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Welcome to the walkthrough for Rare Replay!

Rare Replay is divided up into 30 individual games, 21 of them internally and 9 of them external XBLA games.

For the first 16 games (Jetpac - Battletoads Arcade) you will typically have to complete the main game, and do 5 snapshots. These are just small challenges derived from the main game. Many of these games are made much easier by using Rare Replay's cheats, and the ever useful rewind feature.

The next 5 games (Killer Instinct Gold - Grabbed By The Ghoulies) are from the Nintendo 64 and original Xbox era, these games do not have snapshots to deal with. Unfortunately they also do not have Rare Replay cheats, although a couple of them do have internal cheats to make things much easier!

The 9 external games all run on the Xbox One's backwards compatibility feature. If you haven't already done these games in the past they will definitely take a chunk of your time to complete, fortunately you only have to achieve either 150/200 or 750/1000 gamerscore in each if you're looking to get the final Rare Replay achievement.

Along with 6 snapshot playlists that consist of the snapshots for the first 16 games, long story short this is going to take you a while!

We have split up the walkthrough in the order the games were released, as this is the standard order Rare Replay orders them for you.There isn't much advice I can offer you here, as each game has its own unique walkthrough, other than try to stay on a game until you're done with it. Some games have almost exact opposite controls to others, so switching between them can be an extra challenge you don't need to deal with!

Otherwise, good luck! Please help us out and point out any mistakes, errors or suggestions in the following thread: Rare Replay Walkthrough Discussion. Priority has been put on getting the guide out there for you to read, so I can guarantee there will be spelling and grammar mistakes (Especially as I often did this late at night!).

As nobody cares about the credits, I've put them in a spoiler for you.

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