Best price for Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City on Xbox 360

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City
Type Game
Publisher Capcom
Developer Slant Six
Platform Xbox 360
Discovered 20 Mar 2012
Last check 19 Apr 2019
Last on sale 05 Jan 2019
Release date 20 Mar 2012

(Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB) The Games on Demand version supports English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Russian. Operation Raccoon City is a unique shooter experience; a brutal three way battle set in the terrifying and twisted world of Resident Evil. After the release of the deadly T-virus biological weapon, virtually the entire population of Raccoon City’s is now dead or transformed into horrific zombies. The Umbrella Corporation cannot allow the extent of their involvement to become public. For the first time, you play as Umbrella’s crack paramilitary unit Umbrella Security Service (USS), sent in to the dying city to ensure the truth remains buried. Zombie hordes and vicious bio-organic weapons flood the city but a bigger threat to your mission exists…. a government ‘Spec Ops’ unit has been sent in to hunt you down and capture the evidence you’re fighting to destroy.

Region Price Sale price Store link
United States $19.99 $5.99 View
United States $19.99 $3.99Xbox Live Gold Discount View
United Kingdom £14.99 £4.49 View
United Kingdom £14.99 £2.99Xbox Live Gold Discount View
Europe €19.99 €5.99 View
Europe €19.99 €3.99Xbox Live Gold Discount View
Australia $29.95 $8.98 View
Australia $29.95 $5.99Xbox Live Gold Discount View
Canada $25.99 $7.79 View
Canada $25.99 $5.19Xbox Live Gold Discount View
Brazil R$59.00 R$17.70 View
Brazil R$59.00 R$11.80Xbox Live Gold Discount View
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