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    Refunct Review
    Published & Developed by Dominique Grieshofer
    Release Date 8th June
    Price £2.39

    Refunct is quite possibly one of the most basic Indie titles to grace the Xbox One console. There are no enemies to thwart your progression, just platforms that rise out of the sea with red buttons dotting the jutting landscape along with red cubes that form the collectables. Your goal? To eventually press all the red buttons culminating in the appearance of a yellow button signifying the end of your relaxing and short journey to Refunct the world.

    All you need to know is that you run, jump, crawl, swim and Parkour your way through this single level game. Yes, just a solitary level is all you will need to overcome to grab 1000g and all the achievements in less than half an hour if you're good with completing speed runs. I however am not. Despite the short length and one level, Refunct is a relaxing and enjoyable game that would benefit more content in the form of DLC or a sequel. It really is a pleasure to play, and stress free.

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    Visually, it's been kept simple with stone columns of various shapes and sizes that you have to manoeuvre around and over. Sometimes under. Each platform once stepped on changes colour, and if you get every one you will successfully Refunct the world leading to one of the games 10 achievements.

    An asking price that is cheaper than a cold pint at your local pub is more than acceptable, especially when they are some questionably priced games available. At time of writing it even has a discount, and if you want a quick completion you would be a fool to miss out. In fact, there's not a reason to pass up on this game if achievement hunting is your passion.

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    Being such a short experience left me wanting more, and even though there is the chance to earn the speed run achievements which with some practice won't be too taxing, it is a shame that once it's over you're left feeling deflated. Although it won't have cost you the earth to add to your collection for an hour at most.

    As far as could concepts go, Refunct is unique and offers a different approach to gaming with a lack of enemies. It could be argued that it's nothing more than a demo of an unfinished game, and I couldn't deny that. Just take it for what it is and give it a chance, you may find that it impressed you even if it is a bare bones.

    Clean visuals and a steady frame rate. Water doesn't react when you jump in, but it's really not that important. It's not a pixel art styled game and looks good for what it is.

    Just a musical track to listen to as you leap and bound across the map. As with the game, the music is relaxing in its mood keeping the stress to a minimum.

    Aside from movement, there's just 2 buttons to get yourself accustomed too for your jumping and crawling actions. Incredibly easy to learn, and you'll soon be wall jumping like a professional.

    Other than collecting all the cubes and completing speed runs, there's nothing to entice you back to Refunct. But during your quick playthrough, you will likely enjoy it even if it's just for the achievements.

    Just 10 on offer and a very easy completion. The sub 4 minute speed run will need a near perfect run. Otherwise you won't have a problem. Four achievements are related to collectable cubes which glow red and are easy to find.

    Refunct offers a short experience, and easy achievements so what's not to love about it, and it won't break the bank. Personally I would love to see this concept expanded upon, as I believe there is huge potential.
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    FullMoonBeaverMe too. I heard the Steam release got more content, but I’ve no idea of the Xbox will ever see it. More levels would be nice as it’s a fantastic little idea for a game.
    Posted by FullMoonBeaver on 09 Jul 18 at 21:45
    FaSCoRPSadly, I don't agree (but I don't downvoute).
    Game is like a single level puzzle game. Imagine something like Ilomilo but with just one level.
    That is a shame. This is like the MGS V demo from the full experience (which is not released).
    For me it is just 2 stars.
    Posted by FaSCoRP on 22 Feb 19 at 12:02
    FullMoonBeaverThat's fair enough. It's not for everyone, and we all like different things. Thanks too for not leaving a down vote.
    Posted by FullMoonBeaver on 22 Feb 19 at 12:41
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    Originally written for

    Refunct is at its core just a platforming game with little to it, but when you look deeper than that you will find a fun little experience that does not outstay its welcome. The game offers a small, atmospheric environment for you to explore, parkour in, and "Refunct". The point of Refunct is to simply platform through the environment, press buttons, collect cubes, and Refuncting the world by stepping on every platform in it while you do the prior activities. This game only features one small world however, so your playthrough will only take you about 30 minutes. After that to receive the 1000g, you must complete the game in less than 8 minutes, less than 4 minutes, and complete the game Refuncting less than 33% of the world. None of these will prove to be too hard, unless you are terrible at speedrunning like I am.

    Graphically, the game was surprisingly beautiful with minimalist textures that actually looked splendid against the game's stunning background. It never looked washed out by any means, and the graphics look much better than some games I have played that are much larger. The sound on the other hand I felt was a bit disappointing. While the sounds themselves were minimal and I felt they fit their purpose well, the soundtrack seemed a bit unlikable and repetitive, despite fitting the atmosphere quite well.

    Refunct is a very simple game. It is, at its core, a parkour game, but it simply isn't the focus. While you do play the game (and speedrun in for the 1000g) the game is almost entirely focused on the atmosphere. The game feels very relaxed throughout and creates a very chill feeling that made me keep playing. Unfortunately the game only lasts 30 minutes or so to "100%" it (Not including speedruns), so that feeling didn't last long. I think the game could've done much better with multiple maps, but alas, this is all we have.

    The parkour gameplay while not feeling AAA by any means feels fairly fluid and it works well for both casual gameplay and the speedrunning required for the 100%. All of it is simple, with no double jumps or wallrunning (You can bounce off of walls). When you compare it to something like Mirror's Edge, it seems so..... simple. And that is what makes it great.

    Another factor I love is the game tells you nothing. No controls, no tutorial, nothing like that. Still, you can easily find your way and play through the game learning every move with little frustration if any at all. This serves to make the game your own, and it feels very fitting with the peaceful environment that never gets interrupted.

    This game really doesn't feature a story. It just drops you in without telling you anything, so it is up to you to decide the point. Anyways, I'm not taking off points for no story here, as it works quite well in this situation.

    Graphics and Sound
    Refunct is an absolutely beautiful game, despite being a small one. The background is what dazzled me the most, to be honest. I would compare it to Mirror's Edge Catalyst, which had a fantastic background in my opinion. Besides the background, there are few assets, but they blend very well into the world and never look washed out. It feels as if everything has a purpose, and the game really looks fantastic. In the sound department, the game just isn't as good. The sounds themselves feel average, but the soundtrack is where the game has some problems. It fits well with the atmosphere, but it feels repetitive and it wasn't a joy to listen to. It should've done more than been peaceful and helpful to the game, it should've been good music too. Even though the soundtrack fits with the game, it just isn't very good.

    Refunct currently has 10 achievements for 1000 gamerscore. While it isn't a big list, it does everything it needs to. It has achievements for completing the game, 100%ing the game, completing the game with a low Refunct rate, and speedrunning the game. Really, what more could it need? It is an incredibly simple game, so this simple of a list seems fitting. It doesn't appear to be too hard either, with estimates at less than 2 hours, often less than 1 here on TA.

    Refunct is a really good game, but it is far too short for its own good. It also struggles with a poor soundtrack. Aside from these minor issues, the game is absolutely great. I believe that for the low price of just $3 it is a bargain. I would recommend it to anyone, even non-gamers due to it being so simple and fun.
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    18 Jan 2020
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    Refunct is a first-person platformer game. The game is very cathartic and serene; it's just you and a bunch of platforms and walls that you parkour across to traverse the environment. The music is very calming and ethereal, in contrast to the fast-paced parkour action. It reminds me of a rudimentary version of Mirror's Edge.

    The goal of Refunct is to restore life to the world around you by jumping on platforms, turning them from grey concrete to green grass. The world starts off small, limiting you to just a few platforms that you jump up in order to hit a button that opens up the next sequence. The more buttons you press, the more the world opens up around you.

    The game is very short, even when I took my sweet time taking in the experience, I was done in about 20 minutes. My fastest run lasting only 8 minutes 25 seconds.

    Overall, Refunct is a calming, chill, fun, short platformer that I can certainly recommend. Fire it up and do some simple parkour for a bit.