Railway Empire Walkthrough

12. DLC - Crossing The Andes

Welcome to the walkthrough for the Crossing The Andes DLC for Railway Empire!

To obtain the 8 achievements included in this DLC pack you are looking at playing the 3 scenarios and then a 100-year free mode game. Overall you are looking at 10-15 hours of game time to finish it.

Outside Capital

As you would expect, the first of these 3 scenarios is the easiest and your best opportunity to earn a president rating in this region. This scenario has 11 Tasks - all of which are compulsory - and focus mainly on passenger transport. The hardest part of this scenario is completing the first task. I suggest using the normal rail network and trainiac pause mode for this scenario.

You start with Buenos Aires as your home town. Build a station there and one in nearby Rosario, then set up an express train to run between the two cities. Now you want to build and join up a station in Cordoba. Once again, set up an express train. This will make progress towards Task 2 and you now have 3/7 cities connected towards Task 1. The next 3 cities you want to connect are Bahia Blanca, Viedma, and Corrientes (use bonds to afford these). Next, set up a few express trains so that passengers can travel between all your cities.

Lookout for an auction for the 'Garrett' locomotive and purchase this when it comes up. Set up or change an existing train line to use this locomotive - coupled with the Kitson-Meyer locomotive that you started with - and you will now unlock the following:

Loco Cabana in Railway Empire
Make use of the locomotive engines "Garratt" and "Kitson-Meyer" in any South American scenario.
  • Unlocked by 54 tracked gamers (92% - TA Ratio = 2.52) 59

Now use your innovation points to unlock the 'Berkshire' locomotive and change all your express train lines to use this locomotive as it does a good enough job until the final part of this scenario.

Your final city - once you can afford it - is Tucuman, and you may notice the city of Salta nearby. The reason you didn't use Salta is that the cost of laying tracks from Tucuman to Salta is in excess of $500,000 due to the terrain. This will complete Task 1 - and if Task 2 isn't complete it will be done soon.

Tasks 3 and 4 (company value of $2,000,000 and quarterly revenue of $250,000 from passengers) should come in time and while you are waiting for them you can start connecting rural businesses ready for growing cities later. There are 6 basic goods needed to grow cities in this region to the size we require (Fish, Corn, Chicha, Meat, Logs & Sugar).

Once Tasks 3 and 4 are complete you will be given Tasks 5-8. Task 8 is simply double the requirement of Task 4 and will come in time without much thought, Task 7 (have $1,000,000 cash) also will not be a problem, so you can look at Task 6 which is to connect to another 3 cities. Connect from Rosario to Santiago when you can afford it to complete Task 5, and then south from Santiago to Concepcion, then finally north from Santiago to Coquimbo to complete Task 6.

Save up your cash until you have $1,000,000 to complete Task 7 and then start supplying the cities of Cordoba, Rosario, Buenos Aires, Bahia Blanca and Viedma with the goods mentioned earlier while you wait for Task 8 to complete (you can add more passenger trains to your lines to help Task 8 too).

Viedma and Bahia Blanca work well as a pair and then Rosario, Cordoba, and Buenos Aires as a trio.

With Task 8 complete you are given another 4 tasks to finish the scenario and you want to start by connecting north from Coquimbo to the cities of Iquique, Ica and then Lima (setup express trains on each of these lines). Now you want to connect north from Tucuman to the cities of Salta, Potosi and then Santa Cruz to complete Task 9. Then join Santa Cruz west to La Paz and then west from La Paz to join your line to Ica (again you want to set up express trains on these lines).

Hopefully, by now, each of the 5 cities you were growing is at population 60,000+, but if not then work on that now by adding extra supply to the cities that need it. Once each of these cities has 60,000+ population build an attraction in each of them to complete Task 10.

Task 12 should be your focus now and buying out Don Lorenzo first as his company value goes up faster. Once you own 100% of his company, leave him operating and earning you money until you also own 100% of Roger Smythe. With you owning 100% shares in both your competitors you will complete Task 12 and now you want to merge with both of them and liquidate everything.

Having 20 express trains operating at once for Task 11 is not as hard as it seems. Start by removing ALL of your freight trains from your network as you don't care about supplying cities anymore and you don't want slow freight trains clogging up your lines. Use your innovation points to unlock the 'EMD E-unit Diesel' locomotive and then replace all of your current locomotives with this one. Upgrade all of your stations to the maximum size to reduce loading/unloading time and connect north from Corrientes to the city of Horqueta and west from Buenos Aires to Montevideo.

With passenger trains on all of your routes, you should have around 25 train lines operating and you need 20 of these to be classed 'Express' at the same time. If you can't reach 20 then add more passenger trains to your network and use any remaining innovation points to unlock faster maintenance times, reduced maintenance requirements and higher train speeds. If you are still struggling then try remaking some of your routes with more direct tracks and fewer gradients on them.

Once 20 of your trains are classed as 'Express' at once you will complete Task 11 and the scenario!

With the rating screen loaded up, you will unlock the following achievement:

Pompa Colada in Railway Empire
Complete the "Outside capital" scenario.
  • Unlocked by 32 tracked gamers (54% - TA Ratio = 3.27) 59

And hopefully you earned a president rating for the following achievement:

El Dorado in Railway Empire
El Dorado109 (30)
Complete one out of the three South American scenarios as president.
  • Unlocked by 26 tracked gamers (44% - TA Ratio = 3.63) 59

I personally completed this scenario in February 1907 with a rating of 39.2.

Coffee Baron

The second scenario of this DLC focuses on freight transport in the opposite of the first scenario, and there are 12 tasks to complete - all of which are compulsory. Your starting city is Sao Paulo and you only have 1 Task to deal with straight the way which is to connect 8 rural businesses to your network. I suggest using the normal rail network and trainiac pause mode for this scenario.

Begin by building your station in Sao Paulo and build another in Curitiba. Connect these up, then connect the nearby Fishery and add some trains to supply both the cities. Next, connect the Coffee plantation west of Curitiba and get a train taking Coffee to Curitiba as this is how you obtain resource points in this scenario. Use your innovation points to unlock the 'Berkshire' locomotive when you can as this train will do well for the whole of this scenario. Use any spare innovation points going forward to unlock reduced maintenance times, increased reliability and increased speeds.

With each additional station, add trains to supply your cities with any goods they need from your newly connected businesses.

Now you can also connect to the Coffee plantation east of Sao Paulo for a 3rd rural business - although you won't be using it just yet. Use a Medium size train station to the south of Curitiba to connect the Corn and Natural Rubber businesses to your network and connect the Cattle Ranch North of Sao Paulo.

Next, you want to connect to Rio De Janeiro and the Corn and Oil businesses north of it to complete Task 1. Supply your 3 cities with Fish, Corn, Meat & Chicha to start them growing.

Task 2 will now be available which is to deliver 24 loads of Coffee to Porto Alegre (south of Curitiba) so your next job is to connect to Porto Alegre from your medium-sized station south of Curitiba and this will cost around $500,000. Once this is done, begin supplying Porto Alegre with Coffee from the plantation near Curitiba. As soon as 24 loads are delivered Task 2 will be complete. Now you can also connect to the Logging North of Curitiba and also the Fishery, Logging and Sugar plantation near to Porto Alegre.

Now you are given Tasks 3 & 4 - which are to transport 1,000 freight cars and earn $1,000,000 in quarterly revenue from freight. As long as you are supplying all your cities with the 5 basic goods needed (Fish, Corn, Meat, Chicha & Logs) Task 3 will be a breeze, and for Task 4 just keep adding trains to supply your cities and connect to more businesses as needed (Sugar at 25,000 Population, Milk at 35,000, Coffee at 40,000 & Cocoa at 45,000) and before too long Task 4 will also be complete.

Now Tasks 5-7 are given to you and you will probably have already complete Task 6 (Have $5,000 average balance with 15 active rail lines), leaving you with 2 Tasks for growing cities - Task 5 for growing Curitiba to 80,000 and Task 7 for having 8 cities with a 60,000+ population.

You already have 4 cities growing well and the next 4 to grow are your own choice - although I would recommend using Uberaba, Contagem, Monte Claros and Cuiaba (Cuiaba seems a little out of the way but will come in useful later) For the time being, expand your current cities and 3 more to 60,000+ leaving 1 city undersupplied until mid 1907 (Monte Claros is probably your best one to leave). Whilst your 7 cities are growing, use any spare cash to buy up businesses, win any auctions and purchase any businesses offered to you as this will greatly help you later. Once you have 7 cities at 60,000+ population, Curitiba at 80,000+, and you reach mid-1907 it is time to start growing your last city. Keep growing one of your cities to 100,000+ population as you need demand for Toys later.

Once you have a city with a population of 100,000 you will have demand for Toys and Steel. Build a Steel Industry in Cuiaba and supply the Iron from the west (close to Lima) and the coal from the east (north of Monte Claros) so you can start producing Steel. Next, build a Toy Industry in Uberaba and supply this with Steel from Cuiaba and Wood from the nearby Logging. Hopefully, either Sao Paulo or Rio De Janeiro has a Chocolate Industry, but if not then build one at either city or purchase an existing industry and replace it. Once there is a Chocolate Industry make sure it is supplied with Sugar and Cocoa.

Once your last city reaches 60,000 population you will complete Task 7.

Now you receive Task 8 which is to have a company value of $25,000,000 and you will almost certainly complete it instantly. If you don't, the easiest way to achieve this is to buy up businesses and industries. Once you reach a company value of $25,000,000 you will complete Task 8.

You now have access to the whole of the map and are given Tasks 9-12 which are to buy out each of your competitors and transport 200 loads of chocolate and 100 loads of toys. You have Uberaba making Toys and either Rio De Janeiro or Sao Paulo making chocolate, so as long as they are getting transported away from your cities then you are working on Tasks 10 & 11 (if you need to speed this up you can build a Warehouse nearby to 'store' either Chocolate or Toys and transport them there as this will count).

This just leaves you with the Task of buying out your competitors. You want to buy out Roger Smythe first as he costs less and the Task has an earlier expiry date. Use any spare cash to buy shares in Roger Smythe, and to try and win any auctions for businesses and industries as this will increase your company value rather than theirs. This makes you harder to buy out while stopping them from becoming harder to buy out.

Remember to keep your eye out for employees. You can hire Analysts and use these to decrease the share price of the competitor you are trying to buy out. Whilst buying out your competitors make sure your Toy and Chocolate industries are well supplied and that the goods are being transported to work on Tasks 10 & 11.

Once you own 100% in Roger Smythe you will complete Task 9 but DO NOT liquidate him. Leave him operating and he will earn you money as you will periodically gain any excess cash he has. Now with your income increased - and only Beatrix Von Pomp to buy out - it is time to start buying shares in her in the same way you did to Roger Smythe. Once you have 100% ownership of Beatrix Von Pomp you will complete Task 12.

This could be the scenario complete for you although you may still need to transport Toys and Chocolate. The quickest method to do this now is simply to build Warehouses and transport the goods to them. Once you have transported 100 loads of Toys and 200 Loads of Chocolate you will complete Tasks 10 & 11 and it will be Scenario Complete!

Once your rating screen loads up you will unlock the following achievement:

Donpirinha in Railway Empire
Donpirinha68 (20)
Complete the "Coffee baron" scenario.
  • Unlocked by 30 tracked gamers (51% - TA Ratio = 3.38) 59

Personally, I completed this in August 1914 with a rating of 28.5 but on another attempt completed it in June 1916 with a rating of 30.4 (completing the first 6 Tasks much earlier).


This is probably the hardest scenario in the game (so far) and revolves around growing cities and expanding your rail network massively. I would recommend using the normal rail mode and the trainiac pause mode. There are 11 tasks to complete - all of which are compulsory - and there are 2 'hard' parts of this scenario. The first is the very beginning due to very limited money and tricky terrain to conquer, and the second 'hard' part is at the end and buying out your competitor. Be warned; this can be a very long scenario and if you don't expand quickly enough in the final part then you can fail quite easily.

Until quite late in the game, you want to avoid building tunnels and bridges as much as possible (you will end up with horrible gradients but that is ok). Place your first station in Lima and another station in Ica. Set up 2 express trains to run between the 2 cities. Now build a station at the nearby Corn Farm and connect it to Lima. Set up 2 trains to take Corn to Ica and a single train to take Corn to Lima.

Buy the Niter Mine south of Ica (using bonds if needed) and build a station there, along with a station at the Fishery and connect these to Ica. Use 2 trains to take Niter to Ica (setup them up to wait for 8 wagons so as to maximize profit) and a train each to take Fish to Ica and Lima. Hopefully, at the end of March, you will complete Task 1 for a quarterly profit of $80,000 (if not I would recommend starting again at this point).

With Task 1 complete you will receive Task 2 (transport 24 loads of Niter to Ica), Task 3 (population of 50,000 in Iquique), and Task 4 (produce 30 loads of clothing). Task 2 is currently being worked on - turn your attention to Iquique, build a station there and a station at the Fishery to the south (you do not need to connect Iquique to the rest of your network yet). Use this to get Fish to Iquique, then when you have the money build and connect the Corn Farm south of the Fishery and set up a supply of Corn too.

Use your innovation points to unlock the 'Berkshire' locomotive when you can as it is a good all-rounder and doesn't cost a great deal.

Now is the time to connect Iquique to the Coffee Farm south of your Niter Mine. Next, connect from the Coffee Farm to the nearby Fishery. Create trains to swap Chicha and Meat between Lima/Iquique and Ica/Iquique. At this point, Iquique should start growing. Build a station at the Sugar Plantation southeast of Iquique and connect this. Once Iquique reaches 25,000 population, supply it with Sugar, and then once it reaches 35,000 population connect and supply it with Milk from the south of the Corn Farm.

Once Iquique reaches 40,000 population, supply it with Coffee from the north and build a Tailors there. Build a station at the Llama Wool Farm west of your Niter Mine and supply this to Iquique. This will be enough supply to reach 50,000 population and you will now be producing clothing.

Now it is time to expand south from the Dairy you connected earlier - building stations at the Niter Mine, Fishery, Corn Farm - finally arriving at Coquimbo and then supplying Coquimbo with Fish and Corn. Continue expanding south and build stations at the Llama Wool Farm, Logging, Santiago, Niter Mine, Fishery, and the Cattle Ranch. Now supply Santiago with Cattle, Corn, Fish, and Wood. Create a rail line to transport freight between Coquimbo and Santiago. Next, supply Coquimbo with Wood and then expand south once more building stations at the Corn Farm, Concepcion, Sugar Plantation, Coffee Farm, and the Logging. Supply Concepcion with Corn, Fish, Wood and also a freight line from Santiago. This will get 4 of your cities growing and you will complete Tasks 3 and 4 somewhere around here.

Tasks 5 and 6 should now appear and Task 5 is the one you need to work on quickly as there isn't a great deal of time to complete it, Iquique will be above 50,000 and the cities of Concepcion, Coquimbo, and Santiago will be growing enough to reach 50,000. Lima and Ica need more supply to reach 50,000 and this can be done by connecting to Cusco from your Niter Mine. Supply Cusco from the Cattle Ranch to the east and have Cusco exchanging freight with Lima and Ica. Now is a good time to remake your line from Lima to the Corn Farm you connected to at the start to make the line much straighter (you can use tunnels and bridges now as long as its not a ridiculous cost and replace the station there with a medium/large station so that both Corn and Milk are available from it). You can also build a Large station at the Logging business east of Lima so that the station can get the Iron from outside of your build area. Create a line from the Corn/Milk station to Cusco and build a station at the Coal Mine which needs to connect so that it can supply Cusco. You'll also need to make sure that Wood can be supplied to Cusco.

With those changes made and stations built, supply Cusco with Corn, Fish, and Wood, then supply Lima and Ica with Milk and Wood. Finally, once Cusco reaches 35,000 supply it with Milk. When it hits 40,000 population, build a Steel Industry and supply it with Iron and Coal so that you can produce Steel ready for Task 6. This should be enough for you to have 7 cities reach 50,000 but keep a close eye on them to make sure they are supplied enough - add trains accordingly and expand your stations to more quickly unload of your trains.

Now, build and connect to a station in La Paz and then repeat for Santa Cruz and Asuncion. With this done, start transporting Steel to Asuncion. Now build a station in Horqueta and have a train exchanging freight between Horqueta and Asuncion, then build stations at nearby businesses to supply Asuncion with Cattle, Corn, Fish, and Wood. Supply Horqueta with Corn, Fish, and Wood too. As these cities expand, you want to supply them both with Milk at 35,000 - and at 40,000, build a Refinery in Horqueta and a Chocolate Factory in Asuncion. Supply each of them with the required materials.

Once you have transported 20 Steel to Asuncion you can build a station at the Sugar Plantation and supply both of these cities with Sugar. You can now build stations in Buenos Aires, Rosario and Cordoba. Tasks 7 and 8 should also be available for transporting 20 Cars to Buenos Aires and having a company value of $55,000,000. Have express trains running between Buenos Aires, Rosario, and Cordoba and then keep expanding Horqueta and Asuncion (supply them both with Cocoa from 45,000 and build a museum in Horqueta at 60,000 and the supply Niter at 70,000). Once Asuncion reaches 90,000, you can build a Car Industry and start sending Cars to Buenos Aires. For Horqueta at 90,000, build a Tailors.

Around this point, you will complete Task 8, receive Tasks 9-11, and Don Lorenzo will buy out Beatrix Von Pomp and start buying you out. At this point, you have full access to the map and you need to continue expanding quickly and supply cities well to avoid being bought out yourself. Before long Task 7 will also be complete for transporting 20 loads of cars to Buenos Aires.

Task 10 is the one to focus on most - for now - for having 4 cities at 125,000 population and the best way to do this is with 'pairs' of cities; one that produces Chicha and one that produces Meat and ideally the 2 cities want to have other, different Industries to each other so they can exchange them. Horqueta and Asuncion are good for this as all the goods needed are nearby; Santiago has everything nearby on its own and can exchange Meat for Chicha with Concepcion and Coquimbo; Iquique can exchange with Coquimbo and you also have a 3 city group of Cusco, Lima, and Ica. Personally, I ended up with Lima, Ica, Iquique, Santiago, Asuncion and Horqueta all over 125,000 population - but the choice is yours.

Once you have 4 cities at the required population, you will complete Task 10. For Tasks 9 and 11 - to buy 15% and then 100% of Don Lorenzo - you want to keep expanding your cities and connecting to new cities to expand. Now is also a good time to create new express routes between all your cities using the EMD E-Unit Diesel locomotive as this will earn you lots of income. You can also buy Niter Mines, expand these to maximum size and transport the Niter to cities that will export it as there is no limit to how much the cities will take (Concepcion and Ica export Niter).

For reference to the kind of expansion you need to do in this phase of the scenario, at scenario complete I had stations in 21 cities and they all had a minimum 30,000 population with 7 of them being 125,000+, I owned 125 businesses/industries, had a quarterly revenue of over $20,000,000 and a company value of $400,000,000.

Whilst you are earning money you want to try and win any auctions that are going so that your competitor's value doesn't rise - and buy out businesses and industries that your competitor is using (all in Brazil) as he will then be earning you money. Use analysts when they are available to reduce his share price and buy a couple of percent of shares each time you can. Once you have bought 15% you will complete Task 9.

Keep expanding to new cities and businesses and grow them as well as buying business and industries as you go - all to increase your income and save up your money so that you always have over $15,000,000 - as this will allow you to buy a significant chunk of shares when an analyst comes along. Just continue this until you can buy him completely out.

Once you own 100% shares in Don Lorenzo, it will be scenario complete for the hardest scenario so far! You will also unlock the following once the rating screen loads up:

Roger Libre in Railway Empire
Complete the "Summiteer" scenario.
  • Unlocked by 27 tracked gamers (46% - TA Ratio = 3.56) 59

I personally complete this in November 1917 with a rating of 30.9.

With all the expanding - and the fact you were supplying at least 2 Tailors in this game - you will have unlocked this achievement at some point:

Llamas in Pyjamas in Railway Empire
Transport 600 loads of llama wool in any game in South America.
  • Unlocked by 43 tracked gamers (73% - TA Ratio = 2.82) 59

Now continue playing and just expand to every city on the map for the next achievement:

Cocktail Party in Railway Empire
Connect all cities to each other in the region of South America.
  • Unlocked by 35 tracked gamers (59% - TA Ratio = 3.13) 59

Free Mode

For the final achievement of this DLC you just need to complete a 100 year Free Mode game. As there aren't any specific tasks to complete - and the task list is different every time you play a Free Mode game - there isn't much assistance I can give towards completing it. However, if you need to grow cities up to 60,000 population then focus on the 6 basic goods (Fish, Corn, Chicha, Meat, Logs & Sugar) and then add some of the higher goods and a museum if you need a higher population. For connecting X amount of cities, businesses or stations simply connect the required amount of those and you will probably get a couple of other tasks such as build a museum/university at a specific city.

Start a 100-year free mode game on the South America map using the normal rail network, 0 competitors, maximum starting money and use any start city.

This quickest way to do this is to complete all of your Tasks. However, the achievement will still unlock as long as you complete at least 1 Task even if you fail all others - although you will need to wait until the final Task expires which can be a long wait. Personally, I completed as many Tasks as I could but again the choice on this one is yours.

If you didn't get it earlier you can grow your network and expand to every city on the map for the following:

Cocktail Party in Railway Empire
Connect all cities to each other in the region of South America.
  • Unlocked by 35 tracked gamers (59% - TA Ratio = 3.13) 59

And when you complete your final Task or it expires you will get yourself:

Livin' La Vida Loco in Railway Empire
Complete a 100 year era free game in South America.
  • Unlocked by 25 tracked gamers (42% - TA Ratio = 3.70) 59

And that is 8/8 achievements for 180 Gamerscore and concludes this section!

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