Reckless Racing Ultimate (Windows) Reviews

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    Release Date: October 26, 2012

    Genre: Top-Down Racing

    Developer: Pixelbite

    Price: $4.99 Regular – Usually on sale between $1.99-$2.99

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    Welcome to our first Windows 8 Xbox LIVE title review! With my reviews, I don’t like to give a score persay, but I do like to give you a nice synopsis of the game followed by three positives and three negatives. At the end, I will not issue a score, but instead I will issue a recommendation, either: buy it, skip it, or mixed. It’s ultimately up to you to try the game out yourself by downloading the trial to see if it is something you will like. So, without further wait, let’s get into it after the page break!


    Reckless Racing Ultimate Edition is the third game developed by Pixelbite but their first game developed independently. This is the first racing game available for Windows 8 Xbox LIVE titles, although the game has been available for quite some time on many mobile platforms such as iOS and Android devices. It is a top-down racing game with a fixed camera. The game features 24 unlockable and customizeable vehicles (cars and trucks), 20 career mode cups, 50 arcade challenges, and 150 individual/customizeable races. With LIVE functionality, the game brings you 20 achievements for a total 400G, leaderboards, and challenge mode that acts as a multiplayer mode where you can race your friends and challenge them in one-on-one races or fastest lap challenges. The inclusion of Xbox 360 controller compatibility alsohelps keep you sane. There are also currently two downloadable content packs available for additional money. So, let’s jump into three positives and three negatives for Reckless Racing.



    1.) Making the most out of LIVE functionality

    This game really makes the most out of it’s LIVE functionality, offering you the abaility to gain achievements, challenge your friends, and provides leaderboard support. Some of the achievements are a little tough, but I like games that don’t provide just a straight story mode list. There are achievements for multiplayer mode, arcade mode, challenge mode, and the main campaign, along with some surprise achievements sprinkled in for performing certain tasks. Some are difficult such as the hardest difficulty completion races, but still doable. Lastly, the inclusion of multiplayer challenges with your friends truly helps make the game more enjoyable.

    2.) PLENTY of content

    Reckless Racing has PLENTY of content that should keep you busy for quite some time. There are 20 campaign mode challenge cups that each consist of an average of 4-5 races. Completing said races grants you money to buy/upgrade new vehicles. As the cups progress, the difficulty will progress with you (unless you disable that feature and choose custom difficulty), and you will be required to purchase/upgrade your cars in order to compete. There are also 50 preset arcade style challenges that give you a certain vehicle and force you to do whatever the challenge is, which certainly proves to be fun. In additional there are 150 individual/customizeable races that you can complete in order to gain more money.

    3.) Post-game support

    As of this article, there are currently two DLC packs available for the game. Both can be bought through the in-game menu and provide you with new cars, new tracks, new cups, and new challenges. Also, they each include 5 achievements for your achievement hunting pleasure. The two packs are The Drift Pack and the Gymkhana pack, both costing $1.99. The only two games that offer DLC right now is Rocket Riot 3D and Reckless Racing, so it’s good to see the developers continue to support the game with post-release content even though it costs money.


    1.) Playing without a controller = “meh”

    While you can play this game with your keyboard controls, I definitely recommend using the compatible Xbox 360 controller. I did not like the controls at first with the keyboard and found the races to be a lot more difficult using the keyboard controls, almost to the point of frustration. I plugged my USB Xbox 360 controller into my laptop and was able to have much more fun and have a better experience by using this. I list this is a negative because I feel you almost NEED a controller to properly play this game and not tear your hair out, a problem for those who do not own a compatible Xbox 360 controller.

    2.) Wayyyyyy too difficult at times

    This game is pretty difficult at times, and it utilizes a scaling difficulty method as default in which the difficulty rises the more you win and the more upgrades you apply to your car. This is actually a pretty interesting model, but I for one just found the scaling to be a little too proportionate. Too many times I found myself getting blown out by the AI even during the first few cups. I wasn’t even positive if you could change the way the difficulty scaled, but after some digging, found that you can toggle off the scaling difficulty and put a set difficulty. I found this method to be much better, and I wish I was not forced into the scaling difficulty from the get go and forced to search how to change it. I can only imagine how many people got annoyed at the difficulty and just stopped playing the game.

    3.) Quantity does not equal quality

    While I applauded the amount of content in this game in the positives section I also feel like the amount of content also can be a negative. With so much content, some of the races start to repeat and get a little bit stale. There are only a certain amount of race tracks, and the game gets to a point where it uses the same tracks, and just switches the direction you race the track in, or changes some minor aspects of the track. While this freshens it up a little bit, there is just so much content that I can only play the game for spurs at a time before getting a little bored.

    Final Opinion: Buy It

    With the amount of content, a good replayability factor, multiplayer modes, and achievements to strive for I have definitely enjoyed my time with this game and continue to enjoy my time with it. The negatives were more on the side of nitpicking for me and should not keep you from owning this game, especially when they run a sale price on it.