Railway Empire Walkthrough

6. Scenarios - The North & Midwest

For the scenarios, we will be using 'normal' rails and the 'trainiac' pause mode unless otherwise stated. If you feel you can complete any scenario with the AI on a higher difficulty then it will increase your chances of obtaining a president rating if you need it.

Cattle Drive

Once again there are 10 tasks on this scenario. 8 are compulsory and 2 are optional.

Once you start, turn your attention to the first 3 tasks as they are all linked (Deliver 40 cattle, Produce 100 Meat & Deliver 60 Meat). Of course, to produce Meat we need to own a Meat Industry. There is a Meat Industry in the starting city of Sioux Falls which we want to purchase, and we want stations in Pierre and the Cattle Ranch to the North West of it. Set up 2 or 3 trains to take cattle to Sioux Falls and then build a station in Omaha and connect this so that you can add a train to take Meat to Omaha once your Industry starts producing it.

When you can afford it, connect the Cattle Ranch to Rapid City, and then connect Rapid City to Pierre via the Corn Farm between them. Set up a train or 2 to take Cattle to Rapid City, and a train each to take Corn to Rapid City and Pierre. Then set up a train to take Meat to Omaha.

Tasks 7 & 8 are for buying 30% and then 100% of your competitor's company and their rail lines will soon be in the way as you look to expand - so now is a good time to start buying a couple of shares in your competitor.

If you look south of Omaha there is a Cattle Ranch you should buy when you can afford it. Connect it and get Cattle transported from it to Sioux Falls and upgrade your Meat Industry if you need to. Tasks 1 & 2 should be done or nearly done by now and Task 3 won't be far behind. Once you have bought the Ranch south of Omaha, you will be making progress towards Task 5 for producing 100 cattle and Task 4 should be at 2/4 Cattle business connected. Task 6 is the same as Task 3 but a much larger amount (1000).

Save up some money and buy the Furniture business in Wichita. Demolish it and make a Meat Industry and then connect it to your nearby ranch to have more Meat being produced here - which you can transport to Omaha (It may be time to upgrade your ranch). Once this is all set up, connect Wichita to Oklahoma City to the south and unlock the Rensselaer with innovation points if you haven't already. You can now start putting express trains all around to earn some more money.

South West of Wichita is Amarillo and a Cattle Ranch. Once you can afford it, buy the Meat Industry in Amarillo. Put stations in Amarillo and at the Cattle Ranch and get Amarillo supplied - then get some trains to take the Meat to Omaha (you will only need 1 or 2 trains to take the Cattle, however, you will likely need 5 or 6 to take the Meat as the distance is much greater).

Make sure Wichita and Amarillo are well supplied so that they can grow to level 3. Then you can upgrade your industries in each of these cities to produce 9.6 carloads of Meat a week which - added on to your Industry in Sioux Falls - should net you the optional task of produce 20 loads of Meat a week.

Task 5 should be complete by now - and we should have a good income - so focus on buying out your competitor unless you are running out of time for Task 4. If you are, then just connect the final Cattle Ranch to your network to complete it and buy out your competitor afterward. Either way, once that is done you should have all tasks done except Task 6 - but as you are producing and transporting a vast amount of Meat it is only a matter of time until it is complete.

If you still need the 1850's locomotive achievement then use your innovation points to unlock all the trains from this era to unlock:

TRAINing Day in Railway Empire
Unlock all locomotives from the 1850s
  • Unlocked by 376 tracked gamers (19% - TA Ratio = 2.30) 1,991

Once your 1000th load of Meat has been delivered it will be scenario complete and if you got a President rating then you will also unlock the following achievement if you don't already have it:

Lone wolf in Railway Empire
Lone wolf22 (10)
Complete a scenario in region "The North" as president
  • Unlocked by 395 tracked gamers (20% - TA Ratio = 2.24) 1,991

I personally completed this in March 1856 with 9/10 tasks complete and gained a rating of 23.9, so quite a way from President, however, if that is an achievement you need then the campaign mission in The North is much easier to earn this in.

The Automobile

To continue the scenarios trend, there are 10 tasks to complete once again - although only 7 are compulsory this time, leaving 3 optional ones. I would recommend bumping the AI difficulty up to hard or very hard if you need the achievement for president rating in the midwest.

You start with a station in Chicago. Firstly you should build stations in Madison, at the nearby Reed Cattle, and the Corn Farm west of Chicago. Connect these up and get a train each supplying the 2 towns with Corn, then get a train for Madison and 2 or 3 trains to supply Chicago with Cattle. Now build a station in Rochester to the northwest of Madison and connect it, supply this town with cattle too. Task 1 should now be complete.

SAVE YOUR GAME NOW! As you may have noticed there is an empty industry slot in Rochester. We need this to be a Steel Industry (you don't need to build it yourself). Once an industry sets up, if it isn't a Steel industry then load the save you just did. If it is a Steel industry, then great - you can carry on.

Use your innovation points to unlock the Mikado (Freight) and Berkshire (Express) locomotives when you can.

Now, you will probably be short on funds but when you can afford it build a station in Duluth - north of Rochester - and a station at the nearby Wheat Farm. You want to supply Duluth with Wheat and then have a Freight train running between Duluth and Rochester. Again, you will be struggling for money but when you can, build stations at Lopez Colliery and Jones Colliery near Duluth and connect them. Use these to supply Rochester with the needed resources to start producing Steel.

Now you need to build a Warehouse near Chicago when you can (set it to store Steel, Gasoline, and Automobiles). Then start transporting Steel from Rochester to the Warehouse. Build stations in Rock Island and at the Wheat Farm south of it. Connect these up and get Rock Island supplied. Next, you want to build a station in Columbia and the Cattle Ranch near to it for supplying Columbia. Get a Freight train running between Rock Island and Columbia.

You need to get Columbia to gain a Level/Size so that you can build a Refinery - once this is done build a station at the Oil Well southwest of Columbia and get Oil transported to your Refinery. Once Columbia is producing Gasoline, set a train or 2 to transport it to your Warehouse. Start saving money now as you want to buy the Car Industry in Chicago (get yourself around $500,000 then SAVE YOUR GAME). When you try to buy the Car Industry, the AI will sometimes really want it and other times they don't even bid - but make sure you win the auction. Reload your game if you don't.

Now that you have a Car Industry and have the materials required stored nearby, connect your warehouse to Chicago and set up a train to run between Chicago and your Warehouse. Upgrade your Car Industry when you can. Soon - if not already - Tasks 2 & 3 will be complete, so you can start on growing 3 cities to 120,000 population for Task 4 (Chicago will be one of those. Personally, my other 2 were Madison and Rochester).

With all the cities you now have connected, you should have express trains running all around earning you lots of money. It would also be a good time to expand to some more cities to increase that income.

Upgrade your Car Industry to level 4 when you can as that will complete Task 7 for producing 4 loads of Automobiles a week. Connect Toledo to your Warehouse and start exporting your Automobiles - this will earn you progress towards Task 5.

If you want to try and get President Rating then read on - if not go down to TASK 6.
Connect Kansas to your network now as you want another Refinery there (expand Kansas so you can build it in the newly free industry slot, or buy out the Meat Industry and demolish it to build your Refinery). Level 1 refinery will work - although level 2 is preferable. Next, expand your Refinery in Columbia to level 3 to produce 4.8 carloads a week as this should earn you optional task 3 for producing 6 carloads of Gasoline a week.
Now if you want you can start buying out your competitor for optional task 2. This will take some time so the gain in rating for the task - versus the loss by taking more time to complete the scenario - isn't that great so the choice is yours.

TASK 6 - once you have transported 50 carloads of Automobiles all you have left to do is produce Automobiles in 2 cities. Simply find an empty industry slot - or buy an existing industry - and demolish it to build a Car Industry and it will be Scenario Complete!

You can continue playing after completing the scenario to earn yourself the following:

The age of the automobile in Railway Empire
Produce 100 railcars full of cars
  • Unlocked by 143 tracked gamers (7% - TA Ratio = 3.73) 1,991

Also if you play on you can earn yourself the following 2 achievements with your innovation points:

The future of the railway in Railway Empire
First diesel locomotive purchased
  • Unlocked by 445 tracked gamers (22% - TA Ratio = 2.10) 1,991

Train Jam in Railway Empire
Train Jam97 (30)
Unlock all locomotives from the 1910s
  • Unlocked by 191 tracked gamers (10% - TA Ratio = 3.21) 1,991

And if you managed to obtain a President Rating then this will also be yours!

Trainee mechanic in Railway Empire
Complete a scenario in region "The Midwest" as president
  • Unlocked by 89 tracked gamers (4% - TA Ratio = 4.76) 1,991

I personally completed this in July 1916 with 9/10 tasks complete and had a rating of 25.6, but I made a mistake with the auction which I have pointed out for you to avoid as it probably cost me around 6 months - 1 year of game time. With increased AI difficulty that would have given me a 38.4 rating, and with only 1 competitor it isn't much harder so that's what I would recommend for this scenario - although the campaign mission in this region is much easier to obtain President Rating.

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