Railway Empire Walkthrough

7. Scenarios - The South & South-East

For the scenarios, we will be using 'normal' rails and the 'trainiac' pause mode unless otherwise stated. If you feel you can complete any scenario with the AI on a higher difficulty then it will increase your chances of obtaining a President rating if you need it.

Black Gold

This is one of the tougher scenarios. Once you get to 1893, one of your competitors normally starts buying shares in your company very fast and aggressively - you can fail very quickly. It is also the only scenario in the south region - so it is your only opportunity to earn:

Oil Tycoon in Railway Empire
Oil Tycoon45 (10)
Complete a scenario in region "The South" as president
  • Unlocked by 99 tracked gamers (5% - TA Ratio = 4.51) 1,993

Once again there are 10 tasks to compete - 8 are compulsory and 2 are optional. You will complete 1 of the optional tasks no doubt as it is simply for connecting 350,000 people to your network.

We start with a station in Kansas City and our first objective is to grow the population to 60,000. Build a station at the nearby Wheat Field and build a large station in the middle of the nearby Sugar and Corn Farms. Use these to supply Kansas. Connect Salina and Wichita when you can and get Express trains running between your cities.
Connect Wichita to its nearby Cattle Ranch and supply it with Cattle. Now you can get a Freight train to transport between Kansas and Wichita.

Next, you want to build a station in Fayetteville. Connect the nearby Logging and join Fayetteville to your large station. Use the logging to supply both Fayetteville and Kansas, then set up a freight train and an express train to run between the 2 cities. You can also use your large station to supply Fayetteville.
Soon Task 1 will be complete and Kansas will have an empty industry slot (this normally ends up as a Weaving Industry) and the best supply for this is the Cotton Farm to the southwest of Wichita - so build a station there and a station at the nearby Oil Well. Get trains running from both of these to Kansas.

So now Kansas should be growing and Oil is being delivered to work on Tasks 4 and 8, we can look at Task 2 for connecting 6 cities. From your station at the Cotton Farm, expand down to Amarillo, Lubbock, Odessa, and Abilene. Build stations at the Wheat Farm near Amarillo and the Cattle Ranch near Lubbock. Use the Cattle Ranch to supply Odessa and Abilene and use the Wheat Farm to supply Amarillo and Lubbock. Set up some Freight trains to travel between Amarillo - Odessa, and Lubbock - Abilene.

Use your innovation points to unlock the Prairie 2-6-2 locomotive as this is an excellent train for both express and freight duties, then use any other innovation points to unlock the increased freight revenue.

Task 2 will be complete now and there is a big time gap for us to complete Task 3. In terms of completing the tasks, it will not be a problem from here - you should be nearing the middle/end of 1892 now, so build stations in Denver and Austin. Connect these and add a couple of express trains. Build a rail line between Denver and Fayetteville when you can afford it. At the start of 1893, a new Oil Well opens up near Denver so build a station there and then purchase it when you can. Don't add any trains to this line until you own it as the price of purchasing it will go up. Once you own the Oil Well get a couple of trains taking the goods to Kansas.

There are now 2 ways to complete this scenario and the choice is yours - President rating can be obtained both ways. It is a good idea to save the game here so you can come back to this point if you fail or if you want to try the other method.

The Buy-Out Way (Longer but with less chance of failing)

This method is the more boring one as we need to buy out the competitor that is trying to buy you out. Just focus on adding a few trains when needed to help supply anywhere that may need it and keep buying shares in your competitor.

The increase in playing time with this method gives a great opportunity to earn yourself the following achievement should you still need it:

Railway to Hell in Railway Empire
Unlock all locomotives from the 1890s
  • Unlocked by 183 tracked gamers (9% - TA Ratio = 3.31) 1,993

Once you have bought them out we can continue with our tasks (Task 4 and optional task 1 should now be complete).

The Build Quickly Way (Shorter but riskier)

This method literally just skips buying your competitor out in the hopes you can complete your tasks before you are bought out. This is achieved by expanding quickly enough that your company value grows so fast they can't afford your shares - or you can get lucky and both competitors buy shares in you so that neither actually buy you out.

Whether you chose to buy out your competitor or not, you should now start by upgrading your Oil Well to the biggest size. You'll also want to get enough trains transporting to Kansas to cope with the supply of Oil you now have - which will complete Task 5 for you (Task 4 and optional task 1 should now also be complete).

To complete Task 6 you need to own at least 3 Oil Wells and have 2 of them upgraded to level 5. The other should be at level 4 and they need to have room to produce the goods for you to make enough in a week. Make sure that the supply is being transported to either Kansas or another city that is requesting Oil to give space.

With only Tasks 3, 6 & 8 to go - Task 8 is currently being done by your trains - now is the time to try and get a quarterly revenue of $2,500,000. Houston should be requesting Oil by now. An Oil Well should pop up near Houston soon - if not already - so build a large station in Houston and at the Oil Well (buy it if you don't already own it and upgrade it to level 5). Get enough trains running between the 2 to cope with the supply. Build a line between Houston and the Oil Well near Denver as this line is shorter for getting your Oil exported. Once again, make sure you have enough trains running to cope with the supply. The 3rd Oil Well you should use can be either Elliot Area (east of Albuquerque) or Edison Field if it has appeared yet (south of Albuquerque). Buy this Oil Well and upgrade it to level 5, and then build a large station there as well as a large station at Albuquerque. Once again, make sure you have enough trains to cope with the supply.

For $2,500,000 revenue I noted that a full train running to Albuquerque from Edison Field was earning around $25,000 - so at that rate you need to export 100 full trains of Oil in a single Quarter (it may help for you to make a direct rail line to Kansas from the Oil Well northeast of Amarillo - so that the trains don't get caught up with others).

Once Tasks 6 and 8 are completed all you need to do is build a total rail length of 4,156 miles. The easiest way to do this is just placing rails anywhere (it doesn't have to be pretty as we are just trying to complete the scenario now). Once you have built enough it should be scenario complete!

During the scenario, this achievement will have unlocked at some point:

Go with the flow in Railway Empire
Produce 100 railcars of oil in one game
  • Unlocked by 228 tracked gamers (11% - TA Ratio = 2.95) 1,993

And hopefully, you got a high enough rating to earn yourself:

Oil Tycoon in Railway Empire
Oil Tycoon45 (10)
Complete a scenario in region "The South" as president
  • Unlocked by 99 tracked gamers (5% - TA Ratio = 4.51) 1,993

Using the Buy Out method I personally completed this in April 1899, completing all 10 tasks with a rating of 38.8.


Once again there are 10 tasks to complete with 8 compulsory and 2 optional. If you take a look at your task list when you start this scenario, it would seem this is a ridiculously easy scenario to complete with our first 3 tasks to grow the cities of Memphis, Nashville & Jackson to 60,000, 50,000 & 40,000 population each.

We start with a station in St Louis. Memphis and Nashville are to the south & southeast of St Louis and then Jackson is south of Memphis (one of your competitors will already have a station here). Get all three of these cities connected to your network and start supplying them with the 5 needed goods to reach the population sizes required.

While the 3 cities are growing you can expand east/southeast of Nashville to the cities of Knoxville, Atlanta, and Montgomery. Start growing these cities too as it will help towards Task 4 (Deploy 40 trains) and Task 5 (Connect 600,000 population to your network). Once these 6 cities are growing well and bringing in a good income, you can look at buying shares in your competitors as Task 8 is to buy out a specific competitor and optional task 2 is for buying out all competitors.

It won't be long before optional task 1 (transport 10,000 packages) is complete and Tasks 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 will soon follow. Not long after that you should be able to buy out all your competitors (for reference I bought out all competitors in August 1872) which will complete Task 8 and optional task 2.

This leaves us without any worries and only Task 6 (Quarterly profit of $4,000,000) and Task 7 (Own 20 industries or businesses) to complete. Now it is time to expand your network into every city on the map which will earn you the following achievement if you don't already have it:

Lost my train of thought in Railway Empire
Connect all cities in one game
  • Unlocked by 467 tracked gamers (23% - TA Ratio = 2.06) 1,993

Once you have stations in every city, it is time to supply them all and start growing them to earn more money - whilst also buying business and industries to make even more money. Once Task 6 is complete, you can choose here to only buy 19 business and industries until you use your innovation points to unlock all the locomotives of this era for the following achievement if you still need it:

Train or Die in Railway Empire
Train or Die101 (30)
Unlock all locomotives from the 1870s
  • Unlocked by 175 tracked gamers (9% - TA Ratio = 3.37) 1,993

If you did need it or already had it you can now buy another business to complete Task 7 and it will be scenario complete. With such a short and easy scenario you should also have earned a president rating unlocking you the following achievement:

Hillbilly in Railway Empire
Hillbilly45 (10)
Complete a scenario in region "The South-East" as president
  • Unlocked by 99 tracked gamers (5% - TA Ratio = 4.51) 1,993

I personally completed this scenario in January 1876 with all 10 tasks completed and had a rating of 48.1.

Once this scenario is complete you can build museums in 5 cities for the following achievement if you still need it:

That belongs in a museum in Railway Empire
Build 5 different museums in one game
  • Unlocked by 299 tracked gamers (15% - TA Ratio = 2.58) 1,993

And then you can demolish those and build 10 universities for the following achievement:

Eager to learn in Railway Empire
Build 10 different universities in one game
  • Unlocked by 209 tracked gamers (10% - TA Ratio = 3.07) 1,993

If you also buy 10 industries before you exit this game you can also earn yourself the following achievement if needed:

Egomaniac in Railway Empire
Egomaniac34 (20)
Own 10 industries
  • Unlocked by 710 tracked gamers (36% - TA Ratio = 1.67) 1,993

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