Remnant: From the Ashes Reviews

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    17 Jan 2020 17 Jan 2020
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    What is Remnant: From the Ashes?

    Remnant is 3rd person shooter, souls-lite game with 3 person coop. You are tasked with taking out the root in order to make it to a lighthouse(this is a very broad statement as the story is much, much more complicated and weird).


    All combat is thrid person, you have three weapons, primary, secondary, melee. The worlds are made up of the main area and dungeons. Every campaign is different with different bosses/dungeons and layouts. There is also an adventure mode that allows you to reroll a world with different dugeons. This allows you to get beat the boss you need to get the item you want. It is very souls like in this regard, kill x thing get x item to make x thing. The game uses an upgrade system to make your weapons better, using in game resources. This is the grind of the game, getting the resources you need to upgrade your guns and then beating the bosses to get the guns/armor/mods you want. There is also a trait system which you can do however you want. Traits are acquired via events or beating bosses or meeting certain conditions.

    The shooting combat is very good, the guns all perform differently and have different play-styles. There are snipers, shotguns and a decent amount of weird guns. Some guns have a specific mod that cannot be removed, other guns have an open slot and there are a good number of mods to choose from that define how you'll play. Melee combat is lacking though, it works, but you cannot be melee focused, its more of I'm surrounded start swinging type of thing. Every enemy/boss has weak points you can exploit and some bosses have the special kill it a specific way get a different result.

    My only complaint with the combat are some boss fights, a lot of them have constant spawning peons. While this is not the worst thing ever it can be very annoying and feels to add difficulty artificially. The end boss also leaves something to be desired.


    Very brown and grey. Its post apocalypse, so its semi understandable, but there are times you cannot see enemies because everything blends together. The bosses the enemies and your character all look very good for a mid-tier budget game.


    I really enjoyed the music during fights and bosses. The sounds of guns are good, the enemies all sound fine. I enjoyed playing without the music a lot due to the ability to hear what the enemies were doing.


    Decent list, nothing too hard, few things take RNG to get the right world with the right boss or item.

    Final verdict;

    This review is short, I put 60 hrs into the game also did full 1000, I would highly recommend this game to anyone who likes 3rd person shooters with some challenge. Its 40$ or free on game pass.

    The only knock I had was the boss battles were artificially boosted difficulty due to the peons.

    I hope they make a sequel because this is a good baseline.