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    Posted on 30 June 10 at 00:54
    Please use this thread to discuss the Red Faction Guerrilla walkthrough
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    Posted on 09 July 10 at 13:14
    My original estimate of two weeks was hilariously optimistic. Also I am moving in two weeks so it will be a while. I'm almost done with the multiplayer part though.
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    You live up to your Gamertag sir! smile
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    Looking for new owner, please post if interested!
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    I'd be willing to contribute as an editor to finish this walkthrough.
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    ill take up the ownership of this toast
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    Skeptical Mario said:
    My original estimate of two weeks was hilariously optimistic. Also I am moving in two weeks so it will be a while. I'm almost done with the multiplayer part though.
    lol 3 and a bit years later...
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    Looking for a new owner. Some work done.

    If interested, post in this thread or PM me or thirtysmooth
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    Is this going to be finished any time soon. Not that I want It rushed etc but it is going to be free soon.
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    Well it is free starting today
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    any news on who is currently working on this?
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    Posted on 03 January 15 at 22:02, Edited on 03 January 15 at 23:47 by No 1 Richy
    A brief single player summary for those that are after all the single player achievements.

    Things you wished you knew in advance

    1. You can play this at any difficulty, there is no related achivement. There are 104 side missions, or 'guerrilla actions' as they call it - a certain number have to be played during the campaign, but they can also be played after the main campaign as well. This goes for the other achievements such as transporter, demolitions master, supply line and some of them can't actually be attained until after the campaign anyway, so basically don't worry about getting achievements before the main campaign is complete. Once a zone has been liberated, side missions are temporarily locked in that zone until campaign completion. However when you have finished the game the difficulty is increased (the game tells you so), so I'd just play it at normal difficulty to start with (as I did).

    2. You start of in Parker, that little area to the south of the map that appears to have been visited already is where your brother taught you how to use the sledgehammer, you can't reach it, there is no hidden treasure here or anything, you can ignore it and relax.

    3. Have a ball whilst in Parker - it's actually quite a small area, and you need to learn the gameplay mechanics so don't fret about anything - work out what the hell is going on first. The moment you leave Parker is the moment you need to knuckle down with maps and collectibles.

    3. Don't sweat about raising the morale to 100% as you go along - guerrilla actions score a lot of morale, I would say it's almost impossible to not get this achivement at a normal difficulty if you are going for single player achievements. Morale can be increased after the single player campaign has finished, which is why there is no real issue.

    4. The game unlocks like this: Parker, Dust, Badlands, Oasis, Free Fire Zone, EOS, Badlands irradiated zone, Vogal Mountain.

    5. Weapons and upgrades: Once you have the nano forge, upgrade this as soon as possible. It's key for distingrating things, and will take down a flyer in 2 shots. Also there is a fast warp upgrade available, which makes moving around the map a less painful affair. Detonation charges, the arc, the nano forge - this should be your load-out 95% of the time, once you've unlocked them.

    6. Collectibles: Radio tags and Ore locations are precise - there are exactly 36 radio tags, and exactly 300 ore locations. There is in excess of 250 supply crates in the game, probably nearer 300 so these are not as critical. The only 'environment' respawns in the game are the propoganda instances, so there is no need to worry about these so much either.

    7. When you enter the Badlands for the first time there is a nice high-value target there - a EDF bridge. Do yourself a favour and don't blow it up, it will come back once the game is complete but you will make life much harder for yourself. You have been warned!

    I emphasise this strongly - many people have good solutions for certain achievements but they do not need to be ground out if you are going for "Red Dawn" eg, complete the campaign, and "Revolutionary", which is play all the side missions in the game (which can be done during and after the campaign). Yes, you may end up stuck on 47/50 flyers or something, so fine, go and replay a side mission as per the achievement guide, but don't waste time repeating missions when it should drop out naturally anyway!


    Red Faction: GuerrillaLost MemoriesThe Lost Memories achievement in Red Faction: Guerrilla worth 135 pointsLocate all missing radio tags.
    Red Faction: GuerrillaWorking the LandThe Working the Land achievement in Red Faction: Guerrilla worth 167 pointsMine all ore locations.
    Once leaving Parker for the first time, go back to Parker and do a 100% for radio tags and ore. I found some reasonable maps here for this purpose:
    If you've been keeping check, once you have cleaned out Parker, Dust, Badlands, Oasis, Free Fire and EOS zones, you should have 29/36 radio tags and 289/300 ore locations - the remaining 11 ore locations and 3 more tags are in the irradiated badlands zone which is accessed once you've finished EOS. The final 3 tags are on Mount Vogal. Collect the last of these 3 tags once the campaign has finished - it's not really accessible before that point. It's important to collect ore as you go along as upgrades need to be paid for (there is a very early upgrade for getting 6 scrap per ore rather than 3 so make sure this is amongst the first things you buy).
    Red Faction: GuerrillaBroken Supply LineThe Broken Supply Line achievement in Red Faction: Guerrilla worth 30 pointsDestroy 250 EDF supply crates.
    Red Faction: GuerrillaFree Your MindThe Free Your Mind achievement in Red Faction: Guerrilla worth 88 pointsDestroy all instances of propaganda.
    Propoganda is any billboard stuck up on a pole, and in EOS sometimes a billboard in a cliff recess. Run them down, shoot them with the nano forge, easy stuff. It's first reasonably attainable in EOS where there are many, many propogandas (that will eventually respawn). With supply crates, the trick here is that if you are raiding the EDF, clean out an area entirely. If you find yourself going back to just hit one crate, you are inviting the EDF to shoot at you and put them on alert - a poor trade off. I realised that there were over 250 crates when up Mount Vogal, and I hadn't even done 50% of the side missions, so easily attainable.
    Red Faction: GuerrillaDisaster AreaThe Disaster Area achievement in Red Faction: Guerrilla worth 100 pointsDestroy 1 billion credits worth of EDF property.
    This should drop out naturally, I was about 70% of the way there after a campaing play through with less than 50% of the side missions. However, if you have played them all and you are short there are some good tips on the achievement page.
    Red Faction: GuerrillaFreed SpaceThe Freed Space achievement in Red Faction: Guerrilla worth 24 pointsDestroy 50 EDF flyers.
    This dropped out natrually, but it isn't straight-forward. You don't get a lot of flyers until EOS, when you play EOS side missions you need to pay attention to the air and you need the nano forge+upgrade. However, if you have played them all and you are short there are some good tips on the achievement page.
    Red Faction: GuerrillaRed DawnThe Red Dawn achievement in Red Faction: Guerrilla worth 185 pointsLiberate Mars.
    This achievement is for the final mission, and you start off in a tank. A lot of people seem to have problems with this - there are two weapons modes, left trigger for a cluster of missiles, and right trigger for one missile. Ignore the left trigger it's worthless, it overheats the turret very quickly. Just keep on moving the tank and aiming in the distance using the right trigger only, you'll soon get the knack of it.
    Red Faction: GuerrillaPower to the PeopleThe Power to the People achievement in Red Faction: Guerrilla worth 17 pointsRaise the Morale of 3 sectors to 100%.
    A propoganda is worth +5% morale, and killing sprees give you morale as well. A killing spree of 6 will give you +6% morale. You won't have to try hard to get this, ignore Parker though, EOS and Mount Vogal are the easiest by far, and with the side missions it really is a breeze.
    Red Faction: GuerrillaWarp SpeedThe Warp Speed achievement in Red Faction: Guerrilla worth 117 pointsBeat all Transporter Pro times.
    A very annoying achievement where short-cuts must be taken to attain the target time. Sometimes as simple as launching yourself backwards from the start, to a very lengthy 8 minute pro time on the last transporter (which you will do after completing the campaign as it is up Mount Vogal and you will be in a mission until campaign is complete). There is a guy on youtube called "Fader Tan" that has made some videos, often it is all about just one or two shortcuts, here is the longest one for you though: Patience will be required. I recommend doing these as they come along as doing all 20 at the end will be sould destroying. If I recall when you comlete a zone any transporters you miss become hi-lighted, thought I may be imaging that now after the event.
    Red Faction: GuerrillaGot Any Fingers Left?The Got Any Fingers Left? achievement in Red Faction: Guerrilla worth 75 pointsBeat all Pro times in Demolitions Master.
    Can be completed before the campagin has finished. This requires an element of luck, especially for the "blind barrel whack-a-mole", well you'll know what I mean when you get there ;) Mostly quite easy to fathom out, but if you can't youtube will be your friend. What I mean is that it's quite good fun to try 3 or 4 times and if you still haven't got it, do the obvious and youtube.
    Red Faction: GuerrillaClean and Righteous!The Clean and Righteous! achievement in Red Faction: Guerrilla worth 24 pointsDestroy 5 High Importance targets.
    Red Faction: GuerrillaTank BusterThe Tank Buster achievement in Red Faction: Guerrilla worth 15 pointsBlow up 100 small hydrogen tanks.
    Red Faction: GuerrillaBest Friends ForeverThe Best Friends Forever achievement in Red Faction: Guerrilla worth 16 pointsKill 100 EDF with the sledgehammer during the Campaign.
    Red Faction: GuerrillaOne Man ArmyThe One Man Army achievement in Red Faction: Guerrilla worth 36 pointsComplete 25 killing sprees during the Campaign.
    Nothing to say about these as they will drop out natrually for you, the main thing during the game is to stun the enemy with one shot of the arc gun and then melee them with it. Quick, efficient, but it isn't the hammer! Use the hammer often early on in the game, then you can revert to the more useful arc/melee attack later.
    Red Faction: GuerrillaRevolutionaryThe Revolutionary achievement in Red Faction: Guerrilla worth 203 pointsComplete all Guerrilla Actions.
    Red Faction: GuerrillaFreedom FighterThe Freedom Fighter achievement in Red Faction: Guerrilla worth 33 pointsComplete 50 Guerrilla Actions.
    Red Faction: GuerrillaGuerrillaThe Guerrilla achievement in Red Faction: Guerrilla worth 16 pointsComplete 25 Guerrilla Actions.
    Never mind the 25 and 50 achievements - the 104 one is a bitch! A lot of people on the guide talk about this Jenkins interception thing - ignore it. First of all concentrate on all the actions that are light-green, they have not been completed yet (you can fail and retry, it's fine). This will take care of most of the actions.
    Interceptions, convoys (destory or capture) and EDF assaults. EDF assaults will trigger when you are near to where an assault will take place, so no real drama there. The locations are well-described on the achievement page already. Interceptions and convoys however do not have a guaranteed way of triggering them. Most people get up around the 100 mark and then have problems (for reference, I finished with Jenkins entirely by about side mission 70 which is why I know it's a load of guff, you just haven't finished any one of the 104 yet if you are missing one, the problem is which one, the game helpfully doesn't tell you which missions you have completed, argh!) Also I think the triggering is highly mis-understood. I don't think there is such a thing as a 'radio' for each sector. More like, when you are near a trigger point you can trigger randomly one of these missions (which makes sense to me as I tirggered on mount vogal and there is no way you could have made the convoy in oasis in time).
    However I did discover a reasonable strategy, and that is to loiter near the gas station NE of dust, where dust joins badlands, and also towards the SW of dust. Slowly drive around between the two. When I screwed it up, sometimes I could get it to trigger again within minutes, sometimes it took 15 minutes (argh!) but I always would get a convoy mission eventually. Dust also has an advantage of being relatively in the middle of the world map, I was always able to reach a mission from there.
    Finally, load-out. After completing the campaign and the difficulty going up, a lot of soldiers are now three-hits for the melee kill (dressed like storm troopers) but some of the convoys have two tanks in them. I had to swap the arc gun for thermobaric rockets, but I ended up creaming myself a few times as they like to be fired at a big open space, and not when peering over the edge of a rock outcrop. However, they do mash-up a convoy nice and quick.
    Heavy Metal. There were a number of times when it seemed to me impossible to complete a heavy metal mission. After the game had completed, suddenly the heavy metal missions had tanks or walkers by them, making it possible to play them. I don't know if this is a bug or by design so you can't get a tank until you've played the campaign for the first time with a tank (mount vogal), anyway, this achievement is slighty flakely as to the when/how/why things unlock.
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    ty No 1 Richy
    have fun
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    No 1 Richy has the meat of the guide there already. Strangely enough, nearly six years have passed with no published walkthrough.
  • Posted on 13 July 18 at 14:01
    8 years and i think he is too dead to publish this playthough laugh
    littlemadhatter: i will find you and I will get you
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    We are currently looking for a new owner, please post in here or send the Walkthrough Manager a PM if you are interested in writing it.
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