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    Did you like Red Alert 3 on the Xbox 360 (Or perhaps the superb PS3 version)? Well if you bought Commander's Challenge than that's probably a yes. The second half of the dismal expansion pack for RA3 on the PC: Uprising, Commander's Challenge tests your Commandering and Conquering across 50 different levels varying in difficulty.

    As I mentioned, Commander's Challenge was originally part of the Uprising expansion pack for Red Alert 3 on the PC. The ex-pack wasn't very good, but the Commander's Challenge mode was well received, playing similarly to "Kane's Challenge" in Kane's Wrath on 360 (which played like "Generals Challenge" in C&C Generals: Zero Hour). Releasing it on it's own (at the fair price of 10 bones) doesn't do it any harm, since there is really no story to find: just a solid test of skill for C&C fans.

    You can take on 50 different challenges with any of the three factions: the Allies, Soviets, or Rising Sun. You only start with about 60% of your faction's units, and you unlock more units as you beat more missions, encouraging replays of earlier missions later on for better times and leaderboard positions. Some units not seen in Red Alert 3 (such as the Mortar Cycle and Steel Ronin) debut here was well. Oddly enough, there are no other modes besides the challenge mode: no skirmish or online play in this package. The Co-op mode introduced in RA3 is also missing.

    One new addition is the "Red Alert button," that usually appears at random, but most commonly when you're getting your ass kicked. Trigger this bad boy, and all your units receive top rank (usually resulting in higher firepower and regeneration), and you get a major cash boost (accumulated from earlier mission victories, up to $50,000). It's a great way to turn the tide of battle, and usually results in victory, but be warned: your mission completion time will be a laughable 59:99 minutes if you use it. So if you are going for par times, you gotta play it straight.

    Speaking of par times, that's pretty much where the achievements come in. If you beat all 50 levels, that's a good chunk of the chievos right there. If you do all 50 levels under par time, that's moreorless the rest of them. Good luck with that though, as some of the later levels (commonly the ones where the AI's gang up on you) get really tough. The remaining achievements focus on specific levels, one being where you must eliminate all comically over-sized bears on the map. Yep, this game still has that Red Alert "over the top-ness" we love or hate.

    Like I said, if you liked Red Alert 3 on the consoles, you probably own this already. It's more of the same, for better or worse. Nothing in terms of gameplay has been added or removed, but some modes are curiously absent. But for $10, C&C fans who don't mind console controls and love a challenge will dig it.
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    tractakidliking the negative feedback! >_>
    Posted by tractakid on 08 Aug 10 at 21:20
    Casual VeraUprising is a standalone!
    Posted by Casual Vera on 02 Sep 10 at 09:42
    It was? I swear it was an expansion pack that was digital download only.
    Posted on 02 Sep 10 at 18:37