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Posted on 09 December 11 at 21:33
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Wow! All I can say is that this game is amazing. It has a nostalgic feel to it, but doesn't feel old. It reminds me of the style of the original Rayman, mixed with Earthworm Jim. The colors are bright and vivid, it looks gorgeous in HD, and there are tons of levels to plow through. There are also tons of unlockables trophies, electoons, and timed runthroughs that you will have to play most of the levels multiple times to achieve 100%.

The levels have a lot of variety, and span many environments, from swamps, desert, ice, fire. They are all unique and you unlock a new move with each level, so there is always something new. Most of the levels are fairly easy to just pass, but it can be a challenge to find every hidden item, and since you only get 1 hit before you die (except if you have an extra heart), you will be dying a lot. The game is forgiving though, and has multiple checkpoints, so you won't have to repeat tons of the level when you die.

The achievements are your standard fair, but also include some that are based on a specific skill in the game. The most difficult achievements will be the trophy (which you have to complete the level perfectly by obtaining almost all of the lums), and the other 'find all' achievements.

This game is a great change of pace to what else is out there in today's game market. It is fun, challenging, and not just a kid game. There is also 4 player local multiplayer, which is a great addition, but one I won't utilize due to I am old and have no friends that play games. If it had online multiplayer, this game would be beyond perfect. The game has a couple minor annoyances, but when you die, 99% of the time it is because you did something wrong, not the game. I recommend this game to all the people out there that want to play something besides a FPS, and even if you don't, try it, and I dare you to play it without a smile on your face.
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Posted on 20 December 11 at 20:13
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I'll put it out there right from the start - I'm not a massive Rayman fan.

I've played them from the Playstation outings all the way up to the Raving Rabbids branch off and very rarely do they achieve much more than a moderately appealing and simple platformer. His recent decline in quality has shelfed the limb-lacking hero amongst the kiddy titles, the kind of game that achievement hunters such as myself only play if they've run out of other titles and just fancy a quick 100%.
I take absolutely no shame in admitting that this game blows away every expectation I had and even goes as far as to set THE precedent for platforming games on the 360.

The first thing you will realise as you play is that the game is beautiful, not in the visceral Gears of War levels of detail and grime however. It's like Ubisoft have taken lessons from Studio Ghibli and have painstakingly hand-painted their scenes with vibrant colours and huge amounts of character.
The sprites flow through their actions like a high-end anime and every new level brings an entirely new atmosphere and environment - gone are the palette swaps of yore, even when the levels threaten to border on the traditional (underwater, volcano, desert etc.) they do it in such a way that you'll keep playing just to experience the next scene.
The music manages to keep up with the aesthetics too; bouncy and cheerful tunes matching the whimsical journey throughout the whole game. Certain objects and actions have their own jingles, something very reminiscent of Nintendo platformers and the glory days of Sonic, which is by no means a bad thing.

In fact, the arching theme of the game seems to be nostalgia. The game plays like a modern day Snes or MegaDrive game: from the structuring of the levels as bite-size chunks you access from a overworld map ala Super Mario 3, to the tried-and-tested gameplay mechanics of the platformer - a genre that has taken hit after hit in the current generation (Most of the damage can be attributed to Sonic, unfortunately...)
The juxtaposition of retro gameplay and modern polishing brings back my childhood memories when every game was magical, it literally inspires the pure joy of gaming that many modern favourites sorely overlook and reminds me why gaming is the love of my life

Unlike it's modern counter-parts, the game has length. Five hours in, you think you've finished just to realise you're only half way through. With the option of perfecting your times and finding all the hidden collectibles - something that is by no means a chore, the game offers value for money. Each level has a number of basic collectibles, a few multipliers, hidden mini-levels (akin to Super Mario's warp pipes) and a handful of valuable but hard to obtain treasures.
The best way I can think of to describe the average level is that they are broken down into Trials HD-type courses. If you just want to race through to the finish line then you have the normal pit-falls and obstacles to overcome, thus netting you a simple victory and access to the next level and so on. However, the achievement-seekers and completionists will have to take the treacherous detours and keep their eye out for cleverly hidden paths.
It all plays out in a fluid parkour-like race as you walljump, float and punch your way through enemies. Progress only becomes more joyful as they introduce upgrades that make for more intricate and demanding levels. It can be quite punishing and with death generally sending you to the start of the level, the Trials comparison is apt in more ways than one when you kick yourself for trying to get a collectible and instead fall to your death mere feet from the next area. It'll be weeks before you collect everything in a perfect run and the frustration rarely reaches a controller-breaking fit level.

Overall, it's one of the best presented, sounding, handling and innovative games of the year, maybe even this current generation. It deserves to win accolades that it will never see and be heralded as the classic it unfortunately might just miss out on. If you're the kind of person that picks up game like Psychonauts, Odin Sphere and other cult classics then this will reignite the same feeling those did.
It's safe to say that this game ended up being one of my favourite games of 2011 but I'm well aware that with so many great sequels being released at this time, most people wouldn't have time to play a title like this - let alone have the money. But if you ever have some spare cash, a lull in your LoveFilm rentals or a friend to borrow it from - do it.
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