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    23 Sep 2011 23 Sep 2011
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    For those that have ever played this game before be it on the GameCube, PlayStation 2, Wii or PC this game is pretty much how you remembered it (well not exactly for GameCube gamers since this version has all the goodies the PlayStation 2 version added. The first Resident Evil game that was in third person and began the shift into more action oriented titles hits the Xbox 360.

    Obviously the graphics are the first thing you want to know about. Well Capcom claims this game is in HD but I have my doubts. To be fair if you were to hook up any of the other console versions on the same HDTV the 360 version would without a doubt be the best looking of the four. It's not Resident Evil 5 but it probably won't make you cringe on your big fancy HDTV.

    Well... Except for Separate Ways... The actual game play for it looks like the rest of the main game but when the cut-scenes hit watch out because it's not going to be pretty.

    For those that have never played this game before I'll set you up with the gist of it. You play as Leon Kennedy (from RE2) assigned to rescue the President's kidnapped daughter Ashley Graham. In addition to the main game you also get all the extra goodies the PS2 version added. The new costumes, the nifty laser gun, and the extra side game Separate Ways.

    Control wise this game plays exactly like it did before with buttons mapped to the 360 controller as accordingly. It may feel clunky at first but after a while it will become second nature.

    Other things I should note to start wrapping up this review: barring leaderboards no additional features were added to this game that wasn't present in the PS2 version. That means no Co-Op for The Mercenaries mini game you unlock.

    Overall this game is still a classic third person shooter (there is a reason this game has been ported several times). Buy this if you want to feel nostalgic or if you never had a chance to play this before pick it up if you're interested just bear in mind that to it's core this title still plays the way it did back in 2005.
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    I was hoping this would have the graphics of the Gamecube version, with the added features of the PS2 version. The Gamecube version had superior graphics and colors to the PS2 version, and the sound was of better quality as well.

    I'm still glad they released it for current gen consoles in HD though. Thanks for the fine review!
    Posted on 25 Oct 11 at 20:39
    SpartanWolf 187so glad uall still love this game as much as me.nice review!
    Posted by SpartanWolf 187 on 19 Feb 12 at 10:28
    TheCampelloGreat review chap
    Posted by TheCampello on 17 Feb 19 at 11:51
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    13 Oct 2011
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    This fall has been a hard time for many a gamer, emptying their wallets and forcing them onto the streets to beg for pennies to survive the onslaught. I hadn't even gotten out of the first area of Dead Island when Gears of War 3 came out, only to find a few weeks later that Dark Souls had shuffled out onto store shelves. In a little under a week, Batman: Arkham City will be in my hands as well, and from there, it's less than a month until Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and Saint's Row: The Third. We're literally drowning in great stuff.

    So why, why, why did I spend the better part of two weeks playing through a game from 2005?

    Resident Evil 4 HD released for download the same day Gears of War 3 did, and despite me telling myself I would 'Just try it for a bit', Resident Evil 4 HD hooked me hard. Despite its age, this game is still easily one of the best video games ever made, and I'd argue that it is the best action game ever made.

    When this game first came out, Resident Evil had fallen into a bit of a slump. It was a slump I was always ravenous to play, but it was pretty much the same game every time. They wanted to freshen it up, maybe try out something a little different. What they settled on leaned more toward action, but had all of the characteristics the franchise was known for. Tight item management, fearless hordes of unyielding and unrelenting enemies, ammo famine, and creepy horrors were all infused into a third-person shooter, creating something that was exciting and new in ways that would never be duplicated, even by the same developers.

    Now, I have always loved this game, but I expected it to show its age a little bit when I booted it up. The main place its seams started to show was in its controls. Now, don't get me wrong, these controls work. They are quick and responsive, giving you a lot of freedom of movement once you master the quick turn, but they are a far cry from what a modern player would be used to. The only problem is in how you aim the gun. To bring your gun up, you have to hold left trigger (In the scheme I picked out), and then instead of moving you, the left stick now aims. After years of other games making the right stick aim, it was a little difficult to adjust. The fact that I couldn't move while aiming didn't bother me, as this game encourages you to back up against a wall and plug away, or at least plan your moves carefully. Using that left stick to aim, though, felt like relearning how to play video games again.

    Not that the game ever gives you much time for that. Once you cross over into that second screen, the game essentially tells you, in no uncertain terms, that the tutorial is over and you'd better know how to play. What follows is meant to break weaker players by drowning them in an unending horde of intelligent, yet fearless, zombies. They might not look like zombies, but they share a lot of aspects with them. They walk heedless into danger, are always approaching, and never seem to stay down no matter how hard you hit them. The key difference is in their intelligence, though. While one approaches you from the front, a few more are typically working on flanking you. Some might hang back and throw axes or, if you're unlucky, dynamite. They will vary their movement speeds, weaving around your laser sight if they notice it on their chests. Above all, they are always, always advancing, and there are always a lot of them.

    And if you know some information in advance? Feel like grabbing the shotgun from that first house will tip the scales in your favor? Well, the developers thought of that, and a chainsaw maniac will activate the second you step through the door. I hope you like getting one-shotted. This game never lets you get a huge advantage at any point. I'll admit, in the end game you can put guys down pretty fast, but even then, I was often down to my last handful of shots when a downed enemy thankfully dropped some ammo. There are points in the game where ammo always shows up, but for the most part, the game analyzes what you have on you and gives you an item based on that. If it thinks you have enough bullets to scrape by as long as you don't miss more than once or twice, then you get nothing, or some money. If you ever do find you're starting to have a comfortable buffer zone of item, then a boss is coming. It happens without fail. You'll be poor again in no time.

    That constant ammo famine creates a tension this game that I'm just not used to seeing in action games. It's been argued that this game isn't really survival horror any more, but really, survival is the key word they took to heart with this game. You're scrambling for every bullet, and have to make almost every shot count. And as for the horror aspect, while the zombies in this game aren't called as much, they are easily as frightening in groups as their official undead counterparts. Defending yourself from them in the house just before the castle will tell you as much, if you don't believe me. Fighting to keep 40+ guys from entering a two-storey house is a lot more frightening than having a handful of flesh-eaters coming your way, I'll tell you that much.

    And these hard areas I'm talking about? That's every room. There is no down time in this game, at all. At most, you have a little bit of quiet to shop and save your game, but that's it. Every single room in this game has been meticulously designed to be a challenge, giving you a constant barrage of difficult parts. Enemy numbers are always set high, always giving you the feeling that if you reload your gun at the wrong time, you will be overrun. At the same time, you can see your chamber dwindling, with no end to the enemies in sight.

    And that's just your basic guys. They are used extremely well in tandem with the monstrosities this game came up with. Take the Garrador, for example. It's blind, but navigates by sound, lashing out with claws that would give Wolverine an inferiority complex. Also, its weakness is on its back, and walking is loud enough to draw its attention. It forces you to stand very still and watch its movements, waiting for an opening. Now, imagine fighting two of those things at once while you tangle with six regular bad guys, and you get an idea on what this game is willing to do to you. How about invisible insects that spew highly-damaging acid? Maybe just a jerk with a portable chain gun? The game sets up every room to push you to just about your limit, making every area feel like an endurance challenge that you're always proud to have overcome. Even so, when you're about to open the door to leave, that pride shrivels up in the realization that you have no idea what's coming next, but that it's going to be even harder.

    The boss fights are incredible. Sitting on a rotten wooden fishing boat and hucking spears at a huge lake monster that is hurtling toward you is the definition of terror. Fighting the village chief in a burning barn, trying to see where he is through the smoke and fire only to realize that he's just behind you is delicious. Dodging around Krauser's constant attacks while waiting for him to get close enough to slash with your knife, weaving through a cage maze with only thirty seconds to find the exit while you're being chased, and running through a cramped room while avoiding the seemingly-invincible Verdugo's assault are all intense fights, reinventing what it means to be a boss in a video game.

    But all of this could be said for the game before. What about the graphical overhaul? Well, if you've ever tried to hook up a PS2 or gamecube game to an HD television, you'll know how bad things can get. This game looks great, though. There are a few points where they just didn't seem to remember to fix some stuff, but overall, this game looks like it could have come out in the past year or two. It's not the amazing overhaul they did for Resident Evil on the Gamecube, but it still looks sharp. Up close its not so nice, but this game looks like it could easily come out this console generation.

    This game is still the crown jewel of the past decade, and I'm beyond pleased that people have a chance to play it on this generation's consoles. Resident Evil 5 just doesn't measure up to the quality and care put into its predecessor. It may not have multiplayer, but Resident Evil 4 HD will make up for it by being the tightest, most rewarding experience you can have with a video game. At twenty dollars, there is no excuse not to own this masterpiece. If you haven't played it, you need to.

    If you liked Resident Evil 4 HD, you might like...

    Resident Evil 5 (360/PS3) – When this came out, I called it an HD remake of Resident Evil 4, and that comment still stands. Many of the set-piece battles, like the horde of villagers and the giant humanoid beast, feel like they were ripped straight from the previous game. Just the same, it's a quality two-player experience, even if it feels a lot weaker than the last game.

    Alan Wake (360/PS3) – While the whole game seems to take place in the forest and a few wooden buildings, the game really captures the feeling of being assaulted on all sides. The enemies come from all directions at once when they're after you, forcing you to rush for the safety of the next cone of light. When you come to a pull-motor to start one, and can almost feel the monsters breathing down your neck, it's fantastic.

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    25 Jul 2012 28 Jul 2012
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    Well here's another resident evil 4 port. Not that I'm complaining cause this game is awesome.

    Resident Evil 4 is known as the second best game in history and I tend to agree. This game has everything. Great graphics, a well written storyline, fantastic voice acting, great combat the lot.

    Now that the game is ported to Xbox 360 I can finally do a review about it.

    The game is largely unchanged. That's fine because the game itself doesn't feel too dated but would it really hurt to add some more content. Even a sneak peek on how the game was developed would be nice. But at least it's still the game that you know and love back in 2005 on the Gamecube.

    The only thing that has aged is the graphics and sound. The graphics have aged because the textures look pretty bad. especially on Xbox and the sound has aged because it's kinda muffled. But everything else about the game is still brilliant and the level design is memorable.

    In this game you play as the one and only Leon S Kennedy who was a survivor at the Raccoon city incident in Resident evil 2. Leon's mission is to rescue the Presidents daughter who has been kidnapped by a cult group known as the Las Illuminados . It's a simple mission that has gone wrong because a new virus called The Las Plagas virus has infected the villagers who live there. Now Leon has to find and stop the cult group before they can infect the world with the Las Plagas virus.

    Now here's a review about the game. Again.

    Back on the Gamecube the graphics looked terrific. But now that the game has aged it doesn't look as good. Even though it was ported as HD I think the game looks even worse because of that. The textures look really old and blurry and looking at it at a distance makes the game look ropey.
    External image

    It's not all doom and gloom though because the character models still look fantastic and the motion capture remains untouched but yet still amazing. Better than Deus Ex Human revolution anyway. The level design is still memorable and the cut scenes remain entertaining.

    I give the graphics a generous 7/10.

    Like the graphics, the sound hasn't aged well either. Some voices and sound effects sound a little muffled but because the game is a classic, the sound effects are also too.

    But on the positive side the voice acting is still great with pretty good dialogue (unlike the other titles. Remember Resident evil 1. GOD FORGIVE!) Gun sounds are still memorable.

    I give the sound 7.5/10.


    The gameplay remains untouched. Which is good because I don't think the game could be any better than it already is. The controls work fine. The combat is still fantastic with memorable encounters like the big troll boss. A ton of guns and a ton of unlockable content like the Separate ways mode where you play as Ada Wong. And don't forget about the Mercenary's mode.
    External image

    I give the Gameplay score 10/10. Could use more content for port sake.


    The storyline is amazing. It's fun to watch the story unfold as you go along and there are little gems that will relate to previous resident evil games. It's very entertaining and has no plot holes what so ever.

    I give the storyline score a 10/10. Capcom really nailed it to the last pin.

    Overall I still think that it's one of the best games of all time. Port or not.
    Which is why I'm giving it 9/10. Just need to update sound and graphics.
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    31 Jan 2012 12 Feb 2012
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    Originally published on

    Resident Evil 4 was originally released for the Gamecube in January 2005, before the massive critical acclaim it received and successful sales it enjoyed, led to it being ported to several other formats. It finally got a HD release in September 2011 on Xbox Live and PSN along with Resident Evil Code Veronica X.

    For those of you new to RE4, the main story involves Leon S. Kennedy and his search for the kidnapped daughter of the US President Ashley Graham in a remote European location. Leon is soon facing biologically altered enemies, but no zombies this time, instead we see the country folk infected with a parasite called Las Plagas which not only allows them to be controlled, but also develop genetic mutations. As you would expect with Resident Evil the story soon develops into one involving a plan for world domination and the Umbrella Corporation.

    This version is closest to the PS2 release and you get a lot of extras for your money. Not only do you get the main game, weighing it at 12-20 hours in length, you get Separate Ways ( the story mode featuring Ada Wong) which lasts about three hours, the Mercenaries survival mode, the Ada Assignments mini games and a whole host of unlockable weapons, costumes and movie reels.

    The core gameplay of RE4 has held up well over the years, although the initial controls are horrible to use and a massive barrier to gameplay. I highly recommend anyone playing this switches the controls to option 2 in the menu to make this a lot more comfortable. It is a lot more action packed than previous Resident Evil games, with the focus switching from survival horror. The range of weapons offer good variety, allowing the player to choose how to approach each situation and everything is fully upgradeable via the merchants that appear in the game. The boss battles range from quick time event controlled encounters, battles with sea monsters and knife battles with seemingly invincible super soldiers.

    The graphics are generally okay, as long as you don’t inspect them too closely. Get too close to a wall or a building and you can see that the textures are obviously last generation and really show the age of the game. This is also apparent in the cut scenes and quick time events where the graphics can let the game down.

    Achievement wise, the game is pretty straight forward. Completing the game twice and finishing the extra game mode you can unlock for the 1000g.

    Overall, whether or not you want to buy this will probably depend on if you liked the original game. Getting to play one of the best games ever made, this time with achievements attached, can never be a bad thing but bare in mind its age when you judge its graphics and overall presentation.
  • Ole Man LoganOle Man Logan573,349
    26 Jul 2012
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    Ahhh Resident Evil 4. honestly this game is in my top 5 favorite games. I have at least played it 10 time across all the platforms. But you don't want to here that you want a review that's what you came here for to begin with right?

    You are Leon S. Kennedy, sent on a mission to save the presidents daughter who has been kidnapped by a cult in a village in Europe. While your search for the presidents daughter *Ashley, you begin to discover a dark mystery with this cult that you are investigating. A virus called the Las Plagas has infected the whole village leaving massive amounts of crazy villagers for Leon to deal with, as well a a bunch of other evil demons as well. Now I don't like to give any spoilers in my reviews. But Resident Evil 4's story will keep you intrigued and very satisfied til the games conclusion.

    Resident Evil 4 was the first RE to step away from the fixed cameras, and switching it up with an over the shoulder third person shooter style instead. Now I know lots of gamers were worried about this change, but in RE4 it was very welcomed and worked out very well for it. Resident evil is an intense game when you break it down. Boss fights are completely memorable, enemies are at points overwhelming to say and can downright scare the shit out of you. Yes I am talking about you Twin Sisters or any one with a chainsaw in this game. The ability to upgrade your guns is also a awesome feature that they added to the game

    RE4 has a real nice fluid controls. Although my only complaint would be that you can't move and shoot at the same time. but after you get used to the play style it becomes second nature to not want to move and shoot at the same time.

    RE4 on the Xbox 360 is running the on Gamecube version up scaled for HD and man does it still look pretty as ever. Funny how this game from 2005 still to this day has some of the best looking environments and characters. Although normal enemies are usually recycled models but it really doesn't matter in this game really. Now it's no Crysis but it has that really gritty dirty look to it that fits perfect in the RE universe.

    I would highly recommend RE4 to anyone a fan of the series or anyone who likes the horror genre. It was the last great RE game to be made. Story, gameplay, scares, thrills is all that you will find in RE4. Achievement wise this game is pretty straight forward. Although finishing the game on Professional mode might be a challenge for some, but overall all the achievements are easily attainable. Also this game is bug free :)
  • demont101demont101214,686
    20 Apr 2012
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    Resident Evil 4 HD starts out as you having to complete an assignment for the president. You play as Leon S. Kennedy (as seen in Resident Evil 2) and his job is to rescue the president's daughter who was kidnapped by a group of zombies who use the power of the new virus type Las Plagas. It opens up when you go to a village where she was last seen and you enter someones house asking if he has seen this girl. He curses at you in Spanish and as you turn around he tries to kill you and the game finally starts for real.
    As you travel through the story you will get your fair share of scares from getting your head chopped off the a surprise dodge you miss and get stabbed through the chest. There is many infuriating and disturbing ways to die in this game. As you travel through and make it to the second Act you run into a merchant who you can sell items to and or buy and upgrade guns, but be aware his prices are RIDICULUS. The bosses along the game are fairly difficult overall and you better ateast have a few healing items for each or it will be harder then you will think when you go to fight.
    The controls are a bit out of date because you can't move and shoot which can cause some trouble for some people. The running and camera angle is also a bit limited to only your front so you can't spin it around and see exactly what is behind you, which I've died quite a few times from surprise attacks. The only thing that is good about the controls is how you can quickly spin by tapping A and pushing back.
    The graphics are enhanced to HD and you can tell they are better, but it is still an old game so don't expect the best graphics in the world.
    The Achievements are fairly simple and range through everything through the game accept the Mercenaries. If you want to enjoy and learn about the Mercenaries read the next paragraph. Anyways the achievements range from doing the shooting range and getting all the bottle caps from it to from beating the game on professional and completing Seperate Ways, another story that surrounds around Ada. The achievements are well balanced but lame that there are only 12 while there could easily be 50 and make the game overall better from that.
    Mercenaries is a game where you can choose a character and go out and kill groups of zombies for a score. You can play as quite a few characters ranging from Leon to Hunk to Ada to even Krauser. The goal is to kill as many zombies as you can while surviving to obtain the best rating on the level.
    A quick note about Pro before I wrap up is your stuff DO NOT carry over and in the beginning you can die from one-two hits.
    Overall the game gets:
    Replaybility 7/10
    Graphics 9/10 remember its a remake
    Achievements 9/10
    Content 10/10
    Horror 8/10
    Final thoughts: This was one of my favorite games back on the PS2 and I played it on every game system and I can say I'm glad it is the same game it has always been and they haven't tried to "enhance it" in anyway besides the graphics. I may have given it a 43/50 but for stars it is 5/5 all the way because it is one of the best survival/horror games out there