19. Rare Replay BLAST CORPS (1997)Update notes

Blast Corps

Welcome to Blast Corps! We'll get straight into it with a road map to how we're going to tackle this game.

  1. Complete all main missions, getting gold in each as we go and finding the 6 scientists.
  2. Complete all bonus missions to gold.
  3. With them now unlocked, complete the last bonus missions on the other planets.
  4. With it now unlocked, get gold for the time trials for each main mission.
  5. With it now unlocked, get one platinum.

After finishing step 5 you'll have completed all achievements for the game. As you do the main missions, as soon as the path is clear for the truck go finish the level by getting in the yellow truck at the end. The reason for this is although the time trials are not unlocked yet, once they do unlock the time you set now will get retroactively put onto them. If you're fast enough, you can almost skip out step 4 entirely by doing this. I wouldn't suggest overly worrying about it, but every level you don't have to do twice is a nice bonus. Once done, head back into the missions to finish destroying every building, find every RDU (Red light on the ground) and bonus level beacon. Note for the bonus beacons, you will know if you have missed one in a level as it will have a green outline instead of red. As well as this, we will be finding the 6 scientists hidden in 6 of the main missions.

For the walkthrough, I will list every main mission with either points of interest or locations of hidden objects, although I will be putting a bit more detail into the earlier levels. I will always refer to the direction the truck is going as North, for a point of reference, as there will be times when you will want to change your camera angle. After the main missions I will list off the side missions with some tips for doing them, although quite a few of them do just come down to practice. The game itself gives you a very good tutorial at the start so I won't go through those details, and for the most part most levels are pretty self-explanatory in what to do for the primary objective. You also do not need to follow my order, as the game does give you a bit of freedom as to what level to do next. If you're struggling with one, feel free to go do another one and come back to it later. After finishing the first level, you will automatically unlock three bonus levels related to three of the vehicles, you are required to do these to unlock further main missions. In the end you will need to get gold with these, but it is not required right now. With all that said, let's get into it!

As soon as you get into the game you will unlock the following achievement;

Main Missions

Easy Levels

Simian Acres

Follow the tutorials and the primary mission will be done in no time. Remember to get out of your Ramdozer (cn_Y) and into the yellow truck at the end as soon as you have finished! All the buildings and RDU's in this mission are along the roads, so simply go along driving over every RDU you see and destroying every building. To check how much more you have to find, you can always press cn_start and go to 'View Stats' to see what is left, although note it will tell you once you have hit 100% in any particular item. As a bonus on this level, you may notice a train at the start with a muscle car on it. Get out of your Ramdozer and into the train, then drive it forward to the lading bay (The game will give you a train tutorial here to watch for the smiley face in the top right corner, without this you can't load/unload a train). Once at the loading bay, get out of the train and into the car. Doing so unlocks the car for the bonus levels, although there is a much better one we will get later for the races. Once you've got 100% for the level, leave via the yellow truck. You must leave by this truck every time you do something in a level, otherwise it will not save your progress.

From here do the three bonus/tutorial missions to unlock more main missions here. Although gold is not required, I do heavily suggest you try for it as the more practice you get with the vehicles the easier the game becomes, especially later on, and especially with the Backlash!

Blackridge Works

Everything is easy to find on this level as well, as they're all along the roads. This is the first level that you find some bonus beacons, with two of them to be found. There is also a new vehicle to be toyed with, the Cyclone suit. This vehicle is an exoskeleton that does flips through buildings, you won't get to use it much over the course of the game however. Remember to head towards the yellow line on the radar to find the finishing truck if you don't know where it is!

Carrick Point

For the main objective, quickly head around the water to beat the missile truck to the other side and start clearing the path. Note the bottom left arrow on the screen, as you can save yourself a bit of time by only destroying the bare minimum of each building that is in the way. After you've cleared the path, leave the level and come back to finish it off. Head over the bridge the missile truck used to find a beacon in the middle, then over the second bridge head left/west to find a new vehicle at the end of the pier. This is the Ballista, you will see three black ammo boxes next to it as well. Get into it, and head back up to the east side of the water to find a boat sitting in the edge of it. Using cn_X to shoot your missiles, you need to destroy this boat as it counts as a building. You have a very limited amount of shots, so make sure they're landing on it before firing them all off! After you've done this, head north from where you are to find another new vehicle, the Thunderfist. For some unknown reason this vehicle only has one arm, although it doesn't affect it as it uses its good arm to uppercut buildings very easily. Just to the east of this is a castle on a hill, destroy this to find the second beacon in the level. From here, just scout the level to destroy everything you see and run over all the RDU's. In the south east corner of the map there are some metal plates on the ground you will need to destroy, otherwise there is nothing else hidden away.

Havoc District

This level is an absolute pain if you're trying to find everything by yourself. Using the Skyfall quickly race straight over the bridges and over a hill to find the J-bomb, use this to clear the way. Once you're back in the level, head back to the J-bomb as we'll do almost the whole level in this. From the main structures, head East to find a beacon up on the cliff side. From here head south back to the red bridge the missile carrier starts on, to find four shining lights on the top of it. You only need to touch these to destroy them, so line up your shadow above them and just let gravity let you land on them. With these gone, you'll now want to destroy the boat here. You can't activate the fall above it (As you can't land in water), so coming from the north stay up high and activate the fall just before your shadow leaves the dock. The momentum will cause you to land on the boat, do this twice to destroy it. On the south side of the bridge is the Ballista, get into this and go down the hill to see a big silver ball under the bridge. Use the rockets to destroy this, then get back into your J-Bomb. From the south side of the red bridge, where the supports touch the ground, head directly west over the water to find an island with the second beacon. From here head directly north, where you will find 9 RDU's in a group on the pier. After getting these, head west over the water to find an island with a lighthouse and some more RDU's. From here head exactly north-west, to find 5 of those giant silver ball things bouncing on the water. Land on them to destroy them, then head into town to both destroy everything you haven't already and get all the RDU's until the statistics tells you you have 91% of the RDU's. Once you've achieved this, head back west to the edge of the land and follow it north all the way up up to the highest ledge. You may notice to your west is a glass structure in the water, we will be heading into this. On the very high ledge, you will notice a dark green patch of grass. Walk over this to fall into it, then head through the tunnel to the red car. Get in it and head through the exit tunnel to get the last RDU's for the level, then just head to the exit truck to be done!

Argent Towers

Welcome to the first real test with the Backlash! No, there is no easy way to use it. Some people find hitting the brakes for a split second before going in to a slide helps, so if you're struggling you could give that a go. Really it is a bout learning the physics an the angles, that comes with nothing but practice. Otherwise just ramming into a building will eventually destroy it. If you ever see a dirt pile next to a building, go over it! If you are in the air when you hit something you will instantly destroy it. Once you've done the main mission head back into the level. From where you start go forward a little bit on just to your west on the side of the road will be a beacon. Head east until you come to a street going north, then follow it to a couple of buildings you need to destroy. After destroying them, head west until you come up to the edge of the map. Head south from here to find a stone block on the road, push this out of the way then get out of your vehicle to walk down the ramp you just cleared. Down here, get into the Ramdozer and push the TNT into the door. With that open, walk through the doorway to get into a train. Go forwards, paying attention to the north of the screen for a shining light. Stop in line with this, and press cn_Y to get out of your train. Your character will automatically walk west, continue that way until you get into the police car. With the small maze here, head in a northwest corner direction, then to the southwest corner to find Scientist #1. Head back through the maze to the train and continue heading north to the next opening. Get out of the train and into the Ballista, pick up the ammo and head back to the buildings I sent you to destroy earlier in the Backlash. In the little area here you can only get to as a civilian, is a doorway on the east side you need to destroy with the Ballistas rockets. Walk through the tunnel here to the J-bomb, use this to destroy the buildings you may have noticed on as platform, and a beacon a bit further south. That shining light we used while we were in the train as a point of reference also needs to be destroyed using the J-bomb as it counts as a building.

Medium Levels

Echo Marches

After destroying the first few buildings, head northeast over a hill and to a railway with a train on it. Park your J-bomb here and take the train west until you see the smiley face, then get in to the car on the train and drive back to your J-bomb. After clearing a few office buildings, you have to now move a boat into the missile carriers path. This time the boat is located down river to the southwest, I suggest parking your J-bomb onto it so that you take it with you. A few buildings later and you'll be done with the primary mission. Destroy all the buildings along the main road whilst collecting the RDU's. Where the boat is parked you will find a shipyard of buildings, and a beacon that you will collect when you destroy the red tanker. Head south from here to find a large collection of RDU's on the ground. From where you move the boat to for the missile carrier, you will see a faint dirt path on the ground heading northeast. This leads to a very high pillar that has the last beacon on top of it.

Beeton Tracks

Very easy mission, and is actually the mission I suggest later to get a platinum medal on. Drive the train all the way to the end until you have the smiley face, then get out and run around the building to the Ramdozer. Destroy the only building here (Not there is a red barricade here you must destroy to gold the level later, easy to miss!) and then park on the crane's lift. Get out of the Ramdozer and into the crane to land it on the opposite side of the tracks. Head out now over the over-bridge just to the south of your current location to get in the Ramdozer, and push the TNT on the back of the train into the train station. Done! Once in again, head back to the Ramdozer like we did first time then head south down this side of the tracks to the police car near the last buildings. Get into the police car, then head over to the opposite side of the tracks to find RDU's in what I'm guessing is a quarry. Using a grid-like pattern is probably the best way to ensure you don't miss one in the middle. You will also find a beacon all the way down to the south on this side.

Tempest City

For the Ballista, I find going slowly is the best method. Take a little bit of time to take your shots, and stop moving as soon as you are aligned up. If you try shooting everything while racing around you just end up bouncing off everything and it becomes a horrible mess! Make sure to collect the ammo boxes on your way north as well, although if you do get to the end and are a few missiles short you can always just ram the last segments out of the way. Once back in, destroy what remains and collect all the RDU's. Once you've seemingly got everything here, head east to find three ammo boxes against a bit stone block. Shoot a large amount of rockets into this to destroy it, revealing a ramp up. Drive up the ramp to find a beacon up here, and a scientist behind a whole bunch of little stone blocks. These count as buildings to destroy, so destroy them all and save Scientist #2.

Outland Farm

Another fantastic Backlash level, this time with an annoying entrance that just takes time. Once you get to the first buildings you must destroy, between the two story house and the green funnels is a dirt pile you can use to get air, you can use this to clear the building in one go if you're lucky. You only need to destroy the west most funnel as well. For the houses later, stay on the dirt as it gives you much more speed for fast slides through them. Remember to just continually ram into something if you think it will be faster than trying to line up a slide! Back in the level again now, about halfway around the trench at the most eastern part head directly west to find a hidden beacon and RDU's. Once you get out of the trench, head south over the bridge where the missile carrier spawned to find a second beacon much like the first. From here just edge around all the roads and dirt to find the last RDU's and buildings and finish up the level.

Ebony Coast

This level is a pain, there is little room for error. As quickly as possible, park your Ramdozer onto the train carriage parallel with the carriage. This isn't easy as you bounce around if you hit the train! Once done, get out and drive the train all the way to the end smiley face. Get out and into your Ramdozer again, and head down the road to the buildings you will need to destroy. Here, you must push the TNT into the buildings to destroy them. Always try to hit the TNT in the middle of the building, to destroy the left and right side at the same time. An important note as well is that there isn't enough TNT at the end, as at the start push as many early TNT's as you can to make sure there will be enough (You can press start at any time and then use cn_Y to see the rocket carriers path, use this to count out how much TNT will be left for you at the end to make sure there will be enough). With the last building destroyed finish and re-enter the level.

At the start, turn around to destroy a stone block with the TNT right next to it. Then get back onto the train and head over the the other train stop (With your Ramdozer on it!). At the train station, keep ramming (With speed) the two green pillars holding up the glass ceiling. Ignore the guy telling you he doesn't think it isn't a very good idea, it works! Once they're both gone the building will collapse. You'll now see a TNT in a small alcove, destroy this alcove in the same way (If you accidentally hit the TNT, just use it to finish of the building then finish/start the level again). Once the TNT is free, carefully push it onto the train carriage and train it all the way back to the start, past the stone block we destroyed. You will see a stone statue here, park the TNT next to it to explode it an reveal the J-bomb. With the J-bomb, head east over the mountain right here to where the missile carrier spawned. Pick up the RDU's here, then head east again down hill to find a beacon. Head over the water here and follow it until you see a little overpass to the north, just past this is Scientist #3. Next head all the way down the path the missile carrier took to get all the RDU's on its path, make sure to get the ones on the bridge as well. From where you destroyed the buildings with the TNT, head west over the water to find an island with three head statues and the last RDU's. Upon finishing this level to gold you will unlock the following achievement;

Ironstone Mine

Hardest part of this level is just driving your vehicle between the buildings. You want to go between them so take out both sides in one go, but if you're fast enough you don't actually need to do this. After you're past the second set of perfectly set up buildings, you'll come up to a new area with the Thunderfist trapped inside some buildings. Destroy them to get to it, then use it to finish the level. Once you start up again, head back up through the level destroying all the buildings and collecting all the RDU's. The buildings behind the train can be destroyed as well. Once you've made your way up here, head east to the cliff wall and continue south until you come up to a ramp that you can't drive up. Get out and walk up here to get into the Ramdozer. Continue along the cliff edge here, making sure not to fall off until you get to the crane. Get onto the lift, then using the crane move it over to the other side. After setting it down over there, get out of the crane and make your way over to it. Using the Ramdozer push the TNT into the big destructible crane here, then head into the cave. In here, go around the area collecting the last of the RDU's and Scientist #4.

Shuttle Gully

Note: You must complete the bonus mission Skyfall to unlock this mission.

The mission here expects you to do something similar to what we did in Skyfall, however apart from the first few buildings with dirt jumps next to them you can just use the Skyfall's boost ability. While ramming the building like normal, wait for the boost to charge to at least half way and then use it (cn_X) to blast through a portion or two. I successfully did the time-trial on this level using this method, so it is more than enough! Back in the level, immediately head east to find 4 big silver balls you must jump up to. After destroying these, head back to the start and follow the RDU's on the ground back through the level destroying any buildings along the way. Note there is a beacon under the bridge that crosses the trench, and there is an RDU you can't see that will activate when you cross the bridge. At the end where the finishing truck is, head east to find another single silver ball you must jump up to. After this, head west to the other side of the map to find 50 RDU's grouped together.

Cromlech Court

Note: You must complete the bonus mission Thunderfist to unlock this mission.

This is almost a free level, as it is really easy and every is located around the roads. Just remember that the Thunderfist needs a bit of space to initiate its attack and you're set to go!

Hard Levels

Obsidian Mile

Much like Cromlech Court, this level is pretty much just another free one. The level is Argent Towers again, just without the extra stuff and with the relatively easy Cyclone Suit.

Crystal Rift

Another level with the Skyfall, the same method I mentioned for Shuttle Gully will work here of using your boost to destroy the buildings. Do it in haste however, as after you've made it past the building segment you will need to quickly get into the Ramdozer and push some blocks into the holes in the ground. Starting the level again now, immediately get out of the train and walk back south to find a beacon. Get back into the train now and head to the end to get into your skyfall, head all the ay down and back to the Ramdozer. Use this to destroy all the buildings here, they're all in the main stretch, whilst collecting all the RDU's. Once you've done the main stretch, head up the west wall to find about half way down it is a ramp heading back down to the main stretch. Head down this ramp to push a diamond block out of it, across the main stretch to a tunnel on the other side that just so happens to have a hole in the ground this block will fill. Go through here now and get into the van, this is the fastest vehicle in the game and you'll use it later to get gold on most of the races. Head back out the tunnel you used to get here, then head up the wall just here on the east side by heading south first. You'll find a line of RDU's up here, follow them all the way around to eventually come across the levels last beacon.

If you have been following the walkthrough to this point, the van will be your last vehicle for the following achievement;

Glory Crossing

This level is small and quite fast, depending purely on your current skill level with the Backlash. There is enough time to simply ram most of the buildings out of the way, you you will need to take out at least two buildings using the proper slide technique or you won't have enough time. Practice makes perfect! Once back into the level again, all the buildings and RDU's are located on the path to and around the little village. Once you have them all, head to where the finishing yellow truck is and go the direction is is pointing to find a cave leading to Scientist #5.

Ember Hamlet

As soon as the level starts, with the initial camera angle you will see a barn right in front of you (North east of you if you'd like). Go shoot this barn to reveal the Cyclone Suit, you will be able to take it from here! Apart from a few RDU's that are behind you when you start, there is nothing hidden on this level so just follow the streets around destroying everything. When you're in the Cyclone Suit there are a few places you can stand that will make the camera angle come very low, you can use this to your advantage to scan around for things you may have missed.

Angel City

Not a terribly hard level, depending on how well you can now control the Backlash. About half way through the level there will be some dirt lumps you can use to instantly destroy the buildings, I personally suggest using these in both directions to relatively easily take out this middle section. Pay careful attention to the arrow on the bottom of the screen as well, as many of the buildings here you only have to destroy one side of. For the collectibles, they are all located easily on the main and side roads here with no beacons to find.

Diamond Sands

This is the worst level for the Backlash. Fortunately for those not yet adept at using this vehicles sliding technique there is a method here that works almost every time to get you to victory. As soon as the level starts, head forward then under the under-pass (We want to be on the west side of the railway at the end of the level, thus the immediate transfer). Now if you're able to destroy all these buildings fast enough the intended way, then go ahead. If not, then aim your backlash so you are at a 45 degree angle between the building and the railway track. You will bounce off the building segment and eventually destroy it, as you slide towards the next one aim the Backlash a little more towards the rail and if you're lucky you will instantly destroy the next building piece. There are two halves to destroy on this side, once they're gone head back over to the other side and do the same again. The middle segment is another two buildings, so do the same again. Once you're in the third area, destroy the half of the one building here then head back over the the west side and destroy it there to (Ignore the giant building and TNT on the east side - the carrier won't hit it). Then, still on the west side, push the TNT into the building to blow it up and clear the way! All the collectibles are along either side of the railway here.

Here is a video of me using the above technique. Note that I did this in time-trial, so it ends as soon as the path is clear. You will need to cross over again and make your way to the escape truck.

Oyster Harbor

If you're able to, I suggest watching the video below the whole way through before starting this level, as there are a few places where if you do it wrong you will have to completely restart again, otherwise read the text guide through first. As soon as you starts, head over to the far corner and shoot over the cliff side to the conatiners near the Ramdozer. Don't worry about destroying them all, as soon as you have a good first shot at it get out and run down the ramp just here and into the Ramdozer. Use this to clear the containers from the missile carriers path, then head up north west to where you will find some TNT and a crane. Don't knock the TNT closest to the crane as you will be putting it onto it. Get out and get into the crane, turn it around 180 degrees and place it down again so that you can push the TNT onto it. Do so, then quickly get into the crane again and put the TNT down onto the metal barrier in the missile carriers way. Get back into the Ramdozer and head over the now clear path to find some holes in the ground you will need to fill. Push the first square block into the hole, but don't push the first diamond block. Smash the buildings to your east just here and you'll find a diamond shaped hole, use the aforementioned diamond block to fill this hole and travel down here. You will find two diamond blocks down here, push each one until they are in the 'hallway' so that as you leave you push both of them at the same time out. Using the blocks out here now continue filling the holes until you get to the last square, from here head north east to find a couple of big round red structures to blow up. Behind both of these is the last square. You only have to destroy the east side of the building here and we're done with this half.

Cross the first boat, head west and cross the second boat. Do this again to get onto the third boat, get into this one (With your Ramdozer on board) and move it all the way east until you get that happy face. Drive the Ramdozer south a bit then get out and cross the bridge just to the east of the loading ramp, and run down to the second boat to move it into place also. Get back into your Ramdozer and park it on the first boat. How you do this next bit depends on how fast you got to this point. Press start and have a look at where the missile carrier is, if it is up to the second square block then it is probably better you wait for it to cross the ferry first, otherwise if it is further back get into the ferry and head all the way west. At the end quickly get out and use your Ramdozer to push the TNT here onto the ferry and take it back to the original place. Now all you need to do is push the TNT all the way to the building at the end, being careful not to get it stuck in a corner somewhere (Or to not hit the missile carrier if it is over here).

Here is a video of the level being done.

Start the level up again, pick up the ammo with the ballista and head west then north all the way until this area stops. Looking over the edge here you should see some buildings that are on an elevated platform, you want to destroy these with your missiles. Once they're all gone go back around and head out into the Ramdozer. Destroy everything in this first area, making sure to get all the RDU's that are around the TNT. Instead over heading over the middle bridge, head west around the water following the RDU's. In the corner you will find two more big round red structures to blow up, then continue to follow the RDU's over to where that elevated platform is. Get out and go up it to activate the beacon up here, then get back into your Ramdozer. After making sure this middle area is clear you should be done with the collectibles for the level, although we still have a scientist to save. Line all the boats up again like we did for the missile carrier, and notice as you are doing the most northern one that there is a metal barrier in the way stopping you from heading any further east with it. You want to go get that TNT again and use it to blow this up. After doing so, head out that direction to find the last Scientist #6.

If you have done everything up to this point, you will unlock the all these following achievements;

  • RDU, ICU

    Blast Corps: Over time, find all the RDUs on every stage.

    RDU, ICU
    Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

You will now get a little movie and the credits. It doesn't end here though! As you will now have to clear the path for a rocket ship that is coming in to landing.

Shuttle Clear

Don't panic when you start in the Backlash. Ignore all the buildings and just head north east to find a building off to the east of the road with TNT around it. Push the TNT into it to uncover the Thunderfist, then just use that do destroy every building on the island and be done with this level.

Bonus Missions

Remember that you must get gold in every bonus mission. If you can manage to do so, then finishing the last of the game off afterwards will be a breeze! I will list all the bonus missions, with some tips on how to achieve gold on some harder ones.

Sideswipe: Nothing difficult here, I find going a bit slower helps to make sure you hit every structure along the way.

J-Bomb: Another easy mission, try to make sure you go straight downwards to get all the way to the bottom of the structures.

Backlash: Unless you luck out, this will take you many many tries. The only real advice I can give here is to make sure you follow the arrows, as once you can get using them right the level becomes much easier.

Sleek Streets: Use the black van. The key is simply to clear the buildings section without hitting any, doing this gives you plenty of time to spare.

Kipling Plant: The key here is simply learning where the 6 structures are. The first 3 are where you start, two just to the north of you then one off the the east a little bit. The next three are in the facility to the south. Use your first run through to find them all, then come back with that knowledge to destroy them all in the time-limit.

Cooter Creek: Use the black van. What you want to do here is to take the tightest circles you can around the track over the grass. The trick with grass is to not accelerate as soon as you're on it, as you will continue to coast at full speed over it. Beacon: Head straight from the starting position to find a fake wall covering the road out, destroy the building out here to find the beacon.

Skerries: Use the black van. You can simply race around this simple track like normal and you will finish in time. If you'd like, there is a shortcut once you're back on the island you start one. If you turn the camera view as you cross the second bridge so you're looking at the first bridge as you hit the dirt track again you'll notice a bit of dirt next to the hill where grass should be. This is a fake wall that lets you skip the last little bit of this island.

Twilight Foundry: Use the Ramdozer. There isn't much wiggle room here, and most annoyingly some RDU's won't register properly as you drive over them. Even though you're in the Ramdozer, if you can help it don't hit buildings as this will slow you down. Work one section at a time corner by corner in a sort of clock-wise direction then finish in the middle.

Orion Plaza: I hope you've been practicing your pushing skills! Try not to hit too many TNT you don't need as you don't want them all blowing up before you finish. Otherwise it is just a matter of pushing a TNT into each of the six holes, just remember that driving full speed isn't necessary and can just make it harder.

Marine Quater: Use the black van. Just a simple circuit, nothing to this one.

Jade Plateau: Use the Ramdozer. After the first bridge there is a shortcut to your vehicles right through the hillside. After the second bridge, take an immediate right through some buildings to find yourself at the start again. Then just repeat another three times!

Salvage Wharf: Use the Ramdozer. Simply head around the wharf area, destroying every container. Head clockwise first, just getting what you can on the way until you come up to the end with two lonely containers. Then head counter-clockwise all the way back around hitting every container on the way.

Thunderfist: Everything is right here, so an easy level. I just walk into the small wooden crates to destroy them as you have plenty of spare time.

Skyfall: What you want to do here is boost over the edge and land between two of the containers. Then do the same for the last two. Otherwise you can use a mixture of boost and the ramps to just to small jumps into each one.

Morgan Hall: Even though we're not using the Backlash in its normal use, this level is still a pain as there is very little wiggle room. The only help I can offer here is to make sure the whole building is destroyed before you leave, and to make use the ability to continually ram a building to death if a part doesn't blow up.

Corvine Bluff: Use the black van. A simple race, nothing much to it other than watching your vehicle funnily bounce around. Beacon: From where you start head straight following the river up to a beacon.

Bison Ridge: Use the black van. A race very similar to the one that unlocks it, as you hit the jump going downward don't accelerate to make your way over the grass down here at full speed for a quick lap.

Cobalt Quarry: Use the black van. Easy race, just a bit different with the camera fixed in the middle.

Glander's Ranch: Use the black van. Quite a long race, when you're past the two big sand blocks on the ground you will see a spit arrow on the race track, one going forward and one splitting off to your vehicles left. Use this short-cut to save on that time.

Silver Junction: The only difficulty here is making sure you don't miss a box. They're all located fairly easy to find in the squares around here, so just systematically work your way around and you shouldn't miss any.

Moraine Chase: Use the black van. Follow the track around, and after passing three stone walls turn left onto the grassy area. Ignore the elevated sand here and continue until you come up to the track again (You'll recognise it by the way it ramps up). From here you don't want to follow the track, back instead head out to the grassy area again between the dead end sandy ramp and the race track. This leads backs to the track again, follow it around to the finish line and then just repeat a few more times. It may help to do a practice lap first to familiarize yourself with the shortcut.

Mica Park: I find the easiest way to use the rockets with this vehicle is to get a little bit of momentum then just steer to aim left and right at your targets. Speed just makes it much harder. Don't spam rockets either, as it isn't necessary and you will most likely run out before the end if you do so.

Falchion Field: Assuming you don't move your camera angle, head down and to the right a little bit #1. Follow the railway up and to the right to find #2. Then head left to find #3, then continue onward left to find #4 and #5 as well. After #5 head down to find #6.

Dark Heartland: You will have very few rockets on this level, so make sure you ration them carefully. With the staircases that are in front of the apartments I found it better just to ram them rather than try to hit them with a rocket. This level is made harder by the fixed camera, but with enough patience and ramming you will get it done.

Gibbon's Gate: If you are good at pac-man, this will be a breeze. Otherwise patience will be needed! The four yellow bulldozers will kill you and instantly fail the level if they touch you, so avoid them at all costs. They do have varying speeds and they will occasionally chase you. Don't worry too much about clearing out any specific area in one go, as you can always come back around when the bulldozers aren't all around you.

The next series of bonus missions use beacons to carry on from each other, starting with Geode Square.

Geode Square: Whenever these shiny objects move into you they will blow up, so use this tactic for all the ones you can't land on. Note that you don't have to slam them to destroy them, you can just let gravity land you on them to destroy them. All 10 of them are located just here so there is no searching required. Beacon: Follow the road going down to the right and you will find a barn next to it. The beacon is inside of it.

Lizard Island: Time to start putting your J-bomb skills to the test. Use your shadow! From the start head to the top right to find a shiny object on the right side of a mountain, then head to the left side to find another one. From here head to the top right to find a floating island you need to platform on. From here continue around the outskirt of the main island to find another floating island with a shiny object on it. Continue down and to the right to find a floating volcano with 4 shiny objects inside of it that you need to carefully land on. Just outside this to the bottom left is another moving platform you will need to land on. From here head left back onto the main island to find another volcano with one shiny object inside of it, then head downwards to find another moving platform to land on. Head to the left side of the main island now to find over the edge of it three moving platforms and a silver object to destroy. Beacon: You probably noticed this anyway, from the start head up and to the right over the mountain to find it on the grass over the other side.

Saline Watch: There are three rows of five of these little lights to land on. Remember that you don't need to slam them, so just take your time and carefully land on each one as you go through. A bit of patience and practice here makes this one not too hard. Beacon: Head straight up to the top corner to find it on an island.

Dagger Pass: Take your time with the timing! You don't have to rush like crazy through this, so don't. The first one is right in front of you, with the second one down to the right. Continue this way to find the third one, then head up the screen to find the fourth. Continue up to find the castle, continue past it up the cliff side to find the fifth one hidden up here. Head down from here to find number 6, then just follow the ground around to find seven and eight. Beacon: Inside the castle.

Magma Peak: Fair warning, this level may take you quite a few tries. Start by heading down and to the left and getting the moving platform here. Move upward to the next one, and then the next one. From here fly up to your right to find two silver objects right next to the magma wall. After destroying these head back down to destroy another moving platform here and then the bouncing silver object in the middle. Land where you started again, then hold cn_RT to fly all the way up. You want to aim for going above where those two silver objects that were on the wall are. Up at the very top of the volcano you'll find a platform with two lights to destroy, carefully destroy these then head anti-clockwise down the volcano destroying all the objects on the way. Beacon: Fly all the way up and out of the volcano then to the bottom right, you'll notice the beacon on a little grass platform outside the volcano.

Baboon Catacomb: More pac-man! Much the same as Gibbon's Gate, there isn't too much to it other than constantly being on the move and making sure you don't trap yourself between a couple of bulldozers. Remember to feel free to go around the whole map a couple of times, don't over fret about trying to clear it out section by section.

From here I will go through the planets. Moon is unlocked as soon as you finish the main story, but you will have to finish all bonus missions to unlock the next ones.

Moon: Because you loved the Backlash so much, you decided to bring it with you to the moon. You do actually have a little bit of time to clear this level, so you don't have to be perfect. I found it easier to completely stop every so often and aim up my slides again, as I would find myself just pointlessly sliding around in circles otherwise. Where ever you can, take advantage of places you can gain air to take out structures. The slippery ground makes it a bit easier than it would be.

Mercury: Just a rather regular race, the vehicle choice doesn't even matter. Just make sure you don't crash into the middle island to waste time.

Venus: Another horrible backlash level, although again you have three minutes to do it so it isn't too hard. Again make sure you take advantage of getting air, and just ramming something if you can't get it any other way.

Mars: I personally found this the most frustrating level in the game, the main reason being is that you really feel as if you have no control over the physics. Avoid the bulldozers in the middle as they will end the level. Otherwise it really comes down to practice of using the ramps and moving in mid-air. The faster you are going when you hit the ramps the higher you will fly, so use this to your advantage for hitting the higher ones.

Neptune: Another regular race, nothing much to it other than the usual instruction of not running into objects that will stop you in your tracks.

As long as you got at least bronze in every bonus mission, you will unlock the following achievement;

If you get gold in every mission, you will then unlock time-trial mode. If you were finishing the levels as quickly as possible during the main missions as I suggested you will have most if not all of these already completed, and will unlock the following achievement;

If you don't have the achievement don't worry as you only have to complete a few time-trials to get the required experience. Your goal now is to get gold on all the time-trials that you don't already have it on. As you have already done all the levels once before, I won't be guiding you through this. If you get stuck you could always look back at the specific level, but if you have managed to gold every bonus level then I highly doubt you will need any assistance with these as they are fairly easy.

Once you have completed all the time-trials to gold, you will then unlock Platinum mode. All you have to do here is achieve one platinum medal to be finished with the game. I personally think Beeton Tracks (From the first mission up and to the left) to be the easiest to platinum as there is very little that can go wrong. Otherwise just try powering through the first level Simian Acres. After achieving a platinum medal you will unlock the following achievement;

Congratulations, you're now finished with BLAST CORPS!

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