Railway Empire Walkthrough

4. Scenarios - The West

For the scenarios, we will be using 'normal' rails and the 'trainiac' pause mode unless otherwise stated. If you feel you can complete any scenario with the AI on a higher difficulty then it will increase your chances of obtaining a president rating if you need it.

Gold Rush

On this first scenario, we have no opponents to worry about which is good. We have a total of 8 compulsory tasks and 2 optional ones. There is a lot of population growth in this level so make sure your cities are well supplied (remember once a city reaches 60,000 you can build a museum which adds 10% to the demand fulfillment and helps population growth) and although we don't have much in the way of time for our first few tasks they aren't difficult. Spend your innovation points wisely - if you can unlock all 9 locomotives during this level you will earn yourself:

TRAINing Day in Railway Empire
Unlock all locomotives from the 1850s
  • Unlocked by 378 tracked gamers (19% - TA Ratio = 2.29) 1,995

We start with a station in San Francisco and we want to connect Shasta to the north and Carson City to the east. The first thing to do is build a station at the nearby Cattle Farm, and then in Sacramento, and connect these up. Proceed to build a station in Shasta and the nearby Logging business, and then the Cotton Farm. Once again, connect these all to your network. As soon as we have the cash, build stations at Carson City and the Wheat Farm north of it. Again, connect these to your network. Task 1 will now be complete and your trains will be working on Tasks 2 & 3 which are transport 200 Freight cars & 5,000 Passengers - so continue adding stations to rural businesses and connecting them while your trains do the work. I would also connect Gold Beach and the Wheat Farm nearby now so we can gain a bit more income.

Once the first 3 Tasks are done, Shasta and Carson City will start producing Gold and 200 cars which needs to be exported to San Francisco for Task 4. They will only request 1 or 2 carloads a day, to begin with. As the population of San Francisco grows so will the demand for Gold, and Task 5 is to reach 100,000 population in Carson City. In addition, as Sacramento is between these and is a good city to grow, we really want to focus on growing these 3 cities for now so make sure they are well supplied. Once Sacramento reaches level 5 (90,000 population) build a distillery so we can begin producing Alcohol as we need to produce 200 loads of this for Task 6.

Back to Task 4 and the Gold. It's very important here to add trains from Carson City and Shasta to San Francisco, and in the route options for these trains set them to only carry Gold. In my plays of this level I have found without doing this Gold doesn't seem to be shipped out enough. Task 5 - as mentioned before - is for 100,000 population in Carson City, so make sure it is well supplied. Build a tunnel from Sacramento as soon as possible to shorten the routes and enable it to be supplied quicker. Remember to build a museum when the population reaches 60,000 to aid with the rest of the growing.

Once Task 4 is either complete or well on the way - and Carson City, San Francisco & Sacramento are growing well - then once we have a distillery in Sacramento, expand the distillery to level 2 or even level 3. Add plenty of trains to bring the required Sugar & Fruit to it, and then turn your attention to Task 7 which is to establish an express connection between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Build a station in Los Angeles, expand the station at San Francisco so we can use a dedicated line and connect the 2 with as direct a rail line as possible (it will probably cost around $2,500,000). Add a train that has an express classification and set it to 'Passengers & Mail Only' - before long this should be Task 7 done.

Task 8 is the most difficult one of this scenario as we have to get 8 cities to an 80,000+ population. San Francisco, Sacramento & Carson City should be your first 3, Shasta and Los Angeles will be your next 2. The final 3 are personal preference - but if you want to complete the 2nd of the optional tasks we want to expand east from Carson City to Winnemucca, Elko & Salt Lake City. Once we have expanded to Salt Lake City, add a couple of trains to run between it and San Francisco to work on the Task. Build 2 or 3 warehouses outside of Elko and set them to store the first 12/18 goods that cities would want. Add supply trains from the businesses or cities that produce them so we can keep them stocked. Next, add 3 trains each (using separate lines at the warehouse to supply the 3 cities), set them to 'freight only' and they will supply the cities from here.

While we are working on growing the cities keep your eye on Los Angeles. Once it hits 60,000 you can build a university there to complete the 1st optional task. Another thing we can do while the cities are growing is to look for an Indian Camp. There is normally one south of Milford, which is south of Salt Lake City. Build a rail line across the Indian camp (it will appear as an orange circle). Compensate them for making them move and the following achievement will be yours:

Tent camp in Railway Empire
Tent camp20 (10)
Relocate an Indian village
  • Unlocked by 508 tracked gamers (25% - TA Ratio = 1.98) 1,995

To complete this scenario now we have to have 8 cities at over 80,000 population at once. If any of the cities then drops below that number we will have to re-grow the city back to over 80,000. Once we achieve that it will be scenario complete! You should now unlock the following achievement:

Let's go! in Railway Empire
Let's go!32 (10)
First scenario successfully completed
  • Unlocked by 193 tracked gamers (10% - TA Ratio = 3.21) 1,995

And most likely during this mission, you will also have earned:

Traffic chaos in Railway Empire
100 locomotives in use
  • Unlocked by 373 tracked gamers (19% - TA Ratio = 2.31) 1,995

I completed this scenario with only 1 optional task in December 1860 with a 28.1 rating - so if you're aiming for president rating you're looking at completing it by the end of 1858 with 1 optional task or maybe mid-1859 with both optional tasks done.

Pacific Coast

For this scenario, we start in San Francisco and we have 8 compulsory and 2 optional tasks. 1 of the optional tasks will be completed without needing to be thought about, and I would advise checking which competitor has a station at Portland in the north as soon as you start.

Start off by building a station in Sacramento and connecting it together. Connect 5 rural businesses to complete Task 1, then set about buying shares in whoever owns the rails to the north as we need to get this person bought out ASAP for one of our compulsory tasks (don't spend all your money though, make sure you still have spare cash to expand).

Continue connecting rural businesses to your network while also expanding north to Redding, Gold Beach and also across to Carson City as soon as you can afford to. Get freight trains transporting goods from your rural stations and between the cities as we need to get $300,000 quarterly freight revenue for Task 2 (try and prioritize fulfilling San Francisco's demand as we do need to expand the population there). Note that it is revenue - not profit - so as long as you have transported $300,000 worth of freight in a single quarter you will complete Task 2 regardless of if your trains were actually profitable.

Remember that we can use innovation points to gain higher freight income too!

As mentioned above Task 3 is to grow the population of San Francisco and we need to grow it to 120,000. Keep an eye on it and make sure it is well supplied (growing other cities - at least a little - will help as we can build industries there to manufacture goods that San Francisco will want as the population gets higher). Once the population reaches 60,000, make sure to build a Museum to boost fulfillment by 10%.

Whilst San Francisco is growing and we are steadily buying out the competitor to the north (or you have already bought them out) we want to start expanding southwards to Los Angeles and then San Diego. Once we have a station in San Diego - and our competitor has been bought out - we need to build a station in Portland, then we need a line (new or using our existing lines) that goes between Portland and San Diego and has a total distance of fewer than 779 miles for Task 4.

I found that the most direct line between the 2 cities was around 750 miles, so there isn't too much room for error on this one. Personally, I had an almost straight route from San Diego to Sacramento and then used my existing rails up to just before Redding - where the line then branched off - and went straight up to Portland which came in at 774 miles. Have a play around with what you can afford and once you find a route that is under 779 miles, we are halfway through this scenario.

By now we should have the simple optional task of a total rail length of 779 miles completed and be looking at Tasks 5&6 which are for 750,000 people to be connected to our network and having 50 trains running on the network. Both of these tasks can be overlooked for the most part as they will no doubt come naturally as we work on Task 7.

Task 7 is for an express connection between San Francisco and Salt Lake City. We should have a station in Carson City, so we can now look at expanding to the east into Winnemucca, Elko and then Salt Lake City (there should already be a competitor with a line built across these cities and it should be the competitor which is related to optional task 2 and buying 50% of their shares). If you wish to complete optional task 2, I would suggest trying to buy out this competitor now as it will also rid us of his rails that are in the way.

Once we have a station in Salt Lake City, add an express train to run between it and San Francisco so that as soon as the game recognizes it as an express line Task 7 will be complete.

If you still need to add more trains or connect more people to your network for Tasks 5&6, now would be the time to do it. You have the city of Eugene between Redding and Portland and also to the west of Portland is Baker City and Nampa. South of Carson City, you have Bodie and Kingman, and south of Salt Lake City, there is Millard.

Once we get to this point, we can look at Task 8 for buying 30% of a certain competitor's shares. This is the only compulsory task left to do. We want to buy 29% of the shares and then save the game. Now, build universities in all the cities that can have them to boost your innovation points as we want to unlock the 9 available trains of this era to unlock:

Railway to Hell in Railway Empire
Unlock all locomotives from the 1890s
  • Unlocked by 184 tracked gamers (9% - TA Ratio = 3.30) 1,995

Once you unlock this achievement (or if you already had it), load the save from earlier and buy the 1% of competitor shares we need for Task 8 and it will be scenario complete!

Personally, I completed this in November 1900 with 9/10 tasks complete and gained a rating of 40.7

During one of these scenarios, you should have earned the following achievement if you didn't already get it in the campaign:

Sunny boy in Railway Empire
Sunny boy50 (10)
Complete a scenario in region "The West" as president
  • Unlocked by 80 tracked gamers (4% - TA Ratio = 4.99) 1,995

If you haven't got a president rating on either of these I would recommend trying again on the Pacific Coast scenario. It's easier to earn on that one.

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