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    First, let me say I'm a HUGE RE fan, played all of them (except Gaiden, fuck that), I've been in love with it since the very start. When I saw that RE was bringing back zombies, I nearly pissed myself out of excitement (RE 4 was good, but I wanted zombies, not crazy ass Spaniards, and 5.... fuck 5). I reserved this back in September, got the Special $70 Edition (40-45£ for you oversea folk) as I had/have high hopes for this title.



    Many likely know the story of how the various characters in the RE universe came to be, about the mysterious outbreak in a small mountain town in middle America, how the outbreak caused its victims to come back from the dead and wander aimlessly, and how a pharmaceutical company, Umbrella was behind it all. But what if the story was told through the eyes of Umbrella's private Security Service? What would have been different? Well, with this game, you get to glimpse (notice I said glimpse) as to what may have happened. You are tasked with erasing all evidence of Umbrella's involvement, any and everything, must be destroyed.

    In a nutshell, you play as Umbrella's Security Service, dutied with the task of purging all things Umbrella from Raccoon, whether it be people or papers.

    Grade: C+ (I'd give it a B if the story was longer, unfortunetly, it can be beaten fairly quick)


    The graphics on ORC are.... well, they aren't the greatest, but I've certainly seen worse. Some textures have a overly shiny coating of blood/slime/water/whatever, making them look poorly added (sorta like in old school cartoons when something that was going to be interacted with always stood out opposed to everything else in the show). Characters, however, look very nice, I never knew that Nicholai had a scar until now. But there are a few exceptions, if you played Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, the Nemesis in the game looks.... crappy, he looks more like the movie version.

    Grade: C


    The controls work pretty much the same as any shooter these days, various items are assigned to the D-Pads (grenades, first-aid sprays, special skills, etc), B is used for melee and, if timed correctly (when playing online this is almost impossible), pressing A allows for a special instant kill (which is completely BS in my opinion). The long awaited ability to shoot and move can be done simply by holding the left trigger (aim) and right trigger (shooting), although this does little, as you move slow as shit.

    Grade: A-


    The voice work is rare, but when it's present, it's well done. The characters don't talk much, and when they do, it's usually a few lines in regards to something about the objective. There's infrequent music, usually present during high risk situations, and other times there's a low dark tone, nothing special music wise stands out in this installment, although this has always been true and probably a good thing, considered you're dealing with hordes of the undead (I mean, do you want some K-Pop crap playing while you're trying to fend off a Tyrant? I know I don't).

    Grade: C


    There are 6 playable characters, each having a unique area of expertise.

    Bertha, the Medic (can hold up to 4 first-aid sprays instead of just one, can nulfy 90% of damage for 10sec)
    Lupo, the Leader (has incendiary rounds, effective against the undead, faster reloading)
    Vector, the Reconnaissance Man (turns invisible and runs fast as shit, nuff said)
    Four Eyes, the Field Scientist (can induce zombifacation, start with a anti-virus vaccine)
    Spectre, the Marksman (can detect items and enlarge HUD, good for those trying to get S+)
    Beltway, the Explosives Expert (can use various explosives such as trip mines and takes less damage from explosions)

    *These skills must be unlocked using exp earned in story or versus, not all abilities listed.

    This game puts tremendous focus on Multiplayer, this is good and bad.... but mostly bad. The online VS is HORRIBLE. I have a great connection, never have any issues, but when I play this.... my god, I see players lag so hard, teleporting from one place to another, dodging melee attacks and killing you then teleporting again. You may get into a game that has no issues, and if you do, stay with that group, the last thing you want to do is leave and connected with some fuck who has shit-tastic connectivity and makes you wanna rage quit.

    There are several Modes to play in VS.

    Heroes - You play as a icon from the RE series (Leon, Claire, Carlos (I like Carlos, but when did he become an icon?), Jill, Ada, HUNK, Nicholai and Lone Wolf (whoever the fuck he is....)) and try to kill the opposing teams Heroes.

    Team Attack - Straight up Death Match.... sorta. Earn points for killing zombies, but more for killing Lickers, Hunters and other players. You get to pick from the USS team and the Spec Op team consisting of Willow, Dee-Ay, Tweed, Harley, Shona and Party Girl. They have the same powers as the USS, just different looks/name.

    Survivor - A chopper is coming to carry you to safety! But there's only 4 seats on said chopper, so if you can't get to it before it's full, you die. Simple. Survive zombies, hunters and enemy players (and even your own team) if you want to live.

    Biohazard - Collect samples of the G-Virus and bring them back to your safe zone, only problem is zombies are drawn to these samples and will chase you when you carry them. You also appear on opponents mini-maps, so you need to be quick, or have a steady aim, your choice. wink

    VS Grade: C-

    The campaign MP is a different story, it's enjoyable and well executed. In fact, if you want to finish some of the levels on Pro, you NEED to have a partner, otherwise you'll have a helluva hard time. It's welcome as well, seeing as how the CPU is dumb as shit and will walk right in front of you, causing friendly fire, not heal, run right up to the enemy and die, or in rare cases, stop functioning altogether.

    Co-op Grade: A-


    This can be a fun Resident Evil game to tide players over till 6 comes out, but if you aren't a big RE fan, you may want to hold off for a price drop (or at least some patches). I still have hopes for this game, although it will need to be in the form of DLC, the game as it is now is lacking in substance.

    Grade: C+


    - The playable characters are great with unique skills (I prefer Vector, for the record)
    - Fun "what-if" game for RE fans
    - Actually is quite challenging at high difficulties


    - Shitty AI
    - VS is unbalanced as hell and laggy
    - Very short (a few hours if you aren't exploring, but there isn't much to explore even if you do), unfinished ending

    *Taken from my blog, so some pieces may not makes sense as the blog has pictures to show differences, etc, etc
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    NawtyCawtyNice review, but I think you gave it 3 stars too many lol
    Posted by NawtyCawty on 03 Apr 12 at 22:07
    Jenova20It's not an alternate universe or what-if, it fits into the story perfectly and the only change is the ending where you can have the option of killing Leon, which if you don't then there's no change at all
    Great review though, definitely better than Left 4 Dead!
    Posted by Jenova20 on 19 Sep 12 at 19:20
    raidenhardcorethis is a total piece of crap what deserves 0 stars, its just an butt ugly bad shooter with resident evil on it, absolutely everything in this game is garbage
    Posted by raidenhardcore on 13 Apr 15 at 17:08
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    In 1996 Japanese publisher and developer Capcom, known for their history with such beloved franchises as Mega Man and Street Fighter, released a game for a genre that, up until this point, they’d never truly delved into on an international scale: survival horror. Resident Evil was the name that the world came to know that franchise by. The rest, as they say, is history as the series went on to be one of the most powerful voices in survival horror. Fifteen years on however the series has gone from scaring players to simply engaging them in an action style game. While the core entries in the series follow a specific track and method of play though Capcom likes to experiment with lesser titles, hence the game we have before us today.

    Wanting to see just what could be done with the series, Capcom hired out developer Slant Six Games, known for their work on the SOCOM franchise, to explore new lines of possibility with Resident Evil, an action that has yielded Operation Raccoon City. Does this experiment open a new avenue to such a storied saga of games?

    Revisiting the Outbreak
    In September of 1998 Raccoon City, a Midwestern town of seemingly little importance was wiped off the map in a hail of fire and death after a viral outbreak turned its inhabitants into flesh eating monsters. This would eventually lead to the downfall of the Umbrella Corporation, the developer of the viruses that destroyed the population. Every Resident Evil fan knows about the days of horror that plagued that ill-fated city but this new title answers an often asked question: what if Umbrella got away with it? Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City attempts to find out in the first non-canon entry in the series in over a decade.

    You play as a member of a six man elite Wolfpack squad of the Umbrella Security Service. Dropped into Raccoon City just prior to the events of Resident Evil 2, you are assigned to help obtain samples of the G-virus developed by Dr. William Birkin whom intends to sell them to the US government. Entering the lab far beneath the streets of the city you aid alpha team leader HUNK as he fights his way to Birkin’s lair. The rest, as anyone who has played the early entries in the series can contend, is history: a dying Birkin injects himself with his creation, turning into a hulking giant of death and subsequently releases the G-virus, leading to the infection of the entire city. Team Wolfpack barely manages to escape the facility but, as punishment for their part in the infection of Raccoon City they are ordered to stay until all signs of Umbrella’s involvement are destroyed. Evidence, be it paper, digital or human is to be eliminated and you and your team aren’t getting out of this hellish nightmare until you’ve done just that.

    Operation Raccoon City (ORC) has a lot of potential as a non-canonical entry into the Resident Evil series. Without having to conform to the restrictions of the core series, Slant Six had the opportunity to allow us to explore Raccoon City in ways that couldn’t have been done before. This was further aided by the fact that the game functions as a third person, squad-based shooter, a first for the series. ORC could have been a great game, emphasis on could.

    What has been released to the public however is a badly constructed and poorly thought out narrative that injects itself into the world of Resident Evil 2 with little regard to anything going on around it save for the chaos that fills the streets. Much of the game has you running around performing errands for Umbrella before they inevitably decide to betray you after you fail to complete a certain objective. Even the primary marketing point for ORC, the hunting down of survivors, only appears in the last third of the game and, even then, is ultimately disappointing. This, coupled with characters that are neither likeable nor memorable and paper-thin narrative growth, produces a singleplayer/cooperative campaign that is easily the most unsatisfactory story in the series’ sixteen year history.

    Probably the most frustrating part of the game’s story is the laundry list of things that could have been. So much could have come from Operation Raccoon City from a narrative perspective that wasn’t previously attempted in the previous Resident Evil titles. Exploring the city as the outbreak engulfs it, killing surviving witnesses and even encountering the soldiers that appear in the opening cinematic for the game could have been undertaken. What we have been given however is a story that doesn’t even try to do anything new plotwise, only stopping to highlight a few key series characters and locations before abandoning them to focus almost entirely on gameplay.

    In short, don’t come looking for an enthralling tale here, folks. Turn around and don’t look back.

    A Tale of Two Viruses
    As previously stated, Operation Raccoon City is a four player cooperative third person shooter that pits you against both the hordes of infected as well as the government forces attempting to curb the outbreak. Playing as one of six different characters whom conform to a unique class, you battle through the streets of the destroyed city while trying your best to stay alive. This is a task easier said than done, and it’s not because of the game’s setting.

    Put simply, this latest entry in the series is, by far, the most unbalanced and frustrating entry to date. While most games that feature zombies tend to put less emphasis on the term ‘horde,’ ORC amps the tension up significantly by throwing wave upon wave of infected at you with little regard for your ammo count or health situation. Despite the logical conclusion that headshots kill zombies every time, more often than not the result is an enemy that keeps stumbling after you even after two or even three rounds enter their skulls. Even the most coordinated team of gamers will find themselves unable to stand ground against a wave of zombies, even when taking into account grenades and melee attacks.

    Almost every single creature featured in the Resident Evil universe’s first three games make an appearance in Operation Raccoon City save for the giant spiders and the more obscure mutations like giant frogs. This would have been a nice contribution to the game’s focus on fanservice but the end result only frustrates the player more than helps them. Every single enemy is far more difficult to kill than in any other title released to date as each and every one of them are bullet sponges, absorbing more damage than seemingly seems possible for the creature. For reference, a Hunter in takes several shotgun blasts to die in most games in the series. In ORC however you can unload well upwards of thirty shells into a Hunter before they keel over. Couple this with less than frequent ammo drops and never facing anything less than two or three enemies of such strength and you know you have a problem.

    Playing alone in Operation Raccoon City is an exercise in building tolerance, one that few people can every hope to achieve in the game’s current form. Enemy AI across the board is almost unacceptably dumb, so much so that it’s fair to say that you don’t have much hope of beating the game without seeing the ‘You Are Dead’ screen dozens of times without playing with human compatriots. Enemies will regularly switch between not even knowing you are there to being the deadliest things ever to exist. Your AI teammates are not programmed to pick you up if you go down and regularly charge into incoming fire unaware that they won’t get two feet closer without going down. There is no mercy to be had in ORC even on the game’s normal difficulty.

    Apart from having a five to six hour long main campaign, Operation Raccoon City features a multiplayer suite that actually fares better than the story mode. Players can choose from four competitive modes including the standard Deathmatch mode. Heroes mode, one of the few bright spots of the game, allows you to play as series staple characters such as Leon Kennedy, Jill Valentine, Ada Wong and HUNK among others in a 4v4 bout. Biohazard has you collecting G virus samples for points and it can be relatively fun. The clear highlight of the multiplayer has to be the Survivors mode which has two teams facing off against wave after wave of zombies and BOWs while you wait for a rescue chopper to arrive. The catch with this mode however is that there are a limited number of seats on the helicopter so you have to battle the other team as well in order to insure getting out alive. The multiplayer isn’t exactly one you’ll be coming back to after the first week but it definitely offsets the deplorable main campaign.

    With absolute certainty, the most egregious part of the game is not the game itself but rather Capcom’s plans for downloadable content for the game. Normally I do not make mention of DLC plans in a review of a game as I want to focus on the product at hand but Capcom’s strategy is one of the worst post-launch support plans in recent memory. The game launched with day one paid DLC which included a whole multiplayer mode featuring Nemesis, one of the most notorious enemies in series history. This alone is bad enough but the game, despite word to the contrary, will only feature content and missions from Resident Evil 3 only as DLC (albeit free) later on. This is also the only way you get to play as the US government forces in any story capacity, negating any chance of actually playing as protagonists in the core product at launch. Capcom is also offering downloadable packs of weapons and alternate costumes at exceptionally high prices, going so far as to rival that of the work Namco Bandai has done this generation. Some of this content is even already on the disc! For shame, Capcom, you should know better than this by now.

    By the Light of the Dying Car Fire
    One of the few things Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City stands a chance of getting right is the game’s graphical content. Texture work in the environment really hits home just what has happened to this once populous town and feels about right for a town in 1998. Character models vary at times as do the particle effects (explosions and fires can be quite bad) but the best item in the graphics department’s favor is the gore factor. Limbs and body parts explode in a gorefest to rival games like Dead Island and, in some ways, surpass them. Melee attacks against zombies and human enemies can be especially brutal. Character animations could use some reworking and proximity interactions, say when you are knocked over by an enemy, do need some work though.

    The game’s sound design fares far less favorably. Voice work is shoddy at best and leaves no lasting impression other than boredom and indifference. Sound effect issues such as getting stuck in a loop or disappearing altogether is a frequent problem in ORC and the game’s 5.1 surround sound mix is underwhelming. In comparison to the game’s other flaws however these items are but minor issues.

    For any title like this one however one of the largest driving forces for sales is the fanservice factor and, in some ways, it does succeed. Several locations in the game feel very authentic to their original counterparts, particularly the Raccoon City police station. Dialog in the cinematics for the game (at least the ones not altered by this non-canon insertion) actually remain true to its original design. ORC doesn’t succeed however in matching the time period with exact authenticity though. Many of the character designs seem taken directly from previous entries in the series, the Hunters most notably looking exactly like their 2002 Resident Evil remake counterparts instead of the Beta or Gamma Hunters that actually appeared in RE2 and 3. Weapons specific to the Raccoon City games are present in the game but, given the game’s severe lack of balance in the favor of everything else but you and your squadmates, you don’t really get an ample demonstration of their historic power.

    Better Off Dead
    The Resident Evil series is beloved by millions of fans around the world and while the franchise has had its share of lesser titles no entry to date has been more disappointing than Operation Raccoon City. What should be a nice jaunt down memory lane turns out to be a broken, frustrating mess of unbalanced gameplay mechanics, a story whose brevity is more than welcome and a multiplayer component that will only hold your interest for a short while. ORC had quite a bit going for it and was surprisingly fun to play at E3 2011 but somewhere in the nine months between then and now something happened that turned this into a shambling pile of wasted effort. Even with ongoing DLC and bug fixes this game simply cannot be saved. Thank goodness that this is not a canon entry because, if it were, Resident Evil might truly have lost its way in the eyes of countless fans.
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    Developer: Slant Six Games + Capcom
    Publisher: Capcom
    Release Date: EU March 23rd 2012

    I shall begin by saying that this game is not your standard Resident Evil game, I am sure anyone that is reading this review already knows this but the main reason this game is slated is due to the fact it doesn’t follow the Resident Evil norm.


    Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City follows the tale of USS Delta team that in the beginning is trying to aid the famous HUNK in tracking down Doctor William Birkin’s G-Virus. Without giving away to much and spoiling things the USS Delta team has to go from location to location in the infested areas of Raccoon City highlighting iconic Resident Evil locations and characters. The story might seem to lack a bit considering it is not your standard Resident Evil game BUT like all true spin-offs it is designed to be filler.

    EDIT: There is also collectibles such as data to give you extra experience and raccoons for an achievement.

    Rating: 5/5
    (Contributes a lot to the Resident Evil universe but it is filler material for the existing Resident Evil fans.)


    Now this is where things are different from your normal Resident Evil. First we will start with ammunition; the enemies will absorb your bullets like Bob The Lead Eating Monster, other reviewers have said ammunition isn’t abundant but personally I have found ammunition boxes scattered quite nicely and have only encountered the horrible ‘click click’ of an empty gun on one or two occasions. Second some of the controls tend to be awkward such as the ‘run and dive’ option which looks like your character has slipped on a wet floor and hurt his knee, that being said the smooth 360 melee fighting style and the 360 handgun movements helped me in quite a few tricky situations. Third the AI… I am going to be a happy spin on something terrible. When your teammates decide to walk through laser-trip mines one might say “Gah! These guys are rubbish! The AI in this game sucks!” Personally I would think ‘Thank you teammates, you clearing the room of mines so I don’t fall into them’ or ‘Ah well, your human. Mistakes happen.’

    I can’t hide the truth… the AI is terrible.

    Rating: 3/5
    (Different from your standard Resident Evil, more action packed but a few of the controls could do with some refining.)


    A lot of people including myself do not like to hear the following statement BUT… The multiplayer is probably one of the greatest aspects of the game. The game was obviously made to be played cooperatively, the campaign from a cooperative point of view is a roller-coaster of packed fun and great laughs with your mates. The Versus mode has different styles all as fantastic as each other such as: Team Attack (Standard Team Deathmatch)
    Biohazard (Two teams fight for control over G-virus samples)
    Heroes (Two teams fighting against each other while playing as various characters from the Resident Evil series)
    Survivor (Several players fight in two teams but also against zombies as they wait for extraction to arrive but… there are only 4 seats)

    Rating: 5/5
    (Fortunately but unfortunately the multiplayer experience is what this game is all about)


    I reign from the era of ‘Graphics aren’t everything’ but Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City does let the player down slightly in the graphics department. Atmosphere wise the scene is almost constantly set but there is a lack of ‘crispness’ which the game could really do with in order to improve the overall outlook of it.

    Rating 3/5
    (Paints the scene but doesn’t deliver perfection)


    This might seem strange but in terms of music the only part of the game which offered a music which stuck in my mind was the main menu. This is obviously because it is different from the usual Resident Evils but it lacks the ambiance that music can really bring to a game. Such as the ‘Nemesis Warning’ from Resident Evil 3. In terms of Sound it has been done to perfection; every moan of a zombie, every bullet from the gun and every splat as the two collide.

    Rating: 3/5
    (Sound is perfect but more memorable music wouldn’t hurt)

    Recommended Price

    Hardcore Resident Evil Fans that love the game for the lore: £30-£40.
    Resident Evil Fans that like the series because of the way it plays: £20
    People completely new to Resident Evil: Wait for it to hit the bargain bins. £10


    Despite facing fierce reviews online. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City breaks away from the norm of Resident Evil and considering Resident Evil 6 is in the making, fans need not worry that this will be the new norm. Enjoy the game simply for what it is, a chance to play as a member of the Umbrella Corporation travelling through the locations and meeting the characters that made the Resident Evil series what it is. Burying zombies and enemy soldiers in a barrage of bullets and having a laugh with people as you play online.
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    Resident Eeeevilll... What if storyyyy...

    Okay so unlike most people I thoroughly enjoy this game. It's fun, has real zombies, and is much more serious than the previous titles. There are few cheese filled one liners in the game which makes it much more enjoyable. As my second review I'll stick to Pros, Cons, Summary style. NOTE that this is a Single Player review. (I have been silver since the release so I haven't experiencemthe multiplayer or Co op, which both look very promising.)


    Zombies- The biggest improvement RE has seen in nearly a decade. We have original zombies back. Not L4D infected, not 28 Days later infected. Good old fashioned, slow, undead, shuffle stepping zombies. This is somewhat a nostalgia boost and gives headshot aiming a high priority.

    Combat Tactics- Many people will likely just play this game as a guns blazing type of shooter. However, it is much more enjoyable if you use a sidearm for common zombies and save primary ammo for mutated enemies and soldiers. This adds a tactical sense for those who like to feel professional and is my preferred way to play.

    Large Variety in weapons- You get many different types of guns. Pistols, Shotguns, Smgs, Assault rifles, Snipers, Light Machine guns, and more. It really helps a person develop their own playstyle because each gun feels different to use, unlike in some games where all guns are just... guns.

    Weapon Sounds- Many of the guns are enjoyable to listen to, they don't sound cheaply made, the explosions are pretty explosive sounding, and the cutting sounds of your knife remind me of the older RE games.

    Experience and Abilities- You level up based on how well you do each mission. With your exp you buy weapons, and can buy or upgrade abilities. This actually gives the player a reason to go for high ranks instead of settling for a C or B on a mission. The abilities are useful in making each character stand out and everyone is extremely useful for their own tasks, further helping you to develop a playstyle.

    Melee Combat- No longer do you stand and weakly swing your knife doing little to no damage. You now have combos, executions, the ability to take zombie shields, and even throw them into zombie hordes to slow them down or clear a path temporarily.

    Inventory- You can hold more than 9 items in a technical sense. You have an easy to manage inventory assigned to the dpad. You can hold multiple grenade types, First Aid sprays, Antiviral Spray, a primary weapon, and a sidearm. This means that using items is pretty much instant as opposed to the usual game slowing menu or quick menu.

    Move and Shoot- This doesn't go to waste. You can move around and shoot which is great if you need to clear a zombie infested room with a shotgun. There is also a sort of auto aim feature that I never used. I know it could help either shooter noobs, lazy gamers, or people with dysfunctional control sticks. So that is a huge plus. It never made sense to not be able to walk and shoot a pistol, I guess they realized that.

    Music- I know the game doesn't have much music, but what it does have is a title screen that you don't want to leave until the song is over. The mission complete music is really something else too. Other than that, the music is pretty much typical RE music. (when there is some)

    Story Mode- This one is a bit tricky as it depends on your way of thinking. First off people complain that the story isn't detailed enough. The truth is that you only know about as much as the peope you play as. In my opinion that is actually helping the intention of the game. People also say this game is too short. An average run takes about 3 to 4 hours. If you explore and successfully find all there is to find (namely raccoons, cameras, intel) using no guide it could take up to 6 or 7. The length of the game shouldn't factor into quality however, as playing through a 15 hour story with 6 different characters would have proven tedious.

    Level Design- All of the levels are very well designed. For anyone who may have wanted to see Raccoon City with enhanced graphics and details this game hits it spot on. The city levels have that sense of dread and the quiet yet threatening atmosphere, while the laboratory levels are reminiscent of what Umbrella is known for.

    Voice Acting- There isn't much voice acting in this game, however it varies depending on who you have as a squad, and always pertains to the mission. This is not usually seen in games, and gives the characters an air of professionalism. None of the voices are really out of place and the cast is very diverse in personality and ethnicity. (Nearly everyone has an accent.)


    Bosses- this is in my opinion the worst feature of the game. The tyrants, nemesis, and Leon are extremely over powered. It is nearly impossible to Kill them playing alone so you have to keep your teammates revived to even hope to win. No matter what weapons you use, you will never kill a boss without refilling your weapons at least once.

    Auto Cover system- This cover feature is useful in a way, but does more harm than use by forcing you behind something you don't intend to use for cover. Either because you're partially exposed, or were simply trying to run away from a hunter, it gets in the way. Sometimes you can't even shoot from behind objects that you press against.

    AI- Team AI and enemy AI both... All horrible. Teammates will run over mines, charge into a circle of lickers, or turn their backs to hunters intentionally. They rarely throw grenades, and aren't much use aside of decoy targets. In a boss fight they will not help you. Enemy AI will sometimes not attack you, or if they get in close they spam you with highly damaging melees. Melee at close range is expected, however, it should be noted that a knife is nearly thrice as powerful as a grenade. (According to Capcom)

    Reviving Teammates with the Pickup button- This is another major issue. When a teammate dies on top of an item, gun, or ammo it becomes nearly impossible to get them up due to using the same button.

    Achievements- Some of the achievements are extremely time consuming even for someone who loves the game. This is mostly noticable with the kill achievements as you have to rush for a kill before your AI teammates steal it.

    DLC Scam- Much of this game seems to have been planned for DLC. The biggest example is the Spec Ops Campaign. The first mission is free which is great. However the rest has to be paid for which doesn't seem fair or right in my opinion. How can you release a game with promise of a two sided storyline and make the consumer pay extra for the second story? More DLC includes quite a few multiplayer modes, alternate costumes, and weapon packs. (I excuse all but alternate costumes. Here's why... In every other RE you could unlock costumes by doing a good enough job with your character of choice or by beating the game. I would have liked to unlock outfits on here based on Mission progress, or even by maxing out a character's abilities. This could have been a way to implement usefulness in getting character specific achievements, which doesn't exist.)

    Overall this is one of my favorite releases this year and will definitely hold me over until RE6 comes out. Great environments, sound effects, music, voice acting, guns feel real, an accessible inventory, and fun missions make for a good time, assuming the bad AI, auto cover, and need to pay for the much needed extra missions don't turn you away. This is not a typical RE game. It feels nothing like the classics or the modern titles. If you don't mind that, you may consider picking it up sometime.
  • DarkSorcerer85DarkSorcerer85253,336
    25 Jun 2020 25 Jun 2020
    1 0 0
    I am not going to waste your time with a essay of text explaining the entire story of the game or it's development process, far to many reviews already do that. I will also not be judging the game based on specific categories, again that's already been done as well. I will be instead listing the pros & cons of the game that I experienced while playing the game. This will be a mostly spoiler free review and will take into account the dlc in its own section.

    I must mention that I'm a massive resident evil fan and have played every single game available on PlayStation or Xbox consoles. I have enjoyed them all including this one and less popular resident evil titles. I enjoy both classic Survival Horror from the resident evil 0 era, and Action Horror from the resident evil 5 era equally, so don't expect that whole debate to appear on my resident evil reviews. The game is rather cheap now and can be found for about $15-25. Now with that out of the way let's begin shall we.

    Cons (Main Campaign):
    ~Extremely Shallow Story
    ~Mostly Useless AI Partners
    ~The Playable Characters are rather generic and you never get to explore who they are as characters nor is any of their backstory explored
    ~The game is rather difficult especially on professional and takes near mastery of every game mechanic & tactic in order to survive let alone get s+, this may be a deal breaker for more casual gamers
    ~The inclusion of Leon in the base game campaign was handled rather poorly
    ~Only 7 Main Campaign missions not including dlc, which leads to a rather short run time especially on easier difficulties
    ~Some characters have absolutely amazing skills while others have useless skills, this imbalance will often keep you from using your favorite character (im looking at you four eyes).
    ~The friendly fire on harder difficulties when playing on co-op will cause alot of unintended deaths, however on solo this combined with the ability to infinitely revive your ai teammates can be exploited under certain situations.
    ~Easy to miss and sometimes barely visible collectibles known as "data" affect your clear rank
    ~A absolutely atrocious ending
    ~Completely Linear, No Branching paths for playing as specific characters

    Pros (Main Campaign):
    ~A vast array of both special and permanent weapons to choose from which can be switched out freely after unlocking said weapon, the game does however lack melee weapons but that is a norm for resident evil games
    ~In nearly all situations there will be a ammo source nearby, this pairs with the games action and sometimes bullet spongy enemies perfectly
    ~In terms of aesthetics alone the characters look great design wise
    ~Plenty of returning and new creatures to fight your way through, each requiring a different strategy for victory
    ~Nikolai was handled great & is still the same sarcastic asshole that seems to always ruin your plans
    ~The soundtrack
    ~Playing Co-Op is an absolute blast
    ~The levels are great design wise and take you through various unique locations
    ~The game accurately captures the chaos that was the raccoon city destruction incident through the fast paced action, burning streets, abandoned buildings, hordes of enemies, & the fight for survival
    ~New & interesting status effects such as infection and blood frenzy

    The DLC Campaign (overview):
    *****The dlc campaign was definitely much stronger than the base game campaign imo and still holds all the pros mentioned in the previous section, however it still suffered all the same flaw's mentioned in the cons section of the main campaign, with the exception of the bad ending and Leon does not appear. So rather than write those entire list again I will simply make a list of things the dlc campaign improved over the original campaign.

    ~A Much better ending than the other campaign
    ~Sherry, Claire, Birkin, Carlos, & Jill were handled much better than Leon was in the original campaign and actually seem to fit into the campaign without being forced
    ~A new special weapon
    ~More complex levels with things such as environmental traps and an attempt at a secret area
    ~A new variation of the hunter

    I will not be reviewing the pvp game modes because I don't have anything positive to say about them, other than the fact that they might be fun if you have 7 other friends that play this game. The pvp is a unbalanced mess with annoying acheivments that take at least 6-7 players.

    I know this has been a long review but this game has alot of different pvp modes, 2 campaigns, and needs justice done for how much I enjoyed it, but I promise were nearing the end

    In closing I had fun with this game and it felt like a well earned 1000G. Unlike most of the resident evil community I enjoyed my time with the game and find myself wanting to play again sometimes. The only reason I cannot justify a higher rating is because of the lack of any sort of character development, it really is unfortunate since I actually wanted to know more about the characters I spent so much time with. Don't let the underskilled critics stop you from trying the game if it sounds interesting. To finish I will give you some pointers to help you decide if you should buy it or not.

    Buy it if:
    ~You have beaten every other resident evil, or are a mega fan
    ~Like tough acheivments that take genuine skill, time and patience
    ~Are a fan of fast paced action shooters

    DON'T buy it if:
    ~Your the type of resident evil fan that only likes survival horror
    ~You don't like games with a weak story
    ~You are the type of person that refuses to buy dlc
    ~You don't like games with alot of imperfections
    ~You hate hard acheivments, or are not very good at hard games

    ~Review End, Dark ☠️
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    26 Mar 2012
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    Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Xbox 360 Review

    Released : March 20th, 2012

    Reviewed : March 26th, 2012

    Genre : Third Person Shooter

    Review :

    Well this is bad. I mean this game looked so good, but the end product was so bad. Now this game from the start was getting horrible reviews but I didn’t want to believe it but now I easily see why. For one thing the story is weak. In short without spoilers you play as the USS Delta squad tracking the G-Virus. That ends up taking you through some memorable RE environments. Pretty weak story for a RE game but it is a spin off so I understand.

    Now the big factor ; gameplay. In short, I’d almost call it unplayable. For one thing it controls horrible. You have a bad run and dive feature which makes your character almost spaz out and appear like they’ve tripped. It does nothing and it anything only slows your character down. Enemy’s will eat your bullets like a hungry dog. I mean with a rifle the human enemy’s will taking around a clip being shot into their head. Even zombies take like 1/3rd of a clip. It’s horrible and while you’re trying to kill one guy you are being attacked by others. I mean it’s almost like you are using a pellet gun while everyone else gets bullets. Your melee is useless and will take large numbers of use age to kill someone. Same goes with your pistol. Big thing though is how horrible your AI is. I mean useless to the point of it actually makes it unplayable. They don’t ever really do much other than get the way and die. Big plus is though that they will heal you over doing anything else. They won’t pick you up though; they will expect you to pick them up. So just toss single player aside. In the game you also have a cover system which will auto lock onto cover. Now it locks onto everything it seems ; doesn’t matter if it there is nothing there. The cover is useless and just a hassle.

    Multiplayer is the only positive feature and even that has it’s weakness. The modes are cool but laggy and already has hackers in it. Coop is enjoyable for a bit but you still recognize how horrible the game really is.

    Graphics are PS2 late era graphics. They didn’t really seem to try too much. They aren’t really crisp and just lack anything new or orginal. Graphically it’s a huge step back.

    Overall I won’t advise anyone to try this at all. It’s just horrible and not even worth a cheap buy. With horrible single player and multiplayer that’s only good for a small amount of time ; it just isn’t worth the pain.

    Score : 2/10

    Review taken from my site :