1. Rayman Legends Introduction

Hello, my name is MC0REBE and welcome to the Rayman Legends walkthrough! This walkthrough will allow you to help you on your quest to completion, but as a fair warning: there is a grind involved. That being said: out of the 50 achievements you can unlock, 48 are unlocked relatively easy whilst the 2 others will require some dedication while "leveling up".

Rayman Legends is, in my humble opinion, a lot easier than its predecessor Rayman Origins Achievements even though the two games play exactly the same. There's no real online multiplayer (even though the online challenges require a connection with the Xbox Live and Ubisoft servers), and the game can be played in local co-op. Although it doesn't make things easier, it surely is more enjoyable. Be aware that only the first player will unlock any achievements!

As with the Rayman Origins Walkthrough I've written, I'll be linking you to a playlist that will show you all collectibles in each level. It would be completely stupid to write a fully detailed guide about how to beat a level, and I wouldn't even recommend watching the videos through your first playthrough as it makes the game a whole lot more enjoyable; but that's obviously up to you.

Let's start off with some general knowledge of this game, not including the controls (I'm sure you can follow on-screen instructions throughout the first world).

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