Railway Empire Walkthrough

13. DLC - Great Britain & Ireland

Welcome to the walkthrough for the Great Britain & Ireland DLC for Railway Empire!

To obtain the 8 achievements included in this DLC pack you are looking at playing the scenario, a 100-year free mode game, and a quick Sandbox Mode mop up for the final achievement. Overall you are looking at 6-10 hours of game time to finish it.


Load up the Transport Revolution scenario and use normal rails and the trainiac pause mode. This scenario is the easiest so far of the DLC's to complete and earn a president rating - however, it isn't the shortest. There are 15 tasks to complete - 2 are optional - and a major part of this scenario is city growth.

Your starting city is Liverpool and your first task is to connect Manchester and Liverpool. Build a medium station in each and connect both the stations with 2 lines to complete Task 1. Setup 2 rail lines for 'Passengers & Mail'; one from Liverpool - Manchester and one for Manchester - Liverpool so they are opposite each other.

Task 2 is to have 8 active train lines with an average balance of over £4,500 and you will have 2 already. Build stations at the Apple Orchard and Fishery north of your rail lines and connect these to your unused line between Liverpool and Manchester. Now build a station at the Pig Farm (Backfatters) to the south, then connect this to your unused line. Set up 2 trains to take Pigs to Liverpool, a train each taking fish to your 2 cities, a train taking Apples to Liverpool and 2 taking Apples to Manchester. You also want 2 trains transporting Freight between the 2 cities and make sure they use the opposite line to your Express line (Use bonds to set up all these lines if needed). Once all of these lines have made a complete trip you will complete Task 2.

You are now given Tasks 3 & 6 - although it looks like 3 & 4. Task 3 will complete on its own in time, so while you are waiting, connect the cites of Wrexham and Leeds to your network (using your Freight line at Manchester for Leeds) and supply them both with 2 trains for Pigs, 1 for Fish and 1 for Apples (you can supply the apples to Wrexham from the much closer Orchard). Next, set up a Freight train each way for Wrexham - Manchester and Leeds - Manchester and supply Manchester with at least 2 more trains of Apples.

Once your cities reach 30,000 supply them with Beef, at 40,000 supply them with Logs, at 45,000 supply them with Vegetables, and at 50,000 supply them with Milk (all are near Liverpool/Manchester). Once your first 2 cities reach 35,000 you will complete Task 3. Then you will be given Task 4 to produce 60 loads of Tweed, and allowed to expand to the cities of Birmingham and Nottingham.

As Liverpool reaches 40,000 population build a Weaving Factory. Expand it to level 2 and supply it with Sheep's Wool from the Estate just north of Birmingham as this will work on Task 4. Whilst that is going on, connect to the cities of Nottingham and Birmingham and supply them each with 1 train of Apples, 1 of Fish and 2 of Pigs. Once Wrexham reaches 40,000 build a Brewery there and use Wrexham as your city to supply Birmingham and Nottingham with Cider (build additional shorter rail lines if you haven't already) Make sure Wrexham is well supplied with Apples.

Remember to build Museums at any city that reaches 60,000 population.

Once you have produced 60 loads of Tweed you will complete Task 4 and receive the very easy Task 5 - which is to transport 800 Freight cars - and your network will be doing that for you already without any input as you are growing your cities. While you wait for that, connect to the cities of Oxford, Northampton, and Hull (Hull is another supplier of Cider so you aren't so reliant on Manchester and Wrexham). Supply Hull with 2 trains of Apples, a train of Fish and a train transporting Freight from Leeds. Supply Oxford and Northampton with 2 trains each of Pigs and a train of Barley which you can now get just west of Nottingham, then once Task 5 completes supply them with Apples from around London.

Now connect to London to complete Task 6 and supply London with plenty of Apples, Fish from the east and transport Freight between London - Oxford and London - Northampton. This will start these cities growing. You will now also have Task 7 which is to grow London to 100,000 Population. To do that just make sure it is well supplied with all goods up to Milk, and supply it with any of the further goods that any of your cities are producing as and when London reaches the required population.

Whilst London is growing, it is now a good time to expand to Peterborough, Cambridge, and Norwich. Cambridge and Norwich produce Cider which will help with supplying all your cities with Cider, so once again supply them with the needed goods to reach 30,000 and then supply each extra of the required goods to grow them to 60,000 and finally build museums.

Once London reaches 100,000 population you will complete Task 7, receive and instantly complete Task 8 which is to connect to 12 cities and then receive Task 9 to buy out Don McLeod's company - and Optional Task 1 to deliver 50 loads of Steel to Newcastle.

Build a station in Middlesbrough. Buy the industry that is there, demolish it and build a Steel industry. Supply Middlesbrough with Iron from slightly north and Coal from the south. Build and connect to Newcastle and start transporting Steel to Newcastle to work on your Optional Task. Now supply Newcastle and Middlesbrough as you have done with each other city so far.

Start buying out Don McLeod as quickly as you can but don't buy 100% until you have completed your Optional Task. Once you have completed your Optional Task, buy out 100% of Don McLeod but leave him operating and don't merge with him - this will give you extra income regularly.

After completing Task 9 you are given all Tasks 10-13 and Optional Task 2.

Connect to Edinburgh and supply it with the needed goods to reach 60,000 population as this will complete Task 11 for transporting 120 of any commodity to Edinburgh. Now build a station in Glasgow and connect it to Liverpool (the line doesn't need to be neat just as long as it works) and set up a train to take 'Passengers & Mail' from Liverpool to Glasgow to work on Task 10.

Continue growing all of your cities and start buying out the competitor that isn't in Ireland. Once you own 100%, merge with this competitor and Don McLeod and 'keep everything'. Now connect your 2 newly acquired networks to your original network so that you have one giant network and build Museums at any of the new cities you now have. By this point, you should have completed Task 12 for having 15 cities at 60,000+ population and should be close to completing Task 13 for having 8 cities at 120,000+ population. Just make sure each of your cities is well supplied and before long both of these Tasks will be complete.

With that, the scenario will be complete and you will earn yourself the following achievement:

In a snap in Railway Empire
In a snap67 (20)
Complete the "Transport revolution" scenario.
  • Unlocked by 41 tracked gamers (38% - TA Ratio = 3.36) 108

Hopefully, you also earned a President Rating. However, if you didn't you can continue playing and buy out the remaining competitor to complete Optional Task 2 and boost your rating significantly. Either way, you will also earn:

Cheeky geezer in Railway Empire
Complete the "Transport revolution" scenario as president.
  • Unlocked by 29 tracked gamers (27% - TA Ratio = 4.00) 108

I personally completed this scenario in September 1841, completing the first 3 Tasks with maximum score and completing only the first Optional Task with a rating of 35.8. After playing on for just 4 months and buying out the remaining competitor to complete the second Optional Task I gained a rating of 44.5.

Free Mode

As there aren't any specific tasks to complete - and the task list is different every time you play a Free Mode game - there isn't much assistance I can give towards completing it. However, if you need to grow cities up to 55,000 population then focus on the 5 goods mentioned in the scenario section and then add some of the higher goods if you need a higher population. For connecting X amount of cities, businesses or stations simply connect the required amount of those and you will probably get a couple of other tasks such as build a museum/university at a specific city.

Start a 100-year free mode game on the British Isles Map. Start it with the maximum money you can and 0 competitors. Use the normal rail network and I would recommend having London as your start city.

Once your game has loaded, build your rail network around the south of England and start growing cities because you want plenty of income and you can try and fulfill your Tasks if you wish. Once you have $15,000,000+ money simply build stations in every city (45 in total) and connect them all to your network for the following 2 achievements:

Gallivanting in Railway Empire
Connect half of all cities in the Great Britain and Ireland region.
  • Unlocked by 57 tracked gamers (53% - TA Ratio = 2.85) 108

Pile it on in Railway Empire
Pile it on100 (30)
Connect all cities in the Great Britain and Ireland region.
  • Unlocked by 42 tracked gamers (39% - TA Ratio = 3.32) 108

Now you need to wait until 1880 to unlock the toy industry required to produce Leather Balls. You also need a city with 100,500+ population so there is a demand for the goods. This is why you need to grow your cities until the industry is unlocked. Whilst you are waiting, you need to set up a Chemical Factory to produce Chemicals preferably at the city in which you are going to be producing the Leather Balls. Once you have it unlocked - and have a city with the required population count - simply build a Toy Industry, expand it to level 5, and then build a warehouse nearby to hold 99 Leather Balls. Supply Chemicals and Backfatters to your industry and transport the goods to the warehouse and very soon you will unlock:

Got balls in Railway Empire
Got balls109 (30)
Produce 100 leather balls in the region of Great Britain and Ireland.
  • Unlocked by 35 tracked gamers (32% - TA Ratio = 3.64) 108

With that done, all that is left in this game is to unlock all 10 locomotives of the region with your innovation points or by winning auctions. The first is your starter locomotive which leaves 9 to unlock and the final one is the very last locomotive on the research tree.

The required locomotives are:

  • Rocket
  • Derwent
  • Firefly
  • Jenny Lind
  • Iron Duke
  • Waverley
  • Rail Crusher
  • Taff Vale Tank
  • A3 Flying Scotsman
  • A4 Mallard

This will unlock the following achievement:

Have a butchers in Railway Empire
Unlock all locomotive engines of the Great Britain and Ireland region.
  • Unlocked by 32 tracked gamers (30% - TA Ratio = 3.80) 108

Sandbox Mode

Now for your final achievement, simply load up a Sandbox Mode game on the British Isles Map with the realistic rail network and build a station with signaling control to earn the following:

Platform Nine and Three-Quarters in Railway Empire
Construct a railroad station with signaling control in the region of Great Britain and Ireland.
  • Unlocked by 75 tracked gamers (69% - TA Ratio = 2.48) 108

And that is 8/8 achievements for 200 Gamerscore and concludes this section!

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