1. Red Bow Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

Hello to all, my name is JeroenRos and welcome to the first walkthrough written by me. By following this walkthrough you can expect to have another 1000G added to your gamertag within an hour!

This game, Red Bow, has been developed by Stranga and has been published by Ratalaika Games. It follows the trend of Ratalaika-games of being a relatively simple completion in a short amount of time.

Red Bow has three different endings that we will achieve in two separate playthroughs by saving our game at specific moments. The playthrough will be used to make all the good choices to play towards the ‘good ending’ and the ‘better ending’ while also collecting the majority of missable achievements. In the second playthrough, we will grab a few achievements which we could not unlock during our first playthrough as those are related to the ‘bad ending’. I will do my best to stay consequent on mentioning locations in cursive and items in bold writing. Any action that you will have to take will be listed with as bullet points.

This guide will be written mostly in short bullet points on what to do. The storyline will not be described in this walkthrough. If you want to get into the story, feel free to play through the game and read all dialogue with NPCs before using this walkthrough. If not, feel free to mash cn_B (which I recommend, as mashing cn_A might start the dialogue a second time) to go through each dialogue as fast as possible. In one particular case, this can even make you miss an achievement. But no worries, this point will be well addressed in the walkthrough!

Make sure that you follow this walkthrough as plenty of achievements are missable. However, completing a new playthrough because you missed one or two achievements will not cost you more than half an hour! :)

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