5. Resident Evil 5 (PC) Story walkthrough

Note: If playing a resident evil game for the first time or are new to third person shooter type games it is strongly recomended that you complete a playthrough on amateur or normal difficulty to familiarize yourself with the game.

To begin select veteran difficulty unless you have already unlocked professional difficulty. (if you are struggling with veteran difficulty I would recomend a playthrough on Normal first)

For this walkthrough I am making some assumptions on the player's behalf. Professional mode is unlocked and Infinite ammo is unlocked. For bossfights I will add some cursive text which explains how to handle the fight without infinite ammo.

CHAPTER 1-1. Civilian Checkpoint

This chapter contains 0 BSAA emblems. Quick playthrough on professional in 9 ' 24 ".

Chapter 1-1 starts with an introduction movie. It shows someone being affected by the T-virus. And it shows a military team getting ready for an assault. We also get to see Chris who explains the role of the BSAA. We are introduced to Sheva.

After the movie we get control of Chris. We proceed and take a right as soon as possible. Going into this little street shows a short movie of someone being abducted. Continuing our path we see a disturbing scene of several villagers pounding a sack. We have no way of interfering and that sack is way too small for the kidnapped person. Let's continue to our contact at the butcher shop. While on our way we get another short movie and we realize we're all alone on the streets. Checkpoint after the movie. The minimap shows us we have to be on the right side of the butcher shop to find the entrance.

Our contact tells us to follow him. He informs us of the situation and our mission "to find Irving". He also has some weapons for us. Once we equip and check out the weapons we can proceed. Checkpoint after the movie. Next we can leave the butcher shop and move towards some stairs. At the stairs we see a movie of some birds at an animal carcass. Into the building we find another carcass on a table. Check out the crates and barrels for some money, ammo and a green herb.

Once outside we hear a scream from the building up ahead. When we approach the door there is a movie of someone being affected. After the movie we get attacked by the victim. Our attacker is all alone and should not be a big problem. Once he is taken care of we can check out the room only to find nothing. The next room is empty as well. There is just this window we can use to jump outside.

Outside we get ambushed by a large group of Majini. When you kill all these Majini they will leave a gem behind. But killing them does take up some precious time. Whether you shoot them or not you have to move to the next building. If you did not kill all Majini then Sheva will barricade the door. Inside this building you can find a red herb. Immediately combine this with the green herb you found earlier. Next examine the door and find out you might open it if you cooperate with Sheva. Together you kick the door open to the next room. This room contains some barrels and a giant axe. Exit this room via the open trapdoor.

Jump down the open trapdoor and follow the corridor. At the other end you find a ladder you can climb. In this new room there is a green herb. and another co-op door. Outside follow the path and jump down at the end. Find the green herb outside the building. Once you go inside the building you will see a movie. In the movie you will see who the giant axe might possibly belong to.

Jump outside through the left-most window. Turn left and run to that corner. Stay in this corner and defend yourself until the gate gets smashed. Firing one rocket at the base of the gate is enough to take out the executioner. If you do not have infinite rockets then you will have to run around the level and take shots when you are at a safe location. Inside the bus you are safe from the executioner. And as long as you have enough ammo you are also safe from the normal Majini. You can aquire the VZ61 machine gun in this level. It is located to the right of the exit gate inside a silver case. On professional it is quite challenging to get this weapon.

Finally we get some air support and during the movie the helicopter pilot takes out the closed exit gate.

Completed Chapter 1 - 1

Complete Chapter 1 - 1 on any difficulty setting.

Completed Chapter 1 - 1
Online/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeMain Storyline

CHAPTER 1-2. Public Assembly

This chapter contains 3 BSAA emblems. Quick playthrough on professional in 4 ' 44 ".

Proceed to the next co-op gate. Go inside the building. Nothing in there but a breakable barrel. Go outside and see a short movie about the ladder and a key in the next building. To the left of that building is an alley with a female crouching. She attacks as soon as your gunsight hits her. Since she is all alone this should not be a problem. At the end of the alley turn left and take out the single Majini standing there. Turn around and go to the fence. Two breakable barrels at the fence and one Majini will climb over the fence to your side. Kill him.

Return to the alley and turn left to proceed inside the building. One Majini will jump down through a hole in the ceiling. Turn right and look at the door through which you entered. On the other side of the street you can see a building with a Majini inside. He will come running to your location once your gunsight hits him. Wait for him to get close and shoot him. Proceed and a Majini will appear to your left. Take him out and use the assist-jump ladder. Sheva will go up and pick up the key you saw in the movie earlier. On her way back Sheva will encounter three Majini.

Proceed though the building opposite the assist-jump ladder. Door to the right, turn left and be ready for the Majini on the other side of the fence. Proceed through some alleys and be ready to be surprised by the hidden Majini. Clever, hiding in those boxes. Another Majini around the corner of the house. Behind this Majini is a set of stairs. Under those stairs is the entrance door to the house. Enter the house and investigate the ground floor. No Majini here. 1.000 credits in the room to the right. Go up the stairs.

At the top of the stairs proceed out the door and turn right. Go to the end and look for the BSAA emblem (BSAA01). Now turn left. If you did not yet use the assist-jump ladder then you will see the three Majini standing there. You can take them out from this location, preferably with a sniper, and then backtrack to use the assist-jump ladder. Otherwise go back inside the house and proceed to the other side of the house (still on the upper floor). Two Majini will appear when you approach the other side. Kill them and go outside the house. Before you jump down turn left and examine the trunk to find the antique clock. Now jump down and turn right to the gate.

Open the co-op gate and watch the movie with the blond girl. After the movie turn left and go to the building. Here you can use the key you acquired. Inside you will see a shotgun hanging on the wall. Take the shotgun and leave the building. Turn left and you see some stairs. Go up the stairs and you get another movie. You rescued the girl ... or did you? After the movie use your shotgun at the girl. She will be knocked back and fall down. Use this time to run to the wall with the window. Do not stay near the door since some enemies will come rushing to that door. By going to the wall with the window you can continue to take shots at the girl while gunning at any intruders. There will be three majini rushing into the building. When they are taken care of turn around and look outside. On the roof of the building opposite you'll see a Majini. Easy to take out with a sniper.

Leave the building through the door which you used to enter the building. Go down the stairs and turn left. You should see one Majini and two more on the other side of the fence. Kill all three before you enter the building again. Pick up the Ivory Relief dropped by the girl. Go outside on the other side of the building and go down the stairs. Two enemies will appear on top of the container and two will appear behind the container. Four enemies total. With the rocket launcher you can take them all out with one shot. Just wait for the first one to jump down and shoot when he hits the ground.

Proceed to the next co-op door and enter the building. Follow the corridor and be surprised by a scream. Enter the next room and navigate the small maze to the stairs. Up the stairs and get a scary moment when someone comes out of the next room. Go to the ladder and climb up. Turn around and shoot the BSAA emblem (BSAA02) at the base of the water tower. Proceed to the next co-op door. Before you open this door look to your left for a trunk. The trunk only contains money. Open the door.

Once you open the door you get a movie. Alpha team is down and with his dying breath the last survivor gives you some data to be taken to the HQ. Outside the room Sheva sees someone running away. When you regain control you can leave the room and follow the mystery person who you saw running away. At the end of the corridor there is an elevator. Some more corridors before entering a room with a door that requires a key. Turn left and follow the corridor. In the next room you can pick up the key in front of a control panel. But when you try to return to the previous room a miniboss appears. One rocket is enough to take care of him. If you do not have a rocket launcher then you will have to fight the miniboss. This miniboss is vulnerable to fire. Push the big red gas cylinders in the room. Shoot these cylinders when the miniboss absorbs them. This will hurt him but never enough to kill him. To kill this boss you have to lure him into the oven room. When he is in there you have to operate the control panel to lock him up and activate the oven's burners. Once the miniboss is dead he will drop a Gold Ring. Go to the door and use the key. Enter the corridor and at the end turn right. At the end of the second corridor there is a fence. If you look through the fence, left of the ammo-case, then you will see a BSAA emblem (BSAA03) at the wall. Shoot the emblem and go left to the elevator. Using the elevator triggers a movie which concludes this chapter.

Completed Chapter 1 - 2

Complete Chapter 1 - 2 on any difficulty setting.

Completed Chapter 1 - 2
Online/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeMain Storyline

CHAPTER 2-1. Storage Facility

This chapter contains 5 BSAA emblems. Quick playthrough on professional in 9 ' 53 ".

At the beginning room of this chapter you'll find a case with H&K MP5 (MG) in it. To the right of the exit door there is a BSAA emblem (BSAA04) at the wall. To the right of this emblem there is a container. On top of that container there is a trunk with 2.000 credits in it. Next we go outside. Turn right and right again. Beware the explosive charge attached to the container. Opposite this charge, on top of the container a Maajini with a crossbow will appear. If you shoot him in the leg then he will fall down on top of the explosive charge. Proceed and turn right for the next enemy. He will run at you as soon as your gunsight hits him. Beyond this enemy you can already see the next one. He will run away as soon as your sight hits him. With the rocket launcher I usually target the ground behind him. This will also take out the enemy standing behind him (out of sight). Otherwise just wait and eventually the enemy will run onto the container in front of you. Easy target. The other enemy will be a bit closer before you can target him. Turn left and you will see a wire. Unfortunately you can not see the eplosives the wire is attached to unless you climb the container to the right. Proceed to the next explosive trap. The container behind this trap contains a health spray. Explode the trap and once you proceed you'll get a movie with some infected dogs. One rocket is usually enough to deal with these infected dogs and the bowman on top of the container. Without the rocket launcher you have to use the shotgun or the machine gun to take out the infected dogs. First you have to get a good shooting position. A good location is on top of the containers. From there you can also take out the bowman on top of the container.

Enter the spawning area of the infected dogs. The exit has an explosive trap. Shoot the trap and proceed until you are surprised by a Majini. Proceed until you come up on a ladder. Climb the ladder and go through the container. Climb down and go to the next open area. Several enemies here. Shoot the guy with the molotovs first. Divide your shots between the big black Majini, the infected dog and the other Majini. Once they are dead there will be two more infected dogs appearing at the location of the molotov-thrower. Clear the area and go to the co-op gate. Move outside and one of the crates usually contains a red herb. Move to the gap in the bridge. Jump to the other side and be ready for the truck. Shoot the driver for this achievement:

Drive By

Stop an armored truck by taking out the driver.

Drive By
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperative

After you have taken care of the truck there are more Majini behind the truck. I typically prefer not to shoot the barrels because they produce quite some smoke and hamper your line of sight. On the other side of the bridge turn left and left again. Before you descend the stairs shoot the BSAA emblem (BSAA05) at the bottom of one of the bridge-columns. Proceed down the stairs and into the sewers. Prepare to fight some infected dogs. First a group of three infected dogs. Then a group of two infected dogs. Proceed to the next room where a co-op door awaits.

Exit the sewer and turn left to find a sapphire (pear) in the water. Turn around and shoot the mAJINI lying in the water. Now you get introduced to a new flying enemy. Take out all the enemies and go to the locked door. The lock on this door can be shot of knifed. Enter the door and find another sewer pipe. At the end of this sewer there is ladder. Climb the ladder. Turn right and you will see an enemy dashing away. If you're quick enough you can shoot him. Go to the stairs that lead to the beach. From this location you can shoot the majini at the gate. Proceed to the marketplace and shoot the Majini running from you. Walk onto the marketplace and there is another Majini running away to the right. Chase him down the alley and shoot him. Examine the marketplace to find the small green building with the word "CHARGE" written on it. Look inside this building at the ceiling and you will see a BSAA emblem (BSAA06). If you have a grenade or a rocket launcher then you can blow up the stand in the middle of the marketplace. Inside this stand is a trunk with a treasure, Ruby (Marquise), in it. While doing all this be careful to not damage the lock on the door of the building. Go on top of the building to find another treasure Emerald (Square).

Enter the building through the window at the back. Shoot the key down from the hanging corpse. Pick up the key and there will be a movie showing the enemies appearing at the marketplace. If you did not damage the lock at the door then the enemies can only enter the building through the window. Keep an eye on that window. Once it is quiet you can move back to the marketplace. Sometimes there will be one lone enemy here. With the key you acquired you can open the gate to the boat. Cross the boat and proceed to the next ladder. Do not climb the ladder because the enemies start spawning the moment you reach the ladder. Backtrack onto the boat and make a stand. Take note of the one enemy with the molotov cocktails. After the fight you want to go to his location. From there look to the building in the north-east. You will be able to see a BSAA emblem (BSAA07) there. By now you should have had the movie of the helicopter assisting you. Proceed and you will be greeted by some Majini rushing from a building. You can ignore them and make a run for the exit-gate. However if you shoot them all, don't forget the one sneaking up behind you, then you can enter the building they came from. Inside that building you will find a S75 sniper.

Use the exit-gate to the next area. Take the left path and run to the window with the Majini behind it. Kill him, quickly jump through the window and shoot his two friends. Wonder about the dual chainsaw before leaving the building. When you proceed you'll get a movie about your helicopter being in trouble. Shoot down the two flying enemies and proceed. Next you get the opportunity to assist-jump Sheva onto the roof of a building. She will have a nice vantage-point up there. Unfortunately my experience with this course has not always been positive. I normally choose to proceed and shoot everyone. There will be one enemy appearing in the building ahead. Kill him before he can throw a molotov. Once he dies a flying enemy will emerge from him. Take out the enemies to the right who are descending from the stairs. Ascend the stairs and go left to the men's room. Take out the one enemy in the last stall, he often drops a red herb. Leave the men's room and turn left again. There is a Majini in the corner. Now move to the stairs and take out the Majini midway up the stairs. Once you near the top of the stairs two more Majini will appear. One from the stairs to the second floor and the other from the outside. Go to the second floor and go outside. Look up to the roof of your building and you see a BSAA emblem (BSAA08).

The next part can be solved in two ways:

  • Go to the second floor and assist-jump Sheva to the other building. She will be rushed by Majini and you should assist her as best your can. Eventually she will go down to the ground floor and open the door of your building. Then you go to the exit where a chainsaw Mjini will show up.
  • Go to the first floor and equip a grenade. Aim at the white wall to the left of the Animal Health sign. If aimed correctly the grenade should bounce off the white wall. The grenade will explode while near the locked door of your building. Boom, and that door is open. Now run to the exit where a chainsaw Majini will show up.

With the rocket launcher this is all too easy. One shot, one kill. Without the rocket launcher you will have to run around and find a spot where you have a good view. Shoot and run again if the enemies threaten to overrun you. Once there are no more Majini you can pick up the key dropped by the chainsaw-wielding Majini. Once you have the key he will get up again and go for round 2. If you have the ammo to shoot him again then feel free to do so. Otherwise, run for the exit gate and use the key. There is a trunk with treasure in the corner. Pick up all the treasure if you can. Otherwise go for the main exit gate.

Run through the next area to the co-op gate. Go through this gate and be ready for some quicktime events. The first buttonpress has to happen when the chainattack is aimed at Sheva. The second one is when Sheva has to break the chain with a shot. And the final one is when the bikes try to run you over. This last one is either X and A simultaneously OR both triggers simultaneously. After all this excitement we get a movie with Josh's team rescuing us.

Completed Chapter 2 - 1

Complete Chapter 2 - 1 on any difficulty setting.

Completed Chapter 2 - 1
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeMain Storyline

CHAPTER 2-2. Train Station

This chapter contains 3 BSAA emblems. Quick playthrough on professional in 12 ' 01 ".

On to the train station. You have to go between the train carts. Beware the explosive charges. Pay attention to the music. The music changes once the infected dogs spawn. First a pack of three infected dogs will spawn. You can use the explosive charge to take one of them out. You will have to shoot the other two with your other weapons. Great opportunity for the rocket launcher as long as you do not blow yourself up. The second group of infected dogs will spawn when you turn left after the first set of wagons. You can tell their spawning by the music and the fact that Sheva is running away from you. Wouldn't want this to be easy. The next spawning will occur when you walk between the second and third wagon. Two infected dogs will appear behind you and three in front of you. You can not run ahead because of the explosive charge. To make matters worse three Majini will appear on top of the wagons.

Time for some tips on shooting infected dogs:

  • Do not shoot them while they are transforming. While transforming they appear to be invulnerable.
  • If you do shoot them while transforming then use something explosive. Rockets will always work.
  • Try to shoot them when they are running at you. This seems to be their most vulnerable moment.
  • Use the shotgun. It knocks them on their back and it will hit multiple targets.

I always find it easiest to resolve this situation with a co-op partner. Stay in the corner while your partner is bait and walks onwards. Shoot the infected dogs the moment they jump down. This will enable your partner to run back to you and make a stand together. Try to use the explosive charge when the infected dogs ahead appear. While you are standing in that corner the Majini can not hit you with their crossbows. Use this to first take out the infected dogs before taking care of the Majini. When you shoot the majini on top of the wagons. Watch them die because a flying enemy may appear from their bodies.

When all is clear go to the end of the wagon and climb the stack of wood on the left. When you stand on top of this wood look ahead at the powerline mast. There is a BSAA emblem (BSAA08) at the top-right of that mast. Climb the ladder onto the wagon. Jump onto the third wagon. To the least of that wagon is a small path which is provided with an explosive trap. Shoot the explosive trap. Go onto the path but do not yet turn right. Go to the edge of the path and have a good look at the small railroad ahead. The railroad goes into a wooden tunnel. This tunnel has two explosive traps. The first one is visible when you move to the right. The second one is at the end of that tunnel and is not visible. However the wire connected to the trap is visible and can be shot with your sniper. Alternatively you can just jump down into the minecart and shoot the traps as you see them. But I would not recommend this latter course of action since your last checkpoint is from before fighting the infected dogs. Once the charges have been shot you can jump into the minecart and move onto the elevator shaft.

The mines are very dark so I would recommend no running while in the mine. Have your partner pick up the lantern and proceed. At the first split of the track ignore the right track and follow the left track. You come to some shallow water and at the first bend there will be a Majini. This will be your first meeting with the tentacle-head Majini. If you want you can command AI-Sheva to put down the lantern thus increasing your combined firepower. Keep shooting until the tentacle falls apart. Up ahead you can see a Majini eager to attack. You can give him a headshot from far away. When you approach the location of that Majini you will see a T-split. There will be one enemy quite close by to your right. Shoot him first. There will be another tentacle-head Majini to your left. He is a bit far away and should be easy to kill. Proceed on the left road through a shallow water. Next the tracks will go onto a bridge. To the right of the bridge is a wall with a waterfall and a BSAA emblem (BSAA10) near the top of the waterfall. On the other side of the bridge is a treasure, Ruby (Pear) in the ceiling. Shoot down the treasure but be careful when you approach it. Several enemies are waiting around the corner and will rush you. Continue and you will arrive at another split of the tracks. Two enemies will jump onto the track to the left. Once they are dead take the left track. Notice the hole in the left wall. It shows a cave we will visit in a bit. When the two tracks join again you can see an enemy anxious to attack. One headshot will do. Proceed until the tracks make a bend to the right. At that bend look to your left and you will see an entrance for a cave. Inside this cave is a trunk with a treasure, Diamond (oval).

Proceed to the exit gate and turn the crank to let your partner through the gate. Release the gate as quick as possible because three enemies will attack you from behind. While you are shooting them your partner will turn another crank to open the gate for you. When you're both through the tunnel there will be a movie showing the area being flooded with Majini. My tactic is to retreat to the gate and make a stand. However if you're short on ammo then it is better to run around and open all the crates and barrels to find ammo. When you have taken out most of the enemies there will be four of them left at fixed locations. Approach the exit of the tunnel and you should see two to the right on some platforms. And two on the left on some platforms. Four headshots later the whole area is clear. Move onto the second level and notice two tunnels. Take the left tunnel and move on until you hear some shouting Majini. This Majini usually carries dynamite so you want to take him out from afar. When he dies he turn out to be a tentacle-head. There is a treasure nearby, Ruby (Square). Move on to find a tunnel to the left. At the end of that tunnel is the exit-elevator. This elevator is guarded by about three Majini. They have crossbows so be careful how you take them out. Take the elevator up.

When you are outside explore the area before moving up the stairs. There is usually a green herb there. Move up the stairs and you get to see a movie introducing Irving and a mystery enemy. After the movie I usually rush the window in front of me and start shooting Majini with the following priorities:

  • First the Majini below, in the back of a truck, because he is ready to shoot will kill you with one shot.
  • Next the Majini running at the mounted machine gun. You never want that machinegun manned. Three of them will try to man the gun.
  • All the other Majini. These are too far away to attack you. But they can all be sniped.

During all this shooting it would be nice if your partner prevents Majini from attacking you from behind. After all the shooting it is time to explore the office. In one of the closets there is a sniper, Dragunov SVD. Leave the office building and make your way to the mounted machine gun. At the mounted machinegun turn south and proceed to the ladder. Up the ladder and turn left to see a trunk. Treasure, Diamond (Brilliant), in the trunk. Back to the mounted machine gun and turn west. You will see a ladder and a glittering treasure at the top of the ladder. Shoot the treasure, Diamond (pear) down and pick it up. Before you go up the ladder turn south and see the portable toilet. There is a Majini in there. Knock on the door and have your gun ready. Climb the ladder and turn around. Look at the trunk where you got the treasure. Behind the trunk is a building with a BSAA emblem (BSAA11) on the wall. Proceed and jump down a ladder to receive a checkpoint. Before jumping down the second ladder turn north and shoot the treasure, Diamond (Square), down from the rocks.When you jump down the next ladder there will be a movie showing a lot of majini coming for you.

The next bit can be a done in different ways:

  • run and gun. Run to the pushable container and shoot enemies as you go. When you are at the container make a stand. Beware the enemies jumping down right in front of you. Some of those carry dynamite and for this reason you want to shoot them in their legs. Any headshot at this close range is deadly.
  • jump and stand. Jump down the ladder and turn right. Make a stand in that corner. The enemies seem to spawn forever but eventually you will shoot all of them.
  • default route. Run to the assist-jump and Sheva will give you some assist.

Once all the Majini are dealt with make sure to pick up the treasure you shot earlier. It is on the plateau where Sheva jumped onto with the assist-jump. Now we can push the container and move on to the north. Get ready for a bossfight. With the infinite rocket launcher this fight is very easy indeed. With normal weapons you want to run around the area and pick up the land mines. Next you want to plant those mines and lure the boss onto the mines. For some reason this flying enemy insists on crawling at you. The belly of this boss is it's weak spot. So make sure to aim for that when you're shooting. Finishing this boss is a nice conclusion of the chapter.

Completed Chapter 2 - 2

Complete Chapter 2 - 2 on any difficulty setting.

Completed Chapter 2 - 2
Online/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeMain Storyline

CHAPTER 2-3. Savanna

This chapter contains 0 BSAA emblems. Quick playthrough on professional in 7 ' 24 ". (5 ' 55 " on amateur)

Good news: you won't have to use any valuable ammo during this level. Bad news: the mounted weapons you'll be using can overheat.

This chapter consists of two parts:

  • The Chase: during the chase Sheva should only focus on the motorbikes and Chris should focus on the trucks. When playing with an AI-partner this should not be a problem. Failing to kill a motorist will result in them throwing a molotov. If Chris manages to kill the driver of a truck then the truck will topple. Otherwise the truck will explode near the jeep and cause some damage. During the chase the jeep will make some tight turns and do some jumping. For the player this will result in quicktime events. Be ready to pound those buttons. Eventually you will end up at a roadblock. Shoot the red barrels near the blocking truck. Do shoot the bowmen. Do not overheat your gun. After the blockade there will be some more motorbikes and a truck coming from the right.
  • The Stand: during the stand always shoot the molotov-Majini on the left. Only shoot barrels when the ogre picks up a rock or a pole. Shoot only one bowman on the right side. Let the other one live. If you shoot both then they will both respawn and you will have to shoot them again and again. Leaving one alive is not a problem because he misses half of the time and you can easily take the damage he does. The stand ends when the ogre dies. Every time he threatens to stomp or charge the jeep shoot at his head or neck. This will interrupt his attack. When the ogre picks up a rock you have to focus all your fire on that rock to disintegrate it. Eventually the ogre will falter and a parasite/tentacle will sprout from it's back. Shoot this parasite with all the firepower you have until it retreats into the ogre. The parasite will appear a second time. Shoot it again. If you did enough damage then this will be it's last appearance.

Completed Chapter 2 - 3

Complete Chapter 2 - 3 on any difficulty setting.

Completed Chapter 2 - 3
Online/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeMain Storyline

CHAPTER 3-1. Marshlands

This chapter contains 4 BSAA emblems. Quick playthrough on professional in 13 ' 54 ".

This is a nice chapter for farming money. In the starting area you can find several treasures: Ruby (Pear), Beetle (Brown) and there is the easy to pick up rocket launcher.

Note: The rocket launcher is located on the shipwrecked boat in the northern part of the map.

In the northwest there is an area with a hut. Inside this hut, near the roof, there is a BSAA emblem (BSAA12). In the fishpond you can find a treasure, Beetle (Brown). On top of the little watchtower there is a trunk with a treasure Chalice (Silver) inside.

On the island in the center there are two more treasures. To the left of the canoe there is a pole with a Beetle (Brown) on it. Inside the hut there is a trunk with a Chalice (Silver). Take the hovercraft behind the hut and you'll see a BSAA emblem (BSAA13) underneath the hut. While in single player mode you might have to go to the boat in the northern part of the map. At the dock of that boat use the sniper to shoot the emblem.

  • BEAST SLATE. In the starting area there is a body you can examine. The PDA found on the body informs you of a closed door. Next to the body you can pick up the Beast Slate. In order to open the door we will have to collect a total of four slates. When you walk towards the hovercraft you will notice the poles with the wires. Follow the wires to the pole in the distance (facing north). That pole has a BSAA emblem (BSAA14) which you can shoot with a sniper. If you do not have the sniper equipped then you can move closer with the hovercraft.
  • WARRIOR SLATE. Activate the minimap and go to the south-west area. While driving to the boarding area of the small village watch out for some bamboo on the right. Pick up the treasure, Beetle (Brown), from that bamboo. Proceed to the docking area. Go to the central square of the village. When the natives appear you want to run back to the hovercraft and make a stand there. This is a nice location because you will see all enemies coming from quite a distance. Kill all the natives before you start plundering the village. You want to find the warrior slate in the village. When trying to leave the village with your hovercraft you will be trapped. When playing with the AI you can simply drive around while Sheva shoots all the natives. When they are dead the gate will open. There will be some more natives trying to stop you. But you can easily drive past them. Do not drive right at them because they will shoot you with their explosive arrows.
  • RAPTOR SLATE. Go to the area on the westside of the map. You have to run through the water towards the huts. There are some crocodiles in the water. You can easily evade them by running around them. Before you go up the ladder turn right to find a treasure, Ruby (Pear). Go up the ladder and kill all the natives emerging from the main hut. Proceed to the smaller hut east of the small hut. There is one native near this hut. Inside this hut there is a trunk with the Raptor Slate.
  • SHAMAN SLATE. Go to the area north of the map. Leave the hovercraft and go to the small altar. Above the altar there is a skull with a treasure, Emerald (Pear). Proceed to the next hut on the right and get the treasure, Ruby (Pear), from the skull left of the entrance. Next go to the two watchtowers at the end of the village. Assist-jump Sheva onto the left tower. She will find a treasure, Idol (Silver), in the trunk located there. Next assist-jump Sheva onto the right tower. Here she will find the Shaman Slate in the trunk. After picking up the Shaman Slate the whole village will attack you. Either shoot everyone or escape with the hovercraft.

With all the slates collected go to the east area and insert the slates into the door. Co-op open the door for the next part of this chapter. Jump into the water and shoot the BSAA-emblem (BSAA15) located under the little platform (facing south). Now turn westwards until you see a watchtower in the distance. Shoot the guard in the watchtower.

Proceed to the village and run to the other side of the village. To the left of the bridge there is a fenced area. No enemies will spawn in that area and there is only one entrance. Use the infinite rocket launcher and aim at the pole to the left of the entrance. Alternatively you can aim at the ground near the entrance. There is usually one enemy stuck at the platform over the area you are in. Taking him out will stop the music and you might think you are good to go. Unfortunately there will be one more enemy to deal with. Leave the area and turn left Shoot the last enemy. Now you can safely pick up the magnum in the circular structure at the center of the village. Have no fear, no more trap here. Alternatively you can enter the village and immediately enter the circular structure. This will activate the trap and you will be locked up inside the circular structure. Run around while gunning down the enemies appearing above and to the sides. Pick up the magnum because it's firepower will surely help you out.

After clearing the village you can turn the crank to lower the bridge. Sheva will cross the bridge and navigate the building to unlock the door for you. Go through the building and keep going straight. You will enter a cave and at the end of the tunnel you can turn left. In that corner there is a trunk with a treasure. Backtrack and turn right towards the gondola. Entering and activating the gondola will be the end of the chapter.

Completed Chapter 3 - 1

Complete Chapter 3 - 1 on any difficulty setting.

Completed Chapter 3 - 1
Online/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeMain Storyline

CHAPTER 3-2. Execution Ground

This chapter contains 2 BSAA emblems. Quick playthrough on professional in 12 ' 05 ".

After the gondola-ride we end up in a hut. When moving through the hut we get a cutscene of a soldier being sacrificed to a crocodile while three natives spectate. Shoot those natives after the cutscene. Then just wait for three Majini to appear from the tunnel on the other side of the village. Shoot those as well. Then turn your sight to the left and you'll see the village-wall with a watchtower. Shoot the one guard in the watchtower. Move your sight between the tower and the original natives you shot. At the end of the walkway you can see another Majini waiting for you to shoot him.

Exit the hut and turn left. Jump down and follow the walkway to it's end, where you shot the last guy. Another three Majini will come from the tunnel. Shoot and backtrack to the first left. Up the little ramp and jump across. When you move to jump down some Majini will appear on the other side of the village. Prioritize the one with the exploding arrows. Beware of the Majini spawning behind you. Now the village is clear, apart from the crocodiles in the water.

Go to the center of the village and locate the crank. Investigate the crank and Sheva will offer to turn it. Move to the other side of the village and locate the raft. When you jump onto the raft Sheva will turn the crank to pull your raft across the water. While on the raft the crocodiles will attack you. On Professional you can dodge them by pressing both triggers OR "X" and "A" simultaneously. This will trigger a dodge-response, keeping you save from the attacks from the crocodiles. After 3 or 4 attacks your raft will be at it's destination. Here you can climb onto the walkway and kick a button which will lower the bridge that leads out of the village. Follow the walkway and unlock the gate. Proceed to the tunnel.

Inside the tunnel you can climb two high steps. At every step there is a lamp which you can shoot for the treasure inside it. Exit the tunnel to activate a cutscene revealing the Tricell camp. There is a BSAA emblem (BSAA16) between the two tents. At the oil/gas-pump there is a treasure but beware of the snake. Move on to the gate of the refinery. Face away from the gate and you should see a treasure in the rock wall. Open the gate in co-op and watch the cutscene of the refinery.

Before you jump off the platform there is one Majini slightly to the left and another slightly to the right. Jump down and a couple of Majini will appear in front of you. A few more are under the platform to your left. And there is one on the platform to your right who has a crossbow. Move up the stairs to your left and climb the ladder you find. Turn the wheel and you get a cutscene of some Majini coming out of hiding. To make things easy you can command Sheva to turn the wheel while you take up position to shoot the emerging Majini. Beware of the Majini on the higher platform to the left. Next move onto that higher platform. Pull the lever to get the zip line to your side. Use the zip line and a chainsaw Majini will appear. Shoot him and command Sheva to turn the wheel on this platform. While she turns the wheel the chainsaw Majini gets up again. Shoot him and pick up the treasure he dropped. When Sheva is finished turning the wheel you'll get a cutscene of some flames being extinguished.

Move onto the oil container and pull the lever to get the zip line to your side. Use the zipline and turn the wheel. When you try to open the gate there is a cutscene with another chainsaw Majini. Shoot him and move to the exit. On that last bit of walkway you'll be greeted by another five Majini. Some of them carry dynamite which is always useful. Move to the end of the walkway and jump down to find a co-op door. Opening this door invokes a cutscene where you meet up with Josh. After some discussion there is an interruption from the Majini. While Josh tries to open the elevator it is your job to protect Josh. Move into the elevator, but at this point there are no more enemies in this room. So feel free to explore before moving into the elevator.

Move out of the elevator and towards the ladder. A lot of Majini with crossbows here, so be careful. Climb the ladder and take out all the enemies before jumping down. Jump down and move to the next ladder. Up the ladder and jump down on the other side of the walkway. Wait for Josh at the console. When Josh operates the console there is a cutscene showing some Majini. You have to shoot all the Majini to protect Josh. One is a chainsaw Majini with two lives. A cutscene of the exit door unlocking. Move to that door and open it to see a cutscene. During this cutscene Josh leaves us and we are with two again. We move onto the dock.

We move to the co-op gate which gives access to the docks.Open the gate and move all the way to the right. Go to the end of the peer until we get a cutscene. We see Irving and the mystery enemy leaving on a boat. On the other side of the docks Josh has secured a boat which we can use to follow Irving. After this cutscene we get a timer indicating how much time we have to reach that boat. Take out the Majini, then turn around and enter the building on your right. There is a BSAA emblem (BSAA17) in that building. Now move towards Irving while shooting all the Majini bothering you. Open the next co-op gate and be ready for a big man Majini with several infected dogs. Before moving to the stairs you might want to shoot the explosive charge at the top of the stairs.. Before descending the stairs you might want to shoot the explosive charge at the bottom of the stairs. Downstairs, make a U-turn to the left and move towards irving. Take out the last wave of Majini. Before moving to the boat I always switch to my machine gun because it is convenient to have it equipped at the beginning of the next chapter. This chapter ends with a cutscene and a big bang when the refinery blows up.

Completed Chapter 3 - 2

Complete Chapter 3 - 2 on any difficulty setting.

Completed Chapter 3 - 2
Online/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeMain Storyline

CHAPTER 3-3. Oil Field - Drilling Facilities

This chapter contains 1 BSAA emblems. Quick playthrough on professional in 6 ' 58 ".

Cutscene shows us being chased by two boats. With a human co=op partner this is easier to do. One person shoots the boat to the left and the other shoots the boat to the right. After a little while the boats veer off. At this point you have to turn around and shoot the Majini above the gate. Use those convenient explosive barrels to your advantage. Through the gate and shoot the Majini here. Once they are taken care of you climb out of the boat. Shoot the BSAA emblem (BSAA18) located under the gate. Move to the lever on the other side. Pull the lever to open the next gate. This lever will also make a new wave of Majini spawn. Move back to the boat but do not jump in just yet. Use your sniper to shoot several Majini in the next area. This way the coming boat ride will start of a bit less hectic. Switch back to your machinegun and enter the boat. Moving on.

Duck under the two pipe and move into the next area. Some of the Majini here are a bit hard to spot. Luckily there are plenty of red barrels which should take most of them out. Climb out of the boat and turn left. Hide behind the board on the right. Take out the next wave of enemies but be careful of the mounted machineguns. Now move to the levers. Before operating the levers you might want to examine the area. There are several treasures to be found and even the M3 shotgun. Pull the levers to open the last gate and activate the last waves of enemies. Back to the boat and prepare for the boss fight with Irving.

We start with a cutscene showing Irving's transformation. With the infinite rocket launcher this fight is real easy. Stay at your starting location and turn left. Shoot the monster. You want to hit on the red spot because that will skip the fight with the tentacles. Moving onto the part where the Irving-monster latches onto the boat. Now shoot Irving who is at the monster's tongue. One hit with a rocket on Irving will end this fight. Without the infinite rocket launcher this fight might get a little tough. Start by shooting the monster on the left side of the boat. You might want to use the mounted guns at the corners of the boat. Assuming you fail to do enough damage. The next phase of the battle has the Irving-monster attack with it's tentacles. Shoot those tentacles at the red spots to incapacitate them. Keep shooting the tentacles until the Irving-monster latches onto the boat. Next shoot Irving. Irving is thrown onto the deck. His interrogation reveals the installation where you have to go next.

Completed Chapter 3 - 3

Complete Chapter 3 - 3 on any difficulty setting.

Completed Chapter 3 - 3
Online/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeMain Storyline

CHAPTER 4-1. Caves

This chapter contains 3 BSAA emblems. Quick playthrough on professional in 14 ' 54 ". (11 ' 53 " on amateur)

Leave the dock and move into the caves. Keep going until a cutscene reveals some Bui Kichwa (large spiders). Move to the ladder but do not climb it just yet. Two Bui Kichwa will appear to the left of the ladder. Go left of the ladder into the dead end. Climb the high step to the left to find a trunk with a treasure. More Bui Kichwa when you go back to the ladder. Climb the ladder to be greeted by a Bui Kichwa. Move a bit forward and turn right to see a BSAA emblem (BSAA19) in the waterfall. The next three lamps you see all have a treasure in them. while moving through the tunnel you will have to fight about a dozen Bui Kichwa. At the co-op door there are two skulls with treasures in them. You should have gained five treasures now, three from lamps and two from skulls. Open the co-op door.

You are greeted with a cutscene of the underground city. Observe the giant diamond. Under that diamond there is a BSAA emblem (BSAA 20) on the building which supports the diamond. Moving onwards, jump down and turn right. In front of you there is a ruined doorway with a treasure above it. Move forward, jump down and make a U-turn to the right. Move forward to find a co-op trunk with a lot of credits in it. Turn left and through the door to find a lamp with a treasure in ti. Move forwards towards a bridge to activate a cutscene. After the cutscene you and Sheva are separated. Jump down and turn left. One Majini jumps down right in front of you while two others jump through a hole in the wall. Further ahead are two more Majini with shields. When moving forward be aware of one Majini appearing behind you. Moving towards the stairs. There is a treasure in the corner of the stairs. At the top of the stairs make a U-turn to the right. In front of you there is a door opening and inside that room are two Majini. When they are dealt with explore the area for treasures and credits. A co-op trunk in the first room. A treasured lamp in the next room. The corpse will yield a treasure after investigating it. Moving onwards towards the last co-op trunk.

That trunk is a trap. Press 'X" while falling down. You will end up in a cross-shaped room and enemies will gang up on you shortly. I usually go into the right corridor and make a stand at the end of that corridor. Even after the cutscene of the exit door opening there will be some more enemies rushing you. Check all the trunks, there is one at the end of each corridor, before moving to the exit door. Take out the three enemies before jumping down. Turn the mechanism in this room. This mechnism will open the exit door and spring a trap. The trap consists of giant fireballs rolling into the room. You have to hurry because the door will only stay open for a short amount of time. Some tips to make this easier: start turning on the right side of the mechanism. This will result in you facing the right direction. Run straight for the door and you should be fine. Instead of dodging you can shoot the fireballs. (but dodging or shooting is rarely necessary). When you go through the exit door there is a pressure plate which will deactivate the fireballs-trap. Now you can loot the previous area. Moving onwards, through a co-op door, you'll step onto another pressure plate which activates the next trap. This is a quicktime event during which you have to run by tapping "A", jump by pressing "B" or "X". After the third jump you have to immediately press both triggers. This will activate a cutscene showing how you jump through the exit door.

Move forward, jump down, turn right and pull the cord to open the co-op door. That door turn out to be movable stairs. Ascend the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs turn left and look at the wall for a BSAA emblem (BSAA21) (quite high). Move right and look at the ceiling to find a treasure. Move down the next set of stairs. Turn left and at the end of the corridor turn left again to find a case with a grenade launcher. Turn around and move into the other room towards the statue in the corner. Investigate the rope and proceed to the other side of the statue. Pull the cord to move the stairs and the statue. Under the statue there is a treasure visible. Move back to the center of the room and turn right to face some stairs. Up the stairs and make a U-turn to the left. Jump to the trunk and take the treasure inside it.Pull the cord on the statue up here. The stairs and the statue move. Pick up the treasure under the statue. Get ready to shoot some Majini.

Back to the center of the room and turn right. Walk forward to trigger a cutscene. After the cutscene turn right and move to the corner. Shoot the two Manini which sprint around that corner. Round the corner and keep shooting. Beware the crossbowmen to the left who are trying to snipe you. Keep following the wall to your right until you are at some stairs to your left. Descend these stairs to the centre of the room. Turn right and ascend the stairs towards the next statue. On top of the stairs make a U-turn to the left. You will see a trunk which on lower difficulties contains some ammo for the grenade launcher. Go back to the statue at the top of the stairs and pull the cord. A cutscene with moving ladders occurs. Pick up the treasure under the statue. Turn right and move to the statue in the corner. Examine the cord. Now you have to search for the other statue. This statue is at the same location but one floor lower. Go to that statue while Sheva remains at the top statue. When you move into the bottom chamber there is a cutscene with Majini pouring into the area. At this point I usually run back to Sheva and make a stand at the top statue. Once the music dies down the area is safe and I move to the bottom statue to pull the cord. This activates the moving stairs again. Pick up the treasures under both statues and move into the last room with the final statue. The final cutscene in which the stairs move is shown. Pick up the treasure and command Sheva to go only to be surprised by a cutscene of a boss. There are two ways to defeat this boss.

  • Shoot him, preferably with rockets. Advantage is that this boss drops a soul gem.
  • Run past him and move up the stairs towards the exit. During your ascend you have to dodge the attacks from this boss.

Proceed up the stairs to a co-op door. Opening this door triggers a cutscene during which Wesker gets his shot and has a flashback. On to the next chapter.

Completed Chapter 4 - 1

Complete Chapter 4 - 1 on any difficulty setting.

Completed Chapter 4 - 1
Online/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeMain Storyline

CHAPTER 4-2. Worship Area

This chapter contains 1 BSAA emblems. Quick playthrough on professional in 8 ' 52 ".

Move forward until you see the exit door with three empty emblem slots. In this level you want to collect the three emblems to open this door. Turn right. and move forward until you get a cutscene demonstrating the power of the solar mirrors. Now we have to navigate the small road ahead without the beam of light hitting us. Be sure to use the niches on the sides. Take your time, no pressure. You'll get a checkpoint after you successfully navigate the beam of light. Move forward and turn left to see some enemies in the corridor ahead. Next you want to run to the end of the corridor and turn left to take out the enemies on the stairs ahead of you. This is made more difficult because there will be some Majini spawning to your left. It gets a bit easier when you run back to the beginning of the corridors. After taking out the Majini you can ascend several stairs and take out the Majini trying to shoot you in the back. Ascend the stairs towards a statue with the Earth Emblem. Get the Earth Emblem and move back to the stairs. Don't descend the stairs. Instead face the right solar mirror. Look for the fire below the mirror. To the left of the fire you will see a Majini. Shoot him to deactivate the right mirror. Move back to the exit door and stand in front of the little stairs leading up to that door. Strafe left until you can see the flames at the base of the left solar mirror. Under this fire you can see a wall with a small window in it. With your sniper you can target this window and you'll see a Majini behind the window. Shooting this Majini will deactivate the left mirror. Turn left and run straight through the next doorway.On the other side of this room you can already see the statue with the emblem. In front of this statue there are several Majini which you can take out from a distance. Proceed to the stairs and take out the three Majini jumping down. Optionally, you could place a mine where those three Majini jumped down. Go to the statue and take the Sea Emblem. Back to the stairs and get ready for the Majini jumping onto the road in front of you. Exit the room and turn left. Follow this road until you see some small stairs to your left. Up the stairs and turn right. There is a lamp to your left on the floor with a treasure in it. Follow the raid until you reach a T-split. Turn left to take out the enemies. Turn around and you'll see a small bridge. Go under that bridge and look for the treasure in the ceiling. Proceed to the end of this road and at the end turn left to see a lamp with a treasure in it. Go back to the T-split and follow the left road until you get a checkpoint. Co-op jump Sheva and help her with the enemies on the other side of the gap. After taking those enemies out turn around and focus on the enemies coming from behind. (one is coming from under that bridge) While you take out these enemies Sheva will acquire the Sky emblem. With all three emblems collected you can leave this area. Insert the three emblems in the exit door. The door opens and you can ascend the stairs in front of you. Notice the treasure above the co-op door in front of you. Open the co-op door to leave the area.
Descend the stairs and examine the door. This examinations will reveal the first light-puzzle.When you enter the room the door closes. Turn right and follow the walls in a anti-clockwise direction.until you reach the fourth small movable mirror-statue. Check if Sheva is on the platform before you turn this statue by pushing the left stick to the left. Move onto the elevator and descent to the second light puzzle. This time the lightray is blocked by a kickable stack of stones. Leave this stack standing until you have aligned all the mirrors correctly. The mirrors should be aligned so the beam will hit the receptor on the exit-elevator. Kick down both stacks of stones and activate the elevator. The room with the third puzzle has a trunk in the centre. Leave that trunk because opening it will make a lot of Bui Kichwa attack you. To the north there is a room. Enter this room and take out the two Bui Kichwa. There is a BSAA emblem (BSAA22) above the door. In front of this room there is a statue with a lightreceptor. Arrange the other puzzles so the lightbeam hits this statue (whatever you do, do not move the statue in the centre). This will open the rooms to the east and the west. Loot both rooms for treasures. Now we have to arrange the statues so the light hits the receptor at the elevator. Move the mirror to the west. Next rotate the centre statue. Finally move the west statue back to it's original position. Proceed to the elevator. Exiting the tunnel into the flower room will initiate a cutscene showing us the flower garden and discovering equipment form Umbrella and Tricell. Oooooh, the plot thickens before we move onto the next chapter.

Completed Chapter 4 - 2

Complete Chapter 4 - 2 on any difficulty setting.

Completed Chapter 4 - 2
Online/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeMain Storyline

CHAPTER 5-1. Underground Garden

This chapter contains 1 BSAA emblems. Quick playthrough on professional in 5 ' 25 ".

During chapter 5-1, 5-2 or 5-3 there will be lickers and you can earn this achievement:

Heart Stopper

Defeat a certain enemy by stabbing it in the heart.

Heart Stopper
2 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperative

Turn around an locate the treasure above the entrance. Move to the north-east of the garden and find the treasure near the watertanks. Go to the centre and face north. There is a BSAA emblem (BSAA23) underneath the little bridge. A rocket or grenade should hit the emblem. Proceed to the co-op door. Examine the room on the left to find some info on the computers. Exit the room and go left to see a cutscene of something on the ceiling. Open the door in front of you. Enter the room and see a cutscene about some plants being cultivated. More info on the computer. Leave the room. Follow the corridor until you find a door with a wheel. Turn the wheel and open the door. Pull the lever in this room for a cutscene. Destroy the exposed windows and exit the room. Turn left to see cages with animals in them. To S-rank this level you will have to shoot all these animals because they count towards the number of routed enemies. At the end of these cages turn left and send Sheva forward. She will trigger a licker to jump through the window. Beware the second licker inside the room ahead. Enter the room and turn the wheel on the door. Proceed untill you see a door on the left. Inside that monitor room you can find the AK-74. Exit the monitor room and continue to the right. Up the stairs and enter a corridor with a lever to the left. Operating this lever will turn on the lights in the adjacent room. At this point you can snipe the lickers in that room through the small windows. This is a bit time consuming. Go to the co-op door. Move on while taking out any remaining lickers. Proceed to the co-op door. Go to the elevator door and investigate it to call it down. Face away from the elevator door because some lickers will follow you. Next the elevator will arrive and you can move down to the next level. Turning left and moving onwards will start a cutscene introducing the next boss (U8) to fight.
The fight starts when the boss lifts it's paw. You can evade the first attack by pressing "X" and "A" simultaneously or by pressing both triggers. After this initial attack you want to back away from the boss. Never stand right in front of this boss. Instead run around the platform until you have a good shot at it's legs, aim for the red spots. When you do enough damage the boss will drop onto the platform with it's head. Shoot the head with the rocket launcher or run towards it's head to insert a grenade (Sheva will do this). The chapter is finished when you take out the boss.

Completed Chapter 5 - 1

Complete Chapter 5 - 1 on any difficulty setting.

Completed Chapter 5 - 1
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeMain Storyline

CHAPTER 5-2. Experimental Facility

This chapter contains 1 BSAA emblems. Quick playthrough on professional in 11 ' 49 ".

Before starting this level you might want to go to chapter 3-1 to pick up a rocket launcher. You will need this to easily defeat the boss at the end of this level. Move off the elevator towards the co-op door.Move into the next room and take the door on the left. Turn right and you'll see some Majini at the bottom of the stairs. Run down and into the next room where two Majini will open the door and come running in. The next room starts with three Majini carrying machine guns. They all have the same attack pattern. They will fire two salvos and then reload their gun. Use this reload time to shoot them. Move to the first set of crates and some enemies will emerge from the north-east room. When Sheva moves into that north-east room the last Majini will come running down the stairs in that room. Operate the co-op door. Go through the corridor and find another room with soldier Majini. Clear the room, slowly and carfully, and go to the other side to find an elevator. The cutscene will show you intercepting a message form Excella and the realization that Wesker is still alive.
Exit the elevator to find two anti-parallel corridors with loads of lickers in them. At the end of these corridors you will find a co-op door. You have entered a factory area with conveyor belts and explosive tanks everywhere. Turn right and hug the right wall. Move to the ladder and shoot the guy to the left. This will trigger an alarm and a cutscene showing Majini populating the factory floor. Step backwards with your back against the wall (you didn't jump down the ladder did you?) Shoot all the Majini before you jump down the ladder. Turn left and proceed to the bridge crossing the conveyor belt. On the other side of the conveyor belt go left and look at the co-op door for the last Majini. The music dies down and you can navigate the conveyor belt to the co-op door. When you move to the conveyor belt a Majini will appear at the first bridge over the conveyor belt. There is another Majini above the second bridge over the conveyor belt. Time to navigate the conveyor belt. You guessed right: there is a Majini on the third bridge over the conveyor belt. The armored Majini jumping onto the conveyor belt can easily be taken out in two ways. 1) use the L. Hawk which has armour piercing. 2) shoot the explosive canisters near the Majini. Watch the machine at the end of the conveyor belt from which the explosive barrels spawn. Above this machine you see two boards. Look at the left board and you will see a Majini behind it. With some mad sniper skills you can target him and shoot him in the ankle. The second Majini up there will appear when you get closer. Shoot him before he throws a grenade onto the conveyor belt. Leave the conveyor belt and descent the stairs. Midway of these stairs you want to stand still and observe the container to the left. The one with the open lid. Inside this container is a BSAA emblem (BSAA24). A grenade or rocket will hit it nicely. Down the stairs and go right to find a case with the SIG 556 machine gun. Up the stairs towards the console. To power the console you have to move into the area north of your location. There are no enemies here and you can safely proceed to the co-op levers. Activating the levers will spawn one Reaper. You will encounter the Reaper when you move back to the conveyor belt. Pick up the Power Gem it drops before you return to the conveyor belt. Activate the console and jump down to the conveyor belt. Wait for the twin crates to pass you and move onto the conveyor belt. Turn RIGHT and run upstream of the conveyor belt. Before the next crate spawns you will be able to reach the safe area in the middle of the conveyor belt. Then leg the last bit of the conveyor belt. Go to the co-op door. Follow the corridor, jump down and open the co-op door. A cutscene showing how Excella traps you. Bossfight! One rocket should do it. You did pick up a rocket launcher before starting this level didn't you? Without the rocket launcher this bossfight is a bit harder. Pick up the flamethrower and shoot the boss with it. When the flamethrower runs out of fuel go to a filling station and refill the flamethrower. Keep shooting the boss until he dies. End boss, End chapter.

Completed Chapter 5 - 2

Complete Chapter 5 - 2 on any difficulty setting.

Completed Chapter 5 - 2
Online/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeMain Storyline

CHAPTER 5-3. Uroboros Research Facility

This chapter contains 3 BSAA emblems. Quick playthrough on professional in 26 ' 26 ". (17 ' 28 " on amateur)

Exit the room and you will face two giant fanns. Behind the right fan there is a BSAA emblem (BSAA25). Turn left and climb the ladder. Follow the corridor to the left and enter the controlroom. Pick up the treasure from the safe. Go back to the ladder and follow the corridor to the north towards a co-op door. Open the door and follow the corridor to a door on the right. Open this door and immediately shoot the enemies emerging in front of you. Examine the generatorroom to the north. In the next part there will be two insect creatures spawning. Their spawnspot is random so be alert. The first spawnspot is before the gap you have to jump. The second spawnspot is after this gap, when you turn left. The third spawnspot is in front of the door to the lever-room. From this lever-room two waves of soldier Majini will spawn while you proceed. Inside the lever-room you will find a red herb, H&K PSG-1 and a lever to operate. Operating the lever will power up a console. Go to that console and trigger a cutscene of some Majini rushing the moving platform. Take out the majini on the moving platform. Wait for the platform to arrive on your side. Sheva will move onto the platform and you can operate the console to move her to the other side. More Majini will appear on the other side. Sheva will operate the other console to send the platform to your side. Get onto the platform and Sheva will make it move to the other side. At the other side of the room there is a control room from which several Majini will spawn with rocket launchers. Use the boards for cover and take everybody out. Move to the control room and once inside be sure to pick up the Royal Necklace treasure. Move to the exit door. Be careful because sometimes there is one more enemy behind that door. Go to the end of this corridor and open the co-op door. Follow the corridor to find a giant rotating elevator in the next room. Before operating the co-op levers you want to shoot the BSAA emblem (BSAA26). This emblem you can see when you enter the elvator. Turn left and look upwards to a small platform with a console on it. The BSAA emblem is at the bottom (seethrough) of that platform. Operate the co-op levers to activate the elevator. During the ride up there will be two interruptions by Majini. Every time the elevator will slow down and stop moving upwards. The Majini are located on the small platforms along the walls of this elevator shaft. When this is done you want to look upwards to the walkway you are approaching. Several Majini will spawn up there. Because of the seethrough walkway you can take them out early. Leave the elevator and proceed to the co-op door.
Open this door to gain access to a tunnel. At the end of the tunnel look at the roof of the tunnel to find a treasure. In the next room you'll see an elevator to the left, a bridge in front of you and a locked building to the right. Move behind the locked building to find a lever which will power the console at the elvator. Move to the elevator and shoot the BSAA emblem (BSAA27) in the elevator shaft. Operate the lever to call down the elevator. Command Sheva to operate the elevator console. Jump into the elevator and ride up. As you proceed you will see several cutscenes during which more lickers spawn. There is a trick to easily take out several of the lickers. This can be doen while shooting them while they climb the walls. One shot while they are climbing will kill them. Unfortunately you can't pick up the treasures they drop when you do this. I usually prefer to sprint towards the pushable container and make a stand there. Once they are all dead go and pick up the treasures the lickers dropped. Then push the container to give you access to the roof of the locked building. Jump through the skylight of the locked building. Pull the lever to lower the bridge. Check the closets to find some treasure. Unlock the door from the inside. When moving over the bridge towards the exit you will notice the treasure above the co-op exit door.

Open the co-op exit door to trigger a cutscene. It is time for the first face-off with Wesker. Start the fight by moving to the east side of the room. Here you can examine a closed door. This examination will trigger a cutscene showing how Wesker kicks you through the examined door. There are two ways to handle the fight with Wesker and make him leave the arena.

  • Inflict a big amount of damage. This can be done by shooting him with a rocket when he isn't facing you. He will catch the rocket and when you shoot the rocket it will explode and damage him enough. Another way of damaging him is by shooting him through a window. He is not aware of you and won't do his usual dodging move. Shoot him as quick and often as possible. (Having infinite sniper ammo works wonders)
  • Hide and wait for seven minutes. After the seven minutes he will leave the area.

If you go for the first option and damage Wesker a lot then you can get this achievement:

Bad Blood

Inflict a set amount of damage to your greatest enemy.

Bad Blood
2 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperative

If you damage Wesker enough before the seven minutes are up, you'll be able to access the gem "Heart of Africa". See the Treasures page for more info on this.

During the fight with Wesker you have access to the north-west room at the first floor. Inside this room is a co-op trunk which has treasure and the L. Hawk magnum in it. After dealing with Wesker you are left to fight the mystery enemy which is revealed to be Jill from the previous Resident Evil games. Chris has to stay close to her and incite her. This prevents her from using her lethal ranged attacks. At some point you will be able to restrain her. When she is restrained Sheva should use a handgun or a magnum to shoot the gem on her chest. This gem has to be shot seven times before it can be removed successfully. Removing the gem from her chest will trigger the final cutscenes of this chapter.

Masters of Removing

Work together to save someone special.

Masters of Removing
2 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperative

Completed Chapter 5 - 3

Complete Chapter 5 - 3 on any difficulty setting.

Completed Chapter 5 - 3
Online/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeMain Storyline

CHAPTER 6-1. Ship Deck

This chapter contains 3 BSAA emblems. Quick playthrough on professional in 11 ' 45 ".

The opening cutscene gives a nice view of the first enemies to take out. Watch the suspended cage at the end of the cutscene. Stay on the starting platform for now and shoot the enemies you could see in the opening cutscene. Turn south when they have been taken care of. There is a BSAA emblem (BSAA28) at the top of the southern-most mast end of the ship. Next you want to shoot the two Majini on top of the crane (difficult shots but we will get to a better vantage point shortly). That would be the giant beam from which the cage is suspended. Look at the western supportbeam of the crane. There is one Majini on a platform attached to that beam. Jump down the platform and move to the southern mast of the ship. Climb this mast and again target the western supportbeam of the crane. There is a platform to the north of that support with a Majini on it. If you failed to take out the two Majini on top of the crane then you have the perfect vantage point now. Jump off the mast and proceed south. Turn east and move to the stairs. When you move up these stairs some infected dogs will be released from the containers to your west. And some enemies will come at you from the north. A co-op partner or proximity mines will help you in this situation. Otherwise stand at the bottom of the stairs and give the "GO"-command to Sheva. She will run to the ladder and climb it. While she climbs you go halfway up the stairs to trigger the infected dogs. Shoot the infected dogs (with a shotgun) to knock them back and run for the ladder Sheva climbed. Now it's easy to take the enemies out.

Up the stairs and run across this little bridge. At the end of the bridge you can see a Big Man Majini to the left. Shoot him before you descend the stairs. Move forward to trigger several infected dogs and some Majini. Before moving onwards try to spot the Majini hiding behind the container to the right of the ladder. Jump down that ladder and move forward to find a cargo-elevator with shootable/pressable button. Operate this button to create a passage. Proceed to a climbable ladder to find a pushable container. Push the container and turn left. Jump down and turn left to see a container with an open door. Inside this container is a BSAA emblem (BSAA29). If you didn't shoot the Majini on the crane then this is the time where Sheva will be captured in the cage. If this happens then you have to fight some enemies which drop the cage keycard. Then you have to locate the control panel. All the while shooting your enemies. Climb the ladder and turn left. If you did shoot the Majini on top of the crane then there will be a treasure on the floor, slightly to the left. Make a U-turn to the right and prepare to take down tow big man Majini. Turn left and jump the gap between the container. Go onto the cargo elevator and command Sheva to move onto the other cargo elevator. Use the shootable buttons to raise Sheva's elevator. She will do the same with you r elevator. Once the elevator are elevated I usually make a run for the exit door while ignoring all the infected dogs.

Inside the ship you can descend two stairs to find a hallway. Exit this hallway to find some more stairs to descend. At the bottom of these stairs you will find a case with the Jailbreaker shotgun. Exit this room to find a co-op door. Opening this door triggers a cutscene with the escape of Excella. Now look to the right to see a BSAA emblem (BSAA30) inside a small cabinet. It is to the right of the glass plant containers.

Badge of Honor

Find all the BSAA emblems.

Badge of Honor
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeCollectable

Exit this room and turn left. Before entering the next room you can snipe two enemies. Enter the room and an alarm will sound. Turn left and run behind a board for cover. Shoot the Majini with the stunrod who is running towards you. Continue to run and jump down the stairs at the end. Proceed to shoot the enemies down here. Keep an eye on the door through which you entered the area as two enemies will emerge from it. Move forward to trigger an enemy jumping from a container. There is a second enemy inside that same container. Command Sheva to "GO" and a cutscene will show some more enemies emerging. Take them all out and continue to the ladder leading down to some cramped corridors. Before you jump down check behind the containers to your right. Sometimes there is an enemy hiding here. Jump down the ladder and move to the first corner. Lean against the wall and you can see the first enemy. Shoot him and proceed to the second corner. From here you can see the third corner and there are two enemies ready to jump from that corner. Proceed to corner number five from which you can see the exit ladder. An enemy will jump down that ladder when you approach it. Up the ladder, turn right and check those containers again. Turn around and go into cover behind the crate with the red-white striping. Go forward and trigger a cutscene with a Majini carrying a minigun. Take him out and take his Tanker keycard A. Move up the stairs and make a U-turn to the right. Jump down at the end to find a safe containing Tanker Keycard B. Armed with both keycards go to open the co-op door.

Opening this door triggers a cutscene showing three Majini armed with rocket launchers. You can find cover behind the crates in front of you. But this cover is temporary at best since they are being destroyed by the rockets. These Majini drop the Dead Bride's necklace. Leave this room and go to the beckoning elevator. Wesker has a flashback in the following cutscene. This cutscene concludes this chapter.

Completed Chapter 6 - 1

Complete Chapter 6 - 1 on any difficulty setting.

Completed Chapter 6 - 1
Online/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeMain Storyline

CHAPTER 6-2. Main Deck

This chapter contains 0 BSAA emblems. Quick playthrough on professional in 2 ' 46 ".

Welcome to the shortest chapter in Resident Evil 5. Descend the stairs in front of you and turn right. Go to the pile in front of you and a movie will kick in. The movie will reveal the final fate of Excella Gionne. At the end of the movie Wesker will leave you to deal with Excella. The motto for this fight is "Run and live to fight somewhere else".

From the movie we go to a quicktime event where you have to tap buttons to evade Excella's attacks. You will have to tap either "A", "B" or "X". It helps to keep in mind that you will never have to tap the same button. This means if you tap "A" to evade then the next evasion will be done with either "B" of "X". The first evasive action is always done by tapping "X". So start tapping once the movie is finished. At some point you will end up at a container which you want to climb. Doing so is done by pressing both triggers. Jump off the container and start running up the stairs by tapping "A". Chris and Sheva will run inside the ship and this concludes the quicktime event.

Inside the ship you have to navigate some corridors to reach the bridge. Thins are complicated by Excella's continuing attacks. Excella has two kind attacks.

  • A tentacle bursing through the ceiling and reaching for you. This attack can be evaded by pressing X. When playing in co-op keep in mind that your partner also has to evade if he is very close to you.
  • A tentacle blocking a corridor. Shooting such a tentacle will make Excella retract. It takes about four shots with a magnum. To save ammo you can take alternative routes.

First we run along a corridor until we reach a corner. At this corner a tentacle will burst through the ceiling. Turning left at the corner reveals a tentacle blocking the corridor. To save ammo you can turn right just before the blocked corridor and walk around it. When you reach the other side of the blocking tentacle there will be a tentacle bursting through the ceiling. Once this tentacle disappears the corridor is blocked by another tentacle. To save ammo you can take the door on your left. Go through the rooms to the exit door. This door leads to the other side of the blocking tentacle. Turn left and proceed to the next corner where there will be another tentacle bursting through the ceiling. Proceed up the stairs and make an U-turn to the left to see a blocking tentacle. To save ammo you can take the corridor to your right. Some bodies on the floor and some of them will turn out to be Majini. For safety shoot every corpse once, this will prevent any nasty suprises. The last Majini will transform into a Duvalia. You have to kill this one because he has the bridge keycard. Use the door to exit the corridors. In this room you will find the door to use the bridge keycard on. Exit the room and turn left. Left again and up the stairs onto the bridge.

On the other side of the bridge there is a board with the Satellite Laser Shango Oprerating Manual. Read this manual carefully if you do not have the rocket launcher with infinite ammo. I especially liked the bit about allowing for recharge time. Turn left at the board and up the stairs toward the co-op door. While running up the stairs Chris will tell you the targeting device is up on the roof. Outside you turn left and left again to the gate. Upon entering the next area you'll see Excella's final form. Shoot the big bulbs with the rocket launcher. One shot, one kill. You will need about three shots to finish Excella. If your targeting is a bit slow then you will also have to shoot the creatures which Excella shoots at you. Without the infinite rocket launcher you will have to use the satellite laser. Use the bridge keycard to open the panel behind you and reveal the target locator. Get the target locator and if you climb up the ladder you will get a better view of Excella. Use the knowledge you gained from the manual. Occasionally Excella will shoot some small creatures onto the deck. These are lethal and have to be taking care of. Taking care of them will give the laser time to recharge.

Finishing Excella Gionne will also finish the chapter.

Completed Chapter 6 - 2

Complete Chapter 6 - 2 on any difficulty setting.

Completed Chapter 6 - 2
Online/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeMain Storyline

CHAPTER 6-3. Bridge Deck

This chapter contains 0 BSAA emblems. Quick playthrough on professional in 8 ' 44 ".

Exit through the gate and open the co-op door. Cutscene during which Wesker's plan is revealed and you're informed about the use of PG67A/W. Turn around and up the ladder towards the elevator. Cutscene showing the fire and informing you about the bulkheads. Start off by sniping all the Majini in this room. One to the left, One to the right, Two at the columns and one in the basin. That last one is a tricky shot. Move left and jump down the ladder. Jump down another ladder into the basin. Climb ladder out of the basin and move up the stairs opposite the basin. Here you will find a lever to open the bulkhead. From the lever-console turn to the right and run to that corner. Make a stand to fend off all the Majini. Also keep an eye on the opening above. After taking out the Majini move to the first Column. To the top-right of that column, when facing the bulkhead, you'll see a Majini on an elevated position. All the other Majini are behind the first bulkhead. You can take them out without getting dangerously close. Take it slow and proceed one column at a time. When you are at the gap you can jump over it and find cover behind the first column to the right. Prioritize the rocket launcher Majini on the left side of the room. Next are the Majini on the right side of the room. These will jump down and come to the center area if you give them time. When you have cleared the area move towards the second bulkhead and operate the co-op levers. These levers will trigger the spawning of some Reapers (Giant insectlike creatures). The first one is at your 7 o'clock. The second one is at your 5 o'clock up on the walkway. Next, climb the ladder onto that walkway. Turn left and climb the next ladder. Make sure the area is clear of enemies and waith for the bulkhead to fully open. Upon fully opening of the bulkhead two Big Man Majini with miniguns will emerge. Take them out, one rocket between them does the trick, and take their keycards. With these keycards move to the co-op exit.

Get ready for another face-off with Wesker. after several cutscenes the fight begins. During this fitht there are three lightswitche which you have to operate. They are located in the north-east, south-east and south-west of the room. In the north-west you can find a rocket launcher. Ammo for the rocket launcher can be found if you move one level higher by means of the ladders. Failing to operate the switches will result in Wesker jumping onto a missile platform from which he will throw missiles at you with deadly precision. Assuming you did all three switches it is now time to take care of Wesker. Shoot a rocket at him. When he catches the rocket shoot him so the rocket explodes. Then run towards him and restrain him. While restrained Sheva can inject him with the serum. Restraining Wesker will usually fail the first time you try it so be ready to do this at least twice. Face-off won, time for a cutscene leading onto the next face-off.

This face-off only consists of a quicktime event. Wesker starts to monologue and at the end of his monologue he inhales very deeply. This is your clue to start paying attention. First he will dash at you and both players have to push some random buttons. Next is an event for Chris. Followed by two events for Sheva. The first of which usually involves wiggling or rotating the left stick. The second one is usually a button press. Finally there is one event for Chris where he has to press both triggers. In single play all these events have to be done by the player. Another Face-off finished. time to move on to the next one.

Inside the volcano. Move away from the crashsite and Wesker makes his appearance. After the cutscene turn around and run away. Cutscene shows Chris falling down and Wesker jumping after him. Follow the path ahead and make a U-turn to the left at the top. Wait untill you can target Wesker's back with the rocket launcher. Wait and Wesker should reveal the red spot on his back. One rocket shot at that spot should take him out. Cutscene with a helicopter rescue and the last act of Wesker. During the final quicktime event you have to pull both triggers to finish Wesker off. Without the rocket launcher this fight is quite hard and lengthy. Watch this video on how to do it:

video by: rasejo on youtube

Completed Chapter 6 - 3

Complete Chapter 6 - 3 on any difficulty setting.

Completed Chapter 6 - 3
Online/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeMain Storyline

Depending on what difficulty you were playing you will unlock:

Note: The difficulty achievements are stackable



Complete all chapters on Amateur.

Online/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeMain StorylineDifficulty SpecificStackable



Complete all chapters on Normal.

Online/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeMain StorylineDifficulty SpecificStackable



Complete all chapters on Veteran.

Online/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeMain StorylineDifficulty SpecificStackable


War Hero

Complete all chapters on the most difficult setting.

War Hero
3 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeMain StorylineDifficulty Specific

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