Railway Empire Walkthrough

9. Mop-up

To get the achievement for 5 city bonuses in one game you want to start a free mode game with no competitors (any region). Connect 2 cities and supply them with the 5 basic goods to grow, as well as an express train or 2 between the cities. Connection bonuses and new industry bonuses both count towards this.

Now you have a decent income, you want to just sit back until a city connection bonus is offered. When the bonus appears, you want to connect the city offering the bonus to your network and supply it with the 5 basic goods. Unless a bonus for a new industry is offered (build anything if it is), do this another 4 times and the achievement will be yours:

No dough, no show! in Railway Empire
Receive 5 city bonuses in one game
  • Unlocked by 242 tracked gamers (12% - TA Ratio = 2.88) 1,995

These next 5 achievements - should you need them - are super easy. Simply start a sandbox game (any region) and purchase all the rural businesses on the map which will unlock the following 2 achievements:

Egomaniac in Railway Empire
Egomaniac33 (20)
Own 10 industries
  • Unlocked by 711 tracked gamers (36% - TA Ratio = 1.67) 1,995

Monopolist in Railway Empire
Monopolist45 (30)
Produce 80% of an item in the entire region
  • Unlocked by 876 tracked gamers (44% - TA Ratio = 1.50) 1,995

Then, connect up some cities with businesses so they can start producing Meat and Beer. Once they are, build warehouses near 10 cities (not linked to them) and set them to hold the following goods; Wheat, Beer, Meat, Wood, Corn & Sugar. Make sure they are well supplied as we want to use these warehouses to grow 10 cities to 60,000 population.

With warehouses set up and supplied, build rail lines from the warehouses to the cities and start supplying these cities from the warehouses. Before long you will earn:

Fill her up, please in Railway Empire
A warehouse has loaded 1000 railcars
  • Unlocked by 352 tracked gamers (18% - TA Ratio = 2.38) 1,995

Now it is just a case of adding trains here and there to make sure the supply of goods to your warehouses/cities doesn't drop. Your cities should keep expanding to 60,000 population - once they do build universities in each of these cities to earn:

Eager to learn in Railway Empire
Build 10 different universities in one game
  • Unlocked by 210 tracked gamers (11% - TA Ratio = 3.08) 1,995

Once that is done, demolish 5 of the universities and replace them with museums to earn the following:

That belongs in a museum in Railway Empire
Build 5 different museums in one game
  • Unlocked by 300 tracked gamers (15% - TA Ratio = 2.57) 1,995

If you did need any achievements from this page you should now be at 55/55 and 1000/1000 gamerscore. Congratulations!

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