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Before starting with any of the easy and the coop achievements: Keep in mind that there are achievements linked to getting 100 kills with each of the 4 classes, an achievement for forging 100 times and achievements linked to winning games for a total of 10 times. Always take the opportunity to forge items, win games, but most importantly get kills!


The first achievement is for surviving after being turned into a chicken once. You turn into a chicken when you lose all your health. You then need to stay alive as a chicken for 20 seconds (or less if you have a specific rune), to return back as an actual player. You will most likely get this achievement while going for all the kill related achievements. If you want to get it out of the way, either try it in combat and then either run away or keep a building/object in between you and the player who killed you, to stay alive easier. An alternative way is to get downed by the storm and then going back into the zone while you are a chicken.

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The following achievement is for collecting 20 armor potions (yellow potions). You can get those by killing other guys, forging them or by finding them in regular or health chests. The achievement should come naturally by gaining all the other achievements. Getting 20 potions isn't that many, especially considering that you need to forge 100 items, which can easily be more than 20 armor potions. At the time of writing, there is a glitch which allows you to get this achievement out of the way quickly. Just picking up the potions from the floor works, even if it is the same potion over and over. Assuming you have selected a button to open your inventory, acquire at least 1 armor potion and open your inventory. Now drop the armor potion(s) on the floor, close your inventory, pick up the potions, open inventory, drop potions, and so on until you pop the achievement.

Then there are 4 achievements linked to getting a kill with each of the 4 classes: Assassin, Hunter, Warrior, and Mage. While getting to know the game, try out each of the 4 classes and get at least one kill with each of them. The game also used to feature the engineer class, but this one has been removed from the game. I'll also give a short description of each of the classes and what their actual intentions are. Keep in mind though that when playing against the AI it doesn't really make that much of a difference. I'd suggest to go with the whatever playstyle you like, while keeping in mind that you are playing against the AI, thus cover is a major advantage here. The AI won't take cover. It will wander around for loot until it finds someone. Once they do, they keep engaging until they get killed, make the kill or the opponent is heading off/ healing in cover.

The assassin is obviously aimed at being a bit stealth. The blink ability is quite powerful, as this teleports you forward, which in turn can give you a few seconds to deal damage to the enemy before he has realized what has happened. Other skills also are a bit similar, such as the smoke bomb. You also can choose to use the sensor drone to scout an area before engaging.

The hunter class focuses on mobility. It features abilities such as Dodge Roll and Withdraw, which allows you to quickly flank an enemy or withdraw from combat in case you realize you can't win the fight. Other abilities are about containing the enemy and revealing them.

The warrior is ideal for close quarters combat. The class has abilities such as the Heroic Leap, which gives you a boost forward. This is ideal for quickly taking the fight to the enemy. You can also choose to go for skills such as the flask of healing to heal yourself up slowly, while out of combat. So in general this class is a bit tanky, aimed at CQC.

The mage class can cast a variety of different spells as abilities. The default Soar ability is useful while looting areas with a lot of hills and or buildings with multiple floors. The ability allows you to jump up higher than normal for one use. Other abilities involve casting a stone wall for cover, freezing enemies and firing fireballs (Wall, Ice Block and Fireball respectively).

Once you get a decent amount of shards (80+), head to one of the 25 or so forge locations on the map and forge your first weapon there. It can either be an epic (purple)one or a legendary (yellow) one. It might take a few tries, but after a few tries you should get lucky.


The knife edge deathmatch achievement can easily be boosted with a dummy account or with a friend. If you both land in the same location, then let the player going for the achievement knife the other player to death. Alternatively, trying this legit against bots might take a few tries. If you are going to try it in that way, I would suggest to damage him first with a weapon and then finish him off with your knife. You can also unlock this by stabbing a chicken to death:

800 feet is a lot. 2/3rd of a tile on the minimap is about 800 feet, or at least so I've heard. For me, this worked on the North side of the map, around Goblin Gulch. This features a large open area with some mountains. I used a dummy for this, though a friend works as well. I'm not sure what the distance is at which you can see an enemy, though as soon as the dummy account appeared on my screen, I stopped walking closer to him and turned him into a chicken. This is best done early on in the match, as the storm might prevent you from going for the achievement later on. I guess any weapon works, though I guess preferably a revolver, slug rifle or an assault rifle. Keep in mind it is only turning someone into a chicken which is required. Thus you can trade the achievement easily with a friend.

The Geared Out achievement requires you to have a legendary item in both weapon slots and both ability slots. Legendary items are yellow. I would suggest to start off with gathering decent weapons to survive at the start of the game, as well as gathering shards. Then use these shards to forge weapons and abilities. Hope that you get legendary items and not epic (purple) ones. Killing bots later in the match can also award you with legendary loot. Moreover, the loot chests are a good place to find legendary loot as well. For the achievement, you need to have every slot filled with a legendary item at the same time. Going for this with a friend can be handy as well, as you can drop and trade weapons and abilities. Therefore, both players can go for it once the two of you have 2 legendary weapons and 2 legendary abilities. Also, keep in mind that abilities either fit in the slot on the left or in the one on the right!

Clean up and kills+forge grind

I suggest to have a look at the hints and tips page, if you haven't by now! I've written some tips down over there, which can be helpful in getting the remainder of the achievements.

The Absolute Unit achievement requires you to finish a match with your entire team alive. I suggest finding additional players/dummy accounts for this to fill all 4 slots. You won't find a squad match on the Australian servers with a team consisting of 1-3 players. I personally got this with 2 of us, along with 2 dummy accounts. The key strategy here is to use the team revive option at the forge locations. Don't bother about the dummies at the start. Just focus on staying alive with all the actual players (get decent loot, start killing bots, just a normal match basically). Keep at least 100 shards or so, as the team revive option costs about 80-90 shards (differed for me per game). The timing of when to use the team revive is essential. It takes 90 seconds for them to respawn, and then another 20 seconds before they transform from chickens into humans. You will need to want to call the team revive as late as possible in the match, so the dummies are not exposed to the bots. On the other hand, if either all other players are killed before the dummies have spawned in, or when the circle is so small that there is no forge location in there, you are too late. I would suggest calling in the team revive at around 5 enemies (7 total players left) unless the storm position is not optimal with a forge location in there. Then once the dummies have spawned in, stay close to them to prevent them from getting killed until the match is over. Keep in mind that bots can suicide in the storm, so having 1 enemy left does not guarantee that there is time left for the dummies to spawn in! All in all, this is not too difficult though. Personally got in on the first try we had a shot at this.

You will need to make more than 10, thus 11 OR MORE KILLS in one game. This is perfectly doable in duo or squads. However, as mentioned on the hints and tips page, I personally would find a hell of a lot more enemies in solo matches (had like 5 12-15 kill games). Don't take too long scouting for loot, but focus on getting kills once you get an SMG or a revolver. The achievement will pop upon reaching the 11th kill. Also keep in mind finishing chickens count as kills, turning enemies into chickens does not (unless they get lost in the storm afterward)

There is one achievement for forging 100 items. This is any combination of weapons, potions, runes, and abilities. Obviously forging the potions is cheapest at 15 shards. Just whenever you have spare shards and are nearby a forge location, spend or waste your shards. I got this achievement before reaching 200 kills total.

There are 3 victory related achievements. 1 is for your first win, 1 for a win with 3 different classes and 1 for winning 10 times. You win the match if either you and/or your teammate(s) are the only ones left alive. If you play in duos or squads on the empty servers this is not going to be hard at all. I won 10 out of the first 12 duo games I did. Once encountering randoms and once getting killed by bots. Assuming you average maybe 5-7 kills a game, you understand 10 victory royales will probably be earned before the 50 kills with each class have been achieved. The jack of all trades will also be no issue as you are going to be swapping classes anyway. Solo works well as well, as you encounter more bots. Downside is that you have higher chances of running into randoms.

All that is left are the kill related achievements. You should already have gotten a good amount of kills from going for the other achievements. Getting the remainder of the kills will still take a few hours. I suggest getting the rest of the kills in solo (or at least this worked best for me). Don't focus too much on your loot, as most bots are easy to defeat. Also, keep moving to increase your chances of finding bots.

You'll need 50 kills with each class, thus 200 kills total. I'd suggest to back out when you reach the 50 kills with a specific character as you will probably get more than enough wins regardless.

After you have grinded out the 200 kills, the game should be completed for you. Well done!

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