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12. Snake Rattle N Roll (1990)

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The premise of Snake Rattle N Roll is pretty simply. You control one of the two snakes (Rattle and Roll) and you need to exit each level. However, the exit for each level is weight-activated, so you need to eat enough enemies on your way through the level to be heavy enough to open the way out.

The colour of what you eat has a direct impact on your snake’s size. Rattle (the red snake) gets heavier quicker by eating red things, while Roll (the blue snake) gets heavier quicker by eating blue things. The fastest way to gain weight for both snakes is to eat yellow things. When your snake is heavy enough to exit the level, their tail will begin to flash.

The game is usually timed, but you can turn this off in the cheat menu. You can also activate infinite lives. You should also make liberal use of the Rewind feature to undo mistakes (such as losing tail segments).

Start the game and you’ll unlock:

Snakedown Cruise

Snake Rattle N Roll: play the game for the first time.

Snakedown Cruise
2 guides

Level 1

It will take a while to get used to the game’s controls as the movement isn’t really represented by which direction you press. It can be very confusing at first, but luckily infinite time and the rewind feature give you plenty of time to get used to it.

Ahead of you will be an enemy and two manholes. You’ll also see a flashing “Y”, which is a tongue extension (which you can use to both eat items and lick enemies to death). Kill the enemy and open the manholes (stand on them and hit cn_A to release items to eat. Use your tongue (cn_A when not on a manhole) to eat them.

Jump across the waterfall and you’ll see something that looks like a double-gramophone – this spits out items for you to eat, but also bombs to kill you. You can easily farm this area until your tail begins to flash. Open the manholes here for more items as well.

Go past the next enemy and another enemy will jump out of the next manhole (the manhole on the small island to the left contains a bonus level for a few extra points). Pass the foot enemy and continue on. You’ll see the exit door and the weight machine. Jump up to the weight machine to open the door and then head through it.

Level 2

From this point on I will not be pointing out the manholes unless there is something notable about them – you should still open all of them as you go. When you get to the two item dispensers, ignore the manhole on the upper level as it contains a toilet seat enemy.

Grab all the items you need and continue on. The manhole on its own island ahead is another bonus level. The manhole on the next island is a time bonus. Cross the waterfall and ignore the manhole in the corner as it has another foot enemy.

Climb up the waterfall (you can jump diagonally between the platforms) and stand on the weight machine. Climb further up the waterfall and head around to the right to exit the level.

Level 3

As soon as you start, the manhole you can see at the bottom of the screen will take you to a bonus level. Continue down to the left, killing the toilet seats. You’ll see a path head down at the bottom of the screen – head down here and you’ll see two pickups. The first reverses your controls so make sure to avoid that if you can.

Jump left to the next ledge and avoid the guillotines that pop out of the floor. The next area has item dispensers on it, so fill yourself up before continue. The second manhole contains an enemy. Drop down and the one manhole on the ledge on its own on the right is a bonus level.

Head around the ledge to the other side of the pool and you’ll see two weight machines. Jump over to the upper weight machine (the manhole in front of it contains an enemy) and then continue up the ledge to the exit.

Level 4

Work your way up the platforms (the third manhole contains a bomb) until you get to the item dispenser. All three manholes up here contain enemies so leave them be. Fill yourself at the item dispenser and then continue up and to the left (one of the jumps is longer than usual, but it’s still easily managed).

Once you’re up the top, head into the water and fall down the waterfall to the next ledge. Continue up the ledges (avoid the guillotines and the second manhole, which is a bomb) and you’ll get to a long jump across a spike. The manhole you land on is a bonus level.

After a couple more long jumps to the right you can jump to the solo ledge in front of the waterfall and then head left across the upper ledge to the weight machine – watch out for the falling anvils as you go. Once you’ve activated the weight machine, head back across the ledge and jump across the waterfall to the exit.

Level 5

This next level has magic carpets which you need to use to get around. Use the magic carpet to descend and then jump over the water. Cross the spikes on another carpet and jump down to an item dispenser. Grab all you need before using the carpet to ride downwards (remember to jump over the reverse powerup in front of the carpet).

Two of the manholes down here contain bombs, the other an extra life, so they can be ignored. Head across to the left on the carpet and make sure to avoid the reverse powerup when you jump to the ledge. The blue squares in the wall will push you off the ledge so make sure to jump over them.

Jump around the corner and then up to the line of manholes. Head up and around to the weight machine to open the door. Ride the carpet up and jump to the ledge. The next carpet is tricky as it disappears – when this happens, jump straight up into the air to land on it again when it reappears. Jump over the reverse powerup at the end and into the exit.

Level 6

Head left and jump from platform to platform. Jump over the bell enemy on the way (you can kill it by jumping on it repeatedly if you wish). The tongue extension is a tricky one to get, so it may just be easier to keep going. Look out for the blue squares that push you off as you continue.

Once you’re at the next bell, jump over it and then jump as far as you can across the waterfall. Start hammering cn_B as you land as this should just about let you swim to the next platform. This next bit is awkward as hell. There’s a bell blocking your way forward. If you jump very, very carefully you can land on the very right-hand corner of the ledge, which then allows you to jump over the bell. Repeat this to climb up.

Carefully jump over the water as there’s a square there ready to push you off. Jump over that as well then do another huge jump over the next section of water. Jump over the blue squares and you’re in front of a series of waterfalls. Jump for this height across to the left, which is slightly lower. You can then make your way across the waterfall platforms – be careful of the bells that fall as you go.

Once you’re on the top level, you need to wait for a powerup that looks like a fish tail (well, it’s meant to – it looks more like a segment of an orange). Once you see it, it allows you to jump up the waterfall to the left by hammering cn_B. Only go for it if the powerup lands on the top row.

Once you’re at the top head up to the ledge directly above the waterfall – from here you have to jump to the right and then continue downwards over the spikes. Get past the bell and the foot as you continue going down to the right – look out for the blue square half way down.

From the last ledge, jump as far as you can across the water and hammer it to the other side. Jump over some more water and you’ll see the exit on the side of the ledge beneath you – carefully drop down into it to exit.

Level 7

As you jump across to the right, be wary of the spikes that appear as you go. You basically need to repeat this back and forth until you reach the next area higher up. When you get to the platform in the upper left that has the gold spike on it, it genuinely seems that the only way to get past it is to take a hit and then jump through it while you have temporary invincibility (if anyone can work out how to get past this without being hit, please let me know).

When head to the right here you need to be very wary of fast-moving marbles. Stay in the air as much as possible and you should hopefully miss them. Once you reach the other side, head upwards and use the waterspouts to push you up each level.

After a few waterspouts the gold spikes start appearing, meaning your timing has to basically be perfect to continue up. The final waterspout is especially tricky. Time it right and it’ll launch you up to the right-most ledge. From there you need to time your jump over the foot and spike to the exit – there is no weight machine on this level.

Level 8

Jump straight into the water and you’ll sink to the bottom. Here you need to eat as many fish as possible before they disappear in order to open the exit. If you hit black fish repeatedly they turn into yellow ones. You must make your tail flash before you run out of fish in order to proceed.

Once you’re out, jump into the next pool and do the same – saving before each pool can speed things up, though it doesn’t matter if you’re using infinite lives. Continue doing this and you’ll eventually reach the exit (note: make a save before exiting this level so you can farm points later on for the score achievement without repeatedly playing the game).

Level 9

As you can imagine, there’s going to be a lot of sliding around here. Follow the path to the right and jump around the corner. Head up the slope, avoiding the enemy, and around the corner again. Climb up the slope and look out for snowballs that start falling down. The timing is awkward but you can jump them.

Jump up to the next are and slide down. Jump over the spikes and watch out for the snowballs that fall in this area. Around the corner from here is the weight machine – items will be falling out of the wall so eat them until you can activate the machine (the foot is indestructible).

Once you’ve set off the machine, jump up the ice slope on the right, avoid the bubble and watch out for the snowballs on the ramp leading downwards. Jump around the corner at the bottom and then continue jumping back up the slope.

Here you’ll have ball rolling back and forth on a very small ledge. You need to jump as far on the left of the ledge as possible and then immediately jump a second time. If you pause between jumps you will get hit. Once you’re past, jump up to the right and watch the snowball. Slide down the ledge and then jump to the right. Jump up this path and you’re at the exit.

Level 10

This level is incredibly difficult. Lots of rewinding is going to be needed. Head to the right and jump over the enemy. Here you need to drop down as close to the spike as you can without hitting it and then jump again around the corner. You can’t just jump straight down as the fall is too large. Repeat this a couple of times - jumping frequently seems to make it easier. The final row on the way down has a snowball so be careful.

On this larger ledge is another invincible foot and another load of items coming out of the wall. Again, fill up your snake before continuing on. Once you’re full, head to the right and slide down to the weight machine.

Head back up the ramp and past the foot to the left. Jump up to the ledge leading upwards and watch out for the spikes as you ascend. You now need to jump over the spikes and keep ascending upwards – the jumps are quite tricky so rewind when needed.

The next bit is super frustrating, but luckily it’s the final part. Once you’ve managed to jump all the way up to the final platform, you’ll be able to see the exit half way across the wall. You need to aim your jump so you land directly on top of the doorway – you’ll also need to push against the wall to make it to the Exit.

Level 11

Welcome to the worst level of any game ever. It’s just an awful, awful idea and an awful, awful implementation. It’s so bad, you’ll be convinced you’re doing something wrong, but you’re not. What you need to do is chase the foot around the level and constantly deal it damage. And I mean constantly. Its seems like if you even miss one hit then the foot is back at full health and you have to start again. Just horrible.

Seriously, you’re doing it right, it’s just the mechanics that are bad. Keep at it – rewind every time the foot stops flashing from damage and keep it up until he dies. Just awful. Basically, the only way to do it quickly is in co-op.

Make sure to grab the tongue extension before starting. Once the foot has died, jump in the UFO to exit. Once you’ve finally done this ridiculous level, you’ll unlock:

Snakes in Space

Snake Rattle N Roll: complete every level in the game over time.

Snakes in Space
4 guides

Now it’s time to clean up the remaining achievements. Start a new game on level 1. Get to the item dispenser and save before eating anything. Now, eat until your snake is full then reload the save (or let an enemy remove your extensions). Repeat this until you eat 250 items and gain 100 tail extensions, which will unlock:

Peckish for Pibbleys

Snake Rattle N Roll: Eat a total of 250 Nibbley Pibbleys over time.

Peckish for Pibbleys
1 guide


Snake Rattle N Roll: Earn 100 tail extensions over time.

2 guides

You should also be very close to reach 1,000,000 cumulative points. Load up your save from level 8 and finish it over and over. You should get around 2% progress with each reload (make sure to wait for level 9 to load before reloading). Repeat until you unlock:

Tongue Lashing

Snake Rattle N Roll: Get a cumulative total of 1,000,000 points over time.

Tongue Lashing
1 guide

And now it’s time to do the Snapshots. The first snapshot requires you to score 2,500 points in under 45 seconds. This is really easy. You get 1,000 points just for killing the two enemies at the start – the rest of the time you can feed from the item dispenser. Once you complete it you’ll unlock:

Sneaky Snake

Complete a Snake Rattle N Roll snapshot.

Sneaky Snake
1 guide

The second snapshot requires hammering cn_B to jump up the waterfall and then collect the extra life at the top. Just be careful to not jump over the extra life and you’ll be fine.

The third snapshot requires you to eat 5 fish within 60 seconds. Black fish are the hardest to eat as you have to hit them three times first, so avoid them and just go for the other colours.

The fourth snapshot requires you to squash all of the mushrooms. You can do this by jumping on them – you can’t use your tongue. There’s no pressing time limit so just take your time as you go. There are 6 mushrooms in total. It’s surprisingly easy for a fourth snapshot.

The fifth snapshot requires you to get to the exit within 30 seconds. This is obviously quite difficult and frustrating, so just leg it (well, head it) and hope for the best. It’s not as difficult as it first seems – the biggest threat is over-jumping and falling into the water. You also have more than enough time to take it reasonably slowly. Once you’ve completed it you’ll unlock:

Win Screen Vipers

Complete all of the Snake Rattle N Roll snapshots.

Win Screen Vipers
3 guides

And that is all of the achievements and Stamps unlocked for this game. Congrats!

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