empire
Dog sleigh51 (20)
Use the Achilles locomotive in the "Dominion Day" scenario.
  • Unlocked by 55 tracked gamers (85% - TA Ratio = 2.55) 65

Once you achieve a company value of $8,000,000, you will complete Task 12 and be given Tasks 13-15. You should complete Task 15 for a quarterly Freight Revenue of $1,200,000 at the end of your next quarter. For Task 13, set up a train to transport Furs to Ottawa and for Task 14 set up a train to take Winter Clothing from Saguenay to Toronto (make sure there are no other trains taking Winter Clothing from Saguenay). Before long both Tasks 13 and 14 will be complete.

When you receive Tasks 16-19, you are allowed to expand into much more of the map. The first thing to do is expand west from Grand-Lac-Victoria to the cities of Sudbury, Sault Ste. Marie and White River. Purchase and demolish the Brewery in Sudbury and build a Meat Industry in its place. Then supply this from the Cattle Ranch to the southeast. Use Sudbury to supply Meat to White River, Sault Ste. Marie and Grand-Lac-Victoria. Supply the Brewery in White River with Wheat and use this to supply Sault Ste. Marie and Sudbury with Beer. Next, supply these cities with Logs, Wheat and Vegetables/Milk when needed from the rural businesses nearby as you want to grow these cities to 55,000+.

Once you have those cities supplied and growing, expand west from White River to Thunder Bay and supply Thunder Bay with Wheat from the north, Coal from the west, Beer from White River, Meat from Sudbury and Logs from any rural business you can. Once supplied with these goods it will expand to the required 36,000 population for Task 16.

For Task 17, simply build some track between the Fur business near Saguenay and Grand-Lac-Victoria and set up a train to take Furs to Sault Ste. Marie. Now turn your attention to Task 18 and achieving a quarterly revenue of $1,200,000 from Passengers. Set up 'Passengers and Mail' trains between all your cities and use your innovation points to unlock the increased ticket prices for passengers innovations. As with the Freight revenue earlier you are only likely to obtain these between Apr-June or July-Sept, but once you do it will leave you with just Task 19.

Having 8 cities with 55,000+ population might sound difficult due to the snow in winter but it isn't really much harder than in the standard game. Your starting 2 cities of Montreal and Quebec should already be over this - and if you kept Saguenay well supplied that will be your 3rd. Moncton and Halifax should easily reach this if you supplied them from the Quebec Warehouse to give you 5 and once Sudbury, Sault Ste. Marie and White River reach 55,000 population each you will complete Task 19. (Thunder Bay is another city that could easily reach 55,000 and if you chose to grow Toronto, Ottawa, and London there are another 3 to use)

The final 3 tasks (20-22) are now revealed and you should be earning a massive amount of money. So, buy out either of your competitors now to complete Task 22. Change lots of your trains to use the 'Achilles' locomotive if you haven't already done so and you should have 8 express trains before long which will complete Task 21.

Before buying 10 Industries/Businesses for Task 20, you want to connect to a few more cities so that you have stations in at least 15 cities of this region. Doing this will net you the following achievement:

On track in Railway Empire
On track55 (20)
Connect half of the cities of the "Dominion Day" scenario.
  • Unlocked by 48 tracked gamers (74% - TA Ratio = 2.73) 65

With that achievement out of the way, you now want to open up the Bonds section inside the 'Company' menu and pay back your $10,000,000 bond once you can afford it. With your bond paid off, take a look at your revenue page and the 'Results of last quarter' part. Once this is over $5,000,000 and your bond is paid off you will unlock the following achievement (I could not get this achievement to pop without paying the bond back although others have, you may have already earned this and so you won't need to pay the bond back):

The Loonie in Railway Empire
The Loonie89 (30)
Archieve a quarterly result of $5 million.
  • Unlocked by 41 tracked gamers (63% - TA Ratio = 2.96) 65

Now, all that is left to do is buy 10 Industries or Businesses to complete Task 20 and it will be scenario complete!

Once you go to the rating screen you will unlock the following achievement:

Due South in Railway Empire
Due South85 (30)
Complete the "Dominion Day" scenario.
  • Unlocked by 45 tracked gamers (69% - TA Ratio = 2.82) 65

Hopefully, you also earned a president rating for the following achievement:

Robin Sparkles in Railway Empire
Reach the rank of President in the "Dominion Day" scenario.
  • Unlocked by 38 tracked gamers (58% - TA Ratio = 3.07) 65

I personally completed this in August 1872 with a rating of 34.6

Sandbox Mode

Load up a Sandbox Mode game in any era and use any start city. Using your unlimited money, connect all the cities to unlock the following achievement:

I made it eh in Railway Empire
Connect all cities in the Great Lakes region.
  • Unlocked by 41 tracked gamers (63% - TA Ratio = 2.96) 65

Then purchase 4 Fur Businesses for the following achievement:

Just in beaver in Railway Empire
Own 4 fur businesses in the Great Lakes region.
  • Unlocked by 49 tracked gamers (75% - TA Ratio = 2.71) 65

And now you want to build a Warehouse close enough to a city so that it 'links' and set it up to store the first 6 goods. Then simply build stations at the nearest rural businesses that supply those goods and transport them to your Warehouse. As soon as your Warehouse is holding 200 or more items you will unlock the following achievement:

Winter is coming in Railway Empire
Stack up 200 commodities in a warehouse in the Great Lakes region.
  • Unlocked by 59 tracked gamers (91% - TA Ratio = 2.47) 65

And that is 8/8 achievements for 200 Gamerscore and concludes this walkthrough!

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