Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction Reviews

  • Born Again GenBorn Again Gen664,350
    03 Feb 2022
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    Hello and welcome to Rainbow Six Extraction!

    I will start off by saying I was not a fan of Rainbow Six Siege, however I have been a die hard advocate for Rainbow Six Vegas!

    Rainbow Six Extraction was a day 1 release on game pass for both xbox and pc, which as all hunters know is an immediate eyebrow raiser. I dived into this title not knowing what to expect, and let me tell you I was absolutely blown away. Here is what I love about the game:

    - Tactical based shooter with in depth stealth mechanics that allows you bring bring a variety utility through both operators and equipment

    - Interesting lore with beautiful visuals

    - Plenty of free customization options, and even more unlocked through progression which is rare for this era of gaming recently

    - Extremely team oriented objectives, however the game allows you to cater your experience to solo if you choose to do so

    - The ability to choose your difficulty, which turns some otherwise grueling side missions (studies) into something more manageable for newer players. Also you can really challenge yourself and ramp up the difficulty to really put your skills to the test.

    - The crossplay ability across all platforms which opens up my horizons for playing with friends and strangers alike.

    - The game is challenging, but never once had I felt the difficulty was unfair. Each mission I completed without been seen or taking damage really gave me a sense of accomplishment.

    - The experience and leveling system seems fair and not too grindy

    - The end game content is challenging however when completing the "Maelstrom" you feel pride and satisfaction.

    Cons to playing this game

    - There is a steep learning curve, not for the faint of heart

    - Playing with Randoms could either be fantastic or horrible depending on the teammates you're paired with

    - Some missions and objectives are buggy, however it hasn't proven to be game breaking

    - People have experienced connection issues at times

    - Requires coordination and teamwork which could be a complication when playing with randoms, however this is mitigated when playing solo

    - There is enough content to keep you occupied for a couple of weeks. However I am looking forward to seeing some more.

    In conclusion, I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience with this game. I give it a solid 8.5/10. I am exited to see what more is coming our way in the future. Thank you for coming to my Gen talk.
  • CerebroUserCerebroUser275,855
    24 Jan 2022 28 Jan 2022
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    Having not played Rainbow 6: Siege since early 2020, I was curious how well the operators would fit into a PvE environment. To my surprise, the character's abilities and personalities translated fairly seamlessly. However, because of the horror-stealth mechanics, characters like Sledge can become very fragile before the first objective has even been completed.
    The core gameplay loop entails completing three random objectives back to back in a location of your choice. With four regions and three destinations in each, there is plenty of variation in the map design to keep you on your toes when a Breacher appears to put a stop to your operation. Despite this, attacking the same location over and over to complete research objectives becomes a drag pretty quickly, although the campaign isn't strictly necessary to enjoy the experience.
    Overall, the game has plenty to offer for people hunting a game with modern first person shooter mechanics stripped of a live service model. The game plays better with allies, so be sure to pick up some friends on your way through.