Railway Empire Walkthrough

2. General hints and tips

To try and speed up your playthrough of this game and arm you with some extra knowledge I have compiled a few hints and tips here that should help you on your way.


You can access these by pressing cn_RT and then selecting the icon 'company' then click cn_LB Bonds are similar in fashion to loans, you can borrow a sum of money for differing lengths of time to help you out, but you will have to pay interest on the money you have borrowed. The amount of money you can borrow is roughly 33% of your company value and the more you borrow the greater the interest rate. If you don't have the required funds to repay the bond at the end of its term it will start a fresh term of the same length.

They are extremely useful at the beginning of any mission - but on certain scenarios can actually cause you to fail (there is a mission that requires you never to have a negative value of funds so if you happen to purchase something that leaves you with practically no money, and then your bond interest comes out, then not only is that super unlucky but also game over!)

Fast Expansion & City Growth

Some of the scenarios are really tight on time for certain tasks. As such expanding quickly and efficiently is the key to making money - and therefore expanding further or buying businesses may be required to complete whichever mission it is you're doing.

You can grow a city to around 80,000 population with just 5 goods being supplied to it (Wheat, Beer, Corn, Logs & Meat/Cattle). If you add in a couple more such as Fruit, Vegetables, Cotton and Milk you can easily reach 110,000 upwards. This is where the newer warehouse function comes into use. If you position 1 or 2 warehouses within exchange distance of a city you can deliver the goods to the warehouses which will supply the city as needed and keeps your inner city station free for Passenger trains.

I will often state which goods to supply to each city during the walkthrough but this is always a good base to start with.

Campaign First

I would strongly recommend completing the campaign first as not only will it teach you a lot about playing the game and different ways of expanding for different requirements but also they are for the most part very time-relaxed and as such you can think about how best to approach your rail network construction.

Freight Loading

This is more aimed at the scenarios - rather than the campaign - but in the 'route options' of your rail line, you want to avoid 'mixed' load trains as much as possible by having dedicated 'freight' trains and dedicated 'passengers & mail' trains.

Utilizing Stations

For the medium and large stations, it is worth using all the tracks available even when playing with the easy rail lines. Even though trains can pass through each other they will still only unload 1 at a time at the station, so if you press cn_X to go into rail line and then cn_right you can choose which track the train uses at each station. Try to spread your trains at each station across all the tracks to get everything loaded/unloaded as quickly as possible.

Chapter Specific Achievements

Just a quick note here. The 5 chapter-specific 'miscellaneous' achievements must be completed before your final compulsory task. If you complete all the compulsory tasks and then continue playing to fulfill the requirements for any of these achievements they will not unlock! Of course, a quick way around this if you happen to accidentally complete all the tasks is to simply reload an earlier auto-save.


I would recommend fully reading through the guide of any specific scenario before you start it yourself as you may find yourself in a position to start preparing for later tasks or expanding earlier than I mention it, and any extra time available can help you earn a President rating.


In the game is an invisible scoring system relating to how quickly you complete each task with maximum score being given if you complete a task in half the allotted time - and until you complete a scenario you don't know how well you are doing. With the Germany DLC came a useful update to the Task List which now shows a completed Task with a golden tick mark if you earned a maximum score on it. Unfortunately anything less than maximum still only shows with a green tick mark but if you get towards the end of a scenario with all of your Tasks having golden ticks then you have a very high chance of achieving President.

Glitchy Achievements

Another quick note. Be aware that many of the achievements in this game can potentially not unlock once the required criteria have been met. They will eventually come through though. Don't panic - it does not mean they won't unlock, it's just an issue with the game and Xbox Live not exchanging data correctly. Having said that, reloading an earlier autosave and manually saving so that you have a backup ready to try and 'push' the achievement through at a later date is not a bad thing either.

I had one achievement take 7 days to unlock and have heard of other peoples that took over 20 days!

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