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As mentioned on the walkthrough overview page, the goal of the game is to be the last one alive on the island. The circle will get smaller over time, thus forcing players to move to a certain location and increasing the chances of finding other players. Not staying in the circle will mean that you will take storm damage. The smaller the circle is, the more storm damage you take.

On this page, I will try to explain some of the key concepts of the game, even though this is not really hard to understand at all. I will start off with some general tips, before moving on to an overlay of the core concepts.

General tips:
- First and foremost, play in the Asian/Pacific region, or the Australia one. These servers are not populated at all, thus allowing you to play pretty much only against bots. (with humans on rare occasions in solo or duo). Moreover, I seemed to be scoring more kills in solo than I was in duo. They both have their advantages, although I would suggest solo if you don't run into many randoms and have the few coop only achievements done (or in case of the absence of a coop partner).

-Dummies won't need to play the tutorial in order to join duo and quad matches. Only the person hosting needs to. If you need a dummy for a solo match, you can't bypass the tutorial via inviting the dummy, unfortunately.

- The loot menu was not accessible for me by default, as there was no button assigned to it by default. I would suggest going into the options menu in the main menu and select something like the dances default button cn_left to replace the loot menu (which is probably blank for you as well).

- Best weapon in the game is the revolver. Even the common revolver is better than most weapons in my opinion. I've won most of my games with either a common or a rare revolver.

- Weapons and abilities have different levels. Common ones (grey are the worst). Then comes rare (green), epic (purple) and legendary (yellow).

- Bots are weak in general and can be tough to find. Whenever you see one, engage!

-The most time will be allocated to getting kills. Therefore don't spend too much time finding the best loot. Instead, look for guys to kill!

-Prioritize killing chickens over actual guys when in combat. This will minimize the number of kills being stolen.

-When you get a "waiting to forge, 0 seconds" error, press cn_X and start forging again.

-Reload weapons while on horseback.

-Play with sound to increase chances of finding opponents, you can hear them shoot, loot, drink potions, forge, ride on their horse, etc. Don't get fooled by the loot goblin though, he will grinch and won't spawn until you're close.

- Personally I barely used abilities, I always focused on getting a revolver and a decent amount of potions. An extra would be runes. Always equip those when you find them. Moreover, use forge runes if you have at least 60 spare shards to spend.

- Keep in mind that you play against bots. You can often go into cover real quick to heal up. If you see him do the same, start shooting again. Also, abuse the 3rd person aspect. Bots won't go into cover so engage bots again when you have enough health and a weapon which is ready to fire.

- When you become a chicken, keep an object (house/wall/tree/etc.) in between you and the enemy. You can often return to the game by doing this in order to stay alive.

- Some bots idle until you get close. I sometimes would spend a minute looking for the last bot in a match, only to find him idling in a random spot. Keep this in mind

My basic strategy for every game is: Try to land in a town with a forge, in the first circle and close to where the ship flies by. Try to get the revolver, otherwise burst rifle or SMG 's are OK as well. I barely use abilities. Just scratch every ability and weapon you don't need. Also, try to get some potions early on. If there are guys in the direct neighborhood, I always engaged instantly. They can either run off or end up killing or getting killed by someone else. When getting at least 30 shards and a decent weapon, forge armor potions and health potions for 15 shards each. Afterward, keep riding around looking for guys to kill. Alternate this with forging potions, maybe a weapon if you don't have a revolver yet and otherwise purchase a rune as well. Some runes have increased damage, automatic armor repair, or other helpful buffs. This will eventually result in either a win or in a game over.

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