4. Red Bow Playthrough 2 (the bad ending)Update notes

Chapter 1 (The Bad Ending)


Once more, pick your preferred language. This time we will not be selecting ‘Continue’ but we will select a ‘New Game’. As you should be familiar with the game, this playthrough will be written in a much shorter manner.


  • Interact with the door to leave your bedroom.
  • Head to the bookshelf and interact with it to obtain a Door Key.
  • Use this Door Key on the door on the right side of the living room and leave the house.
  • Walk upwards on the foggy road and interact with Kubi. Mash through the dialogue.
  • Take the path on the left side and walk towards Akira’s house. Interact with the window and the door, after which you will head back to the foggy road. This causes the door to unlock.
  • Walk back towards the house and interact with the door. Mash through the dialogue with Akira that automatically starts when entering the house.
  • After the conversation, leave the house and head back to the foggy road towards Kubi.
  • When facing the pile of debris, select Pendant from your inventory which will start a conversation between you and Kubi. This will end the first chapter as you will wake up in your bedroom once more, while also unlocking another achievement:




Chapter 2 (The Bad Ending)


  • Interact with the door to leave your bedroom. Walk to the left and interact with the back door to enter the street.
  • After the cutscene, interact with the fireworks on the left to obtain F.Crackers.
  • Head inside the shop and the phone will ring. Mash through the dialogue.
  • After the phone call, head to the top right of the floor and interact with the step ladder. This allows you to grab the Lighter by interacting with the shelves.
  • Head up the stairs, through the hall and through the left door.
  • Walk up to the stove and select F.Crackers from your inventory. While staying in the same position, select Lighter from your inventory to scare ‘Mr. Kitty’ once more.
  • Head back to the hall, go down the stairs and head outside. Interact with the glowing object to obtain an S.Key.
  • Head back inside, up the stairs and select S.Key from your inventory when facing the right door, being the storage room.
  • Mash through the conversation with Minikui. After this character leaves the room, interact with the toilet to obtain the M.Hole Bar.
  • Head back to the hall, walk down the stairs and go outside. Use the M.Hole Bar on the manhole in the top right of the street-area.
  • Go down the manhole to enter the sewers. Walk up and mash through the dialogue with Kokai. After the conversation, walk down, interact with the ladder and resurface. Then head back inside the shop.
  • Inside the shop, interact multiple times with the first part of the shelves you see when you enter the shop. This will add Oil to your inventory:



  • Head back outside and interact with the manhole to enter the sewers. Walk up to Kokai and instead of interacting with him, select Oil from your inventory when close to this character. A few lines of dialogue will follow.
  • Walk down the sewers and interact with the ladder to resurface. Head inside the shop, go up the stairs and enter the storage room. Start another dialogue with Minikui.
  • After Minikui leaves the room, head back to the hall and to down the stairs. Go outside and enter the sewers by interacting with the manhole. Minikui and Kokai are talking, and when you get close, you will automatically enter the conversation. Mash through this dialogue.
  • After the cutscene, select Lighter from your inventory and witness what happens when you combine oil with fire. Have a few lines of dialogue with Kokai to end the second chapter, unlocking:




Chapter 3 (The Bad Ending)


  • Interact with the door to leave your bedroom, walk left and interact with the sink to be back on the boat.
  • Walk up on the left side and interact with the glowing object named ???. This will give you an F.Rod.
  • Walk to the opposite side of the boat and use the F.Rod on the oil barrel to receive an Old Key. Head back down and enter the cabin to start a dialogue with Shojo, which will give you an L.Bar Key.
  • After mashing through the dialogue, interact with the glowing object to the right to receive E. Bottle.
  • Interact with the door and use the L.Bar Key on the red gate named hull.


At this point, it is advised to save your game once more. You will not miss an achievement by not doing so, unless you fail to follow this walkthrough for the next part.


Go down to the hull and automatically talk to Umbi.


It is important you only talk to Umbi once at this point, which is easily messed up when mashing on your controller. This is why I have suggested throughout this walkthrough that you use cn_B instead of cn_A to mash through conversations. By doing this you will not start a new one once the first dialogue has been finished.


To give some extra aid in the prevention of starting the second conversation, the last part of this first dialogue is:


*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***


  • Interact with the glowing object on the left. This will add a Crowbar to your inventory.
  • Continue to the left and head upwards to the create. Select the Crowbar from your inventory to get rid of the crate and open up the hole in the wall.
  • Go through the hole in the wall until you see the gate. Select Old Key from your inventory to open this gate.
  • Walk up to the rum barrels and select E. Bottle from your inventory, resulting in Rum.
  • Head back through the hole in the wall, past Umbi (do not talk to him anymore) and interact with the ladder.
  • Enter the cabin and walk up to Shojo. Select Rum from your inventory to give him a drink. Don’t bother talking to him! This will end the third chapter, giving you another achievement:




Chapter 4 (The Bad Ending)


As any start of the fourth chapter, you will be on the island with the lighthouse.


  • Walk upwards to the lighthouse and interact with the door to enter.
  • Mash through the dialogue that automatically starts with L. Jacket.
  • Head up, interact with the ladder and automatically start a conversation with Mumi.
  • Mash through this dialogue and wake up in your bedroom, unlocking the final achievement of this game:



I hope following this walkthrough helped you achieve another 1000G in yet another simple game published by Games published by Ratalaika Games. If you might have missed any, going through the game another time will not take more time than 15/20 minutes.


Take care, and don’t forget to thank the author! :)

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