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    Where has the time gone? The first Resident Evil game came out back in March of 1996 and has released many sequels over the years on different platforms and genres. Expanding from more than just a zombie outbreak into, what some might call movies, along one of the largest gaming franchise today. However, the series has separated fans new and old: on corner wanting the series to die already and the other salivating in wanton lust over each new title.

    RE6 starts on high alert as the bio terrorist attacks are popping up all around the world. The plot has you follow three separate story lines that cross each other, each are all looking for the same answers. Leon S. Kennedy and Helena Harper are two government agents that have just witnessed the death of the President and, naturally enough, want to know why. Chris Redfield who still works with the B.S.A.A. is falling into a seriously downer of a depression after his last mission went wrong. His soon-to-be new partner, Piers, wants the man he admires to come back to the service fighting the J’avo. Jake Muller, who is new to the series, is a mercenary with daddy issues who has a special blood type that can save millions of lives. It’s up to Sherry Birkin, who you might remember from the second game, to keep him alive and bring him in. A new terrorist organization naming themselves Neo-Umbrella have shown themselves and Ada Wong is, yet again, in the middle of it, and no one knows whose side she is on.

    I didn’t really like the way they separated the campaigns. I’m not saying the story was all that bad, but the way it was presented could have been done better. By the time I was done with Leon’s campaigns I pretty much knew everything that was going to happen in the other three. There was no real mystery anymore and it sort of ruined my fun. I won’t say all of it was ruined, but there were a few times where you played certain battles all over again, but just as the other characters, which wasn’t all that great because I just did it. The dialogue is a bit cheesy, but that is to be expected from a Resident Evil game, “Jill sandwich” anyone? The atmosphere started out pretty good and had the old school Resident Evil feel to it, but that was short lived as it seemed like Michael Bay decided to jump into the director’s chair and said, “Every scene needs a damn explosion!” There was one point where you are on a bus leaning off the cliff with hordes of zombies in it. A diesel truck comes by slamming into you, hurtling you down in a blaze of hell fire and the two characters walk away like nothing happened.

    Following the same path as Resident Evil four and five, the gameplay leans more toward action than horror using the third person shooting style. However, with the other two you couldn’t strafe side to side while aiming, but that it is a new feature that I gladly accepted into the franchise. The covering system is absolute crap because it never wants to work when you really need it. I was almost hoping that they would have returned to their survival horror roots focusing on scaring the character and solving puzzles to move into the next section. This wasn’t the case as the scare factor is completely gone and the puzzles are not at all challenging as they have a GPS system that tells you where to go.

    Instead of buying weapons now there is a skill set up used to help improve your characters. These skills increase weapon damage, drop rate, defense, ways to improve your team, and more. You have three slots that you can fill and you can create up to eight different combinations that you can select at any time in the game, but make sure you aren’t fighting because it won’t pause the game. As you acquire more points you can upgrade the skills with some going to level 2 and others to level 3.

    One thing I really enjoyed about this was the online and Co-Op system. In Co-Op you can play with one of your friends or some random person online. While I was playing in one campaign that involved them crossing each other we were actually in someone else’s game along with them. I thought that was an extremely neat idea from Capcom. Agent Hunt was also something I didn’t think I was going to have that much fun in, but did. You will randomly spawn as an enemy in another player’s game where you will try to kill them. While it is hard to get used to playing the infected it is still fun, until someone has infinite ammo for their magnum. Last, Mercenaries mode is back and it is just the same as before. You and another player have a set amount of time to fight off hordes of enemies. If you enjoyed it in the last game there should be no reason why you wouldn’t now.

    People either hated this game or loved it, but I seem to be in the middle of it. As a Resident Evil game this lacks everything that made the original three great, but just as a game, this is fun. I can understand why the old school fan base dislikes this because they are just following along with what everyone else is doing, and it seems the survival horror that we came to love is just dead. While Resident Evil 6 has many flaws it isn’t a bad game, and if you like third person shooters with a bit of a horror twist then this game is right up your alley.

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    xBrushedRedxI've had this for a little over a year now and couldn't find the interest to finish it. Seemed so tedious at first. Finally popped it back in, as I hate seeing it have such a low gamerscore in my history, and honestly, it's not half bad. I finished Leon's story and working on Chris's now. The length is great! I'd give it a 4/5. Before it grew on it, I'd have given it a 1.5/5 or so
    Posted by xBrushedRedx on 03 Feb 14 at 21:21
    WifelikeDripI envy you people who liked this game. The reason is, you can see beauty in the wettest and most soggy piles of shit produced by a game developer.

    This game is repetitive, tedious, and with a complete lack of imagination. With those dash sequences, quick-time events, and boss fights that you don't think will ever end, makes this game a .5 at best.

    This game was a slap to the face to true Resident Evil fans. It lowered the bar so much It actually bred a new type of Resident Evil fan in the process: The brain-dead shooter.
    Posted by WifelikeDrip on 21 Feb 14 at 22:11
    TheCampelloGreat review
    Posted by TheCampello on 17 Feb 19 at 11:49
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    Hi there! Please only rate the review and not the game. It just seems pretty unfair that you're marking me down because you don't like the game but you like the review.

    Here it is! The sixth installment to one of the most successful franchises of all time is finally here.

    In this game the world has gone to hell. The whole entire world is now infected with the C-virus. If you thought that the Las Plagas virus was bad then you haven't seen nothing yet.

    In this game you get to play 4 campaigns. Each with its own unique story and gameplay e.g. one campaign might be more survival horror and the other might be more action packed. (ROCK ON!) You will get to play as Leon, Helena, Chris, Piers, Jake, Sherry and the sexy and sassy Ada. (I like being Leon cause he is awesome!).

    In these campaigns apart from Ada's you can either play solo or with a friend (or some other bloke) In solo mode you will still be able to have your partner with you but the character is controlled by an AI. The AI is much improved from Resident Evil 5 which means that you will no longer die because the stupid AI can't get to you in time. The AI will sometimes go off and do its own thing but only when it is scripted to do so and if it is necessary. The AI will also not die which is good when things start to get rough on the hard difficulty's. This makes the campaign smoother for the lone wolves.

    Playing in Co-op is also fun. Having a buddy on your side really brings the joy of an arcadey game into your room. I'm not saying that the game is arcadey its just that some people may just want to play for sport or competitiveness.

    I will go into more detail later on.

    Now it's time to get cracking with this review.

    First of, WOW! I mean just WOW! The game is just beautiful. Every corner, every crack is just so detailed. The textures, Character models and 3D models (as in guns and what not) look astonishing although there are one or two textures that look pretty bad but it's quite rare. The cut scenes are very impressive as well. A cut scene in a game has never looked this good and the cut scenes are very entertaining to watch and with the help of perfect motion capture really bring the scene to life. All of the cut scenes are very memorable and should not be forgotten. I also like the look of the environments as well.

    Talking about looks have you seen the front cover. It's cool but if you look at the 6 you will notice that it looks "slightly" like a giraffe. Just saying.

    External image

    Can you see it yet?

    Apart from its gorgeous looks the game runs pretty smoothly. The frame rate is mostly solid but suffers on Jake's campaign because of all the props and special effects used to create the events that happen in the campaign. It also looks like that Capcom have actually fixed the problems with screen tearing , pop ins etc that were shown in the demos. Bravo!

    I give the graphic score a 9/10

    The sound is equally as impressive as the visuals. The voice acting is extremely well done and really brings the drama into the cut scenes and the voice actor for Jake Muller is Troy Baker who is one of my favourite voice actors and like always he gives us a bravo performance. Well done Troy. The sound effects are also great with very satisfying gun sounds. Nothing better than a bit of oomph before killing dozens of zombies and J'avo with a assault shotgun. The soundtrack is music to my ears (and headphones).

    I give the sound score a 8.5/10

    The gameplay sort of depends on your point of view. There are 4 campaigns for you to choose from with very different types of gameplay.
    Leon's campaign plays like a survival horror so it's a little bit like the classics.

    Talking of classics, the game is like a tribute of the classics. They re-use some of the old boss fights like the great white shark in the first Resident Evil and some weapons like the Matilda and even some old environments like Raccoon City in Resident Evil 2.

    External image

    Oh remember the Shark from Resident Evil 1. well... its back.

    Going back to Leon's campaign. You get to fight every ones favorite monster. The Zombies. Shooting zombies is very satisfying and really gives you the feeling of a survival horror but unfortunately the game itself isn't at all scary which is very disappointing for the classic Resident Evil fans. The boss fights in Leon's campaign are pretty decent but can be too long and will eventually make you bored. Leon's campaign is also the longest out of the 4 campaigns which is good cause Leon's campaign is my favourite one.

    Chris's campaign is more action packed and is not very different to the average action game like Gears of War. In this campaign you get to fight the J'avo which act like the Las Plagas. They carry guns and they can also mutate into really ugly monsters which will make you think twice before blowing off their arm, again. The boss fights in this campaign are pretty awful. Not only are they long. They are also frustrating because you will run out of ammo quite quickly and you have to hope that you friend or AI kills it for you which could take 20 minutes. Chris's campaign is the second longest and is also the worst out of the 4 cause the campaign itself is quite tedious.

    Jake's campaign is quite scripted and cinematic which does build the tension. When I mean scripted I mean running away from the big monster chasing you or driving a motorbike while you friend or AI whilst shooting the J'avo. It can be boring at times but it is better than Chris's campaign cause it is not so repetitive. Since that it's scripted the campaign does rely too much on quick time events and button prompts but it's not the worst thing that can happen. Plus I quite like quick time events. The boss fights are pretty good because of the scripted events that take place which does give you options on how to take out the boss other than just shooting a propane tank and just hope for the best.

    An example of a scripted event. Don't be fooled. That is not Nemesis from Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. Staaarrrsss!

    Ada's campaign is also enjoyable. With her campaign it plays like an adventure game. You know a bit of platforming, then a bit of shooting and then solving puzzles. The puzzles are pretty good and some are even pretty clever. You also get a handy cross bow which is stupidly powerful and very satisfying indeed. There is just nothing better than shooting a Cross bow while staring at Ada's perfect figure. In this campaign you will also get to fight both zombies and J'avo so you do get two sides of the same coin. There aren't really any proper boss fights because you sort of play in the background but still it's fun. This is the shortest campaign but not by much from Jake's campaign.

    There is also additional content like Agent Hunt and the much loved Mercenarys. In Agent Hunt you get to play as the monsters and try to kill the heroes. Agent Hunt is fun but feels a little tacky because it feels like dead spaces multiplayer and Mercenarys is the same. But do you really want to change such an enjoyable mode. Perhaps not.

    Overall I think all campaigns are fun and pretty lengthy and the gun play is very satisfying. It just needs to improve on the boss fights and controls because they feel a little clunky.

    I give the gameplay score a 8/10

    All of the campaigns have there own personal storyline. Which is great when it comes to crossovers with another campaign because you never know what's going to happen next. My favourite Storyline is Jake's because it goes into more depth than the other campaigns and has a satisfying ending. Speaking of endings. I was quite disappointed with the other 3 cause they felt rushed. Chris's Story is possibly the worst because it was quite predictable and not very interesting.

    Extension: Starter, Main, Dessert.
    In this section I'll go in to more detail about the intro (starter), Main and ending (Dessert).

    Starter: All 4 campaigns start off pretty good. They give you a taste of what's coming especially in Chris's story because he can't remember what happened during his last mission because he is in the sack and drinking his sorrows away. This is just one of the examples of what happened after their previous game e.g. after Resi 4 Leon is now good friends with the President.

    I give the starter an 8.5/10

    Main: The 4 campaigns have their own destiny and they are all different from the other. Leon's goal is to find out who is behind the outbreak. Chris's goal changes every now and then. Sometimes it would be trying to stop the virus from spreading and then it would suddenly be about revenge. (you'll see why when you play the game). In Jake's story. Sherry has to escort Jake to safety so that the agency can take samples of his blood so that they can stop the C-virus from spreading because his blood contains anti-bodies. This mission was supposed to be a simple escort but then turns into a nightmare because Jake and Sherry is being chased by a new BOW called the Ustanak who is supposed to capture Jake so that a new agency (I won't say who) can use his blood to boost the infection. I won't go into much detail about Ada's goal cause it'll spoil the surprise but I will say that her goal is to find the person behind the infection and find out who is framing her for the incident.

    All of the main content is great and the occasional cross overs are brilliantly well done.
    I give the main a 9/10

    Dessert: 3 of the 4 endings are kinda disappointing simply because they feel a little rushed and much to be desired. Jake's ending though is pretty good because it does explain what happens next and how and also has little more emotion than the others.

    I give the endings a 7/10

    Like I said before Jake's story is the strongest because it has more depth and emotion.

    I give the storyline score an 8/10

    Is it your Cup of tea?
    It depends on what kind of player you are. If your a classic Resi fan then this might not be for you because it's different from the previous titles. The previous titles except for resi 5 had horror in it. This tries to bring the horror back but doesn't deliver the scares (and the dirty underwear) so some might be disappointed. If you Liked resi 4 and 5 then this might be up your ally because it's action packed all the way to the very end. Sure it's got flaws but every game has them. If your a newcomer then this might be appealing because it's very different to the average game like COD for example. You either love it or you don't which is why it's so critically mixed.

    -4 Lengthy campaigns
    -Great graphics and sound
    -4 different types of gameplay

    -Agent Hunt is a little tacky
    -Unsatisfying endings
    -An overdose of quick time events and button prompts

    Overall this is a great game with room for improvement and it certainly beats Resident Evil 5. Especially with the amount of content on there. This is just one of those games that you either love or hate. It's not the best in the franchise nor the worst. Everyone has their own opinion and if you say that this game is rubbish. Then that's your own opinion not everyone elses.

    Overall I give this game a whopping 8/10
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    This review is admittedly late, but it's been a long time coming. Grab a snack and get ready for another ranting review.

    First off, I would like to mention that I was shocked, but not amazed, when I heard that this game was the worst one ever made. However, I didn't care. I attended the midnight release and was blown away by this game. I did not and do not regret my purchase of Resident Evil Six.


    It would be an unfair lie to say that this game doesn't look good. It looks great, in or out of HD. The textures are crisp and sharp, the weapon details are very nice, there are cracks and crags along old walls, floors and ceilings that people may notice if they happen to be that kind of player, and the animations are quite on point.

    Each character has a distinctive way of walking, just like people do in real life. There are times when it is possible to notice water or dirt on the character's skin or clothing. It is even possible to see certain items of clothing flapping in the wind or bouncing in action when the character moves about. They even put forth the effort to add special attacks for every character, I really appreciate small things like that. I have to say that there isn't much to complain about here.


    Well, it wouldn't be Resident Evil without top notch, horrifying sound effects, would it? (We're going to ignore the fact that some complain about this not being Resident Evil anyway, just for the sake of staying on track.) That, it has in abundance. There are these nasty looking slimy things that generate a deadly, viral gas when shot. They sound like a mix between a squealing mouse, a wheezing little girl, and some kind of demon.

    There are also these weird, squiggly guys that are pretty hard to kill. Hearing the sound of them walking is enough to put one on edge when trekking the darkened halls of a military tanker. Not to mention the way they breathe when they finally do die. It makes one wonder if they should keep shooting or toss a nade and run.

    A solid thumbs up to the weapon sound effects. From pistols and sub machine guns to knife slashes, explosions, shotgun blasts, and the whisper of a crossbow shot, this game doesn't disappoint in the least. Helicopters propellers, car tires skidding, motorcycle engines, enemies that spit fizzling acid...

    The effort Capcom put into making the sounds in this game actually good, goes beyond some of the games I've played this year. I for one, have no complaints here.


    Here it is. The part that matters the most. Without solid gameplay, no game can be fun. I for one, can't even tolerate a game that gives me a controller and only pretends to do what I want it to do. Fortunately, I can't say I had this problem with RE6.

    No more tank controls. Good riddance. Many argue that tank controls make the game scarier, but I don't think truly scary is what Capcom was going for here. I would guess they were targeting "immersive" rather than "scary." Capcom has given the player full control over the camera, all while maintaining that over the shoulder view, which is even ambidextrous in this installment.

    The movement of the character is a beautiful thing that I never want to see go away. If you're going to put me in the middle of acid spitting lizards, guys with rocket launchers, running, leaping zombies, and rabid demon dogs, then I would like to be a little more mobile than my dead grandmother. That's exactly what RE6 did.

    With the addition of being able to run in any direction without changing the camera, Capcom outdid themselves by adding in a fantastic dodging system. It is quite effective, as I've used it to my advantage many times, in and out of multiplayer sessions. You are given the ability to dodge in any direction, and, to sweeten the deal, you don't have to get right back up.

    This is very, very useful. Play multiplayer and get hit with a shotgun, don't get back up. Roll to the side and shoot from the ground. (Very effective when playing as Piers.) Got uppercut by a zombie? (it happens) Don't raise up only to be tackled by a dog, double tap in your chosen direction to quickly move out of harms way.

    Did your clumsy pal toss a grenade with the intention of killing a group of encroaching zombies, only to miss and catch you in the blast?facepalm Don't stand up in the middle of the crowd and be surrounded. Double tap, double tap, double tap in the safest direction and shoot from there. It works so well! You don't have to die!

    Now, don't be alarmed when you read this. There is a cover system. That would immediately shatter most dreams of smooth gameplay, but don't despair. It works, for the most part. You can take cover on pretty much any wall, and it doesn't happen by accident. (I'm looking at you, Operation Raccoon City) When in cover, you can actually move along the walls, unlike in RE5 when you really, really, wanted to.

    This system really helps during every campaign, save Leon and Helena's. It's good for whatever you think it should be good for, that is, not getting shot and blown up by every bullet, grenade and rocket. To make the transition from in cover to out of cover, Capcom thoughtfully allowed players to do what? Double tap and dodge out of it. Or, if behind a waist high wall, you can jump it, like in most modern third person shooters.

    How about that aiming system? How does shooting enemies feel? Well, it works too, just like pretty much everything else in this game. You can chose between a reticule, like Lost Planet, or you can use a laser, like RE4 and 5, only in this game, you get more fun out of using a laser, simply because you can choose it's color. While cosmetic in thought, it does serve some practical use. Different colored lasers are easier to see in certain areas. (Pro tip, don't use a yellow laser in China)

    Capcom gets cool points for taking a page from the Nintendo DS's RE Mercenaries, letting players move and shoot. It doesn't even pull on accuracy when doing it. Shooting at enemies feels as though you are actually hitting organic tissue. Enemies react accordingly by staggering away, falling to one knee, clenching their wounded arms... But only when you're hitting organic tissue. Some enemies are quite durable and don't seem to feel much pain.

    This is fine, as I've found that most every enemy in the game has a weakness, be it a certain type of bullet, a melee attack, a flash grenade, or, a good old fashioned flame purging. This makes things interesting and not monotonous. Even more so when you're scarce on supplies and you have to find the best way to take down that enemy.

    You can also rejoice in saying goodbye to that "Help, I've fallen and I can't get up!" crap. No longer will you lay helpless, pathetic and dumb while a zombie mindlessly approaches you and gets on his knees to chomp away the rest of your health. You get a meter at the bottom of the screen, and if you hold off the enemy until it fills, you'll scrape your own butt off of the ground. YES CAPCOM, YES!

    I know it's rough, but Capcom did not do away with quick-time events. There are complaints about this too, but as long as most players are actually looking at the TV when there is a cut-scene, (they do if they care about what's going on) they should be fine, as most quick-time events give you a generous amount of time to react. I felt that this was one remedy to the complaints about taking control away from the player.

    Let's not forget yet another new addition to gameplay, abilities. These abilities are very, very useful, and you can change them on the fly using a whopping TEN presets of three abilities. (Is it three or four?) These are so useful that they may as well be mods. They cater to your specific style of play. Fight a lot of zombies? Get that zombie killer ability. Love using the shotgun?

    Equip that shotgun ammo drop increase, go ahead and add that shotgun power increase while you're at it. Are you playing with a newbie to RE games? Better equip that medic ability so you can heal your partner without being close by. This list of abilities is expansive, and it takes some doing to actually unlock every one of them. This is cool, but sometimes, I wonder if we would have done better without it. But nonetheless, it's nothing to complain about, the game doesn't force you to use them.

    Last but definitely not least, is the honorable mention of the new inventory system. This game is fast-paced and fully real-time. If gamers can't handle that, then I pity them. Have fun with Viva Pinata, guys. The new system allows for fast selection and use of...Well, everything. Use the d-pad to select a weapon. Up for grenades and first aid sprays, left and right for guns and your knife. (Or stun stick or bare hands.)

    The way you use and combine healing is impeccable. Missing three blocks of health? Tap the bumper three times and voila. Need to combine herbs while under attack? No problem. Hit Y then rapidly smash the A button. You'll have more tablets ready for use before you even realize what you just did. (No lie, you won't make a mistake because the game makes the best choice for you. Like autocorrect, but it actually works because there isn't anything else to use there besides healing items. Herbs to be exact.)

    It's never been easier or faster. I would be dead if the system was the same as RE5. Oh, one more thing. This game has weapons with alternate fire modes. Play it to find out which ones do have them and what they do. Or just Google it, whatever you want. It's a pretty awesome thing to have in a Resident Evil game.

    Replay Value

    Where did this ever go? In previous generations, most games aimed to hit a high replay value. Well, I don't know if Capcom was targeting that, as most games aim for story telling these days. But they did a fair job at giving players something to do after completing the story. They still have mercenaries mode, which is back and better than ever with the new gameplay upgrades. I don't like the levels, I will admit, but the game works, and that is what matters.

    There are still things to collect in this game. Blue medallions make a return from RE4, but only to get collectables in the gallery, not cool, new weapons. There is also downloadable content, that in my opinion, should have come with the game. But who finishes games nowadays? We have the option of DLC, so whatever. It's a great money grab.

    Those DLC packs feature multiplayer modes, essentially the same ones that were in RE5.
    I wouldn't mind seeing a few of ORC's multiplayer modes in this game, but hey, we can dream.
    There is also the addition of titles, dog tags, and abilities to collect. Titles and dog tags are useless, they're cosmetic only, but I think you get an achievement for getting a lot of them. I'm not sure on that one. Abilities however...Oh boy, those abilities are far from useless.

    Ranting Time

    Time to get a little personal here. I heard some nasty complaints about RE6. Camera issues, the game losing its identity directional errors, inventory system, you name it. While playing through the game on various difficulty levels, I have to say that I came to appreciate the control setup more and more.

    Call me crazy, but I actually prefer the inventory system in this game. It's fast, easy, and simple. I don't have to manage my inventory and shed a tear every time I discard something that I don't need but really want, and actually end up needing later. No use for magic chests here, things have gotten too hectic.

    Speaking of hectic, that brings me to wonder why I hear complaints about controls. What is there to complain about? Is it not better to do a roll, dive, or cartwheel out of the way of a giant, swinging axe-hammer (RE5) than to slowly sidestep it? The upgrade even makes sense. Level with me here, gamers. All of the characters in this game are highly trained, highly seasoned veterans of the horrors in their world.

    If they moved like they were wearing Link's iron boots, how would they ever have passed basic training? I don't like to be told I'm working as a government agent on a dangerous mission, then come to find out I can't even sprint and slide or kick something in the face like the badass I'm described to be. If we went back to tank controls and slow movement, sure it would be good for the survival horror element.

    But wouldn't we wonder what happened to Leon's training? In RE4, (which you know you loved) he was an unstoppable, track running, wall flipping, cultist suplexing, giant scaling, ninja like Olympic swimmer. Age wouldn't slow the guy down that much. Chris is BSAA. He kill these monster for a living. He has to be a boss, he just has to.

    Jake is Wesker's son. Need I say more? Do you remember RE5? Wesker was too bossic. He dodged bullets and did flips and beat up everybody with his bare hands. He launched missiles at you with his bare hands! I don't think this game is losing it's identity because of it's action orientation, I feel like it's adding to it. It's still RE because it's the only one doing what it's doing, as well as it's doing it. Left 4 Dead and Dead Island don't hold a candle to the iconic characters and the reputable name of the series.

    When it comes to zombie games, I think this game is simply evolving into something greater. I do miss the slow paced, puzzle oriented, creep-out predecessors. I do want them to make one like that again, Lost in Nightmares in RE5 was the closest it came to that. It would be a crying revolution if Capcom did another RE Outbreak with all the revamp's of todays technology and Xbox's online capabilities.

    I would love to escape or just survive a zombie outbreak in some city of Capcom's choosing with a group of buddies. I would even go so far as to say I would like to create my own survivor for the whole ordeal, but again, we can dream, right? Now, what's with the complaining about the story? It's a conjoining story with character path overlaps. I thought it was pretty cool.

    Honestly, in hindsight, I can't see how this game was much different than RE5. They used many of the same formulas. Quick time events within battle, car chases with shooting, action packed cut-scenes with some quick time parts, and hordes of enemies coming at you at once. They even brought back standard, slow moving, shuffle-stepping, flesh biting zombies for a time.

    Yet, all this was well received in RE5, but cried and whined about in RE6. What the fish, guys? It's the same game with a few revamps! Is it what you wanted? Absolutely not, but does it suck? Absolutely not! I will admit, there were times when I wanted to tear out my hair in Ada's campaign. She just wouldn't stop talking to herself and making stupid comments. Or was she talking to ME? Either way, she was more annoying than that Ashley chick (RE4) ever was.

    I can't forget to give the complainers their two points and acknowledge a huge issue with the game. I can't figure out what the flopping fish Capcom was thinking when they decided to take the camera off of you to show you that new enemies were approaching, or your partner has been gravely injured. That actually got me killed a few times. I was irate.

    It was a stupid thing to do and whoever decided it was right, should be demoted and sent to work for Nintendo and make games for moms and their babies. There was also a time when I was slightly annoyed when the game forced me to walk. That was kind of annoying, but nothing to rage quit on.

    Honestly though, talk to me guys. I want to know why this game was so ill received. It was a triple A title with a triple A budget. No game is perfect, but this one is pretty well designed, easily one of the better games this year. As a guy who actually enjoys this game quite a bit, I'm certain that I've missed some points where the game gets ugly. Come on, let me know in the comments. I want to hear it from you guys, personally.
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    Resident Evil 6, the latest installment of Capcom's know ex-Survival Horror game that started in 1996. The game is full of changes, and it does bring some nostalgia to those who have ventured the road since the Arklay Mountains and Raccoon City. Resident Evil 6 may not be the perfect Resident Evil game, but it is a great game.

    The game went through some major changes since Resident Evil 5, from Gameplay through Controller Mechanics. It does take some time to get adjusting, and Gameplay varies from what campaign you choose from. Just so we're clear: Gameplay =/= Controller Mechanics. The challenges in each campaign is different, like how Leon's Campaign has puzzles and Chris' Campaign is more "Clear the area, then proceed".

    The Camera Model also takes some time to get adjusted. Unlike Resident Evil 5, this camera isn't completely fixed to stay behind your character. At certain points in the game, you have to run towards your camera, and sometimes they are not just only in events in the game. After a few hours of getting the hang of the camera, it can be a huge edge for you. And the HUD doesn't really get in the way either and it's different from each character in the game, so it can take a few minutes getting used to.

    The Inventory slot is different from the previous installments as well. It feels somewhat like you have unlimited space, but you don't. It takes quite a lot to fill the inventory slot, so you would only fill it maybe once or twice. Plus, don't think that your Inventory is full if you can't pick up some bullets, since certain bullets are for your partner(If playing Co-op). I'll talk about that in the cons in more detail.

    Sounds in the game are pretty well done and Graphics are pretty detailed in certain aspects and points. Guns look and sound authentic, and character voices don't seem to be as bad as they say they are. Character reactions to attacks and other stuff can be done similar to Resident Evil 5, but a little better.

    Also, the ability to buy,equip & upgrade skills like doing more damage with guns or melee, or boosting up your chances of Critical Hits are pretty handy when it comes to playing in harder difficulties. You can customize your Dog Tags and can add a title that can be unlocked by doing certain stuff in the game. Also, the Mercenaries are back, and slightly more challenging than the previous Mercenaries games. And the addition of "Agent Hunt" mode, where you invade another player's campaign and kill him is new and enjoyable.

    There are also Files and Figures in the Collections gallery, but you need to unlock them by finding emblems through the campaigns, and the choice to view Cutscenes is there as well, but the menu looks slightly different. It goes by Timeline, which I think it's pretty neat. Your game also records your progress in the game, and are also sent to the Resident Evil 6 tracking site, which I think it's pretty cool.


    Again, since Resident Evil 5, there has been drastic changes. There's the ability that you could trade & give weapons & ammunition, as well as other items in Resident Evil 5. This game does not have it for some odd reason, which makes it impossible to hand your partner handgun bullets when needed. And this exact problem is what won't allow you to pick up your partner's special ammo. Even though some characters have special guns, you can't touch their ammo, and vice versa. And not sharing items is something I hoped that would make an appearance again, but it's not there. It's a huge letdown, but I managed since there are a lot of places you can get items from.

    Plus, in Resident Evil 5, the weapons that you would carry around would be visible in your character's persona, which RE6 does not have due to the inventory slots. And with the amount of long weapons that you get in the game(Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Shotgun, etc), I think it was a smart move, since it seems like a lot of guns to carry around in the back.

    The game feels slightly less challenging, in a way. To me, personally. And if you rush the game, it doesn't really take up to 10 hours each campaign, unless you want to count the amount of time spent in each campaign with each character.

    And even though I liked the whole Tic-Tacks pills as medicine, it does seem like it's not the correct way to apply medicine. Neither does spraying the First Aid Spray like a bottle of perfume. It's a small con that I easily ignore, but I would like to share it as a con, though. Would have settled for applying the herbs as a medical lotion or something.

    The Pro's:

    Those who have ventured the game's franchise will find a large amount of references from previous games, which I think it's hilarious. Even though I listed the Tic-Tacks as a con, it is extremely useful to use them right next to your partner(if playing with another player), just like the First Aid Spray. The ability to Melee helps a lot when I'm out of bullets as well, and I think it's a huge and great addition in the game.

    The finishing moves used in enemies are really helpful when low on ammo too. And even though a lot of people don't like them, the Quick Time Events are back and in a new sort of way and style.

    Not sure if Con or Pro:

    There's only one thing that I can't seem to decide whether it's a pro or not. While playing in Single Player, the AI Partner seems to not have any sort of Health Bar, as Resident Evil 5 did. And your partner can take a lot of damage in the game, and not die(unless it's in a QTE or event where you have to help. There, it's help or die). Which is helpful since I don't have to worry about my partner a lot, but it makes the game less challenging. You decide. It's a mix of both to me.

    Personal Opinion:

    As a Resident Evil Fan, I have to say that Capcom didn't lose any of their touch. In fact, the franchise's genre change was bound to happen. I remember clearly years ago in a forums section that Resident Evil needs to stop using Zombies somewhere in a gaming site(at that time, Gameshark was still around). And that the horror genre isn't going to have much impact in the near future, which seems true.

    From Gameplay to story and to genre, the franchise changed, and not for the worst. I, at first, thought that it was in the wrong direction, but I was more into the classic games rather than the later installments. I started to wonder "Why? Why now? Why change? Why everything?" And many asked themselves the same thing.

    In reality, the Survival Horror fans are scarce in numbers. To gamers, there are a whole lot that says that they are enough, when in fact, it's not about the fans. It's about the money. And Capcom aimed at the perfect direction to gather money. And I would do the same thing. A company won't just survive on a small number of Horror fans, when there's a whole bigger audience that they can target while trying to target their main fans. Even though some think otherwise, it's your own decision in the end.

    Sure, people did complain, and who wouldn't? But their anger makes them see all the negative stuff about the game, rather than the positive. For starters, Gameplay changed. And many gamers confuse Gameplay with Control Mechanics, which is pretty common.

    Gameplay is Actions & Challenges, and the challenges this game brings weren't all that great. However, the amount of actions that you can do and the new Agent Hunt mode brings more tension & excitement to the game. Mercenaries changed; not drastically, but a lot. And a lot of the SH Core Gamers were hoping something more challenging, in which I can agree with them.

    And there's the complaining about the controls and the HUD and storage display. Even though since RE4 evolved the franchise's gameplay, people were complaining that it's too "Crappy" or "Sloppy" and whatnot. It takes time to get adjusted, just like any other game. I didn't like the controller mechanics of The Conduit, and after a certain amount of time spent in the game, I got a hold of myself and enjoyed the game. And even though it feels different, it's close to the same thing.

    The story makes up for a lot. The story told in each campaign is surely one I won't forget, and it improves my knowledge of the Resident Evil franchise, and I can't ask for more than that. Heck, I didn't need closure, but it sure felt like it's already/almost over. And that in the back of my head seems like I won't hear the last of Umbrella, or any corporation that will follow in their steps.

    The guns, the skill customization, Dog Tags, Achievements/Trophies... I couldn't ask for more. And for those who aimed for the Anthology for the PS3, I say well done. Even though the Anthology version for the 360 was quite crappy, I must say that it wasn't too bad of a deal either. Well, almost.

    In the end, there is that part of my RE Gamer side that asks: What about Billy Coen? Rebecca Chambers? Barry Burton? Carlos Olivera? We haven't been told what Jill went to do after the events of RE5. Those Resident Evil Key Characters are not forgotten, but we ask and get no answers. It almost feels that the Resident Evil story isn't over yet. Not by a long shot.

    And the addition that your stats are recorded and sent to the RE6 site, a la CoD and Battlefield, it's a smart move. A lot of people lately care about their records and love to get awarded for their work in the game. This site surely is another thing, though. In under a day, the amount of people registered from 16 to 13336, and online players from 2k to 206163(as from when I'm writing this).

    Conclusion: The game isn't completely a loss, in fact, it's an upgrade, and that's coming from a Resident Evil fan since the beginning of the franchise. Yes, there was a lot that got changed from the classic games, but to be honest, I've matured a lot since then and it's quite hard to find something that would scare me. And if Capcom were to try to scare me with countless surprise scares, it would eventually just get annoying and dull, which would feel that the game would feel more like a chore after several playthroughs. I feel that way right now from the classic games, but I still enjoy them, but in today's standards and game evolution, I rather just not add it and come up with something new.

    Second Hand Overview: (This was another personal comment I made, even though it has many things I already mentioned)

    The game isn't really failing, as the franchise has sold more than 50 Million copies, despite the genre's change. If it did, I think Capcom would've gotten the idea of not releasing another game. But then again, there are the people that like the franchise's story and how far it has gotten. Sure, it's not what it used to be, but it was bound to happen. I remember that shortly after Code Veronica was released, there was a forum thread where people were already complaining about the use of Zombies, that they are being "Overrated".

    This game doesn't really deserve the low ratings that reviewers give it, but it is their opinion. Yet, the game sells, and there are people that are pretty satisfied with the change, myself included. I love the classics, and I love the change that they added. And Leon's Campaign does seem less action and more Survival Horror elements, not completely but it's there.

    Besides, the change makes the classic games Unique. And change means trying something new, which may sound bad, but in the end, it's a great idea. While I do think Survival Horror fits this franchise more, there are ways to make it better, and changing genre can help find that sweet spot for the game.

    Maybe not in my lifetime but the game will eventually find the mechanics and genre that fits right for the game. Maybe bring it back to Survival Horror with new experienced changes. Think of it as "Re-Design to Perfection". It may not be the practice they are exercising, but it could be in a sub-conscious way.

    People just need to open up their eyes and tolerate change. Change is good, it means different results. Different Results means that you can mix different mechanics and form something new that can enhance the experience of the player. I welcome the change.

    Overall of this game:

    Gameplay: 8.9
    Graphics: 9
    Sound: 8
    Aesthetic: 8.5
    Story: 10
    Multiplayer & Modes: 10
    Overall Score: 9.50/10

    I will admit that the game wasn't what I was expecting, but it wasn't a let-down either. I already foresee that I will sink a lot of hours into this game, using both characters of the story of each campaign, rack up points & medals, Mercenaries, unlock everything, play Agent Hunt mode and more to come. I know I won't be disappointed in the future installments, and with the possibility of having Resident Evil 2 remade for this generation of consoles, I'm still a fan of Capcom, despite their ugly ways of marketing.
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    Edited: Removed the paragraph about the chapters no longer being segmented as an update fixed that problem. Also removed the line about Ada's Campaign being solo as Co op was added in.

    So, before I begin this review I have to make it known that I am by no means a RE fanboy or an RE Elitist of any sort. This review will be based on what works, how well it works, and why it works. Not what makes this game better, worse, or different from its predecessors. I will state some of the aforementioned but it will be as a reference, not something to rate this game by. If you dislike this game because it isn't like RE1 through CV don't rage comment or rage dislike please, just write your own review.

    Without further ado... press start.

    Resident Eeevil 6.

    So this game takes on the task of blending action with suspense and horror. While the game didn't make me jump at all it was an overall very enjoyable experience in pretty much every area. I'll break it down into PRO and CON sections as well as ending it with a nice summary to explain my reasoning.


    Numerous Modes to play- First you make a game with 4 campaigns each spanning between 6- 9 hours depending on how you play and your difficulty choice. Then you give each campaign a unique feel to it to keep the experience fresh and fun. If that weren't enough for you you're in luck, because this games also sticks with tradition and throws in The Mercenaries mode in a style similar to 5. There is also a new mode called Agent Hunt that some might be interested in.

    Leon's Campaign- This campaign takes you back to the days of killing zombies, not plagas. It has the largest horror aspect and is the slowest paced of the campaigns. You have creepy environments with great amounts of detail, music to match it, and giant monster boss fights. It feels almost like RE 4 with a bit more action. ( I found this one to be the most enjoyable of the 4.)

    Chris' Campaign- This campaign is difficult to describe. Remember that section of RE 5 near the end where everyone had guns? Imagine that, and then give nearly every enemy a plaga type infection so that they transform when you injure them. There is more action to be found here than any other campaign. If you wanted a pure action game with a few slow paced events then this is the campaign for you.

    Jake's Campaign- This campaign is more like a thriller than anything else. There aren't many puzzles but there are many chase events, stealth sections, and a pretty good amount of action as well. Not only all that, but you'll also find yourself fighting enemies who are armed with guns and melee weapons, as well as monsters.

    Ada's Campaign- This is the shortest campaign by far and also the easiest to complete. It intersects with each of the other three. So Ada gets a nice blend of everything with a few puzzles on top. Other than that, she has the most straightforward of the 4.

    The Mercenaries- This is basically a revamped version of the mode of the same name on RE 5. You can now shoot combo time, your killcount shows on screen at all times and is easily visible, there are more than 150 enemies though you can only kill that many, and time is much more plentiful while combo time is more sparse. Other than that, the most noticeable difference is that it starts off much more slowly than before.

    Agent Hunt- This is a Left4Dead esque mode where the player gets to control a random creature in someone's campaign and try to kill them. You spawn as enemies that are normally there but controlled by AI and you automatically exit their game when they reach a cinematic scene. (not an in game scene) It isn't very rewarding but if this is your cup of tea then you can have a pretty good time with it.

    Refined Coop- Compared to RE5 this game has taken all of the aspects of Cooperative play and mastered it. Not only does each chapter feel quite different depending on who you play as, but there are also many areas throughout the game where you get separated from your partner and must work together or alone to reunite. There are also many parts where the game requires you to be together to progress and they did it mostly with doors that need two players to open or objects too heavy for a single person to move. This keeps it so that the players don't get too far ahead of each other which helps if you're playing with someone new to games like RE. Items are no longer shared between players (unless playing local split screen, you can give items to people that way.) and instead items spawn differently. It works well because you don't have to worry about sharing ammo with teammates since you both find your own now. Boss fights are much more engaging as in some areas both players will play a different role or even be split up momentarily. There is a new feature that I've never seen in any other game of Cross Play Coop. These let you to intersect with players on other campaigns in the same area as you, allowing up to a maximum of up to 4 players at a time.

    New Mechanics- With the increased amount of action in the game it was only a matter of common sense to allow you to dodge and counter. So you can now dodge attacks by diving, rolling, and sliding in whichever direction you need to. Then the game has quick time counters that can turn the tide of battle if you master them. Though it isn't new to anyone who played RE: The Mercenaries for 3DS, you can now move and shoot, and the cover system has been revamped. It now works similarly to Rainbow Six as you hold down the trigger and use the stick to lean out. Grenades are easier to use now that there is an indicator to show the trajectory of the throw before you release it. Melee combat has been improved, you can now do a string of melee attacks to stagger enemies with the right trigger. There are a few driving sections in the game that really keep the experience fresh and they come in at the perfect time.

    Skill System- The skill system is something that can be either love or hate. It lets you equip perks basically that give you an edge in combat or quick times. It's really creative and can even be used to create specialties or "Classes." You get points by killing enemies that drop them and picking them up or by finding them in boxes, containers, or just lying around.

    Sound Effects- This game has very great sound effects. Each weapon sounds unique, the enemies all have their own sounds as well, and there isn't much that you could consider recycled on the game.

    Music- The music varies by campaign. Leon's adds a creepier or dramatic atmosphere to his game. Chris has more or less war hero music. Jake's music fits with the intensity of his story and so on. The music isn't exactly fitting for an action horror game but it is in no way bad. (Mercenaries has only one song. and it's a sort of Dream Trance).

    Graphics- The graphics are very impressive. The characters get dirty, sweaty, and covered in snow or whatever depending on their environments. The levels have great designs and detail, the backgrounds are scenic, and the monsters are nicely done. Muzzle flashes and explosions look great, and guns even have smoke trails. Nearly everything looks amazing aside of a few bad bottles here and there. Little details that you won't notice unless you stop to examine them.

    The Controls- A little bit of RE mixed with modern shooter. Everything fits perfectly and the controls are great for the game. You can access your inventory easily, mix herbs, change equipment and etc without taking much time. Nothing to complain about here, they work and are comfortable to use if you play for a long time.

    Collectables- The game has 80 Emblems, 36 figures, customizable dog tags, and an insane amount of titles to choose from. They don't do much for you but they are all unlocked by doing mini challenges as you play. You can also unlock data about characters, levels, and creatures by getting the emblems. If you like a bit of reading and back story in your game then you'll likely find yourself emblem hunting. If you're a completionist... good luck.

    Quick Time Events Aplenty- If you like QTE's you'll have a lot more fun with this game. It's got very many sequences where you have to mash buttons, rotate sticks, hit buttons to a timer, that kind of stuff. A great reflex test for all. If you don't like them then you can play amateur which does them for you.

    Partner Healing- You can heal your partner with First Aid sprays if you have any, if you don't then you can use health tablets on them if they go down, and if you're hurt then anytime you heal near them, they also gain health.

    Achievements- All of the original achievements can be gained offline which helps for those who don't have gold. You won't be missing out on anything really if you have a split screen partner. Depending on if you do your first run on pro mode it could take you between 30-50 or so hours to get them all. (Assuming you don't grind for skill points.)


    Derek Clifford Simmons- The main boss you'll fight over and over. Running out of ammo each time. It may be a spoiler but he was a major pain, and would likely be the only reason Professional would be really hard as a first play.

    Weird Camera at times- in some running sequences, most noticeably in Chris' Campaign, the camera will change on you and your controls along with it. Causing you to slow down, and die. If you can predict the control change then you likely won't find this as an issue.

    AI Teammate- The AI is vastly improved over RE5 but they still have 2 major problems. They prefer to use their pistols, and they don't respond immediately when you want to leave an area. Their other small issue seems to be that they won't sprint unless they have to. They were made invincible and given infinite ammo so this is somewhat compensated for.

    Ada's Stealth Segments- Although I have successfully done this... It's safe to say that stealth isn't fun on RE titles. It doesn't feel right and sometimes you have to do impossible stuff to succeed.

    All in all RE6 is an amazing game and so long as you don't dislike it for being a Resident Evil title and give it a try it's very enjoyable. Possibly the most solid RE title to date. The game doesn't force you to play any specific campaign so you can just play what you like if the thought of an action packed RE bothers you. I'd call the game Action Horror if I had to give it a genre.
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    This will be my first review. This is my opinion. Everyone is entitled to one. Please play the full game for yourself with a friend all the way through before you post. You don't have to buy the game to play it with a friend, just rent it, as it has NO online pass. DO. NOT. PLAY THE GAME BY YOURSELF. Rate the review for the review, not because you love/hate this game. I wrote this for the people on the fence about trying this game due to the critically mixed reviews. Like every game, give it a chance as it is and not as what it was. I have completed all 4 campaigns on Normal difficulty with co-op for the 3 that have it (Leon, Chris, and Jake) as well as the access to the Crossover parts for every campaign. I played as the partner characters, Helena, Piers, and Sherry initially, and have now finished the game as everyone. I have now played all of the Versus DLC. It is recommended when you go through this game to play Leon, Jake, Chris, then Ada to get the best story experience. No matter what, Ada should ALWAYS be last.

    External image

    Getting Started
    1.Take your game case and a Sharpie, and cross off the name Resident Evil. This is not what Old-School fans want in a RE game. The fanbase is split between the few that like the new approach, the old-school, and some that love both. I am in the last category. I recently had the opportunity to play the REmake on my Gamecube and I can see why the Old-School fans are upset. Do not play this game as if it is a RE game, imagine it as something else and you will possibly enjoy it more.
    2.Think about the story of Resident Evil. The series is about Bioterrorism, and this game expands upon that premise.
    3. How old were you the last time a game scared you? While games have made me jump and creep me out a few times, I have never truly been scared by a game.
    4. Put yourself in a character's shoes. Would you like to stand still to shoot a monster coming at you? The new moves you can perform are a nice addition to freshen up the formula (much like the 2007 build of RE5) making sure it isn't copy and paste.
    5. After you are done with the Prelude, mess with all of the settings for the game. The original camera is awful. I set my camera up for the max FOV without aiming (15) and my character on the screen at 7. For the FOV while aiming I left it at 0 so that I can clearly see where my shots will go. The game plays much nicer with a better camera. Other settings are subtitles, whether you want to have a traditional laser or not, and even the color of said laser/dot. These types of things will make your experience MUCH better.

    Sound and Visuals
    Orchestrated music for your ears to enjoy. This game plays great with surround sound (especially Leon's campaign). Motion capture and lip synching (cutscene-wise, for some reason the in-game lip-synching is off) are well done. There are times where the characters say/do stupid things whether it be a civilian or the heroes themselves (Leon talking to the President Zombie then later he tells Helena they aren't the people they used to be and just shoot them). Cast is full of many big names in games including Troy Baker. Capcom has once again made "intense visuals so real, you won't be able to forget them."

    The game feels like a typical shooter. Anyone that plays shooters should get the hang of it rather quickly. In short, play around a little bit and get the hang of them. They are not bothersome at all and with the evasive manuevers you are allowed to save yourself from things that would have killed you in past RE games. It is an excellent change of pace with an easy to use menu/inventory system. For those of you that need to study it:

    External image

    Feel of the Campaigns
    This game takes place in 3 different locations with each campaign spending different amounts of time in each. There is Tall Oaks in the USA, Edonia in Europe, and China in Asia. This game is very action heavy. Each of the 4 campaigns have something unique (gameplay and story-wise) about them and I will review them individually. I do NOT have a favorite campaign.

    External image

    Leon: Capcom's attempt at trying to please the OS fans. Zombies are back and are my favorite enemies. Despite moving slow (most of the time) they are very lethal in groups and have leaping-grabs. This is the slowest paced of the campaigns and is also the longest.

    External image

    Chris: This campaign was clearly made for the shooter crowd. The cover system could've been better but that is also because people are used to how the Gears of War cover system is. This is more of an older "you hold the LT to stay on the wall and use the LS to lean out." Rainbow Six type cover system. This may bother some people, but it's nothing new to gaming. Cover is important in this campaign as you will be fighting the new J'avo enemies that mutate parts of their bodies or hatch from cocoons into even tougher enemeis.

    External image

    Jake: This campaign is mostly an action movie with tons of set pieces and explosions.This campaign tries to bring back the feel of RE3 with a giant monster chasing you. When I heard about this I thought it was gonna be great. Said monster doesn't really chase you through the entire campaign, just certain parts. Said monster is also a ton of fun to fight when you have to. The J'avo are the enemies in this campaign as well.

    External image

    Ada: The "secret" unlockable campaign (originally, but now available from the start) that has puzzles and a blend of all of the above with some really awkward stealth elements. Stealth doesn't belong in RE. She is the only core Single-Player campaign and she faces off against Zombies and J'avo because she goes everywhere. Co-Op was added to this campaign via an update in December. Enter the Agent. Playing as him in Ada's story isn't fun. He can't do anything (not even able to open doors, really Capcom?) and he teleports. He also lacks voice lines (commands and groans don't count!) and the rappel gun. I was really anticipating being able to play as the Agent back when the update was announced but I am disappointed with the lack of effort by Capcom.

    This is a co-op game at heart. If you do not have a friend that has this game and despise randoms, then get someone that will play with you. This game has split-screen, system link, and of course online play. Otherwise you will NOT enjoy this game as much as you probably should. While the AI is improved from RE5 (they actually kill enemies, and do not have to be babysat because they are invincible and have infinite ammo) they are still not as immersive as having another human. This game has complete drop in/out support compared to RE5's checkpoint joining. At times your story will automatically intersect with another and you will get 3-4 player co-op. These are a ton of fun, but you can only get them if you have your network set to Allow Joining even if you are playing with a friend.

    External image

    Each character actually has different POV's during each campaign at certain segments. Each character has different weapons that they start with as well, adding some replay value if you switch characters.

    -4 distinct campaigns, 3 of which are co-op, soon Ada will too. These took me about 5 hours for each for a total of 20 hours of gameplay for ONE playthrough.
    -Dogtags, Skills that are to be used in EVERY mode, collectibles (every achievement-addict just LOVES collectibles), a nice variety in weapons, and a website that allows you to get bonus content just by PLAYING.
    -Agent Hunt, a mode that you unlock after completing one campaign which allows you to invade another player's story as a creature and you try to kill them. If you do join, then they asked for it as this is a setting to enable/disable when they start. The creature controls aren't as simple as they should be but you can get used to it and master them. Just because you are playing as a creature does not mean you are buffed up. You are simply controlling an enemy that you would come across in play so you can die easily. There can be 2 Agents and 2 Hunters at once. No private matches, or team matchmaking.
    -Mercenaries, those of you that played RE4's mercs shall have no surprise here except that bosses are spawned by fulfilling certain requirements, time crystals can be slid into, and combo time can be shot. The 3 pre-order maps are available to download now for 80 MSP each.
    -Capcom is planning on including 6-8 player multiplayer as the game's first DLC. Each of the 3 modes (Survivors, Predator, and Siege) will be played on the Mercs maps. These will be paid DLC.

    Some of these will be fixed via an update of Jan 22.
    -Can not give your partner pills or ammo online, only split-screen
    -The camera at times isn't right (chase sequences).
    -Jake's motorcycle could've been better to control and tapping a car at slow speeds shouldn't result in a game over.
    -Excessive QTE's got on my nerves by the time I was on Chapter 3 of Ada's campaign. Their difficulty and length change greatly.
    -No Agent Hunt matchmaking to play with friends, select a campaign or chapter. Creatures do not get skill points either.
    -Agent Hunt could be controlled better at times.
    -Getting shot at by the J'avo and a Zombie holding a gun. This wasn't cool in RE5 and it isn't now.
    -Weak story presentation that raises more questions (probably in hopes of wanting DLC/another game)
    -No shop system.
    -Only allowing the use of 3 skills at once. I'd much prefer leveling each character's stats up and using the shop.
    -Try harder on the Horror aspect next time Capcom, I WANT to be scared by a game. I can tell that the body on the ground is going to attack me.
    -Lack of a "pause" feature when playing "online."
    -Lack of this:
    as it would have made Mercs even more enjoyable than it already is.

    -The campaigns have their own story to tell.
    -Multiple playthroughs available to keep the experience fresh.
    -The grind for maxing out all the abilities, and the achievements! features to enhance your game.
    -The Mercenaries mode.
    -Each player has their own item drops so you can't take away something from your partner when you are playing online, in split-screen you share items like in RE5.
    -The Crossover system.
    -If the people you are crossed over with fail, you will not, and they will automatically be disconnected from you.
    -Extremely fun. This is the thing that counts the most for me.

    So is this game for you?
    -If you are an old-school fan looking to relive the glory days in a new format, I am sorry to tell you that you will find no such thing here. This game attempts to scare you unlike RE4 and RE5, but they are predictable jump-scares. Try to get Capcom to pay attention to that RE2 Remake, I want a horror game as well people. The last hope for Survival-Horror is Dead Space 3, but with all the things they did it isn't looking too pretty.
    -If you are an action or shooter fan that wants to try something different with zombies and monsters in it, then this WILL be the game for you.
    -Lastly, if you are a mix of both, then you will enjoy this game in it's entirety so it is for you as well.

    The Achievements
    This has to be one of the easiest 1000G anyone can earn for a game. The original list is easy. While getting enough Skill Points for the Mad Skillz achievement is the only grindy one, it can still be made short work of with a reliable partner and The Mercenaries.

    The DLC
    So far the only DLC for this game is 3 Versus Modes. They all have pros and cons individually, but the biggest problem is character balance. Agent is overpowered beyond belief with certain skills. The skills themselves could have been balanced better instead of "Target Master FTW". I would have preferred better balance to the skills and being able to create a custom loadout with a character. The achievements are easily boosted and obtainable.
    Predator: This is a 6 player mode that is technically a free-for-all but the rounds are 5v1. 5 Humans, vs 1 Ustanak. Each person gets a turn as Ustanak.
    Humans have limited ammo, so they will end up having to find pick up weapons, or smash crates to keep damaging Ustanak. I have finished him off with Chris' knife many times because they don't pay attention. Humans also can only be downed, they don't die.
    Ustanak is like a tank, but is also pretty vulnerable if he gets ganged up on. He has a long range and a standard grab, which he can then throw a human. He also has a backwards smack, a punt kick, and grenades. He can run fast and tackle players as well. If you press start, he screams and you learn all player locations. This is my favorite mode.
    Onslaught: Mercenaries with a twist! This game mode has players building combos to survive against the onslaught! Doing melee kills and taunts (LB) will increase your offensive power, but will be lost if you are hurt. This mode is very fast paced and gets your heart racing. This is great against a friend. This is my second favorite mode.
    Survivors: This mode has 2 variations. Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch. When a player dies, they become a monster, and as a monster if you kill another player (even if they are on your team) you will respawn as a human. Last team or person standing wins. Sounds like a great concept right? No, this is poorly done. Players slide, quickshot, and melee combo like no tomorrow. There is camping and lots of running away because ammo is scarce. This mode is fun with friends, but a disaster on its own. This is my least favorite mode.

    Bonus: The Resident Evil 6 Drinking Game
    I saw this posted somewhere else and thought it was hilarious so I'll list it here for you so that many more of you can enjoy the game if you hate it so much.
    All you have to do is drink when ever there is a checkpoint, a cutscene, or a series of quick time events. Finish your drink if you die. Now those of you that hate the game so much can get a kick out of it. toast

    Resident Evil 6 has earned a 4 out of 5 stars. Whilst it is a good action game, the annoyances it does create (lay off the QTE's next time Capcom) some problems.