2. Rayman Legends Road to Glory!

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Every level has them, and you'll need to collect 1 million for an achievement. Lums can be acquired by completing several tasks: pulling turnips out of the ground, destroying plants, killing enemies, freeing Teensies (see below), winning them from Scratch Tickets, getting them daily from the Creatures, winning a cup in online challenges, uPlay rewards, etc. While completing levels, you'll pick them up as you progress. Most Lums start with a pink one, and after that the second one becomes pink, etc. The pink Lums count for two, so I would advice you to try and pick the Lums up in order.


Throughout most levels, you'll be getting tasked with freeing 10 Teensies, which ultimately serve as your "friends". Most Teensies award you with 15 Lums, but in most levels; there are 2 hidden Teensies I call King and Queen. Queen Teensie is mostly saved after freeing 3 "regular" Teensies, while King Teensie should pop after 6. After freeing them, you'll be awarded with a heart (or additional Lums if you have one already) and 25 Lums. Teensies are converted to Electoons after finishing a level, and you need to free all 700 for one achievement.


After completing a story level and picking up 75% of the required Lums to get gold (which is mostly 450), you'll get a scratching card. From those you can win various prices:
- Electoons (which are basically Teensies)
- Lums
- Creatures
- Back To Origin paintings

You need to get all scratching tickets in all levels for one specific achievement. You can only earn one in each level, so replaying "easy" levels won't help you get more.


As mentioned before, with the Scratch-cards, you'll be able to unlock creatures that will give you free Lums every day (yes, you've read that right). There are 6 types of creatures, each consisting out of 10 members and completing one "family" will award you cups as well. I'm not sure if they count towards your Awesomeness Level, but you'll need to get them all in order to gain two achievements. Seeing as it is fairly random, I'll just mention the achievements here:

They're so cute!

Win 30 creatures.

They're so cute!
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperativeHost Only

I just love them!

Win all the creatures

I just love them!
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperativeHost Only


This is the big item here, and an immediate change of what Rayman Origins had included. You need to reach level 11, which is equal to 6,000 points. Although the first 10 levels can be obtained while playing through the game normally, the last level (which is 2,000 points) needs to be gained whilst playing online daily and/or weekly challenges. Every cup awarded to you, whether it being from story levels or challenges, gives you some points towards the next level and are as following:
- Bronze: 1 point
- Silver: 5 points
- Gold: 10 points
- Platinum: 50 points

In single player levels, you can gain 2 gold cups for each level: 1 for saving all 10 teensies and 1 for collecting a specified number of Lums. In the online challenges, this is a little bit different: for a platinum cup, you need to post a score on the leaderboard within the top 1% of all players on that challenge, gold will be awarded after posting a score between 1.01 and 20%, silver will be awarded after posting a score between 20.01 and 50% and, finally, to get a bronze you need to post a score between 50.01 and 90% of all players. This means that 10% of all people that compete won't get any awesomeness points; but you can be fairly sure that after completing most if this game, you'll know the basics and unlock at least silver cups. Platinum cups are overall very hard to achieve in these challenges, but I would recommend that you keep pushing your best score until you have a Gold Cup.

Let's start saving some Teensies in the Glade of Dreams!

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