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Johnny Sinister
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Johnny Sinister
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Posted on 01 May 19 at 17:16
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RemiLore is an anime styled Hack & Slash adventure with a small touch of roguelite elements.

You play as Remi, a young girl who stumbles across a mysterious tome named Lore that comes to life and sends young Remi to an alternate dimension filled with robot baddies, oddly improvised weaponry and more dessert than you can shake a stick at!

On your first play through, you will engage in a Story mode with very limited weapon selections and a lot of locked content. As you complete stages and defeat enemies, you will collect new weapons and an assortment of dessert, which is used as the in-game currency. These desserts will be spent on learning new spells and upgrading your character.

The game consists of 16 stages (3 stages per level with a boss fight stage). The game does have some roguelite elements in the form of randomly generated levels, randomly dropped weapons and powerups and a pretty unforgiving penalty for dying (must restart at the first stage of the current level).

The bulk of the game comes in the form of unlocked game modes, new weapons types and various outfits for your character. After defeating story mode for the first time, along with the new game modes, you will also unlock a new character. The newly unlocked content not only gives you extra goodies, but offers modes that greatly change the dynamics of the game. If you plan on going for all of the achievements, prepare to spend many hours and multiple playthroughs.

While I am not particularly a huge fan of the art style or childish content, I will admit that the controls and gameplay are very solid. Even while having to replay the game many, many times, I never felt the gameplay got too stale, especially when you can try out different game modes to change things up.

The dialogue in the game is very, very cheesy and audible only in Japanese. The voice volume seems to be unusually loud and the voice actors are so dramatic and exaggerated that, at times, passersby might believe I was watching hentai. There is also a scene in the game where you will be treated to a cringeworthy rendition of 'Jingle Bells' (why not?). It seems that the developers realized the voice acting was a bit much, as the game reminds you a little too often during loading screens that you can lower the volume of dialogue in the menu.

One aspect of the game that I believe needs addressing is the price. I usually note the price in my reviews and offer some opinion on how good of a deal it is, but I try not to use the price as a negative factor (as there are potential price reductions, sales, promotions, etc), but I find the price of this game to be a bit ridiculous for the content you get. The game is currently priced a staggering $39.99. I can only guess this done to stay competitive with the Nintendo Switch version of the game.

If you are an achievement hunter, there are a slew of achievements for beating the game with specific weapon groups that is currently a bit glitchy. Be sure to read the solutions to get a decent idea of what to expect and hopefully there will be a fix in the future.

Overall, I found the game to be interesting and fun, but certainly overpriced and best served in small doses, as the repetitive gameplay can get grindy. If you are fan of girly anime and/or hack & slash games, this is a great addition to collection (but hopefully on sale).
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