Rare Replay Walkthrough

20. Jet Force Gemini (1999)


Welcome to Jet Force Gemini! Although this is a much bigger game than others in Rare Replay, it will only take you around 12-15 hours to complete it. Most of the time involved is in finding items, but that's what I've written this for! You effectively have two playthroughs, the first is a campaign playthrough. During this you will play as each of the three characters individually on their own paths to a central level. After completing this playthrough you will unlock free-play mode, where you will be able to return to any level as any character as well as having the jet-pack upgrade on each character.

To put it in a road-map for you;

  1. Complete the campaign playthrough as all three characters, saving bears on the way and collecting guns and weapon capacity upgrades (Makes the bosses much easier!)
  2. Start free play, where you will repeat most levels saving bears, collecting ship parts, finding more weapons, activating tribal totems and getting at least a bronze in the Floyd missions
  3. Get to and kill the final boss to finish!

As free play mode offers a bit of freedom, instead of forcing you to play the way I think you should I have instead hidden the information you need for all the levels for free play in spoiler tags. Before the spoiler tags you will find a small bit of information that will tell you what prerequisite you need to complete it. Use the search function on your device to simply find the planet or level you're on or wanting to do and open up the spoiler tags from there to complete them. In the menu, if you select the tribal bear icon it will take you to a screen showing you all the bears you have or haven't saved on your current level, you can scroll through this page to see this stat for all levels. It is a good check to see where you may have missed, but it doesn't tell you about other collectables like Totem Poles so you will still need to be vigilant in keeping track of what you have and haven't done.

Just a few notes about the game, whenever you start a level the bears will always all respawn. Because of this you must always collect all the tribal bears in a single playthrough of any particular level (I.e you can't save half one playthrough and half later, so for levels that you can't collect them all in the campaign playthrough I don't even mention them as it is just a waste of time). For the Floyd missions, you must get bronze or better on all of them before you do the final mission to unlock the achievement specific to completing all Floyd missions. If you do the final mission before doing so, you will need to go back and repeat it after getting your bronze awards (Note the SS Anubis mission requires gold, I go into depth about this when it comes along).

Collect ant heads! Killing ants with head shots and explosives causes their heads to fall off. You need to collect 300 of these in total for an achievement, if you are diligent about doing this you can have this easily just over half way through the game. Lastly the only achievement that requires you to do something not related to finishing the game is to request a song from a DJ, I talk about this when it comes up in the mission Ichor - Perimeter.

Before you load up the game, go in to the options and change the control scheme to modern. Otherwise you will have a hilarious time trying to figure out the controls! As soon as you get into the game you will unlock the following achievement:

Forced Apart

Jet Force Gemini: Play the game for the first time.

Forced Apart
1 guideOffline Game Mode - These achievements require play in game modes that do not necessitate a connection to any online services.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.Main Storyline - These achievements are gained automatically by progressing through the main game modes.

After starting the game up and watching the initial cut-scene, you'll end up at the character select screen where you can only pick Juno. Select him and lets get going! You'll land on the planet Goldwood.



After landing head forward and talk to Magnus. After his ramblings head into the next area. From here you want to do a rather sharp hairpin right, and into the cliff side. There will be an opening of sorts in the cliff edge, and in there to the right is a secret entrance to another area. In this area head left to pick up the few Mizar tokens here, and over to the opposite side of the pond to a chest that you open with cn_A. The chest will give you Fish Food, head onto the pier and change to the fish food with cn_left/cn_right and throw some into the pond with cn_RT. This will unlock the following achievement:

Shore Leave

Jet Force Gemini: Why not try feeding the fish?

Shore Leave
2 guidesOffline Game Mode - These achievements require play in game modes that do not necessitate a connection to any online services.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.

Don't waste all the fish food as we will be using it later. There will be some ammunition here that you may notice but can't pick up yet, you will come across this a bit in the early game as you play areas you will be coming back to later. Leave this area. Head into the giant hut in front of you to meet King Jeff. If you'd like read his conversation and then select 'Show me the invasion' to get a bit of the story. After finishing with him, you may notice some stairs in his hut. Head up these and jump over to a platform to get a Gemini capacity increase, these give you more health. After leaving the hut you will see a door off in the distance surrounded by a moat, we will come back here soon, but for now head right to Magnus pacing in front of a door. Here we learn about life force doors, basically you can't leave to the next area until all enemies in are dead in your current one. Once you've killed the three flying enemies here you'll see the light above the door turn green to tell you that you can advance, do so.

The game explains a bit here so pay attention. After the video head forward to find a blue ant on the left, the next turn after killing him look up to the end to see a sniper ant in a tree. Below him is Bear #1. After a turn or two you will come into the first village, kill all the ants here making sure not to shoot the bear in the middle of the huts. At the end of the village is a single sniper up in a tree. After killing them all (Remember you'll know because it will show you the life force doors turn green) go save Bears #2 and #3 that are in the middle of the two huts, one behind one of them. Behind the hut by itself is a pistol ammo upgrade as well. Head to the cave exit, the one on the right.

You'll probably immediately find yourself under attack here, kill all immediate enemies then head down the right path making sure not to fall down the hole the waterfall is going down. Shoot the land mines so they won't injure you. When you get to a fork in the road, head left to kill any enemies here until you end up at the start again. Turn back to the fork in the road and head the other way to find a mine at the end with the last Bears #4-7. Take out the ants here as quickly as possible as they will grenade the bears if you let them. After saving them, you will notice a big box in the middle of the area. Shoot this to uncover the yellow key card! Head back to the start of the cave, and fall down the hole with the waterfall here. Exit here, and as soon as the next area loads head up the giant stairs here to get another Gemini capacity increase. Don't cross the bridge here but instead head through the door, then run all the way back to the area with King Jeff to the yellow key card door I mentioned earlier.

There will be a purple Brute guarding here, but if you're standing so you can just shoot him he shouldn't be able to get any hits on you. After dealing with him head to the left to find a chest with the Shuriken weapon. These will hunt down any enemy you've targeted, and once they hit something you can go pick them up again. Head back into the Outset level again, and this time just focus on getting to the end over that bridge we ignored previously. If you didn't manage to save all 7 bears first time, now is a good time to try again. Skip the Lodge header as we will end up in Interior.


Come back to Goldwood as Vela to access this level;

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***


Run past all the different sorts of explosive barrels here until you come to a fork in the road, follow the pathway to the left to find Magnus at the end. Talk to him and make sure you ask him to give you the Red Key. Head back now until you see the slope in front of you heading up to a red key door, head through this. You will immediately be attacked by a rocket drone, just move left and right in time with his attacks while shooting him. Once he is down go open the chest behind him to get the Machine Gun. Don't bother trying to get the stuff on the side here, failing is instant death! Head back outside and down the slope again. Head the only direction you haven't been to a door with a mechanism on the wall next to it, use your machine gun on this until all 5 blue bits come out of it to activate it. The pistol is too slow, so you must use the machine gun. Head through the door and continue onward to the doorway to the next area, this is the start of the next level.

Immediately in front of you will be a machine gun ammo upgrade, and a few ants to kill. Watch out for Bear #1 at the end of the hairpin here, and collect him once it's safe to do so. Up next will be a destroyed village with quite a few blue ants and a couple of snipers. At the end of this area is another rocket drone, again strafe in time to avoid his attacks. Before you leave, you may have noticed Bear #2 on top of one of the broken huts. Can be a bit of a pain to get, you have to jump onto the broken edge low enough for you then carefully walk up to him, I suggest walking with cn_LT held for a more accurate walk. On to the next area, immediately above you will be a sniper ant and there will be a few blue ants running around at our level as well. After dispatching of them, there will be another pistol capacity upgrade just ahead. Carefully walk forward here as a whole bunch of flying enemies will spawn, just make sure you keep moving at all times to make it harder for them to hit you. Ignore the giant chasm you'll see here (We come back here much later) and continue onward, until you see a giant swarm of enemies. Not actually very easy, try to dispatch of them as fast as possible to minimise their firing power. After they are all gone, along with the sniper above the door, collect the health here and ammo before continuing to the next area.

Immediately kill the brown ant here, these guys hunt down the bears as soon as you are present. In this area will be Bears #3-6, as well as another machine gun upgrade in the middle. The next are has some more aggressive flying enemies, immediately run forward to pick up the invincibility here and take out as much as you can before it wears off. After finishing theses guys off, the boxes to the left of the door has the last Bears #7-9 behind them. Exit out the door here to be done with interior, for now at least. Head down to the SS Anubis!

Return to this level with Floyd for a challenge;

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***


To access this level, you need to go to Interior as Lupus;

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Gem Quarry - Landing

You unlock this level completing Goldwood - Rim as Lupus.

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Spacestation - Abandoned Wreck

You unlock this level completing Goldwood - Lodge as Vela.

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

SS Anubis


As soon as you are in control, head right then right again to see come crates in the corner. Jump up them and continue up until you come across a chest with the Plasma Shotgun. We will go on a little side mission here, so continue past the chest and up the boxes to the next platform continue around, you will notice a fuel pad on the ground that we will use much later in the game. Go through the yellow key card door here, then from here turn right and into the corner, where you may notice a power cell on the wall. Shoot this for later, then continue around to the door here to skip forward to the Depository level. This area is a bit of a maze, the easiest way to explain it is to imagine a backwards S (Ƨ). You are in the bottom right, and there are doors in the top right and top left of the area. The top right door leads to the next area, so for now you want to head to the very top left of the area. Here will be a door that will leading to a room with a brown ant you must immediately kill before it can kill any bears. Bears #1-5 are in this room (If you can't find them all, leave the room and come back in as they can get stuck inside crates after running away from the brown ant). Head back out now and back to that first door in the top right of the main area. You will now be in a holding bay for your ship, Bears #6-12 will be around the outside behind, on and just generally around the crates here. Bear #13 is in a corner the same level as your ship, and Bear #14 is out the back of your ship almost falling out the SS Anubis. Just make sure you don't walk into your ship as it will teleport you to the next level! Once you've got them all, walk into your ship to be taken to another bonus planet.

Walkway - Peak

Follow the rather obvious path up, kill the few ants here and continue inside. Here you will find a chest with the Homing Missiles. We will be coming back here later to save the bears. Get back into your ship and you will find yourself back at the start of the SS Anubis.

Return here as Juno with the Jetpak (You can fly directly here) to save some bears and get a Totem Pole;

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***


Jump up left here to get a couple of capacity upgrades, and up higher to find a Gemini upgrade. Drop down and talk to Magnus (Who is somehow ahead of us again...) who will show you a cut-scene of Vela being taken. Continue through the door here and dispatch of the blue and sniper ants, there is a brute here who is down in a pit, as tempting as it is don't use anything explosive on him as Bears #1 and #2 are down there right next to him. If you didn't destroy the Power Cell #1 I mentioned earlier, stand in the exit door, turn around and look up and left at the level of the higher platform. You will see it on the wall. Go through the door now and immediately to your left is Power Cell #2. Kill the blue ants in this area, note that some flying enemies will appear in the center that you don't have to kill. Next to the exit door is another capacity upgrade, head through it once you can. To your right will be a few drones, and Power Cell #3 in the corner. Bear #3 is also here on top of some crates. Above the central pit you will notice a platform going around it, jump on this to get to the other side. There will be a couple of blue ants here. Once at the exit, don't go through it but instead turn around and walk over to the pit. Look down to find Power Cell #4. Turn around immediately and look up to find Power Cell #5. Head through the exit now.

Where you start in this room, up and to your right is Power Cell #6. Best to deal with the snipers and blue ants here first though! Once they have been dealt with and you've killed a wave of flying enemies, head up the left side. On the wall half way up you'll find Power Cell #7, make sure you don't fall down in front of it though as there is a landmine here! Continue up to the top, some flying enemies will spawn. Kill them from here to unlock the lifeforce door, then destroy the giant glass window here. Pick up the Gemini capacity upgrade and continue through the doorway here. Continue around until you get to the second floor of the area with the big chasm in the middle of it. Carefully make your way across, and on the other side head left to unlock your first Totem Pole. Now head right and into the doorway here. In this passageway are cockroaches, use fish food to make them scurry and get out of your way. At the end of this area is a chest with Cluster Bombs, as well as a few Mizar coins. Remember this area as we will be coming back here for a Floyd challenge later. Head back out to the totem pole and drop off instead of making your way back around (It only hurts you one health to drop). Head through the door here and then through the next door to the cell room. Immediately to your left is the last Power Cell #8 and it will open the cell right next to it. Go through all the cells and save the Bears #4-10, then go save Vela (Who for some reason didn't escape as soon as the cell door went down). Exit this area and get into your ship.

Return to Hold as Lupus;

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***


Return as any character once you have the jetpak to enter this level, this level contains 8 Bears, and the "Fin" Ship part.

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

At this point, depending on what character you choose depends on where you will end up. As mentioned earlier I will be continuing as Juno.



Note: You cannot save all the bears here in this run through, although I will mention the location of a few for future reference. Ignore the big zombie things in the first area and quickly make your way through the doorway. In this area there is ammo for pretty much every weapon we have so far, use explosives to blow up all the zombie ants in this area to unlock the lifeforce door. Head through it, immediately on your left will be a Gemini capacity upgrade. In the middle of this area are Bears #1 and #2. There is nothing else to do here, so head back to the open area then through the exit that wasn't the lifeforce door. Through here you'll find King Jeff, make sure you pick his first option to get the Tri-Rockets. Pick 'Show me what happened' if you'd like to see a story cut-scene of how everything was zombified. To your right here is a crypt, explode the door to find Bears #3 and #4 in here. Outside again head into the next crypt here to find a chest inside containing Grenades. Head into the last crypt here to find a couple of Tri-rocket capacity upgrades. Outside again, if you scale the broken church you will find Bear #5 up here. In the middle of this rubble patch is a trap-door we can't open until we have the crow-bar, but down here are the last bears! Otherwise head out the exit to this church area to finish the level.

Return to this level as Juno with the Crowbar to save the bears;

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***


Directly in front of us is a weapon capacity upgrade, and you will notice another one in the water. Head out to it then come back as we are going to go up the construction here. For this part, I suggest you just run. On the first platform is Bear #1, on the second platform is a capacity upgrade and Bears #2 and #3, and on the last platform is Bear #4. Up on this last one in the corner you will notice an irregular piece of wood, stand on it as it is a lift back down to the bottom right by the exit to this area. Immediately to your right here is an invincibility, pick it up and deal with the pesky flying enemies here. Once they are gone, as well as the zombie ants here, continue onward killing everything that crops up. Just before the lifeforce door a small army of flying enemies will spawn, just note there is a invincibility just by the tree here that you can use to make this part much easier. When you can, head through the door. The ants in this area can be killed like normal. Here you want to head to the tree in the center of the area, and climb up a couple of branches to find a pair of pants held up by some sticks. Collect this then leave this area through the exit on the opposite side.

Head to the left side of the structure to jump up it, keep heading up onto the wall to get a weapon capacity upgrade. Now head to the big building with the big entrance to the right, collect all of the stuff around the edges here then go talk to Gimlet. Give him those pants we collected earlier to receive the crowbar! We can now open trapdoors. Head outside, and to your right is a wall-like structure with a glowing item on top of it. Use those platforming skills again to climb up there and get it. Now on the opposite side of where you are will be another building with something on top of it, ignore this for now and head around the back of it to find a door you will need to blow up. Head inside and open the chest here to get Flares. Before you go down the trapdoor here, use a flare behind the chest to see some platforms you can jump up. Head up here to find a sniper capacity upgrade we can't pick up yet, but more importantly, Bears #5 and #6. Now head down the trap door, and at the end you will find another glowing component to pick up and Bear #7. Head back outside now and to the right side of the church. Enter the doorway here to find an ant who will surrender, Bear #8 and a chest with the Sniper Rifle. Head outside again and to the back right of the church you will see a way you can jump up, climb up there and jump into the chimney to end up in the sewers again. Head forward from where you land (The left of the three tunnels if you lose direction) and in the tunnel you will see a coffin-like black thing on the wall here. Blow it up, then use cn_B to crawl through the hole here to get Bears #9 and #10 as well as a few capacity upgrades. Head back out of this small area now and continue around the tunnel. You'll come up to a platform with Bears #11 and #12, as well as the third glowing component. You will see two more black coffin-like things here, blow them up to reveal another tunnel you can crawl through to get Remote Mines. Head out of this sewer now out the only tunnel you haven't taken to end up outside again. Head up the building with the something on top of it, this is Floyd. Watch his little cut-scene, then press cn_A give him his three components we just to happened to have conveniently already collected for him. With Floyd now part of the team you can play co-cooperatively with a second controller. Leave out the exit here to be done with this level.

Return to this level as Lupus;

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Return to this level as Vela;

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***


This level starts with a big battle, I suggest running forward to the draw bridge so that you only have the flying enemies to deal with. After they're gone, move to a position so that you can start to take out the big guys on the towers, as well as the zombie ants above the draw bridge. There is a lot of health a round here, and full ammo for most weapons. After you've killed everything head inside. Immediately to your left here is another weapon capacity upgrade, otherwise just kill everything in this area to unlock the next lifeforce door. In this next area, after killing a few ants you'll come across a new enemy, shielded blue ants. They're just like the normal blue ants, just carrying shields (Who would have guessed?). After the lifeforce door after these you will find yourself in water, continue forward to pick up a capacity upgrade on a ledge. Once you have it, ignore the enemies here and head back to the water and follow the tunnel around. After you transition to a new area right in front of you now will be Bear #1. Continue forward following the water and you'll come across a ledge with a Gemini capacity increase on it. In this area you will now face blue ants with even bigger shields than the ones previously. Don't throw anything at their shield, as they are totally invincible to frontward attacks when they're holding it up. Around the corner you'll find a couple of snipers, between them are Bears #2 and #3. Continue around, and as you come up against another couple of snipers you'll also fin Bears #4 and #5 here. Ignore the lifeforce door and continue to a room with giant pillars, turn right to find the final Bear #6 down here. After saving this guy head into the previous lifeforce door. Full health gems and lots of max ammo crates? Get ready for a boss! stand on the white circle to initiate it.

The bosses in this game don't have health, they have phases where each one will have a different vulnerable spot for you to destroy before starting up the next phase. Here we will be fighting the giant exobeetle. The Tri-rocket and Homing Rockets are your weapons of choice here, followed up by the machine gun if you run out of ammo for them. His primary attack is a shockwave attack, simply jump over it. Make sure you avoid this, as it does a whole ring of damage!

Phase One: Here it shoots bats at you, move left and right to dodge them. You want to shoot his fangs as they sparkle, you'll notice only one will sparkle at a time, it will always alternate between the two.

Phase Two: Here it shoots rockets at you, again just dodge them like normal. You want to shoot his feelers when they sparkle, same as before.

Phase Three: Here it'll fire a giant shock at you, make sure you dodge this! It's weak spot is its head, just spam Tri-rockets into it to finish it off!

After watching it horrifically explode, when you're in control again you'll be in the final area of this level. Just run up to your ship to be done with this planet!

Mizar's Palace - Lobby

This level has three separate versions for each character, we're obviously doing Juno's now. Head down the tunnel in front of you until you get to a big shiny courtyard, kill the handful of blue ants here and head into the temple to start the level. Immediately turn right to find a weapon capacity upgrade, then go all the way to the end of this section. Head through the right door, you'll encounter quite a fight here with shielded blue ants, a couple of missile brutes and some flying enemies. Once they're gone head up the slope and into the next area to find health, coins, and capacity upgrade and Bears #1-3. Head back out to the main hall now and into the door on the left. Another easier fight is in here, with just a handful of shielded blue ants and flying enemies. Immediately to your left are Bears #4 and #5. Head into the lifeforce door at the end to collects some coins as well as a few capacity upgrades. Now head back out into the main hall, and here you've going to fall into a hole under the flame the is in the middle on the left (As if you're looking at the hall from the entrance). Here you will now be in a maze, use the picture below to find your way around. It has the location of Bears #6-14 marked on it as well as a Totem Pole, and in the last lava room Juno can just walk through the lava.

Mizars Palace Maze Map

Mizar's Palace - Floyd Mission

Here is a mandatory Floyd mission. From where we start head into the right corner to find a black Floyd pad on the ground, instead of using it turn around again and face the spinning rings. As Floyd you are going to need to collect three pyramid icons, and to explain them from where we're standing now,

  1. To your right, in a window of sorts in the corner of the map.
  2. Straight ahead in the middle of the spinning rings.
  3. Keep looking forward to the corner of the map, on a ledge.

Behind #3 is the tunnel you will need to enter after collecting all three icons. Once you know where you'll be going, jump onto the Floyd panel and press cn_A to initiate the Floyd mission. As you, you use cn_A to go forwards, cn_B to go backwards and cn_RT to shoot. Collect all three icons and head into that last tunnel to be done with the mission. After the cut-scene, head into Juno's door to watch another short cut-scene. For now, we're completely finished with Juno! On to Vela!


Battle Cruiser

Note: You need to be Juno with the jetpack to collect all of the bears in this level, I won't mention there locations as you have to run through the whole level again anyway. As soon as the level starts you'll be greeted by Midge. After talking with him, around the outside of this landing pad is a capacity upgrade and a chest containing Grenades. Head up and go through the left door. Kill all the ants in this room so that both lifeforce doors open, then head through the one closest to where we came in. Immediately turn right for a Gemini increase, then head to the end to get the Machine Gun. Head back out to the big room, and head for the other lifeforce door. Straight ahead of you in this area you will see a door with another one of those mechanisms that require you to shoot at it with the machine gun to open, do so and head through the door. At the end of this hallway are a few big shielded ants, throw a couple of grenades at them then head through the door behind them. In this room you'll meet Fishface, talk to him and pick the top option at the end to get the Red Key. In this room you'll also find a capacity increase and a chest containing the Plasma Shotgun. Now head back to the room with that machine gun mechanism, if you didn't earlier then kill everything in here and head through the lifeforce door that opens. There will be a small army of ants and flying enemies here, kill them all to unlock the exit.

This next room is the lava room, carefully make your way across to the other side to the exit. Note that flying enemies will fly down to shoot you as you cross here. In this next room head up the moving platform, being sure to jump the gaps and head through the tunnel at the top. In this second room, time your movements to make sure you get onto the moving platforms as you don't want to fall off and have to start again. Head through another blue tunnel to end up in a third platform room. Down on the ground floor here is a capacity upgrade, after picking it up head to the exit. In this next room you'll find a whole bunch of the annoying flying enemies, quickly kill them then head through the exit here. In the next room, shoot the glass floor to get the capacity upgrade here and in the chest the Green Key. Exit this room and immediately turn right to find a Gemini upgrade. This is a U shaped room, head around to the exit on the opposite side to find yourself in the starting area. Head through the central green key door here and use grenades to kill as many of the shielded ants as possible. The lifeforce door will open at the top of this room once you've killed them all, head up the long ramp to exit this area. Head into your ship now to be done with this level!

Return to this level as Juno to saves the bears;

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Return to this level as Lupus to unlock two Totem Poles;

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Water Ruin - Lost Island

To unlock this level, complete Battle Cruiser with the secondary exit, Juno's playthrough of the level explains its location. To avoid coming back more than you have to, get gold in the SS Anubis Floyd mission before coming here. Despite Juno unlocking the level, we need to do playthroughs as both Vela and Lupus (See Lupus' playthrough if you want the Timed Mines for Juno).


*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***


*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***



As soon as you start run around the back of the landing pad to find the first of three gold bars. Collect the two capacity upgrades here, then continue onward to kill the shielded blue ants here. Head through the door that unlocks and follow the wall around to the right, the last shield blue ant is usually here along with the second gold bar next to a frozen bit of water. Turn around and look out to the middle of this large area, and head towards the highest peak. Once up there you will see another stone-walled area ahead of you, to the left of that however is a sewer outlet (You may not be able to see it depending on the angle, but it is there!). Head to this to get the third gold bar, then head back to the second lifeforce door that opened earlier. In here is a Gemini upgrade, as well as Fishface. He will trade you those three gold bars for the Tri-Rockets. Now head out to that stone-walled area we ignored earlier all the way on the opposite side of the big field. Head through the tunnel here to enter a room with the Yellow key, Bears #1-6, and a Totem Pole. Head into the next room and kill all the flying enemies here to open the lifeforce door. Instead of going through it though, find a door that has no requirements and enter into it (You may accidentally go back a room instead). In here is a Gemini increase, and the Homing Rockets. Next head through the yellow key door for a capacity increase, then out the lifeforce door into the next area.

There will be a small fight here, after killing them all don't turn right but keep heading forwards. Kill the ants down here, and it will open a lifeforce door down the direction we didn't go earlier. Head down there, you'll come up to another fight. Around here is a yellow key door that will have some ammo and a capacity upgrade in it. Continue along the path following the same pattern, kill a bunch of ants, head into a yellow door for some goodies then head through the now unlocked lifeforce door. At a point you will see a door you can't go through to your right, continue onward until you get to a couple of brutes in a seemingly dead-end to unlock this one. Head back to it to find the exit of this area. Don't walk into your ship! Because behind it are Bears #7 and #8. Now you can walk into your ship to end the level!


Military Base

Note: We must come back here as Lupus with the jetpack to collect all of the bears, so we'll be ignoring them this playthrough. At the start you will find a capacity upgrade behind you, after getting this deal with the shielded blue ants and the brute that are up ahead. Collect the goodies on the crates here and head through the door. In this big area, kill everything running around and the snipers in their towers. Once they're dealt with, jump onto the L shaped platform up here (Remember to stand still and hold cn_A for a big jump) and head through the door closest to the lifeforce door down below. Head through your first left to find two chests containing Flares and the Sniper Rifle. Head out of this area not through the door we came in through to find yourself in a big room with some blue ants running around below. Drop down here and kill them, then head out the lifeforce door here. In this next room you will immediately see a brute up on a platform, as well as a few shielded enemies running around below, we must kill everything in here. Up next to the brute is also a Gemini upgrade. Down the ramp at the end of this area are a few of those weird flying squid things, as well as a capacity upgrade, after getting this head through the lifeforce door.

Kill the big shielded ants in this room and the two snipers above, then head into the next room. In here stay on the bottom area and find the brute running around down here. Kill him, then head down the ramp down here to find another Gemini upgrade. Next jump up to the top level, to get past the moving platforms just spend a little bit of time to figure out their individual patterns before you run. Into the next room, this is a puzzle room. As you stand on the coloured pads, the floating platform of the same colour will move. Get off the pad to stop it moving.

  • Bring the yellow platform to you, jump over.
  • Bring the pink platform to you and jump over to get the capacity upgrade, then jump back.
  • Bring the red platform to you, then jump over.
  • Bring the pink platform to you, then jump over.
  • Bring the green platform over towards you so that it is between the middle pillar and the one with the computer looking thing on it.
  • Move the yellow platform as far away from where we are now so that is creates a bridge to the pillar with the bears.
  • Jump over to the middle pillar, and move the pink platform towards to wall by the exit.

You will now be able to jump over to the Bears #10-12, and then jump over to the exit. In this room will be a assassination brown ant, kill him so he doesn't kill any bears! On the ground level you'll find Bears #13 and #14. Use the jetpack fuel pad here to fly up and get the last Bears #15 and #16, one of which is above the exit door and another on one of the green platforms. Head through the exit on the ground floor here to outside. This area is linear, so continue along killing all the flying enemies and shielded ants you come across. When you get to the bridge, don't cross it! There are miniguns on each side, either take them out to simply swim around the side to avoid them. After killing the last ants here the lifeforce door should open, head through here to a room with a surplus of health and ammo. This should be an obvious hint to what is next! Here we'll be fighting a fat ant slug. Its main attack is to drop maggots that explode, make sure you move away from them as soon as you can.

Phase One: Here she shoots rockets at you, dodge these like normal. You want to shoot here claws up high when they sparkle, remember that the sparkle alternates between them.

Phase Two: She'll start to shoot lasers at you from now. Here you want to shoot here fat stomach to blow it up.

Phase Three: Here you want to shoot the metal parts off here arms.

Phase Four: Just shoot here until she dies!

Watch her explode and fall into the lava, and during this cut-scene you will see us meet up with Lupus. Even though we haven't played as him yet, you'll unlock the following achievement not long after gaining control again;

There's No "I" in Team

Jet Force Gemini: Spend time playing as Juno, Vela and Lupus.

There's No I in Team
1 guideOffline Game Mode - These achievements require play in game modes that do not necessitate a connection to any online services.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.

Go right to find your ship and finish the level. Although we can play as Lupus now, I'll guide us through Vela's last level at Mizar's Palace.

Return to Ichor as Lupus;

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Unlock this level as Juno/Vela;

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Mizar's Palace - Flume

We'll be starting off in the same place as Juno did, however instead of entering the temple we will swim down into the doorway underwater to the right of it. There are a few weapon capacity upgrades hidden in this maze here that you can go looking for if you feel like, otherwise from the start head right, and follow the path here that will lead you to a diamond shaped exit. In this room here you'll find Bears #1-4 to the right of the exit, save them then head through here. To your right and left up on the ledges here will be a couple of capacity upgrades and Bears #5 and #6. Head into the waterfall to be finished with Flume. The central pyramid might still be in place from doing this with Juno, if it isn't then simply do the Floyd mission again to get it there and head into Vela's door to be finished with her. Now on to Lupus!


Troop Carrier

Note: We must come back here as Vela with the Jetpack to save all the bears, so I'll save mentioning them for later! Before we get started, note that Lupus can hover by holding cn_A again once you're in the air. As this map can be quite confusing to explain, here is a picture of the general layout.

Spawnship Layout

This is a picture of the ground floor, if you ever fall down you will end up here! Otherwise as we continue through the level you will be on platforms and ramps above these rooms.

Open the two chests in this room to get the Machine Gun and Plasma Shotgun. There is a Gemini upgrade you can hover over to in this room as well, after getting all the goodies head onto the lift. Pick up the two capacity upgrades at the top, then continue through. We are now above the bottom left floor, for map reference. Kill the few flying enemies here then head to across the ramp to the next room. Kill the brute on the opposite side of the chasm, then go right for a couple of capacity upgrades. Head across the chasm (Remember to hover!) and through the door. Kill the ants here, pick up the capacity upgrade and get ready to cross the chasm to the other side. Before doing so, look down and to your left and you will see a hexagonal exit tunnel about half-way up the wall. Using the hover ability get into here to get a Totem Pole. After getting this you will now be on the bottom floor in the central room. Head into the middle room and down to the start area, where you will now be able to head all the way back to the second floor of the central room and cross over to the other side. Kill a couple of ants here to open the lifeforce door and head through it.

Kill the ants here and head through the lifeforce door that opens. There will be a brute in front of you and some flying enemies to your right, quickly kill them all then go get the Red Key that was behind the brute. To your left is a now open lifeforce door, run around or jump across if you're feeling brave and go through here. Go through another couple of doors until you're in a room facing two snipers, below you is an assassin brown ant. After killing the snipers, jump up to where the right one was and go through here. In here you'll find the Yellow Key and Sniper Rifle. Now head back out and through the yellow key exit, immediately turn left and find a Gemini capacity upgrade on some stairs. Now just head up the ramp to the next room (Never mind the fact there is lava in a spaceship?). Head to the opposite side of this room to find the exit and your ship!

Vela's play-through;

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Juno's play-through;

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Rith Essa


Note: We can't save all the bears here without Juno/Vela and the blue key, although I will briefly mention their location. As soon as you start turn around to your left to find a capacity upgrade, then leave this area. Ignore the blue key door in front of us, and instead look to your right towards the waterfall, you will want to head up the main path then hover over to the ledge behind the waterfall to get Gemini and weapon capacity upgrades. Now head through the door behind the waterfall to get the Homing Missiles. Head back out to the main area and up the slopes, all the way to the doorway at the end. Immediately behind you to your right here is a capacity upgrade. Continue forward, kill anything that pops up. After killing the first group of flying enemies, look over the edge next to where they were. There is a ledge here with a couple more capacity upgrades. Continue around until you come up against 4 big purple brutes, behind one of them in a cove here is a capacity upgrade. Continue around until you get to a big swarm of flying enemies, you have to kill all of these to unlock the lifeforce door to leave the area.

Central Zone: Out here you'll immediately see a capacity upgrade in front of you, and to your left a chest with the Tri-Rockets. Now head up the steps to a wooden door, to your left in here you'll find the Cluster Bombs. On top of the dog kennel is a Gemini capacity increase as well, after getting these head back out to the main area and out the only exit we can take.


Simple level as it is linear, just kill everything that comes up and head to the end. I will mention the bear locations on the way although you'll likely notice them yourself anyway. Bear #1 is up on your right, under the bridge just head in a cubby hole is #2. You will later come across #3 on a ledge in front of you, with a bunch of Mizar coins. #4 is right on the main path once you're at the cliffs. Continue along the cliffs until you come up to your ship, turn left at the doorway to find a capacity upgrade before you leave the level though!

Return to Rith Essa as Vela;

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***


See Vela's guide above for Rith Essa for access;

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***


See Vela's guide above for Rith Essa for access;

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***



Welcome to Eschebone! Head into the doorway here to the next area where you'll find a couple of ants to kill and some platforms to use to avoid the lava. In here Bears #1 and #2 are in the corners. Head into the next area to find yourself on a rock bridge watch the center of the bridge as it collapses! Kill the flying enemies here then jump down the sides to get a capacity upgrade and Bears #3 and #4. On a platform near the entrance there is also a Capacity upgrade. Head into the next area now, and down to your right you'll see a platform with a chest containing Grenades. On a lower platform will be Bears #5 and #6. We can just hover our way into the mouth thing here, but to give ourselves permanent access for the other characters throw a grenade into it's mouth so it lays it's tongue down. Now head inside! Continue through the creature on a linear path, killing everything that pops up. You'll end up in a big room with a bridge high up in the air, with a whole bunch of ants running across it. Kill them to unlock the lifeforce door here and finish this level!


Note: We will save the bears here in another playthrough as Vela. Around the four pillars in front of you are a few capacity upgrades. To your left and right here are some light slits you can exit out, out the left side are just some Mizar coins. Out the right is a door that if exploded open have max ammo for a few guns, and a fuel pad. Enter the main area again and head out the exit. Continue through the tunnel here killing everything until you get to the lifeforce door. It will still be locked, so turn around and go back to find a couple of ants that have spawned in the tunnel here. Head into the big room now and kill everything here, it will be a couple of swarms of flying enemies, a single big brute and a small army of brown ants. Once they're all dead head out the lifeforce door, which is the right of the three at the end. Kill everything in this tunnel, and once you've killed the brute in the end head through the now open door. There are a few max ammo crates up here, otherwise just kill the small army of brown ants in the next hall and head through the door they unlock. Continue through another hallway of much the same until you end up in a big area again.

Kill everything here and head through another hallway, killing the brute at the end of it to open an actual transition doorway. You'll now be on the bridge of a big area we were in earlier, go across it an enter the area on the other side. Head through now another hallway, until you get to an area with some water and an obvious Gemini upgrade on a pillar. Kill everything here then hover over to pick up the upgrade. Skip the next paragraph if you're here as Lupus.

Continue up the stairs and through another hallway until you come up to a room with a stone walkway, kill everything here and pick up the Magenta Key that you'll find on some steps over the side. Bears #11 and #12 are also on the ground floor in this room. Back up on the stone walkway you'll notice a lifeforce door that the walkway doesn't go to, in there is a Floyd Mission. You can choose to go for this now or later when we come back as Vela. Just remember that you need to at least get a bronze, merit won't count! At every turn, turn left and collect all the DNA on the way. Do it fast enough to easily get a bronze. Otherwise head follow the stone walkway to a magenta doorway, go through there to find yourself in the main big hall again. Enter the central magenta doorway here. Pick up everything here, as we're about to face another boss fight, the obnoxious mantis twins! Now I have to warn you straight off the bat, these guys are hard.

Phase One: You will have to beat each mantis individually for this phase. They will shoot red sonic waves that you can easily avoid by strafing, they are vulnerable in their right arm while aiming this. They will also shoot a grenade with their claw, again it is their vulnerable spot while they are doing it. Once you're up the the second one the first one will take cheap shots at you from a distance, time your jumps and strafes right to avoid them as much as possible. For this phase I suggest the Tri-Rockets!

Phase Two: Here the primary mantis will fire at you with its tail, I suggest using the homing rockets for this phase. After destroying the a tail the mantis will swap with its twin for you to do the same again.

Phase Three: Here the twins will fire a spray of five grenades at a time at you. The middle one will always fire first, followed by the one on the side. Once you get the rhythm dodging this attack is easy, just fire at the twins as they pull their heads back to fire at you. If you have no more rockets left, use either the shotgun charged up or the machine gun on them.

Phase Four: After one of them explodes, the other one will stay in the center and fire the same attack at you just much faster. As long as you keep moving it won't hit you, and the weak spot is the same as before. Once this one explodes you're all done!

After watching them veraciously explode, platform your way around the lava to the exit, where you will find your ship.

Return to Thorax as vela;

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Unlock this level as Vela;

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Mizar's Palace - Chasm

As soon as you start to your left and right will be both Bears #1 and #2 and a capacity upgrade. Continue down the valley here and you'll come up to a shiny floor area, kill the flying enemies and four brutes here. Go through the lifeforce door and open the chest in here to get Night Vision Goggles. Stand on the night vision pad to activate them, and go through the door that opens. Head through the tunnel here until you get to a split, go right and then once you get the chance go right again. In here you'll find a cubby hole with Bears #3-6. Now in the last split where you turned right to where we are now, turn left instead. There is a capacity behind you once you drop down a step. Continue around until you can turn right, this is a lift up. Behind you now is a lonely Bear #7, hover across and save it. Use your hover ability to get across the chasm and save Bear #8 inside the middle waterfall. In the corners up here you'll find some capacity upgrades, as well as Bears #9 and #10. Head out the exit now to be back in the main part of Mizar's Palace, you'll know what to do here. After a couple of cut-scenes, you'll now be facing Mizar as Lupus (Because for some reason in cut-scenes, he can fly).

He has three attacks, laser eyes, bad breath and a ground slam. They're all easily avoidable, just shoot at his face before he does them. There is nothing really more to this, especially after facing the mantis twins you will find this really easy! Unfortunately for us, we don't actually kill him as he flees after this phase and decides to throw a meteor towards Earth.

King Jeff will explain what we will be doing from here, saving all the bears and collecting ship parts. Once we've done these tasks it will be one more boss battle with Mizar and we're done!

Free Play

From here you will be heading back through most levels to save the rest of the tribal bears, unlock the last totem poles and collect all the ship parts (As well as getting at least bronze on the Floyd challenges!). You can choose how you'd like to attack this part, just pick a level and open the spoiler tags related to it to see the walkthrough for that section. Almost every level can be done without any prior preparation, I mention the exceptions at the start. Once you've finished that all, come back to this part of the walkthrough to continue!

Mizar's Palace

Play as either Juno/Vela. Whoever you choose, make your way to the pyramid area. In one of the corners here you'll find a small square doorway, head through here and continue until you find a small pyramid you can enter. In here fuel up your jetpack and fly up to the top of the central pillar, up here you can turn into an ant. Exit out the newly opened door now, then go down the lift. In this area go to the second to last bay on the left to find your race vehicle. I'm sure you can guess what you're about to do here, drive out any of the three exits to start the race. You need to come first, the best advice I can give is to focus on not hitting the walls. It is better to take a corner slowly than to end up stuck on a wall! The coins on the road are either boosts or weapons you can drop behind you. Depending on your racing skills this may take a couple of retries, but overall it isn't too hard. Once you finish first you will be awarded the Fuse ship part. After getting that, park your vehicle up and exit the way you came.

If you have done everything up to this point, you will have unlocked the following achievements;

Shoot Ants, Save Bears

Jet Force Gemini: Save all of the Tribals over time.

Shoot Ants, Save Bears
1 guideOffline Game Mode - These achievements require play in game modes that do not necessitate a connection to any online services.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.Collectable - These achievements are obtained by exploring the game environment to find a set of unique objects.

Totes Amazing

Jet Force Gemini: Activate all of the totem poles over time.

Totes Amazing
2 guidesOffline Game Mode - These achievements require play in game modes that do not necessitate a connection to any online services.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.Collectable - These achievements are obtained by exploring the game environment to find a set of unique objects.


Jet Force Gemini: Defeat 1000 different enemies across the game.

1 guideOffline Game Mode - These achievements require play in game modes that do not necessitate a connection to any online services.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.Cumulative + - These achievements are obtained by repeatedly performing the same action or set of actions over time.

War Stories

Jet Force Gemini: Over time, use every weapon in the game.

War Stories
1 guideOffline Game Mode - These achievements require play in game modes that do not necessitate a connection to any online services.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.Collectable - These achievements are obtained by exploring the game environment to find a set of unique objects.

And if you have been diligently collecting ants heads, you should also have this achievement by now;

Memento Mori

Jet Force Gemini: Over time, collect 300 Ant Heads.

Memento Mori
1 guideOffline Game Mode - These achievements require play in game modes that do not necessitate a connection to any online services.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.Cumulative + - These achievements are obtained by repeatedly performing the same action or set of actions over time.

Head into the giant pyramid and talk to king Jeff twice, he will thank you and give you the Stabilizer ship part, unlocking the following achievement;

Jetman's Day Off

Jet Force Gemini: Find all of the ship parts over time.

Jetman's Day Off
1 guideOffline Game Mode - These achievements require play in game modes that do not necessitate a connection to any online services.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.Collectable - These achievements are obtained by exploring the game environment to find a set of unique objects.

Talk to King Jeff again to travel to the last area.


Head into the next area, then drop down and take the bottom exit. There are quite a few difficult enemies in here, but as there is no lifeforce door at the end I suggest just ignoring them all. Jump over the platform to the next area, don't throw stones in this glass house! In other words the enemies in here won't shoot at you through the glass panels, so don't break them. The opposite end from where we came in has the exit, you will need to shoot out at least one glass platform to get here. This next area is an ambush! Around the outside you'll find a whole bunch of brutes and ants, clear them out as quickly as possible. Up where they were you'll find a lifeforce door to the next area. Fuel up here and fly over to the door on the left with the green symbol above it. Run through here ignoring the drones, and at the end collect all the ammo and exit the level. On to the last boss fight! Mizar is a lot harder than last time, this is an actual boss fight!

Phase 1: There are three attacks that are all dodged the same way by dodging left and right, his bad breath, laser eyes and meteor shower. He also has an attack where he hits the ground with his claw, causing a shock wave you will need to jump over. His problem attack is a bionic shock, he uses three different speeds. For his slow one, strafe towards it as you jump. For the fast and very fast ones you need to make sure you jump before it gets to you. He abuses this attack at times, and this is how you will lose most of your health. After doing a meteor shower, he will fly close to you and attack with different attacks. As he turns his back to you to fly away, lock you homing missile on to his back. Keep locked on for the remainder of this phase! Every time he turns around, fire a couple of missiles at his back. After enough hits, his backpack will fracture and he'll return to his island to do another meteor shower. After doing this three times, you'll be finished with phase 1.

Phase 2: Here he will still do his laser eyes and bad breath attacks, as well as still hitting the ground with his claw. Whip out your Tri-Rockets and spam them into his arms, after they're both gone just continue firing into his head. This phase is really short overall, after shooting his head off you're done!

After the cut-scene you'll unlock the following achievement;

No Place Like Home

Jet Force Gemini: Defeat Mizar and his boss minions.

No Place Like Home
2 guidesOffline Game Mode - These achievements require play in game modes that do not necessitate a connection to any online services.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.Main Storyline - These achievements are gained automatically by progressing through the main game modes.

After the cut-scene you'll find yourself in front of a Floyd pad. Start the final Floyd mission, this mission is just a linear race against the clock. Just note that there are glass panels that you will need to shoot! Assuming you got better than merit on all other missions, upon finishing this mission you will unlock this final achievement (Remember that if you didn't get the medals earlier, then you will need to get them then re-do this final mission for this to unlock);

Floyd is Not a Funny Shape

Jet Force Gemini: Get a medal in every Floyd Mission over time.

Floyd is Not a Funny Shape
3 guidesOffline Game Mode - These achievements require play in game modes that do not necessitate a connection to any online services.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.Time/Date - These achievements require you to play the game or perform actions at certain times, within a time limit, or on specific dates.

Congratulations on finishing Jet Force Gemini!

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