Railway Empire Walkthrough

5. Scenarios - The North-West

For the scenarios, we will be using 'normal' rails and the 'trainiac' pause mode unless otherwise stated. If you feel you can complete any scenario with the AI on a higher difficulty then it will increase your chances of obtaining a president rating if you need it.

Northern Passage

This is one of the scenarios in which your money dropping into negative at any point will fail you. There are 8 compulsory and 2 optional tasks. Task 2 is the hardest task of this scenario and is the only one you want to focus on until it is complete.

We start with a station in Miles City and we need to focus on Task 2 straight off the bat which is to achieve a quarterly profit of $800,000. Use any spare innovation points to research the increased freight and ticket price upgrades, and if you haven't completed it by the start of October 1872 do not buy anything until 1873 as this is your last quarter to try and complete it.

Connect to the nearby town of Billings and get an 'Express goods' train going between the 2. Connect the Grain Farm nearby to Miles City and connect the Cattle Ranch near Billings to Billings - and then get trains supplying the 2 cities. Once this is done, make a 'Freight' train between Miles City and Billings and look at expanding west to Gardiner when you can afford it. Once Gardiner is connected get an 'Express goods' train running between it and Billings.

Now you should look further west to Idaho Falls. Connect it and get another 'Express goods' train running from it to Gardiner. Now, to the south of Idaho Falls is a Grain Farm which we can connect to supply Gardiner - and to the west of Idaho Falls is a Cattle Ranch to supply Idaho Falls. Once these 2 cities are supplied get a 'Freight' train running between the 2.

Keep an eye on your cities and if they are not being supplied quickly enough add more trains to your lines from the businesses to the cities - and also trains to transport freight between cities.

Using innovation points, you want to unlock the 'Reno' locomotive for express use and the 'Inyo' locomotive for freight use - once you have most of the upgrades for increasing freight and ticket prices. Task 1 for connecting 100,000 people to your network should be either complete or close to complete by now, and we want to continue expanding to more cities so we can gain the income from shipping passengers & mail around to work on Task 2.

All of the time keep an eye on your cities to make sure they are supplied with raw materials that the industries can use and add trains to routes that need them. Ensure that Gardiner is supplied well as you need it to reach 60,000 population as soon as possible. Of course, this contradicts focusing on Task 2 - but the goods that will be supplying Gardiner will be adding to your income too so it will help.

To the west of the Cattle Ranch that supplies Idaho Falls is Nampa - which we can connect and supply using the same Cattle Ranch. Then we can get an 'Express' train running between those 2 cities. To the north of Nampa is Baker City, and a Cotton Farm which can supply it. Again, get an 'Express' train running between those 2 as well. Now get a couple of 'Freight' trains to run from Baker City - Nampa and Baker City - Idaho Falls.

You should be in or close to 1872 by now - so you need to keep your eye on the date so that if Task 2 is still incomplete by the start of October 1872 you don't buy anything in that last quarter to hopefully complete it. If you fail - as I did once or twice - then it's just a case of trying again and hopefully next time you will get lucky with being offered a connection bonus (only take the connection bonus in your final quarter if the bonus is worth more than the cost of the station + the rail to connect it).

To the north of Baker City is Spokane which we can connect up now for Task 4 - and once Gardiner is up to 60,000 Population you can build the 'Yellowstone Office' attraction there to complete Task 3. Tasks 5 and 6 don't really need thinking about as they will come through the natural progress of this scenario. Now you should be earning some good money so you can look at buying out your competitor - which is Task 8 - but once their tracks are out of the way you can expand to the southwest and connect Kingman to your network for optional task 1.

Optional task 2 should be completed at some point due to you using express trains between your cities, which leaves us with just Task 7 for earning a quarterly revenue of $2,000,000. For this you need to expand to new cities, grow them a bit and get many, many mail trains running around your network. Make sure you have all of the mail price increase innovations unlocked as well.

While you are expanding and creating mail trains, you can use spare innovation points to unlock all 10 of the locomotives from this era to net yourself:

Train or Die in Railway Empire
Train or Die101 (30)
Unlock all locomotives from the 1870s
  • Unlocked by 175 tracked gamers (9% - TA Ratio = 3.37) 1,991

Once you complete Task 7 it should be scenario complete!

Rocky Mountain Mining

This scenario is far easier than the previous one, although it may feel very slow in the beginning. Once again, there are 10 scenarios to complete, 8 of which are compulsory which leaves 2 optional.

The only Tasks that are likely to be any trouble are Tasks 1 and 3 - connecting 120,000 people to your network (as you only have 2 years to do it) and achieving a quarterly profit of $2,500,000 (which you have 5 years to complete).

Start by connecting to the Cattle Ranch north of Cheyenne and put a couple of trains on the route. Follow this with stations in Denver and Raton to the south, and get 'Freight' trains set up between Cheyenne and both of those. Now connect to the nearby Corn Farm and use it to supply Denver and Cheyenne. Then build a station at the Iron Mine to the west of Cheyenne (although it is of no use at the minute, we can start shipping Iron soon and we want to expand that direction at some point anyway).

Build stations at Casper and the Coal Mine just west of it. Connect these to the Iron Mine we have a station at and set up a train to run between Casper and Cheyenne with the loading option set as 'Automatic' for now.

Soon we will be told about Elko and Cheyenne having export warehouses. As soon as it is mentioned, get a train each running from the Iron Mine and the Coal Mine to Cheyenne. When you can afford it, build stations at Rock Springs and the Logging Business nearby. Connect these and set up a supply of Lumber to Rock Springs & Cheyenne, and get a Freight train between the 2 cities as well.

Use your innovation points to unlock both the Berkshire and Mikado trains when you can - we are going to use the Berkshire for Express trains and the Mikado for Freight. Of course - at this point - we don't actually have any Express trains yet, but it wont be long before we can start adding them. Once you have the Mikado create all future freight trains with it and replace your 'Old Maude' trains with Mikado's as and when you can afford to do so.

When Cheyenne needs it, connect the Sugar and Fruit Farms near Denver to your network and get trains supplying Cheyenne with those. The Dairy north of Casper wants to be supplying Cheyenne too.

Time to start making Express trains. Get a few of these running between all of your cities to transport the Passengers and Mail to increase our income, and make sure the cities are well supplied with the materials/goods they want. Another thing to keep an eye on is the Iron and Coal Mines - if they are reaching capacity quickly then add more trains to the line to get the resources transported to Cheyenne.

Buy the Jackson Pit Iron Mine south of Cheyenne when you can. Connect it to your network and set trains up to take the Iron to Cheyenne. Expand the business as quickly as you can until they reach production of at least 5.5 car loads per week and get the all the Iron to Cheyenne. This will not only help us with Tasks but also earn us plenty of money. Do the same with the Malone Pit Coal Mine to the north of Cheyenne.

Tasks 1&2 should have been quietly completed while we were busy building our network - and in trying to raise income for Task 3 we have been working on Tasks 4,5,6,7 & 8 all at once!

Build a station in Salt Lake City when you can and connect it to Rock Springs. Get it supplied and set up Express trains for it, doing the same as you continue to expand. To the west of Salt Lake City is Elko, to the south is Milford and to the north we have Idaho Falls and Gardiner. Get all these cities connected, supplied and set up with Express trains. This will complete Task 5 for you once the cities have done a little expanding. You can also create an Express train to run direct between Elko and Cheyenne to complete the first compulsory Task.

There is another Iron Mine to the west of Casper that we want to buy - go ahead and buy it when you can, then connect it to your network and get the materials transported to Cheyenne. Once again upgrade it as soon as you can until it is producing and least 5.5 carloads per week.

This should soon complete Tasks 6,7 & 8 - leaving us with just Tasks 3 & 4 to complete. We can now start connecting additional rural businesses to our network to supply our towns - if you haven't done so already - which will complete Task 4. As you should now be earning plenty of money, start buying out 1 of your competitors and once you buy them out you will complete optional task 2.

We should still have Task 3 to finish off this scenario. A really good way to earn money on this scenario is to keep buying the Iron and Coal businesses then get them expanded to maximum and get the materials transported to Cheyenne or Elko as we now have that city connected (this earns you income from producing the materials as well as transporting them). If you still need additional income, buy other rural businesses that you are using to supply your towns as these will always earn you a profit. You can also add new and more direct lines for your Express trains to use as this will earn you extra money.

In this last phase of the scenario, you can use your innovation points to unlock all the locomotives of this era - if that is an achievement you need - which will earn you:

Train Jam in Railway Empire
Train Jam97 (30)
Unlock all locomotives from the 1910s
  • Unlocked by 191 tracked gamers (10% - TA Ratio = 3.21) 1,991

In unlocking that achievement you will also earn:

The future of the railway in Railway Empire
First diesel locomotive purchased
  • Unlocked by 445 tracked gamers (22% - TA Ratio = 2.10) 1,991

Remember that it is quarterly PROFIT not just income - so any spending you do will go against it. Once you get close to $2,500,000, sit through a quarter of the year without buying anything and you should complete Task 3!

Scenario complete!

Personally, I completed this in May 1914 with only 1 optional task and finished with a rating of 40.4 so there is plenty of room to get the president rating on this one.

Hopefully, you managed to snag a president rating on one of those scenarios (most likely Rocky Mountain Mining) and if you did you will earn this achievement if you still need it:

Cowboy in Railway Empire
Cowboy51 (10)
Complete a scenario in region "The North-West" as president
  • Unlocked by 78 tracked gamers (4% - TA Ratio = 5.10) 1,991

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