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    Red Faction: Guerilla - Review

    I loved this game since I played the first multiplayer beta quite a while back, which honestly persuaded me to place my "Buy this game!" reminder in my mind.

    The campaign is fun, but for some reason it feels somewhat loose. It felt like the game was about to become repetitive very soon, like when you went play some of the Guerrilla Actions. Each mission simply has you destroying a ton of enemies or building and completing a small task, followed by you driving all the way across the map to escape. However, smacking the snot out of any EDF soldier dumb enough to get within ten feet of you and your sledgehammer never loses its entertainment. Along with the fact that you have the option to destroy any building in site. And making the game look like a Fallout apocalypse is a very cool sight.

    The campaign does have a bit of weakness however. Having to destroy broken scraps of metal, or completing tons of the same repetitive side-missions just to get that one upgrade you need to have can become a real drag, and having missions that require you to destroy building after building can become a very tedious process. Driving also becomes a pain, driving from one of two safe houses in each sector to complete one side mission, to go back to the safe house and do it again almost puts you to sleep. And along side that, the collectible achievements are absolutely ridiculous (ores, EDF crates, propaganda, and radio tags... really?) and just grazing the achievement list can make even the biggest achievement junkie sigh with disappointment.

    The multiplayer is still great, if not, better than the original beta, the amount of unlocks that you can earn along the way provides a long road of gameplay potential and fun. There are plenty of maps to play on with plenty of special things packed in. Such as the 16 hidden challenges or the many, many bonus experience events that you can unlock and earn. Weapon balancing is also a great thing about the online community almost equaling the balancing of Gears of War's weapons (apart from the abundant shotgun users). On top of that, Volition considered that their game may not hold up as long as they would like and foresaw their death of the online community for their game in the future, and added the very kind addition of earning experience through custom games, by means of boosting or just playing with friends.

    But things can only go so long, and the 5,000 kill achievement may seem too much of a stretch for some, but is still reasonable all the same. Earning all of the multiplayer achievements provides an easy, yet a somewhat challenging ability to the game's multiplayer.

    One major thing that does disappoint is the lack of split-screen, and the addition of the Wrecking Crew mode just doesn't provide the best experience possible for this game. In Wrecking Crew, you and up to three others blow up as much stuff as possible with the settings that are enabled. But players only go one at a time, using the same controller; not split-screen. There's almost no reason for not putting a mode in for it, they have split screen, but most people don't have two x-boxes. So why should a game with a solid multiplayer experience leave out a huge element for those without Live?


    Audio - ****
    - The explosions and gun sound effects are high quality, but the dialog is somewhat of a bore.

    Visuals - *****
    - The graphics are great explosion graphics are extremely tied in to reflect the mood the game is trying to convey.

    Playability - ****
    - Reducing building to shards and catching people inside Singularity Bombs is a hilarious thing to watch. But the same old things will bore you soon enough. And the game doesn't have much room for a second playthrough.

    Delivery - *****
    - This game brings a whole new element to the shooter franchise packaged together with a solid multiplayer experience making this game great.

    Achievements - ***
    - Most of the achievements make you test different various elements of the game. But with so many ridiculous collectible achievements, and a majority of multiplayer achievements. The list becomes overall mediocre.


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    Stealth Davidnice review mate
    Posted by Stealth David on 27 Jul 10 at 13:23
    HiradCNice review but I still remember the original red faction, which was one of my fave FPS. Don't know why they changed it to 3rd person, granted the destruction has improved but they've also removed the ability to tunnel through the walls which is disappointing.
    Posted by HiradC on 22 Jan 11 at 22:13
    Harbringernightagreed HiradC i loved tunneling through walls and floors to make escape routes for myself in RF 1+2. tho something about this game strikes a cord with me and i fell in love with it immediately. the music, graphics, destruction and "gritty" feel of the game separates it from the pack (gear, halo, COD, battlefield) which makes it all that more endearing to me. my favorite 360 game still.
    Posted by Harbringernight on 20 Feb 12 at 06:24
  • dancrozierdancrozier382,485
    30 Jun 2009 03 Oct 2010
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    Red Faction : Guerrilla is the 3rd installment of the Red faction series and the 1st to hit the next gen consoles.

    Red Faction 1 and 2 are linear 1st person shooters, this is a different take on the series as it has now evolved into a sandbox 3rd person shooter. So this may disappoint die hard red faction fans as the game play is vastly different. However 1 element is still presant, the indulgent destruction qualities in which practically anything man made, can be destroyed be either mine, rocket or the mighty sledgehammer.

    It follows on from the old uprising in the 1st games and is set a few years after these events. The EDF (Earth Defense Force) has once again quashed the old uprising and you must liberate sections to cause revolution. It is set in the future when Mars is being mined for valuable resources, but the minors who travel for the riches soon find themselves treated like slaves. I found the story didn't flow so well in this game. In the 1st red faction there was a real sense of rebellion as you went from a working minor to all out revolution. This just seems like you drive about picking up the odd friend for a bit of a rampage.

    It plays a lot like Mercenaries, though is much better in my opinion. Even the moan about the driving below is nothing compared to Mercs so if you enjoyed Mercs 2, I would defiantly pick this up.

    The buildings collapse piece by piece in the is the most realistic destruction engine I have seen. The physics of the structures collapsing are excellent and while I'm no builder, the wrecking mode demosntrated the importance of hitting structures in the right places to maximise destruction.This opens up great opportunites in the game and allows you to approach different tasks in a variety of ways. This is much needed as a lot of the missions are very similar and repetitive but I found myself overcoming this by the exploring the varying options open to you.

    Bored of taking out the enemy before destroying a key location? Then why not just grab a heavy good vehicles and try and drive straight through it? If you can get hold of a walker, even better and more destruction is to be had as you wade throgh realms of enemy forces sending them left, right and centre.Or if stealth is more your thing, creep round the back, smash down the enemies barricade and get to work with your sledgehammer. You also have mines, rockets and the immensley powerful gravity mines to assist you and appease your destuctive appetite.

    Gameplay 9/10

    Also back is one of my favourite weapons in game history, the rail gun. This awesome piece of kit allows you to see enemies through walls/ vehicles and send a penatrative blast to dispatch your enemy. It also distinguishes between comrades and enemies by highlighting enemies in red, now thats technology! In the 1st 2 games this was a vital stealth tool. In this game it is more handy to kill EDF forces in tanks before taking them as your own.

    The vehciles are good, designed for the off road terrain of mars and ones from your based are often equipped. Tanks, jeeps and EDF flyers are your enemies and would have been good if you could take control of the flyers like evey other vehicle

    Graphics 7/10
    Graphics are nice though nothing special, they hold together well when destruction is all around. No framerate problems and have to say, no gliches or any problems with the solo or multiplayer game. Well made, well tested

    I don't think this should have been a sandbox 1st person shooter game though. Apart from the obvious destructive fun to be had I felt the elements worked better in a 1st person shooter as it provided hidden and secret routes. In this game you blast a whole in the wall when you could have just walked around the side and I felt a bit of the magic was lost. Which leads me onto the negatives

    The driving can be a real pain. Maybe this is the result of sandbox games? We crave for games where you can go anywhere, do anything and be realistic but then it becomes a bore when we actually have to get somewhere we wanna be in a short amount of time. Even so, check points at the end of the driving would have been handy and not left me cursing, do I really have to do that again? I also didn't like how you where superhuman when changing vehicles, you can stay alive with the might of the EDF on your back just by switching to a new vehicle, this will recharge your health until thats vehicles destroyed so you could easily stay alive by vehicle hopping.

    The AI was not brilliant, other then the odd dive out of the way when faced with instant death the EDF forces showed little regard for their own life. Even when your a know fugitive, they would leave you alone at odd points and then seem to attack you randomly.

    Replayability 8/10
    I love the online multiplayer. The maps and modes are good and a lot of scope to play in different ways. You can sniper effectively, plenty of tall towers to hide and you can use stealth back packs to really help. Be warned though while doing this someone blew up the tower I was in and sent me crashing to the ground to be picked off by his hammer, much to my delight! you can also carve yourself little holes and hide though this won't utilise the varying back packs on offer which give you either speed,levitation, stealth, power and vision to name a few. A well balance mulitplayer with lots of fun and this should keep you playing the game fro a while.

    Acheasement rating 7/10,
    plenty of stry achievements and a few harder ones to get your teeth into. Pretty standard sandbox stuff with story completion, collectable and multplayer kill achievements. Certainly not an easy list by anymeans but currently has good ratios and most of them aren't hard, jsut time consuming. However, get pro on all transporter times? I didn't get pro on any!

    All in all good stuff and much pleasure to be had, I really enjoyed this game. A buy rather then rent I say to get the most out of it and the best new multiplayer I've experienced in 2009

  • HelmarocHelmaroc140,165
    16 Apr 2010 14 Sep 2011
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    Who doesn't like to destroy things? Just wathing something smash into tiny pices just makes you excited. If you wish you could do such athing withou any consequences, this is the game for you. Almost everything you wthink would be desturcuctible is. But is all this desturction goodness just there to mask other problems.

    You play as Alec Mason. He is a miner sent from Earth to Mars. When he gets there, he sees how the planet is being controlled by the Earth Defence Force (EDF). He's met by his brother Dan, who is part of a group called the Red Faction, who want to rid the planet of the EDF. A short while later, though, Dan is murdered by the EDF. Alec unwillingly joins the Red Faction because of this. You are tasked to liberate six sectors of the EDF before you can finsih them off once and for all.

    I'd say the story isn't too bad. There are a few twists later on but it never becomes that interesting. It's really just an incentive to destroy things and kill EDF soldiers, which is good enough for me.

    There are 3 modes in Guerilla: the single player, multiplayer and the "destroy-everything-in-site" mode called Wrecking Crew. First, the single player. You start off by selecting one of four difficulties. Pretty much all of them are hard except for the easiest, so I'd recommend that for your first go. There isn't much incentive to try the harder difficulties anyways, as there are no achievements pertaining to the difficulty. There are 20 story missions and 104 side missions for you to complete, though you obviously don't have to do every side mission. Your basic goal is to lower the EDF control, raise the population's morale and complete a few story missions in each sector. Once done, a final story mission for the sector will appear, which will completely liberate it. After that, you can move on to the next sector. The story missions vary on what you are supposed to do, but the side missions only come in 9 flavours, ranging from "take this vehicle from point A to point B" to "destroy this structure using only these weapons". They kind of get repetitive, but they're different in enough ways to not be teeth-grinding. Overall, the single player is a fun journey. The time it takes to complete depends on how many side missions you want to complete. Rushing through the game will take around 8 hours.

    Now for multiplayer. I didn't find it that engrossing, but that might be different for some other people. Like every game nowadays, you gain experience, level up and gain new insignias. There is alot of unlocks though, which makes you feel like you're constantly accomplishing something. There aren't many modes, which is slightly disappointing. There's only really two that stand out. The first is called Demolition, where one person on each team is set as the Destroyer. They must destroy as much as they can to rank up points. If they die, another Destroyer is named. The other is Siege, where one team must protect various buildings while the other team tries to destroy them. Once the time is up, or the buildings are destroyed, the roles switch. Other than that, there's just deathmatch, team deathmatch, capture the flag and king of the hill.

    Finally, there's Wrecking Crew. There are various modes in which you must destroy certain targets in slightly different ways. One scatters explosive barrels around the map that you must shoot, while another just makes you destroy them in any way you want. This mode is menat as an offline multiplayer mode, though it can be played by yourself. There are various rounds and whoever gets the most points wins. It's a fun diversion, and is good for you destruction freaks.

    So, the single player and Wrecking Crew are quite fun but the multiplayer feels like an afterthought. It can be fun sometimes though.

    Basically you are allowed to carry three weapons and a sledgehammer. The weapons range from simple shotguns and machine guns to a rifle that basically melts anything and a ginormous rocket launcher. The shooting mechanics feels tight, which is always a good thing. But you'll probably be using your sledgehammer most of the time. It's the most fun to destroy buildings with and it's always a good feeling to smash a soldier with it. There's a horizontal and vertical swing, which helps sometimes when destroying buildings.

    Besides shooting and swinging, there is a bunch of driving. There are many vehicles to drive, varying in strength and speed. Most of the time the driving is smooth, but I've had times where the vehicles refuses to turn, or goes backwards while I'm holding the acceleration button. It doesn't happen a lot, but it can still be kind of irritating. I do wish you could fly planes though, as the open world is pretty large and it isn't very fun to drive long distances.

    One touch I do like is that you can choose the point you want to drive to and the game will give you a nice trail to drive along, cutting a huge amount of frustration that would result in trying to figure out where you are supposed to go.

    Overall, the gameplay is tight and smooth, though there are some driving issues and the lack of flying is kind of disappointing.

    The first thing you will notice is how AMAZING the destruction looks. It just looks so damn realistic. You will constantly be awed. There are a few times, though, where a building will be standing on one flimsy little steel bar, but it's expected that there would be at least a few flaws in even the most amazing engines.

    Other than that, the game isn't that amazing looking. Most of the time, you'll be looking at rocks, rocks and more rocks. Everything just looks so similar. They were nice enough to change how each sector looks though, which makes easier to identify where you are. But can you really blame them? How are you supposed to make Mars look varied. The characters aren't particularly detailed either. I've also had it where the frame rate drops when there's a lot of action going on, but this doesn't happen too many times.

    As for sound, the voice acting is pretty good, but there's isn't much music, which makes it all the more boring to drive around. There is also various voice samples that are repeated too many times.

    So, while the destruction looks absolutely amazing, the rest of the game's presentation doesn't stand up too well.

    Overall, I had a blast with the game. Destroying things was always fun, and I had fun throughout the campaign. Unfortunately, the multiplayer just wasn't that great and the environment looked pretty bland. But if you like destruction, as I do, I would easily recommend this game.

    From an entertainment standpoint, I'd give this game an easy 5/5. But from a critical standpoint, I can only give it a 4/5.
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    16 Oct 2010
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    Alec Mason. The name just sounds generic. It pretty much personifies just about everything this game has to offer. I wasn't sure I was going to do this review. I tried playing the game for a few minutes and wasn't captivated with it. I gave it another shot and found it be a passable experience.

    Back to the task. You are Alec Mason, brother of Dan Mason, a member of Red Faction. You arrive on Mars to start a new life. Dan teaches you how to blow stuff up and break stuff with the signature Red Faction sledgehammer. Well, you knock down a couple buildings you aren't supposed to and next thing you know, the EDF (Earth Defense Force) are on your ass. Dan gets gunned down by EDF, Red Faction members launch an attack, and you become the reluctant war hero who will unite two factions and lead them to victory against the oppressive EDF. It's about as cliché as it gets. I don't care about our protagonist, the Red Faction, EDF, or the planet because it’s all so damn bland and uninteresting.

    The game takes place exclusively outdoors on Mars. That means, aside from buildings, the entire landscape is a nice dull reddish brown with the obligatory night and snow areas thrown in. The cutscenes feature rudimentary graphics and robotic voice acting by today's standards. Aside from the pretty explosions, the in-game graphics are serviceable. All of the NPC's, Red Faction and EDF look alike, respectively. Cardboard cutout Red Faction slaughtering the cardboard cutout EDF and you can see why it’s tough to get emotionally invested in the fight for Mars.

    Volition created the Geo-Mod 2.0 system that allows players to alter/destroy the environment. In switching from a first person shooter to a third person shooter so that the player can enjoy the visuals of building destruction, maybe Volition could've focused on creating a more engaging story and setting. Demolishing said buildings are rather impressive, but Red Faction can't survive on that novelty alone.

    Red Faction provides you with an "open world" where you can take the time to do various side missions or progress through the story. The problem is, at times, it isn't very open. I slogged through each mission, freeing up one zone at a time, taking the time to do forced side missions to progress through the story. Each zone has a level of EDF "control" and Red Faction morale. As you destroy high value targets or complete side missions and regular missions, EDF's control lessens. If you lower their control enough, you unlock the next story mission. So, while there are plenty of side missions to tackle on your own pace, why am I forced to do side missions just to unlock regular missions to progress? Why aren't there just more regular missions? Where is the reward in that? Games like GTAIV, Red Dead Redemption, even Mercenaries 2 let you tackle any mission available to you, however and whenever you wanted. That's the beauty of an open world environment. You can of course, unlock achievements for completing all side missions even after beating the game, but I can't be bothered to attempt that chore.

    You should breeze through the campaign until you get to the last zone where the difficulty spikes significantly. The enemy AI is elementary and they don't get any smarter. Someone throws open the door to the monster closet and they come equipped with much better weapons. Otherwise they still stand around while you run right up to a group of three and smash them with your hammer. The pinnacle of the difficulty has to be when you are ready to storm the EDF's last stronghold in a snowy mountain range with a tank that seems like it’s made out of aluminum. Your target is EDF's top general and the super weapon they possess. EDF are all using the best available weapons in the game and come in infinite waves of vehicles. You finally crest the peak of the mountain stronghold, by then I'd lost my tank, having sprinted probably 1/4 of the way up the mountain. I steal a rail gun, the best weapon in the game only available on this final mission. As I turn a corner, I see a tank coming towards me. I scope in with the rail gun. It has the ability to see through anything and outline the enemy. I take two shots at the driver of the tank and rail him. "That's it, General is dead!" That's it? No classic boss fight. No edge of your seat final scene featuring good versus evil with good (or evil) prevailing by the skin of your teeth? That's par for the course when it comes to this game. After beating the game, you can clean up certain missions, but if you missed out on achievements related to killing EDF or destroying their property, you'll have to start a new game and make sure you do it all before the final mission since you'll have removed their presence from Mars.

    The multiplayer has a small community with enough people playing that you shouldn't have a hard time joining a game or two during peak playtimes, but you'll likely only play the Anarchy modes (deathmatch). As of this writing, I was never able to get into a Siege or Wrecking Crew game. I will admit, the multiplayer harkened back to days playing Quake. Games are quick and fun once you get the hang of using the different backpack upgrades like jetpacks, concussion, healing, or my favorite Rhino. You charge forward through walls and if you hit an opponent, you'll likely kill him. Weapons are your standard fair. I found the Arc Welder to be a great weapon to use on multiple enemies. Rockets and rail guns are king. If you don't get to them first, you'll likely play from behind most of the map. The singularity bomb is the showcase. Maybe not the most useful because of its timer, but if you plant one, it creates a vortex destroying buildings and sucking in players only to kill them with an explosion. Taking its cue from every shooter that comes out now; you can rank up, unlocking icon graphics, character skins, and melee weapons. I can say I've never been beaten down by an ostrich until Red Faction Guerrilla.

    The achievement list features your standard fare of single and multiplayer achievements. Destroy these, blow up that, beat these missions, collect lots of stuff. Multiplayer will almost certainly require boosting now if you want to get a full 1000 GS. There aren't enough people playing to play the game modes that require more than six people to play deathmatch. Again, to note, if you complete the game before finishing achievements related to EDF, you'll have to start them all over in a new game, such as, destroying propaganda or destroying 1 billion credits worth of EDF property.

    I like explosions and the idea of destroying just about anything in a game just as much as anyone. It doesn't keep me entertained for the long haul when that is the only high point of a game that is mediocre in just about every other aspect. I just had no urge to go back for more. Multiplayer is a decent distraction, but it doesn't have anything over the top dogs on the market. As Mason states at the end, EDF will be back. If they come back, I hope they bring more a more creative and compelling game with them.

    I would actually rate this game a 2.5 but since that is not an option on this site, I would round it down to a 2.
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    Main Story

    A man named Alex Mason comes on mars with a Faction of people but the EDF come and want to try aand kill you but you are stronger than them because you have lots of cool vechicles and weapons to stop them from taking over mars and there are over 50 missions to do plus this game is a full on destruction game so that means everthing is destructable so its a pretty cool game if you like buidings falling down all the time and really cool weapon that can disenagrate the EDF then i reccomend this game

    Top 3 easy Achievments

    Welcoming Committee (10)
    Complete Tutorial

    Doozer (multiplayer) (5)
    Reconstructe a Damage control target

    Just the Begining (multiplayer) (5)
    Won a Matchmaking match
  • x RAF Boy xx RAF Boy x118,488
    29 Jun 2009 30 Jun 2009
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    This is truly a WICKED game, it has got Brilliant Grahpics, Brilliant Game play, Brilliant Lasting playability, Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant EVERYTHING!

    The game took approx 45 Hours to complete (All side missions, Killing things and just 100%ing the game, For £45, $90 its about £1, $2 per an hour! (Not including the Xbox360 obviously) but If you include the on-line. then your talking about 80, possibly up to 180 hours of play, that's 25p, $0.50 per an hour! its really worth getting this game!

    The games main problem is its competitive side,
    There are about 101 side missions,
    20 odd are races, 20 odd are explosion challenges and there are about 64 types where you kill as many of the enemy's as you can and blow things up.
    Its the type of game, that you'll play for ages, get bored, put away for 3 months and think, "I fancy knocking people to the other side of the world with a big ass hammer!" at that point you'll play it for possibly another 30 hours.

    Playability 9/10
    Play Time Per The Cost 9/10
    Graphics 9/10
    Ideas 10/10
    Lasting Playability 6/10
    Fun (We All Know That Buying Games, It HAS to be FUN!) 10/10
    Total Evaluation 7.1/10

    The Main Thing Is....
    Whatever anyone ever tells you, that this game is rubbish or what ever, 1st ask them if they have ACTUALLY GOT THE GAME! if not tell them to say not another word, if so tell them to go see a shrink.
  • LessrOf2WeevilsLessrOf2Weevils84,597
    17 Oct 2010
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    Red Faction is a third person, sandbox, shooter where you play Alec Mason, a miner in the future who joins his brother on Mars. Things go bad pretty quick as Mars is run by corrupt conglomerates (are there any other kind) and the military who descend upon the brothers suspecting them of being in the Free Mars rebel group. Well, needless to say the brother gets killed and Alec is left with the motivation necessary to take it to the Mars overlords.

    The hook of Red Faction is that it lets you run amoke with the ability to completely flatten almost every structure in the game and, quite frankly, that turns out to be a hell of a lot of fun. The down side is that the price of having fully destructable environments is that those same environments are pretty drab and uninspired. There's nothing of that feeling of being sucked in and wowed by the world that you get from a game like Farcry 2 or Grand Theft Auto IV (review pending). Similarly, the story and characters also lack any spark of life that might actually make you care about them.

    That all said, the gameplay is a hoot. Besides blowing stuff up but good (you are provided with a heady arsenal of goodies for this), the combat is fast paced, varied, and satisfying. As is typical of a sandbox game, you are provided with numerous missions that you get to choose from and there is enough variety and challenge in those missions to keep the game fun right through to the end. Because of my lack of investment in the story, getting to that end is less satisfying than it otherwise would be, but the ride is a fun one.

    The surprise for me in this game was its multiplayer, something I normally am not that attracted to, but here ended up eating a significant amount of my time. There is a great collection of different game types, taking full advantage of the destructable environments, and there is a wonderfull variety in the maps, ranging from close and personal to large and sprawling. Besides the sheer variety of weapons, things are spiced up even further with backpacks that bestow abilities upon the wearer: jetpacks, cloaking, damage boost, speed, etc. The end result is a face paced, multiplayer, package in which I find a heck of a lot more play value than games like Gears of War or Halo.

    Story: 3
    Interface: 4
    Game Play: 4
    Challenge: 4
    Fun: 4

    Overall: 8.5/10
    01 Apr 2010 01 Apr 2010
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  • Matt SeibertMatt Seibert37,437
    20 Jun 2009 11 Jul 2009
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    Ok, now your reading this because your intrested in this game. This game is really, really good. The multiplayer is really good and very balanced, all though i do wish there werent so many gametype-specific maps. The singleplayer is really good too. The game is a bit lite on the actually story but makes up for it with awesome gameplay. Some people say that the side missions are repetitive, i say only some are. the car delivery and riding shotgun for jenkins missions are pretty lame but the edf and gurreilla ausaults are really fun. The biggest problem I had with this game was the amount of "salvage" needed to buy some of the upgrades. for most of the upgrades it seems that the developers make you have to go and mine the ore. I dont know its now that big of a deal though.
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    8 16 4

    This game is pretty easy to complete.There isn't really any point in chosing average or hard difficulty (there isn't any reward exept some cheats).The story line is.. ok I guess.This is a sandbox action game (like GTA IV) so there is a lot of mars surface to run around wild on.The libiration mission aren't the best missions because you would expect them to be hard and they a suprisingly easy.Look on the bright side of these missions though,you get an achievement worth 10-20-30-40-50 in that order when sectors are libirated.Like all good sandbox games there are hidden coletables to find in the game.In this game there is 36 radio tags to find and for every 3 you are given the location of a M.O.A.B. (or Mother Of All Bombs) which is like a 1000lbs of explosives in the 1 little bomb.


    The story isn't the worst ever story but it's just not that good.Alec Mason (the guy you play) comes fron earth looking for a fresh start (never herd that starting in a game beforelaugh).As you get of the spaceship thing you meet your brother Dan Mason.He helps you do a tutorial mission,then gets ripped to peices by a chaingun.VOLITION STUDIOS HAVE PUT GREAT GRAPICS INTO DAN'S DEAD BODY,THERE ISN'T EVEN BULLET HOLE OR WONDS IN HIM.Any way he's dead so you join the Red Faction to destroy the EDF (Earth Defence Force) for revenge.There is another army called the Muruders which are cripie guys in suits who you steel a fancie device called a Nano Forge (which reminds me I have to find my iPod later).The Nano Froge when put into a gun can melte walls,cars even people.


    The xbox live play is craper than crap.With kills ocasional and backpacks like perks only craper (i'm not sure if craper is a word).The thing I hate wost about it is the leveling up system.It isn't explained very well and for some reason when every I go onto matchmaking it always tells me I'm the host and I can't chose the starting gun or map!!!!!! WTF MAN!!!.The only good thing I will say about this games online capabilities is the matchmaking system is better than Gears Of War 2's.


    I way not like the Xbox live or the story very much but the destruction is amazing.The destruction is so good i'll compare it to other games
  • GumbaliciousDefGumbaliciousDef161,779
    03 Jun 2009
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    This game is a ton of fun!!! It has great gameplay with tight controls both in vehicle and in combat, an insane multiplayer, and the destruction....oh man the destruction..... is amazing!!! Plus the wrecking crew mode is extremely addictive. Another great feature they added was the Left 4 Dead style achievement tracking system which is really great and I wish more games had this. Also the map setup is really nice with the way you can zoom in and out and set waypoint for your next objective. I can see myself playing this for a long time even though there are many more great games coming out soon.