Railway Empire Walkthrough

8. Scenarios - The East

For the scenarios, we will be using 'normal' rails and the 'trainiac' pause mode unless otherwise stated. If you feel you can complete any scenario with the AI on a higher difficulty then it will increase your chances of obtaining a President rating if you need it.


This scenario mostly revolves around growing the population of New York. There are 2 optional tasks which are for you to decide if you want to do them or not - and 8 compulsory tasks which will end with New York having a population of 250,000.

To start with, we need to get the population of New York up to 80,000. We need to supply it with the 5 basic goods - and as New York already has 2 industry slots filled we need to connect to cities that are producing Beer and Meat. If you look around, there are no close cities producing Meat - however as Baltimore produces clothing and has a free industry slot, connect to Baltimore and build a Meat industry there. Connect a Cattle Ranch to your network and supply New York with Meat. Next, connect to the Logging Business just north of New York so that the industries there are being supplied. The nearest city producing Beer is Albany and this needs to be supplied from the Grain Farm west of New York - so connect these next. Just west of Albany is a Corn Farm - once you connect this to your network, all 5 basic goods can be supplied to New York.

Now your attention should turn to supplying Baltimore with Cloth. Unfortunately, there are no cities producing Cloth - so we need to build an industry to produce it ourselves. Albany fits the bill as it has a Cotton Farm nearby, so we need to grow Albany to 40,000 population and build a Weaving Factory. Once you have your Weaving Factory and have connected up to the Cotton Farm you can set up a supply of Cloth to Baltimore, and then a supply of Clothing to New York (you will need to purchase and expand the Tailors in Baltimore).

Once New York reaches 60,000 population, you can build a Museum to give an extra 10% fulfilled demand which will help to grow it. Task 1 should soon be completed and Task 2 is on its way. Task 3 is simply to have 20 trains deployed - so we can turn our attention to Task 4 which is to deliver 100 loads of Alcohol to New York. Again, there is no city producing Alcohol so we will need to set up an industry to do this. Syracuse is a good city for this as there is Sugar to the west and Fruit to the southeast. Connect to Syracuse and supply it with Grain and Corn to grow it to 40,000 population, and then build a Distillery. Connect the King Preserve and Sugar Plantation to start producing Alcohol, then supply this to New York.

At some point soon - if not already - New York should reach population 180,000 - providing you kept it well supplied - and so Task 7 will be complete. Task 5 (to have an average balance of $10,000 on 25 different train lines) should also be completed soon, if not already. Due to New York taking in so many goods and your industries being well supplied, a Quarterly profit of $2,000,000 should not be too far from here either and so Task 6 will be complete.

This should just leave you with 100 loads of Clothing and Alcohol to be delivered to New York, and a population of 250,000. As the city should be well supplied with these 2 items as well as all other goods it should just be a matter of time until all 3 tasks are complete.

While you are waiting you can focus on unlocking all the locomotives with your innovation points to earn yourself the following achievement if you still need it:

Track to the Future in Railway Empire
Unlock all locomotives of the era 1830
  • Unlocked by 383 tracked gamers (19% - TA Ratio = 2.27) 1,991

Once you have delivered 100 loads of Clothing and Alcohol to New York and it has reached a population of 250,000 it will be Scenario Complete!

I personally completed this scenario in December 1834 with 9/10 tasks complete and a rating of 34.9.

The Commodore

This scenario once again starts in New York and there are 8 compulsory tasks to do. The optional tasks are up to you as you probably already have the President rating achievement for this region.

This scenario hinges on completing Task 3 - the rest of it is easy. Once you start, build stations in Albany, Syracuse, and Buffalo. Then, get an express train running between New York and Buffalo as soon as possible. Next, look at connecting rural businesses to expand your cities focusing on Buffalo the most. Once Buffalo hits 60,000 population, build an attraction in the city to increase visitors. Connect to Pittsburgh from Buffalo to complete Task 1 and Task 4 will follow shortly after.

As you are growing your cities, add a couple more express trains from New York to Buffalo - use your innovation points to unlock express trains as well as the upgrades which increase passengers in your cities. Task 2 should be completed soon and you can't really do much more to help Task 3 - so focus on connecting another 7 cities to your network for Task 6. Going west from Pittsburgh to Toledo is a good start, and once you have connected and supplied Toledo, have a look at which 2 competitors are operating around Indianapolis/Toledo and buy them out so you can expand to Indianapolis and Grand Rapids more easily. This will complete Task 8 - and if you choose to buy out the 3rd competitor too then you will complete optional task 2.

Once you have connected 12 cities to your network - which completes Task 6 - and bought out 2 or 3 of your competitors you can look towards gaining a company value of $40,000,000. The easiest way of doing this is to buy industries and businesses that are being utilized - as well as supplying all the cities with goods - and have fast express trains. Once this is done it will complete Task 7.

Hopefully, Task 3 was completed, which only leaves you with Task 5 (total network length of 7,793 miles). If, however, it didn't complete all you can do is try again.

Before doing Task 5 you can use your innovation points to unlock all the locomotives of this era for the following achievement if needed:

TRAINing Day in Railway Empire
Unlock all locomotives from the 1850s
  • Unlocked by 376 tracked gamers (19% - TA Ratio = 2.30) 1,991

The quickest way of doing Task 5 is to just build rails anywhere and everywhere, but if you still need the following achievement you can build stations and connect 20 rural business to your network to earn:

Favoritism in Railway Empire
Favoritism33 (20)
20 rural businesses connected
  • Unlocked by 725 tracked gamers (36% - TA Ratio = 1.65) 1,991

Once you have built 7,793 miles of track it is Scenario Complete!

I completed this in May 1855 with all 10 tasks complete and got a rating of 40.4.

Hunger For Raw Materials

This scenario is pretty easy compared to some of the earlier ones we have faced. It mainly revolves around growing cities (Task 8) and owning industries (Task 4). There are 8 compulsory tasks and 2 optional - which, again, you can attempt if you wish.

We start in Charleston - which is already a decent size - and we can see it has a trade warehouse which will come in useful later. Our first 2 tasks are to connect 5 cities to our network and gain a company value of $10,000,000. Jacksonville to the south and Augusta to the west are the first 2 you will want to connect. Once they are connected, get all 3 cities supplied with the 5 basic goods to grow. Now, look northeast from Charleston to Wilmington and Norfolk as these are the next 2 cities you want to connect and supply - this will complete Task 1.

Between the 4 cities you have connected, there will be 7 industry slots available as they grow past 40,000 and 90,000 population each - and at 60,000 population you can build a museum in each of them. Keep an eye on these cities and make sure you establish an industry in each of these - making sure that you build a Refinery in Augusta or Wilmington as it will give you 7/10 towards Task 4. Once you have a Refinery, connect the city it is located in with the Anderson Drill Hole north of Charleston, and supply it with Oi. Next, start transporting the Petroleum you are producing to Charleston as this will work towards Task 7.

Alongside watching your cities, you can expand north of Norfolk into Washington and Baltimore now - start supplying and growing them. As Washington reaches 40,000 population, build a Steel Industry and supply it with Coal from Hobbs Quarry to the north and Iron from Franklin Quarry to the southwest. Transport the Steel you are producing to Charleston as this will gain you progress on Task 6.

Some of your 7 cities may stall on growth around 70,000 to 90,000 population. If this is the case, then just supply each of them with some Vegetables, Fruit, Milk, and Sugar to help them hit 100,000. Remember to add museums in each of these to help with growth.

Tasks 2, 3 & 5 should have all been completed by now. Once Baltimore and Washington reach 90,000 population, you can place an Industry in each of them to complete Task 4. Once you reach 5/10 or higher towards Task 8, take a look at the cities of New York, Albany and Atlanta as your competitors should have been growing these. Providing that is the case, you can expand to these cities now and add museums to each - once they all reach 100,000 population it will complete Task 8.

Task 7 and 8 will most likely have been completed by now - however, if they haven't, then an easy way to help them along is to build a warehouse that will hold Petroleum and Steel, then transport the goods here. Whilst you are waiting for the goods to be transported, there is another opportunity to earn the following achievement for unlocking all locomotives of this era with your innovation points if you still need it:

Railway to Hell in Railway Empire
Unlock all locomotives from the 1890s
  • Unlocked by 183 tracked gamers (9% - TA Ratio = 3.31) 1,991

Once 100 each of Steel and Petroleum has been transported it will be Scenario Complete!

I completed this in September 1895 with 8 tasks complete and got a rating of 36.1.

Hopefully you earned a President Rating in one of the 3 scenarios to net you the following achievement, however, if you still need it I would recommend the 2nd Campaign mission as this is the easiest place to earn it:

Megalomaniac in Railway Empire
Complete a scenario in region "The East" as president
  • Unlocked by 218 tracked gamers (11% - TA Ratio = 3.04) 1,991

And providing you now have the required 11 scenarios complete you will earn:

Perfectionist in Railway Empire
Complete all scenarios
  • Unlocked by 53 tracked gamers (3% - TA Ratio = 6.22) 1,991

This concludes the main walkthrough of the game, thank you for reading this. Hopefully, it helped you earn all 55 achievements in the game.

There is a mop up page for a few achievements that might have been missed due to bad luck from what the game has offered you during your playthrough.

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