2. Resident Evil 2 Tips & Helpful InformationUpdate notes

I cover most of the helpful information as it becomes relevant to your playthroughs. Below you can find some ADDITIONAL helpful information that just might get you out of the city alive...

Controls. I'll be thorough here and detail them. cn_LSc to move around, cn_RSc to look around, cn_LT to aim, cn_RT to shoot. cn_A is still the universal button to interact with things and cn_LSd + cn_B allows you to turn around quickly (this is VERY useful!). The rest will be covered within the walkthrough as you move through the story.

General Item Management. I tell you in the walkthrough which items to carry and when you should be carrying them. But the main idea is this: a weapon or two, a stack of ammo (usually one for each weapon you're carrying), a healing item, and a Defensive Item. You want to save some room for picking up new items and carrying Key Items around, such as keys or specific objects to solve puzzles. And just like the other old-school RE games, you want to conserve your ammo whenever possible. I tend to be overly cautious about this, but if you can move past a zombie and evade it, why not do that versus wasting ammo you could have used on a boss or more threatening encounter?

Combining Items. You'll come across different Gun-Powder items that can be combined to create more ammo for your weapons. Generally you'll just be stowing these into the Item Box until you need them. I'll remind you to top off your ammo here and there, but if you find yourself running low, you might have to top off your ammo before I tell you to. It's really just common sense here, you'll have to manage your inventory and it likely won't always be identical to what the guide is telling you because your experiences are going to vary a little bit. Also, the mixtures are different for either character (because Leon and Claire both have access to different weapons). Basically two regular Gunpowder items creates Handgun Ammo, a Gunpowder and a Yellow High-Grade Gunpowder creates Shotgun Shells, two White High-Grades create SMG Ammo, and so on.

Healing items. Use your First Aid Sprays first. Just like any other RE game, these will heal you entirely. So it is a good idea to let yourself go down to DANGER status (the lowest your health can go before you die) before healing up. If you must use your herbs, use a Green/Green mix or a Green/Red mix. Both will heal you entirely. From time to time you'll find a Blue Herb. These are antidotes to poison (something you'll only deal with in one area of the game). Do your best to save the Blue Herbs for something better, something I like to call "the Super Herb." If you combine a Green/Red/Blue together you get a Super Herb. Using it not only totally refills your health, but it also counters poison (so you won't get poisoned while the effects are active) and it lessens the damage you take from incoming attacks. You can see how long the effect has until it wears off by looking in the bottom right corner of the screen, where a small green box will drain out and eventually disappear. Super Herbs are very effective against boss fights. It is the difference between being hit 3 times and going to DANGER status versus being hit 4 or 5 times before hitting DANGER status. Basically, you should save your Blue Herbs and only use them when the guide tells you to use them (or you get poisoned). This is why you should use your First Aid Sprays first. Save as many herbs as you can!

Zombies. I tried detailing all the possible places you'll run into the undead, but the game does change things up a little bit here and there. For instance, you might encounter three inside an office, then two in the hallway outside said office. Next playthrough you might only find two in that office and the three will be out in the hallway, but on the far side of the hallway from where they'd usually be. Be wary as you move through the RPD (Raccoon Police Department).

Staggering zombies. When you're moving through the RPD or any other area, you might encounter a zombie in the way, and have no way to slip by without getting grabbed. I like to stagger the zombies to get by. This means taking a headshot or a knee shot and running by while the zombie is "stunned" or recoiling from the shot. Sometimes it takes more than one shot to stun them, but it is an effective trick to get past them. I usually aim for the head, but the aforementioned knee shot is also effective. Throughout the walkthrough I'll tell you to stagger zombies, so it's something you should practice and get familiar with.

Downing zombies. Sometimes you have a puzzle or something to do in an area and there are zombies around. You need to kill them in order to proceed safely. So you shoot them in the head. If the head pops like a melon, you're golden, nothing to worry about. But chances are, the zombie will just fall over. Seems dead though, so you continue. But oh no! The freak got back up a moment later and now it's tearing your throat out! Zombies will do this throughout your playthroughs, they'll go down and appear dead only to rise again for the second time (they're bullet sponges in this game). When you want to make sure they zombie is dead, you should stand over the corpse and wait a second after it goes down. Then shoot it in the head. If the corpse moves and starts to get up, then you need to down it again. Once it goes down again, it should be down for good. And as I mentioned above, if the head pops like a melon, you won't have to worry about that zombie ever again. Up close shots with the Shotgun work well for popping heads. So if the walkthrough tells you to down or kill a zombie, you now know what to do (you should always default to using the Handgun until the walkthrough tells you otherwise).

Playthroughs. You might notice that there's a New Game option as well as a New Game [2nd Run]. What's the difference? Well, New Game is a fresh start as either character, the beginning of the story. 2nd Run is like a continuation of the story but as the other character. So if you play Leon first you'll unlock Claire's 2nd Run and vice versa. The 2nd Run features a different beginning, an additional boss fight, and the complete ending. Playing a New Game and then moving into the 2nd Run as the other character is basically experiencing the story in it's entirety (though most of the playthrough is identical to your previous one). The game's collectibles are divided between both characters, with a ton showing up in both characters' campaigns (most of which we'll be grabbing as Leon on our first playthrough), then some "exclusive" ones showing up for Leon and Claire ONLY in their playthroughs. Then there are 2nd Run exclusive collectibles for either character. So it'll take four playthroughs to nab all the collectibles, and you'll have to unlock and play 2nd Run as both characters. At the start, don't worry about 2nd Run at all. We'll get to it a bit later, after we've played through as both characters on a regular New Game.

Let's get started, rookie!!

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