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Posted on 23 April 14 at 10:20, Edited on 06 March 15 at 17:35
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Like Mario on crack, with the occasional super mellow, eerily relaxing level, Rayman Legends stands out as my personal favorite platformer of the last 10 years. Probably my favorite ever if it weren't for the nostalgia of playing some of the older 8bit and 16bit platformers.

Gameplay 10/10 - Rayman's gameplay is super straightforward. The only real buttons you need are the left thumbstick, A to jump, X to attack, and RT to sprint. However, what makes it surprisingly deep is that there are all sorts of tricks you can do with this simple scheme.. Holding RT while running forward, then hitting X to attack followed by down on the left thumbstick makes you slide forward. Jumping at the right time from this slide does a speed jump forward, a crucial skill to master if you want to get golds and diamonds on the speedrun challenge stages. Add to that the fact that the levels are extremely varied in layout and design, and the gameplay never gets old while you're working your way through the single player levels.

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Graphics 9/10 - The graphics on this game are absolutely stunning. It's a 2D game so don't expect any super duper anti-alized, polygon-packing character models and levels. However, the 2D canvas with which the developers worked allows Rayman to reach a level of beauty and fluidity for a platformer that 3D platformers have yet to accomplish. The game runs at 1080p and 60fps with not a single frame drop as far as I can tell on XB1, so it is buttery smooth. And as I said in gameplay the level designs and layouts are varied and fantastic, and remain fresh throughout the experience. The only time the visuals get a bit stale is if you go for the Truly Awesome achievement, because playing the daily and weekly challenges for weeks and weeks gets tiresome at times. But it's definitely a good challenge to see how many golds and diamonds you can get, especially diamonds.

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Sound 9/10 - So this review is sounding a bit effusive at this point, but once again this game gets top marks from me. The sound is superb, with music fitting the various levels like a glove. There's nothing too orchestral or high-production-value about it mind you, but that's not necessary in a game like this. The devs seem to have taken the approach of making the 'feel' of the music fit the 'feel' of each level, and it works wonders. The music-specific levels where you have to jump to the beat of the music are especially great. I laughed my arse off the first time I ran through Mariachi Madness.

Replay Value 10/10 - This may be hit or miss for some. There are 87 different levels in the game, which means TONS of entertainment value, but some that aren't big platformer fans might not find it their cup of tea to go back through the levels trying to rescue every teensie and get enough lums for a gold medal. That really only matters if you're trying to 100% the game though, because strictly from a gaming/entertainment perspective you won't find much more replay value in any platformer out there. You do have to collect certain numbers of teensies to unlock the latter stages, but this should come mostly naturally, so don't sweat it. The variety of level geometry alone means that you don't tire quickly of playing this game, and with a whopping 87 levels (it includes all of the Rayman Origins levels) means you'll keep coming back for more.

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Achievement perspective - The vast majority of this game's achievements are pretty easy. You may struggle a little bit with the 8-bit remix levels, but if you play the original version of the level enough you'll learn where to jump according to the beat of the music, so when the screen fuzzes out or turns upside down on you in the remix version, you can just go by the music and jump to the beat, making them entirely doable. I expect most people can get 960/1000 rather easily in around 30-40 hours of gameplay (significantly less if you use a guide to find the teensies or whatnot), but the last achievement, Truly Awesome, will take most people a minimum of 12 weeks to finish. Only the best of the best get Diamond Cups on the daily and weekly challenges with any consistency. I've only managed 8 diamond cups I think in my 8 weeks on this game (16 challenges a week x 8 weeks and I only came away with 8 diamonds). Don't stress though, as long as there is still a large community doing the challenges you can get this done in around 11-16 weeks depending on how many golds and silvers you obtain. It just requires jumping on for 30 minutes or so every day to do the daily challenges. This achievement WILL get extremely difficult when the community dies down (or if Ubisoft shuts down the servers) so get it while the getting is good.

Overall a fantastic, awesome, killer, mind melting at times, superb platformer that deserves your moneys. Buy it!
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