2. Real Farm General hints and tips

The next pages will go into great detail about the game, so this will be brief.


There is no autosave in the game. The game can be saved in the menu (cn_start) and will automatically save when you exit to the main menu. The game can be a little unstable, so remember to save often.

You can use the central farm, where you start the game, to sleep. This also saves the game and will fast-forward 6 in-game hours. There is a stamina bar in the top right of the screen that can largely be ignored, but you may find you need to sleep from time to time to recharge it. You may also want to advance time in the hope of refreshing the jobs on offer or to get a new deal at the store, which will be explained on the following page.


Town map

The vehicle store is located in town, towards the bottom-right of the map. You can purchase or rent equipment through the SHOP tab in the game menu (cn_back) and it will appear in the courtyard at the store. The courtyard can hold a total of 7 items – if you want more, you’ll have to drive items out to make space.

The store is arranged by machine type, arranged from the cheapest to most expensive. Generally, the more expensive items are faster, more powerful, or work a wider area. Given that you can make easy money in Career mode, generally go for the more expensive options.

One thing to note is the horsepower rating of equipment, displayed as a hp value on the vehicle stats on the right side of the shop screen. The total of the equipment you want to attach must be under the rating of the vehicle.

For example, the cheapest tractor is a Triton SX 75, which has just 75 hp. If you were to attach a Fern CX4 plow, requiring 100hp, the tractor will not be able to operate it. This includes a weight attachment, but the vehicles generally function just fine without weights so I'd advise against them (aside from farmer-supplied jobs where you have to attach the weight).

You have the option of buying or renting, however you can only rent 10 items at any given time. In Career Mode, you should stick to renting but for the achievements listed under Free Mode, you’ll want a specific combination of buying and renting, which will be discussed on the relevant page.

Click on your item of choice and the next screen will show you the cost to rent (cn_X) and the cost to buy (cn_A). There is no confirmation so be careful here – hit the wrong button and you’re locked into the decision.

You can warp through your vehicles with cn_right and cn_left.

Also marked on the image above is the Supplies Store which is discussed on the next page.

To sell owned equipment or return rented items, select it in the VEHICLES tab in the game menu. Note that with rented equipment, don't be confused that the option is to sell - it will return the item.


Specific controls are discussed on the following page. In general, when in a vehicle, holding cn_RB shows a radial menu of the vehicle controls (lights, indicators, etc…) and holding cn_LB shows a radial menu of the attached equipment controls (activating a plow or lowering a sowing machine…). The controls are very basic so after the tutorial jobs, you should find them to be quite intuitive.

The controls you may want to make note of are:

cn_RT – when on foot, this is your run option.

cn_up – set your cruise control when you are in a vehicle. Get up to speed and press the button.

cn_RS – this cycles through the camera mode when you are in a vehicle.


Options are accessed via the game menu cn_start. Like everything else in this game, they are very limited. The only one that may be important is to leave Time Scale on Slow.

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