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Posted on 26 January 12 at 17:09
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When playing a kids game we have grown to expect nothing but frustration but every once in a while a nice little game will come along and bring us several hours of enjoyment, the question here is Ratatouille one of them?

The story is almost none-existant, throughout the game you complete random missions, most of which benefits you rat colony. As you complete the missions the world you are in, there are 5 total, go through changes caused by the mission.

The controls are easy to get use to, you have jump, sprint, attack and a grab function when you are jumping. You can also smell your way to the next objective but you can only use it sometimes during the missions.

The jumping single handedly destroys this game or should I say the grab function. It really is a craps shoot if you will actually be able to grab the whatever your trying to land on. I probably died a hundred times just because I couldnt get him to grab a hook or ledge. There were also plenty of times I would jump and get stuck in a wall, forcing me to quit the mission, or I would land and fall through the platform.

In each of the levels you can play different minigames, each level has three of each and the get harder as you progress. Two of each them are in each level, they consist of helping cook and running over ants. The third type were enough to give me nightmares, mainly the conveyer belt minigame. When on the conveyer belt it is chore trying to land where you want when you jump.

Each mission also has a chase scene in it, the issue I had with this was the camera. You are running toward the screen, which means you have little time to react once you see your obsticles. It is more of a trial and error than any real skill. Again on these sections jumping is very difficult, you will jump through the platform many times.

There are few enemies, of course you will have to avoid humans but the other enemies left me scratching my head. You have to avoid ants, crabs and lobster(which throw things at you). Granted I havent watched the movie since it was in theatres but I dont see why any of these animals would attack a rat. I also wonder why are crabs and lobsters walking around freely in a kitchen. They dont really do anything but annoy you and cause minimal damage.

The achievements are actually very easy except the mini missions, which wouldnt be to bad if I had the patience of a saint. There is one issue with them if you dont have a guide you can and probably will miss close to 10 achievements, I missed three just on the last level because they can only be done during a mission. You will have to collect all 525 collectables and complete all missions for the full 1000, I recommend following a guide on 360a because not every achievement has a guide here on TA.

At the end of the day I recommend skipping this one unless you have a lot of patience. The jumping mechanics complete ruined this game for me and the fact that 90% of what you do throughout the game involves jumping it doesnt make for a good time. If your an achievment hunter this game will prove to be an easy 1000 points if you dont mind giving up about 10 hours of your life.
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