Railway Empire Walkthrough

14. DLC - Germany

Welcome to the walkthrough for the Germany DLC for Railway Empire!

To obtain the 8 achievements included in this DLC pack you are looking at playing the scenario and then a 100-year free mode game. Overall you are looking at 6-10 hours of game time to finish it.


Load up the Patchwork scenario and use normal rails, trainiac pause mode and I would recommend putting the AI on hard or very hard to help with earning a President Rating. This Scenario has 13 Tasks - all of which are compulsory and mainly revolve around transporting and supplying Freight.

You start with 2 Tasks which are relatively simple and your starting city is Cassel - so build a station here and another 2 in Frankfurt and Worms to the south. Set up 4 Express trains (2 on each stretch of your track) and then build stations at the Vegetable Business near Cassel and the Wheat Farm near Worms - which will complete Task 1. Supply Wheat and Vegetables to all 3 cities and then have 2 Freight trains exchanging goods between Cassel-Frankfurt and Cassel-Worms. That is pretty much all the expanding you can do for now, so just wait until Task 2 completes and you will be given Task 3 (have ℳ600,000 in Cash). Once again you can only wait until it is complete.

With Task 3 complete, open up your territories option on the menu wheel (beneath building construction) and purchase the Thuringia region to unlock:

Henschel and Gretel in Railway Empire
Unlock the first area in the Germany region.
  • Unlocked by 65 tracked gamers (97% - TA Ratio = 2.37) 67

This will give you access to Pigs, Salt, and a new city - so build stations at each of these. Supply Pigs to Cassel and Weimar, supply Wheat and Vegetables to Weimar and set up a Freight train for Weimar-Frankfurt. This should allow Cassel, Frankfurt, and Weimar to start growing.

You now have Tasks 4-9 and want to focus on them in order. For Task 4, I would recommend buying some rural businesses that you will benefit from most - such as the Pigs and Salt you have just gained access to. Task 5 may take a while so just keep growing your cities and once they each hit 40,000 population build a Food Industry in Cassel, a Tailors in Weimar and a Brewery in Frankfurt. Supply Salt to Cassel and Hops from the West of Worms to Frankfurt.

The next territory you want to unlock is Rhineland (West) for ℳ1,200,000 as this will give you access to Logs, Sheep's Wool and 2 new Cities. Supply Logs to all of your cities and Sheep's Wool to Cassell, Weimar, and Frankfurt.

Connect to Coblenz and Cologne and supply these cities with Wheat, Vegetables, Logs and Pigs - then set up some Freight trains to exchange the Sausages they are producing with Worms and Frankfurt for Pastries. Connect and supply Sheep's Wool, Fruit and Milk to all your cities once they demand it and soon you will complete Task 5 for ℳ200,000 quarterly Freight revenue.

Keep an eye on your cities and make sure they are well supplied enough from the rural businesses to keep producing goods. You'll also need to make sure each city is exchanging goods with each other to keep growing (at this point you should be supplying all your cities with everything on the demand list up to Milk. Wheat Beer, Sauerkraut and Fruit Brandy and the hardest to keep on top of) and remember to build Museums in all of your cities when they hit 60,000 population.

Once you have 240,000 population in the Hesse area (starting area) you will complete Task 6, and once your Tailor's in Weimar has produced 60 loads of clothing you will complete Task 7. By now, you should be able to unlock the Hulda locomotive - if you haven't already - and you want to use this locomotive to create an Express train between any 2 of your cities. Doing so will unlock:

The Valiant Little Conductor in Railway Empire
Create an express line with a "Hulda" in a Germany game.
  • Unlocked by 43 tracked gamers (64% - TA Ratio = 2.91) 67

Connect to the city of Saarbrucken and start supplying it with the first 5 goods to grow. Build a Candy Factory in Worms, Tailors in Coblenz when it hits 40,000 population, a Porcelain Manufacturers in Cologne when that hits 40,000 and supply these with the materials they require. You also want a Dairy Farm in Saarbrucken when that reaches 40,000. When your first few cities hit 90,000 population, you want certain industries in the cities, so make sure you build them yourself (Distillery in Cassel, Smokehouse in Weimar, Distillery in Frankfurt, Toolmakers in Worms).

Your next 2 regions to unlock are Westphalia and Hanover. Connect to all your new cities and start supplying them with basic goods. Build a Distillery in Cologne and a Furniture Industry in Coblenz once they reach 90,000 population. The same as before - as your new cities grow, you need to supply them with more and more goods - but you now have access to or are producing nearly all of them.

Your next Industries to build at 40,000 are Brewery in Essen, Dairy Farm in Guterlsoh, Dairy Farm in Brunswick, Brewery in Hanover and a Tailors in Bremen. Make sure all of your cities are growing and well supplied (it is tough as this is 12 cities to watch now so I would recommend keeping your game speed on standard).

When you can afford it, buy the territories of Brandenburg and Saxony to complete Task 8. Task 9 should also be completed soon if it isn't already. With these out of the way you are given your final 4 Tasks - with Task 12 being the hardest (Connect 10 cities of 120,000+ population). Now you can see why you have grown so many cities and need a good income.

Build a station in Berlin and as straight a line as you can to Cologne (do not use any of your existing tracks as you don't want hold-ups on this line). Create a couple of Express trains from Berlin-Cologne using the Hulda locomotive and add some staff to increase speed. Once one of these trains has done a full circuit you should complete Task 10 (if you haven't completed it then use innovation points to increase speed or reliability).

Now is the time for buying out the competitor that has a station in Berlin. It should be easy as you are earning a massive amount and your company's value far exceeds theirs. Once you own 100% in the company do a Merger but KEEP EVERYTHING. This will keep the cities supplied with all the AI was supplying and earn you more money. Build Museums in any cities that you can that the AI had stations in and put a little connection line to join your newly acquired lines to your original network.

Go into your territories menu again and purchase the Bavaria region next so that you can start buying out your other competitor and repeat the process you did with the first one. This will complete you Task 13 and unlock you:

The Customs and the Seven Young Rail Spikes in Railway Empire
Unlock 7x areas in the "Patchwork" scenario.
  • Unlocked by 32 tracked gamers (48% - TA Ratio = 3.37) 67

With your competitors out of the way you are on the home stretch now and the next task you want to complete is the 10 cities at 120,000 population Task. You should have at least 5/10 already - if not more - so just keep working on growing your cities to this amount for now. The city of Kottbus - which you gained from your first merger - should be able to reach 120,000 without you doing anything more than building a museum in the city, and the city of Ratisbon which you gained in your second merger can easily reach 120,000 with an increase in supply of Fruit, Salt, Milk, Cheese and Tools - which are all nearby.

For reference, the cities I had at 120,000+ were Cassel, Frankfurt, Worms, Weimar, Coblenz, Cologne, Essen, Gutersloh, Kottbus, and Ratisbon. The cities of Hanover, Bremen, and Brunswick were also close which gives you some wiggle room and extra choice if one of your cities can't quite make it.

Once you have 10 cities above 120,000 population you will complete Task 12 and be left with the simple task of buying another 9 territories. The choice is yours as any of them will do. After buying 9 more territories you will complete Task 11 and the scenario! You will also be rewarded with the following achievement:

The Train Prince; or, Iron Henry in Railway Empire
Complete the "Patchwork" scenario.
  • Unlocked by 20 tracked gamers (30% - TA Ratio = 4.38) 67

And hopefully, you gained a president rating to earn yourself:

The Emperor's New Rails in Railway Empire
Complete the "Patchwork" scenario as president.
  • Unlocked by 14 tracked gamers (21% - TA Ratio = 5.51) 67

I personally completed this in October 1860 with a rating of 34.4. The first 5 tasks were completed with the maximum score.

Free Mode

As with some of the other DLC's, completing a 100-year era free game can be done in 2 different ways - which are to either complete all your Tasks as quick as you can or just let them all expire - and the choice is up to you.

As there aren't any specific tasks to complete - and the task list is different every time you play a Free Mode game - there isn't much assistance I can give towards completing it. However, if you need to grow cities up to 55,000 population then focus on the first 5 goods (Wheat, Pastries, Vegetables, Sausages and Logs) and then add some of the higher goods if you need a higher population (you will need to supply most of the goods down to Cheese to obtain 120,000+ populations). For connecting X amount of cities, businesses or stations simply connect the required amount of those and you will probably get a couple of other tasks such as build a museum/university at a specific city.

Start a 100-year free mode game on the Germany Map. Start it with the maximum money you can, 0 competitors and turn off territories. Use the normal rail network and I would recommend having Munich as your starting city.

Once your game has loaded, build your rail network around the Munich as the first 5 goods you need are all in the area. There are a few cities you can expand to and grow (Passau, Ratisbon, Nuremberg, Wurzurg and Bayreuth). Get to a point where you are growing all these cities because you want plenty of income.

Once your cities are growing and earning you plenty of money you want to connect to the cities of Konigsberg (North East) and Basle/Basel (South West) for the following achievement:

Railpunzel in Railway Empire
Railpunzel75 (20)
Connect the cities of Basel and Königsberg in a Germany game.
  • Unlocked by 26 tracked gamers (39% - TA Ratio = 3.74) 67

Keep growing the cities in the area you started and once one of your cities reaches 119,000+ population you will have demand for Cuckoo Clocks. You can now work on your next achievement. Build a Toolmakers in Munich (demolish an existing industry if you need to) and supply it with Logs and Iron. Now build a Precision Engineering Manufacturers in either Passau or Ratisbon and supply this with the Tools from Munich and Logs to begin making Cuckoo Clocks.

Build 4 Warehouses near to your city that is producing the Cuckoo Clocks and set them all up to hold 99 of them. Now begin transporting your Cuckoo Clocks to these Warehouses (YOU MUST USE A TRAIN THAT HAS A FREIGHT DESIGNATION such as the Class F, Consolidation B, Fairlie or Mastodon). Once they are all holding 99 Cuckoo Clocks, demolish them all and build another Warehouse to hold Cuckoo Clocks. Start filling this one too (you only need to transport 4 here as you have already done 396) This will total 400 Cuckoo Clocks transported with Freight trains and will unlock you:

Rumpelstilttrain in Railway Empire
Transport 400 cuckoo clocks with freight locomotives in the Germany region.
  • Unlocked by 20 tracked gamers (30% - TA Ratio = 4.27) 67

With that out of the way you just need to complete all your tasks or wait until they all expire for this achievement:

The Steaming Beauty in Railway Empire
Complete a 100-year era free game in Germany.
  • Unlocked by 22 tracked gamers (33% - TA Ratio = 4.07) 67

And that is 8/8 achievements for 200 Gamerscore and concludes this Walkthrough!

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