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    Lets get one thing out of the way: I LOVE raving rabbids. I love them more than Rayman himself. Some say the Rabbids ruined Rayman, but I say they made it better. Sure, Rayman and the Rabbids have got their separate ways now, but this is were it all started.

    Rayman Raving Rabbids for the Xbox 360 is a port of the same game released as a launch title for the Nintendo Wii. The game is a mini-game compilation with a silly back-story about homicidal rabbits who kidnap Rayman and force him to play outrageous mini-games, presumably for their own amusement. The story is second to the actual game, but it fits appropriately.

    The biggest problem with the game is in the control. Rabbids was originally a Wii exclusive, so it was reliant on the motion controls, which also made the game very entertaining and stand out among the Wii library. The 360 version obviously lacks these controls, and uses standard analog and button controls. It works, but it's just not as fun to mash the shoulder buttons as it is to wave your arms up and down like a jackass.

    The games themselves are an interesting bunch. One of them has you hitting a rabbid on the head with a hammer to see how high his head wound can get, one has you playing bowling: with rabbids and a barrel, and one "whack a mole" esque game has you beating the bunnies with a shovel. Oddly enough, no new games have been added from the Wii version (with a minor exception, but we'll cover that in a bit). The first person rail shooters still stand out, as do the dancing mini-games, and they work a little better than with the sometimes finicky motion controls.

    The 360 port does very little to be different from the other versions. The visuals are better, but the Wii version relied on the unique art style, rather than graphical horsepower. Only two new (VERY crappy) games were added, and two were cut from the Wii game (which I didn't realize until I played the Wii version again. Those games sucked anyway, and apparently didn't work on most TV's due to a frequency issue). Xbox live vision support is here, but it barely works. Oddly enough, there is NO online support for this version, no leader-boards (you have to enter a code online for your high scores, like in the Wii version) or online play.
    It just feels like a lazy, half-assed port.

    The achievements don't help either. About 1/2 of them can be gained from beating the story mode, 1/4 of them is done through the "score mode" and the last 1/4 is well... impossible. The score mode challenges require you to get 700/1000 points in each of the racing, dancing, and shooting games. It takes a little practice but it is doable. (Some of the shooting games do require a second controller though...) One requires you to get almost PERFECT in every game, (which this at least has a ridiculously high TA point value) and one you just need to bear the awful camera controls for one game.

    The reason the achievements are impossible to 100% is because the last challenge in the game (worth 10,000 points) unlocks at 174,000 points. There are 183,000 maximum points in the game. See the problem? But to be fair, getting 100% is damn near impossible, even if it wasn't bugged. But still, this issue was in the Wii version as well. As I said: lazy port. 750/1000G doesn't sound too appealing, does it?

    Rayman Raving Rabbids was a surprise hit on the Wii. Nobody thought a mini-game compilation with Rayman would work, but thanks to the introduction of Rabbids as characters, as well as the entertaining motion controls, it was a smash. The 360 port was the version nobody asked for, fixing absolutely NOTHING that was wrong with the original game, and adding nothing but shoddy camera control. This is a game that still needs to be played, but only if you have a Wii. If you buy this version, a Rabbid will come and jam a toilet brush up your butthole.

    It still beats the PS2/PC versions, at least.
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    danceRayman, but not as we know it....

    The 2d platformer has now turned to mini games for the 360 and for what it is, it works well

    More geared for the younger market (or in my case, my girlfriend) it offers a range of fun original mini games that did genuinely bring a smile to my face and should suit the casual gamer. Score mode offers replayability as you try to perfect your scores on each game however no online modes are offered 4/10.

    The shooting game is best as you go armed with a plunger across a variety of settings picking of 'Rabbids'. It's farly easy but trying to obtain the scores you need for some of the harder obtainable achievements is the challenging task. The other games are a mix bag of fun or stupid games in which it's usually rayman vs the rabbids in varying mini game scenarios, some offer laughs at first, some are original but for me it quickly grew tiresome and overall offered me about 8 hours of gameplay. More to be had if you like this sort of thing and I would add it's not generally my sort of game. Gameplay 6/10

    The graphics are ok but nothing special 5/10

    It is also cam enabled, I don't have one myself so can't review that part and wasn't inspired enough to purchase one on th back of this game. I feel overall though, this game is mroe suited to the Wii.

    If you are a completionist do not get this game, there is no way you're getting 1000/1000 gamescore as it is impossible to do it legit. Some of the achievements are not attainable due to you not actually being able to get the score required to unlock them, this will not be fixed. It is an easy 500 though and you can get a nice tidy GS from just an hour or so of play as they are worth 50 -100g each. However none of them are particulary fun to go for and either just unlock as you complete, are impossible, or too hard that unless your willing to dedicate some serious gameplay, your not going to get them. nothing inbetween Acheasement score 5/10