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Posted on 20 July 19 at 20:46
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Could the fact that this is a great game be in the realm of possibility?

Realm Royale Review

Let me start off this review by saying something slightly controversial in this modern gaming age: I've never played Fortnite. Battle royale games were never all that interesting to me. So when my friend told me about this game, I wasn't all that stoked for it, but for achievements, it seemed straight-forward, and he said he would play with me. Fast-forward to me completing the game, and I have some full-fledged thoughts about the game and the battle royale genre as a result.

If you've played a battle royale game, it's pretty standard fare here (based on my limited experience). You drop in from the air, you loot chests and crates to gain weapons and abilities, then look for people to kill. When you deplete the health of an opponent, they will temporarily turn into little chickens. You must kill them in this chicken form to actually kill the player. After a certain amount of time, the chicken will turn back into its regular form. This mechanic is unique in execution and brings a sense of chaotic fun to the game. Chickens can run and hide or zig-zag away from gunfire to try and survive. Another player can "steal your kill" after you've turned someone into a chicken. One other neat aspect of the game is the forge. Here, you can use shards (which you gain by recycling unwanted items or killing players) to craft weapons, potions, and abilities. As the game progresses, the orb of safety you can be in shrinks until all remaining players are within talking distance of each other. The last player standing wins.

The game has a cartoony glisten to it, but it does not look overly goofy or rudimentary. It's bright, colorful, and pleasant to look at. The tones of the environment change when you enter different sectors (going from an icy blue to a red desert, for example). It's a little abrupt sometimes, but it doesn't really affect the quality of the game in any way. There is some popping of objects like players, but again, this doesn't really lower the game's quality, in my opinion.

When it comes to audio, sound is pretty vital in this game. Gunshots and clucking noises will help you in aiding which direction enemies may be. Other sounds to listen for are chests being opened, the forge being used, or the treasure goblin (might not be the official name; I forget). If you hear lauging and/or a high-pitched voice taunting you, there is a treasure goblin nearby. If you kill him, he will drop some nice loot. I recommend wearing a headset when playing, but it's not always necessary.

I did cover the basics already, but as far as what I think about it - I think it's awesome! While there isn't much of an active player-base (at least in the region I chose to play in), playing with bots is still a lot of fun. While yes, it is considerably easier than playing against humans, knowing that you can have a good time whether or not people are online is a great thing! When you do play against humans, the tension really escalates, making it equally or more fun. While scavenging for superior weapons and abilities may not be everyone's cup of tea, I found it to be enjoyable. I enjoyed planning my route on the map as well as looting chests and crates and gaining shards to forge what I need. When it comes to combat, I found it very satisfying. Each bullet that makes contact is felt, and watching chickens poof into feathers is great fun! You can play by yourself, in duos, or in a squad of 4. No matter how you play, you're bound to have a good time.

The achievement list is very straight-forward. You need to win 10 times, at least once with each class. You need 50 kills with each class. You'll need to win a game in a squad with everyone alive as well as kill more than 10 players in one game. There are a couple of other miscellaneous achievements as well. Since you can play against bots, it's not very hard to rack up kills and win games by yourself. You will probably want actual players when going for the 4-player achievement though. This game doesn't take very long to complete, as I clocked in just short of 12 hours.

Final Thoughts
After viewing a negative stigma of what battle royale games can be, Realm Royale completely changed my perspective. I had so much fun completing the game. I will admit that mostly playing against bots probably made me enjoy the game more because it's not fun always losing against skilled humans, haha. I know especially with these types of games, experiences may vary widely, but since my experience was an extremely positive one, I'm giving this pretty high score.
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