4. Resident Evil Revelations 2 (Xbox 360) Episode Two

Episode Two

For Episode Two, I'm going to follow the same progression that I used for Episode One: normal playthrough, medals, Countdown Mode, Invisible Mode. So put on your zombie-killing pants, and let's go!




4:20 Knocked down an enemy 5 times by blinding them with the light, then hitting them with a physical attack.
5:23 Cleared the siege in the bar without any of the windows being broken.
4:50 Stunned 10 enemies with Moira’s light.
4:50, 9:55 Defeated 8 enemies with sub-weapons.
10:23 Defeated 3 enemies using the stealth attack.
4:50 Defeated 8 enemies with a headshot.
2:00 Created 3 sub-weapons by combining items.
2:16, 3:08, 3:42, 3:57, 9:20, 15:09 Opened 3 military boxes.
1:50 Found 6 hidden items with Moira.
7:35 Escaped from the village without taking damage from Mutant Pedro.

When you start the episode, there are several goodies to pick up in the bar. Behind the counter you will find an Odorous Chemical. Behind the workbench is a cloth, and in the little room across from the cloth will be an empty bottle, two decoy bottles, and a barrel. Upstairs you will find another bottle.

When you exit the bar, don't follow the guy. Instead, we have lots of goodies to pick up around the town before the action kicks off. Move around the building to the left, and you will find a shiny (you'll need to find 6 hidden items for a medal) and an empty bottle by some barrels under a shed.

Now, climb up to the area to the left of the shed. There will be a barrel on your right. Boost Moira up into the back of the building, and there will be gunpowder immediately to your left. Through the door in front of you is a Military Box (you'll need to open 3 of these for a medal). Inside is an Expansion Bag for Moira, and not a second too soon! Be careful after you open the crate, because an Ironhead will drop down just outside of the room you are in. Quickly run out to the door, unlock it, and use your stun/physical attack combo (you'll need 5 of these for a medal; you'll also need to stun a total of 10 enemies with the flashlight for another medal). After killing him, there will be a red herb to the left of the door. Backtrack into the room with the military box for an empty bottle and the Battery, which you will need to progress with the level.

Now you can leave this house, turn right, and hug the left edge of the village. There will be a crate at the far end of the beach. Backtrack to the blue house next to the beach. There is a crate outside of this building. After picking up this crate, turn right, and continue until you get to a dead end. Turn left here, and there will be a second Military Box. There will be a Parts Box (Capacity Lv. 1) inside.

Head back to the dead end, and go right, through the shed this time. Continue past a door with a red "X" on it. Down an alley to your left is another shiny. If you turn right around the blue building, turn right where the fence is broken, and look behind the little fence in front of you, you'll find another crate.

To the left of that same blue building, you'll find an exploding bottle and a crate in the building.

Back at the bar, if you check under the stairs on the left of the building, you'll find some more gunpowder. At this point, you should have found 3 empty bottles, 2 gunpowder, and 1 odorous chemical. You can use these items to create 2 exploding bottles and 1 decoy bottle. This fulfills the requirement for the medal to create 3 sub-weapons.

You can now follow White tank top dude a bit. To the left of the green door where he is standing, you can find some more gunpowder and another shiny.

Press cn_A to go through the door when you are ready to progress.

Instead of going straight to the chopper, follow the buildings around to the right. You will find a crate, an odorous chemical, an empty bottle, and your third Military Box. This one contains another Parts Box (Firing Rate Lv. 2).

There is another Military Crate on the back side of the helicopter. This one contains a Parts Box (Damage Lv. 2).

Head back out into the village, past the bar, and head to the right. You'll come to a building with Pedro standing in front of it with a drill. He will now drill through the door with the red "X." Once he does so, head inside, and you will find an MP-AB50 and a shiny under the stove-looking thing.

Now exit the building, head around to the right and through the building to the other wall with a red "X." You'll have to go back to the building where Pedro was and get him to follow you now. When he starts drilling, you will have to defend him against several enemies. Switch to Moira to continue working on flashlight stuns and stun/melee combos. A total of 5 infected show up, including one pus-head, dropping down near Pedro (a couple more may wander in from the surrounding area as there is a constant spawn in the village now).

Once he breaks through, go inside to find two barrels in the back right corner, handgun ammo on a barrel in front of you, shotgun ammo on a barrel to the right, a shiny in the left corner outside the little building, and an infected in the little room along with the Fuel you are searching for.

Go back to the workbench at the bar, and move the following parts to your MP-AB50: Damage Lv. 2, Capacity Lv. 1, and Quick Load Lv. 1. You will need it as upgraded as possible when you go for the medal to clear the siege bar without any of the windows being broken.

Head back to the helicopter, and give tank top dude the battery and fuel. There is an ironhead to the left of the door to the chopper. Now you will get a checkpoint and the siren will start blaring. Head back to the bar, either fighting or evading enemies on the way there. They will continuously spawn, so don't worry about clearing them all. You can use these to farm stuns (need 10), stun/melee combos (need 5), headshots (need 8), and/or sub-weapon kills (need 8) for medals.

When you enter the bar, head upstairs, and interact with the panel by pressing cn_A. Now, equip your MP-AB50 and stand in the middle of the room downstairs. You need to constantly check each of the windows for infected trying to get in. Shoot them until they fall down (should only take a couple of bullets from your MP) and keep looking for more. If any of them break through a window, you should quickly reload. When Pedro asks "we got them all?" and walks toward the door, you need to shoot or stab the infected with a knife (I recommend the knife to save ammo). After this, quickly kill the remaining infected at the windows. There should only be a few more to kill before you go to a cutscene, meaning you have the medal if you successfully defended all the windows. I needed about 120 bullets for my MP, so if you don't have enough because of bad luck with random pickups, you may need to switch to the shotgun to finish off the last ones or wait to do this on another playthrough. Even though logic would tell you that the shotgun would work well, I found the MP superior here by far, so keep that in mind.

After the cutscene, you will start the Mutant Pedro fight. Use everything you have at your disposal to kill him and be careful of getting in the way of his attacks, because they can kill you in one hit. Once he dies, you'll unlock:

Pedro, I'm Sorry...

Defeat Mutant Pedro in Claire's Episode Two.

Pedro, I'm Sorry...
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeHost Only

After this achievement, reload the checkpoint so Pedro is still alive. We need him alive to earn a medal in Barry's episode later.

Now, the next medal wants you to avoid getting hit by Pedro. Use Claire and just move around evading his attacks until the enemies break the door. Then go outside and try to avoid all enemies and avoid Pedro at all costs. Your AI partner can get hit, but if Moira gets hit (she will most likely will), don't change to her at all. In my first run, Claire didn't get hit, but AI Moira did, and I switched to Moira in this section for a bit and didn't get hit either. At the end of the episode, I didn't get this medal, so if AI Moira gets hit, don't change into her until the next section, just to be safe. After a while, a cutscene where Neil knocks a ladder down will show up - it's on the right side of the bar. Carry on up the ladder and move across the board, and you will find a ruby to your left once you hit the grass. Move right along the cliff face, and wait for Neil to drop down to open the door before dropping down and going through.

Move forward, and there is a green herb in your path. Move to the chunk of wall with a red "X" and press cn_A to move on with the level. Press cn_A again to drop down.

The Town Map is on a box on your left. There will be an empty bottle in front of you beside a grate and an odorous chemical on a box on your right. As you move forward, there is a shiny to your left beside the stairs and two barrels to the right. Exit the sewer via the door.

Over to the right is a crate to break. As you move forward, there will be 2 pig-dog creatures that attack. These are pretty easily dispatched with your knife. As you move toward the door, 4 more pig-dogs will attack. Once they are dead, interact with the door with Moira to open it.

In the next section, there is a crate right in front of you. Head toward the ladder, and press cn_A to get a boost. Go through two doors, and there is alcohol on a shelf and a cloth in the drawer. Head through the next door, and there is another Military Box in a corner to your left. This one has a Parts Box (Scatter).

As you move downstairs and toward the kitchen, an Ironhead and two Infected will spawn. This whole paragraph is optional, so if you don't want to get hit for a shotgun, just go to the garage door and exit. Now, if you're still here, once you have dispatched of the enemies, go into the little kitchen and move the crate over to the right a bit so you can climb onto it to pick up the shotgun ammo. Now pick it back up and carry it out into the main room. Place it down in front of the shotgun on the left wall, and climb up to grab the Shotgun TAP194. This shotgun holds more ammo per clip, and I prefer it over the original shotgun.

There is a crate to the left of the exit. After grabbing everything, go to the door, and lift it up to enter the next area.

In this area, we will work on the medal to get 3 stealth kills. Stay by the door, crouch, and turn off Moira's flashlight. Wait for the Ironhead to move past you, and crouch-walk behind him for your first stealth kill. Now, move up to the more well lit area. There will be a pus-head here. Wait from a safe distance (I hid behind the yellow barrel in the middle) until he turns around, then sneak up behind him for stealth kill #2. Now, move slowly to your right. Be mindful of the Ironhead in the back right, and slowly move up to trigger the pig-dog to attack you. Stay crouched, and take it out with your knife without moving too far forward. Wait until the Ironhead moves all the way to the left and turns around, then sneak up behind him for your final kill. There is another pig-dog in the street between where the two Ironheads were patrolling.

Now you can loot this area. Moving clockwise from the left, there is a crate to the left of the entrance, a red herb to the left around the fence, a shiny under a bench past the pus-head, an empty bottle past the first pig-dog, and a shiny in a corner behind the pig-dog on the street.

Now, push one box of debris in front of the bus and one box forward to unblock the bus door. In the back left of the bus is a piece of Topaz. As you move toward Natalia, there is an empty bottle on your right, before the stairs.

Head up the stairs and into the next section. Go right, and on your left by the dead-end with debris, there is a shiny. Go downstairs, and there is another shiny to your left under a sink. Go through the double doors and use Moira's flashlight to kill the Exploder. There is an Ironhead in this room as well, and a pus-head runs down the stairs to your right. Once the room is clear, open the Military Box (Shotgun Ammo Case - allows you to hold more shotgun ammo per stack of ammo in your inventory to conserve space) on the left, and grab the shiny on the left under a sink.

Head upstairs, and use Moira's flashlight on the Exploder. Then pick up the alcohol from the shelf, the shiny on the bottom of the shelf to the right of the alcohol, the handgun ammo from the desk, and the shiny under the bed. Go through the door, and pick up the cloth from the desk drawer.

Tell Moira to stay put by pushing cn_down and cn_Y at the same time. Then unlock the red door and move around to the gate in front of the entrance to this building. Now switch to Moira, pull the lever, and switch back to Claire to quckly go through the gate and push the crate into the doorway to block the gate. You will probably need to pull the lever a couple of times to have time.

Switch back to Moira and climb over the crate to move on. Don't forget to hit cn_up + cn_Y to make sure your characters follow each other again. Now go through the right door to exit the area.

Move downstairs, and in front of you will be a crate. Across from the crate is a pus-head on the ground who will get up. Kill it, and remember to burn the pus with the flashlight if you make his head explode. Move on through the door. There will be gunpowder on the shelf to your right.

Use the workbench if you need to switch up your upgrades. Head through the door on the right, turn left, and go through the door on the right. There is a shiny by the toilet. Use Moira to remove the board on the other door to find a Parts Box (Quick Load Lv. 2). Now backtrack and move down the other hallway past the mailboxes (there is a Ruby in one on the left). Interact with the elevator door to call it, and then move away, because it will be carrying 2 Infected with it. Kill them, and use the elevator.

There will be an empty bottle to your left as you exit the elevator. Jump across the gap to the right, and move through the door. After a little cutscene, move forward, and pick up the cloth from the shelf on your right. In the next room, you'll find a crate, 2 shinies under the desks, gunpowder in a drawer, a ruby in a drawer, and an empty bottle on a shelf. Go through the door, and press cn_A to climb down. Get ready for a boss!

This boss will shoot fireballs at you, and there are also a lot of Infected and an Ironhead around the room. You can kill a couple of the Infected and the Ironhead before triggering the boss if you don't move into the room very far. This will help out a lot because then you will only have the boss and one Infected to worry about. Concentrate on the boss while moving and evading around the room. Try to dodge the fireballs, because they do area of effect fire damage. It took me 2-3 clips of upgraded MP shots to his face to kill him. If you haven't been going for the sub-weapon kills in this run, try to save your bottles so you can use them on your next playthrough for the 8 sub-weapon kills medal.

Once the boss is dead, check the room for goodies. There are 2 crates, handgun ammo, a shiny to the left of the door by some boxes, and a green herb on top of some shelves. There may be other items scattered around, as items appear when the boss blows up a shelf around the room.

Go back to the stairs to pick up Natalia. She will crawl through to open the door when you interact with the hole to the right of the door. Outside, there is a shiny to the far left and a ruby to the left by a car. Once you move to the right a bit, you will finish Claire's Episode Two.




16:53 Defeated 5 Revenant by only hitting their weak spots.
27:42 Defeated Mutant Pedro by destroying all of his eyes.
18:39, 19:59, 26:32, 27:42 Hit enemies with Natalia’s brick 15 times.
31:38 Defeated 2 enemies with a follow-up attack.
30:09 Defeated 8 enemies with sub-weapons.
20:43, 21:48 Defeated 6 enemies using the stealth attack.
18:39, 19:59, 26:32 Defeated 6 enemies with the knife.
17:30, 17:52, 18:09, 19:40, 26:06, 26:45, 27:09 Opened 3 gimmick boxes.
18:25, 19:28 Found 6 hidden items with Natalia.
21:48 Defeated 5 Revenant using stealth attacks in the city warehouse.

When you start the episode, there is a crate behind you to the left of the building and a ruby to the right. Move forward through the gate, and when you get to a building, there will be a barrel on the right. Inside the building is a shiny (you need 6 of these for a medal). Keep moving forward, and inspect the body with Barry. Keep going, and press cn_A to move down the hill.

There are Revenants in the next area, and while you can use them for stealth hills (you need 6 for a medal), I would recommend using them for weak spot kills (shooting them only in the weak spots) because you will have an opportunity to stack 5 of the stealth kills with another medal later to get 5 stealth kills in the warehouse. Kill the first one in whichever way you choose, and then you can explore the area. There is a barrel on the other side of the building.

Keep going forward, and there will be a barrel to the left of the next area to climb down. Once you do, there will be another Revenant to kill in whatever fashion you'd like (again, I'd suggest weak spot kills). There is a barrel around the other side of the building in front of you. You cannot get through the gate yet, so move up the hill to its left and through the wooden door.

There are another two Revenants in the next area. Try to take them out one at a time, and use them for either weak spot or stealth kills.

Now you can loot some more stuff! There is a smokescreen bottle in front of the entrance, a Gimmick Box (Handgun Ammo Case) to the left (you need to open 3 of these for a medal), and 2 barrels and a shiny in the walled areas on the left.

Move the wire crate in front of the broken ladder, and use Barry to climb up. Walk across the boards, and climb down into the other building. In there, you will find the Rifle M1891/30, a Gimmick Box (Parts Box - Anti-Recoil Lv. 1), and the Back Gate Key. Backtrack to the gate, and head on through.

As you move into the village, there is a barrel in a small shack you must move through on the right. There is a shiny in a bush right outside of that shack. Continue forward and climb down the hill.

Now we are back in the village where we began with Claire. Continue forward, and use Natalia to crawl through the small hole on the side of the blue building near the beach. In this room, you can pick up smoke powder, alcohol, the Fishing Village Map, an empty bottle, and open a Gimmick Box (Emerald). Go through the door, and continue to your left. At this point you are introduced to the Glasps. These are invisible bugs, and you need to kill 20 of them for this achievement:

"I Do Not Like Glasps," I Gasped

Defeat 20 Glasps in the main campaign.

I Do Not Like Glasps, I Gasped
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeHost OnlyCumulative +

You will most likely get this through natural play, so don't worry about grinding for kills. Use Natalia to see them, and then switch to Barry to kill them. There is a crate ahead of you and another Glasp to your right.

Make your way to the bar, and you will find 4 shinies, an empty bottle, and 2 crates. The Drill will also be here if you killed Mutant Pedro with Claire. If you go up the staircase outside the building, you'll find another Gimmick Box (Rare Parts Box - Daze Lv. 1). Around the village, there is a crate near the door to the helicopter and another Glasp by the exit.

Once you have everything you need, move through the exit doors. There is an empty bottle to your right. Interact with the red "X" wall and move down into the sewer.

There will be 3 pig-dogs down here, which you should use to get knife kills (you need 6 kills for a medal). Move out of the sewer.

There is a crate around to the right, exactly where it was in Claire's episode. There is an empty bottle to your left and smoke powder to your right before you get to the door. Head through the door, and this will be where your path diverges from Claire's.

After a cutscene, sneak up behind the patrolling Revenant for a stealth kill, then use the one on the ground for a weak-spot kill. There is a sneaky crate hidden between the barrels and large crate on the right. Smash it, and then head through the door. Now, we will get our last 5 stealth kills for both our stealth kills medal and our 5 stealth kills in the warehouse. Use Natalia to see where the enemies are, and be patient as you move through here. I think the path is better demonstrated in the video above, but I'll do my best to walk you through them.

Head downstairs, and pick up the gunpowder from under the stairs. Then look at the two Revenants patrolling in the next room. Wait until both turn away from you, and move in behind the one close to the door. Then move QUICKLY (but still crouched) up the stairs in the back of the room and hide just outside of the doorframe. Switch to Natalia to see where the second Revenant is, and wait until he turns around to sneak behind him and kill him. Now you can move back down into the room to grab the cloth, Town Map, and shiny.

Switch back to Nat, and move forward up the stairs to the next Revenant. You'll want to sneak up to the second crate while his back is turned, then wait for him to make another pass before stealth killing him.

Open the door ahead, and use your rifle to kill the gunk-slinging Revenant in the middle of the room. One shot to his weak spot should do it. Move to the left around some crates, and wait for the Revenant on your left to turn around. Move behind him to stealth kill him, and then keep moving right around the crate to kill the second one. There is a Gimmick Box (Expansion Bag for Natalia) just before the exit.

Outside, you'll find a crate to your left, an empty bottle on a bench, and a green herb in the back of the bus. After moving through the bus, there will be a shiny in front of you and three more Revenants to kill, two downstairs and one upstairs slinging gunk at you. You can use one of these for a stealth kill if you need it, for weak-spot kills, or for follow-up kills (you need 2 of these). For a follow-up kill, if the Revenant has a weak spot on its head, reveal the weak spot and try to lure the gunk slinging guy to knock it down with gunk, then hit cn_RT to kill it on the ground.

Move upstairs into the building. As you go downstairs, there will be a Glasp in the large room and another that flys up behind you in the corridor. There will be another upstairs, where you will also find gunpowder in the drawer and a Gimmick Box (Parts Box - Damage Lv. 2). In the room with the lever, you'll find handgun ammo in the drawer. Go back to the gate, and continue on through over the crate. Head through the door and continue to the next building. Be careful of red pus if you happened to shoot the pus-head guy and forgot to clean up after yourself.

Continue past the workbench (use it if you want), and head into the first door down the left hallway. Crawl through the hole with Nat, and pick up the assault rifle ammo on your right. Unlock the door and go through the other door in that hallway to find the next Gimmick Box (Parts Box - Capacity Lv. 2).

There is an odorous chemical by the elevator. Now, if you have the Drill, then you can drill through the wall with the red "X" across from the elevator to move on with the level. If not, you'll have to go upstairs for a boss fight.

Go up the stairs through the door you unlocked with Nat, and on the first level, you'll find: alcohol in the right room, 2 crates in the areas to the left, and a place to crawl through with Nat above the elevator. Quickly run through this room to unlock the door to your right so Barry can come in and kill the Glasp in here. In this room, you'll find a red herb, a crate, and some smoke powder. Once you have everything, continue upstairs to the next floor. There is a Glasp on the stairwell. Go up to the top floor, and there will be a crate at the top of the stairs.

On this floor you will find: handgun ammo on a shelf, an empty bottle in the back left corner, and a crate through the unlocked door. You can push the helicopter down with Barry to get an item later.

To kill Mutant Pedro by destroying all of his eyes, use Natalia to locate a weak spot, destroy it, then look with Natalia again to see where the next one pops up (they are random). Repeat this until they all explode, and Pedro dies. You should destroy X total eyes. If for some reason he dies before you destroy all of them, try to reload quickly. Otherwise, you'll be playing through again. Once you kill him, be sure to pick up the Drill from his corpse so you can go back downstairs, and drill through the wall.

Head outside, and you can pick up a shiny next to the dead body. There is a crate to your left, a shiny to the right between two large metal crates, and another shiny to the left of the metal circular pieces.

Go through the big red door with the star. In this area, you will find a crate and a Gimmick Box (Emerald) in a room to the right, across from the rightmost stairs. There is another crate up the stairs to the right. Continue past the creepy dolls at the top of the stairs, and you will reach the end of this episode!

Once you complete both halves of the episode, you'll unlock:

Scared to Death

Clear Episode Two.

Scared to Death
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeHost OnlyMain Storyline



Time to clean up the medals! Note that there are two medals involving Mutant Pedro: one where you escape the village taking no damage (where you can either kill him or just dodge and run away as fast as you can), and one where you kill him as Barry by shooting all of his weak spots. You have to do at least two playthroughs of Episode 2 for some types of kills because it is difficult to get them all in one playthrough, especially the ones in Barry's chapter.

In Claire's episode, you likely only need to do some different types of kills. Save up a few sub-weapons and count the number of kills you get with them. You may want to get a few extra kills just to be safe, because the medals can be a bit finicky at times. The beginning where enemies spawn infinitely is a great place to farm kills, particularly during the part where the alarm is going off before you head back into the bar. You can use decoy bottles to get enemies to group up, and you can get several kills at once when they explode. If you purchase the Hurler skill, that will help your sub-weapons do more damage, so it can be a help when going for the medal here and in other episodes.


In Barry's episode, you likely need to work on some of the kills (6 knife kills, 8 sub-weapon kills, 2 enemies with a follow-up attack) and hit enemies 15 times with bricks. I'd recommend picking up a brick whenever you see it and continuing to throw it at enemies until it breaks, then kill the enemy in whichever way you need. Pick up another brick, and repeat.

For the follow-up kills, you can either get a gunk-slinging Revenant to knock down another Revenant with a weak spot on its head and perform a follow-up kill while it is on the ground, or you can use a decoy bottle to knock the Revenants down to set up the kills. Decoy bottles are harder to come by in Barry's episode, but there is an odorous chemical by the elevator at the end that you hopefully picked up when I made note of it during the first playthrough.

In the video above, dormouse03 recommends the area after you go through the bus. However, no matter how many times I reloaded the checkpoint, the first Revenant would have his weak spot in his leg instead of his head, so it was harder for the gunk monster to hit him there.

Instead, I used the previous final area in the warehouse. When you enter, the gunk monster will notice you immediately and start throwing gunk at you. Now you just need to get close to the Revenants, shoot them in the head and kill them with RT once the gunk hits them in the weak spot.

When you complete all medals, you will unlock:

There's a Medal for That

Get all medals in Episode Two.

There's a Medal for That
3 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeHost OnlyCollectableCumulative +


Countdown Mode

On to Countdown Mode! The same rules from Episode One apply here. Trouble spots for me were the Mutant Pedro fights, but if you kill him in Claire's part, you'll get a lot of time, which will help with her section, and you won't have to fight him on Barry's part, which will save you a lot of time there. This isn't required, as you can see in this video of my successful run:

Claire's Episode:

Barry's Episode:

Abbreviated Walkthrough:


At the beginning, gather as much stuff in the bar as you can while you are waiting for the dialogue to finish. Throughout this entire first section you should grab items that are on your way, but don't go out of your way to get anything. Prioritize getting empty bottles and gunpowder to make explosive bottles, because you will need that during the Pedro fight. You'll have about 1:50 left when you are able to leave the bar. Quickly run up to the helicopter, hit your first blue hourglass, and wait for Gabe to talk about needing a battery and fuel before you exit back into the main area. If you leave earlier, Pedro won't be in place.

Now, run to where Pedro is standing so that he starts drilling through the wall. While he does this, quickly run over to the building near the exit, boost Moira up, and grab the battery. There is a blue hourglass that appears in this building, but it wasn't there yet for me. I could, however, shoot it from the roof when I climbed up the ladder toward the end of this section. You can either kill the Ironhead for 20 seconds or just run back to Pedro. Grab the MP and the blue hourglass from the room he opened, and command Moira to stay by him using cn_down + cn_Y. Run to the second brick wall and then swap characters so you can get Pedro moving faster. You can now hit cn_up + cn_Y to keep your partners close again.

While Pedro is drilling through the second wall, you want to try your best to kill the enemies before they distract him. You are likely running low on time at this point, so killing the enemies quickly while allowing Pedro to get the wall torn down as fast as possible is very important. Once through, there will be another blue hourglass by the fuel.

Run back to Gabe and give him the items. Then run back to the bar, killing a few enemies on the way to give yourself a bit of time. Turn off the siren, and then defend the bar. Hopefully you have some MP ammo, because that helps you kill the enemies a bit faster to build up your time. After you fight them off, you can choose to kill Mutant Pedro now for 2:00 or kill other enemies to build up some time while you wait for Neil to kick the ladder down and then run away. I have done this both ways, and killing Pedro takes quite a bit of ammo. 4 explosive bottles, around 10 shotgun shells, and between 20 and 30 pistol shots was my estimate, not to mention 2 decoy bottles and some more ammo used to keep some of the enemies off me and gain seconds so I didn't run out of time. If you have enough ammo to kill him here, that will help you in terms of time, but you may be light on ammo for the rest of the episode. If not, you may be more tight on time, but you'll have more supplies saved up for the rest of the level. Your choice.

Head into the next area, and keep moving forward quickly. There will be a yellow hourglass when you get down into the sewer. If you have some extra time, loot the first little area while waiting for the conversation to be over before you hit the hourglass. This maximizes your time and allows you to run through the sewer rather than being forced to walk while the dialogue takes place.

Move through the next areas as quickly as you can. Remember that getting the better shotgun takes time because you have to move the crate, so make a choice on whether that trade off is worth it. I went into the section afterward with about 48 seconds on the run where I picked it up, which cut things pretty close. I'd recommend running past the Ironheads in the area because they take more time than they are worth to kill. Quickly kill the two Othrus and the pus-head for some time, and move the debris out of the way.

Your next blue hourglass awaits just inside the building past the bus. If you tell Claire to stay put by the gate, you can go through with Moira, killing the Sploders with your light and killing the pus-head guy with the crowbar. Just run past the Ironhead. He won't catch up to you. Hit the lever, and switch to Claire to move the box to block the gate.

Keep moving quickly through the next area. The next blue hourglass will be in the room with the workbench. Hit the elevator button, and throw a decoy bottle down after a few seconds. This should kill both of the Afflicted that come down. You can take some time to manage your inventory during the elevator ride. Keep moving toward the end of the level. Grab things to make explosive bottles if you have time, but prioritize getting to the blue hourglass positioned just before the place where you climb down into the final boss room.

You have a bit of time to start killing enemies before the Vulcanblubber falls in. Use that time to kill the Ironhead and at least one of the Afflicted. Also, break some of the crates and collect a bit of ammo if you can. For the fight proper, keep moving around the room. Try to avoid getting grabbed by enemies, and use the shelves as cover from the boss's mortar fire. When the shelves break, ammo will drop, so you can use that to replenish your ammo if you are running low. The Vulcanblubber gives you 60 seconds when he dies, which should give you more than enough time to loot the rest of the room, get Natalia, and get out of the door and up the street to the end of the level.



Barry's episode is much easier, in my opinion. I'd recommend stealth killing the first 3 Revenants. If you played on Casual before, there will be a few more Revenants than you had in your earlier playthrough. There will be 2 Revenants in the second area rather than one, but you can sneak behind them both after they cross each others' paths. There is also a blue hourglass here.

In the next area, there are 3 Revenants instead of 2. Use Nat to find their weak spots and take them out. The box will also be in the area to the left of the building rather than right next to it. When you go into the building to grab the key, there will be another blue hourglass waiting for you.

Continue as normal into the village, and take out the Glasps as usual. Pick up the drill in the bar (provided you killed Mutant Pedro in Claire's episode), and continue forward out of the area. Remember that you will need a few seconds to drill through the wall at the entrance to the sewer if Pedro is dead.

There is a yellow hourglass at the beginning of the sewer, which will reset your time to 3:00. Kill the 3 Othrus and continue through the next area. I'd recommend stealth killing the first Revenant and shooting the second. When you get into the warehouse, you can stealth the first 3 enemies. When you get to thhe gunk-slinging Revenant, avoid killing these 3 and just run to the door.

When you get back outside, there will be another blue hourglass. Proceed through the bus, stealth kill the first Revenant, and shoot the second two. When you enter the building, there is no need to run around in there as you can just run straight through.

There is a blue hourglass in the workbench room. Now, if you have the drill, you can drill through the wall, and make your way to the end of the level. If not, you'll need to move upstairs, kill a few Glasps, and fight Mutant Pedro. You can take him out using the same strategy you used to shoot out all of the eyes.

There will be a blue hourglass just outside the door as you exit. Continue to the end of the level, picking up loot along the way if you have some spare time.

Complete both parts of the episode to unlock:

"Run, Moira. Run!"

Clear Episode Two in Countdown Mode.

Run, Moira. Run!
Online/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeHost OnlyShopTime/DateMultiple Playthroughs Required


Invisible Mode

Invisible Mode will likely have a couple of places that are a pain. I'll give you some tips for a few of the more irritating areas below. There are also videos of a successful run.

Claire's Episode:

Barry's Episode:


The first tricky part is when you are defending Pedro as he drills through the second wall. I'd suggest moving out to the right so you don't get surrounded and using Moira to see when something drops in. Don't worry if Pedro gets interrupted because he will help you kill the enemies. Once you have killed the Ironhead and 4-5 Afflicted, you should be safe to return to the wall. You can also use decoy bottles here to help keep some of the enemies off you, but I'd recommend trying to save those for the bar fight.

The bar fight section is awful. Instead of checking the windows, go up the stairs, make Claire stay behind Moira and use the flashlight down the stairs to stun enemies and quickly use Claire to kill them. At this point, Claire was pretty beat up and I had used all my herbs, so this strategy worked the best for me.

The Mutant Pedro fight is annoying either way you do it, but I'd say it is a bit easier on Barry's part because there are no other enemies to worry about. If you just run around and evade, then climb up the ladder as soon as you get the cutscene, you can hopefully get through this without too much damage.

I found the Othrus pretty hard to shoot with them moving all around and being invisible, but watching their tracks in the dirt and either shooting or hitting them with the crowbar/knife worked pretty well.

In the kitchen area, run to the door.

For the next section, I had Claire crouched to the right of the entrance and told her to stay put with cn_down + cn_Y. I then snuck Moira over to pick up the red herb on the left, killed the Othrus and pus-head Afflicted with the crowbar, and moved the debris from in front of the bus. When all was safe, I hid Moira in the bus and switched back to Claire, running the same path (out of the way of the two Ironheads) to the bus.

In the next building, make Claire wait by the exit and move through with Moira, killing the Sploders and pus-head and leaving the Ironhead alone. Pull the lever, and switch back to Claire to push the box to block the gate.

Moving forward, take care of the pus-head guy however you wish, but be sure to remove any pus from the ground with the flashlight.

Use the shotgun or a decoy bottle to knock down the two Afflicted that come down the elevator, then try to take them out on the ground.

For the final boss, leave Claire by the stairs and try to take out the few enemies first with Moira, especially the Ironhead. Then use the same strategy you used before, throwing any bottles you have at him, shooting him in the face, moving around the room to avoid the other enemies, and using the shelves as a means of cover and source of ammo.



Barry's episode is a bit easier than Claire's. The beginning should go mostly the same as it did during your Countdown mode run. There are a few extra Revenants (3 in the second area and 4 in the third area where you get the key). Use Natalia to scope out the situation. You can either shoot them all in their weak spots or try to stealth around and kill them all from behind. The latter will be made easier if you pick up the smoke screen bottle and use it to get around behind at least one of them. You can try waiting for an opportune moment to stealth up the left side of the house or sneak around to the right and use the smoke screen bottle to take out the one Revenant near the broken ladder. Then you can probably sneak around to the crate (it is located to the left of the entrance to this area, in some of the broken out walls) and get up into the building without alerting the other three Revenants if you are careful. If you are spotted, just take them out by locating and shooting their weak spots.

The glasp section in the village should be nearly identical, as they were already invisible. On this difficulty, the glasps get up faster if you knock them to the ground with a brick and they also move faster, evading your shots.

The Othrus are probably more trouble than they are worth, so I'd suggest running through the sewer section with Natalia.

I'd recommend trying to stealth your way through the warehouse section for the most part and running by Revenants when possible. Stealth kill the first Revenant outside, then run past the one that gets up from the ground. Stealth through the next 3 just like you did for the medal, and you should be fine. Killing the Slinger will be irritating, so you may want to sneak around the left of the containers with Natalia and then move to the doorway when you can. Be careful because the Slinger will aggro, but he shouldn't be able to hit you if you hug the crates. You could also try climbing on top of the cargo boxes and jumping along them to the door, but that will leave you more exposed to the Slinger.

For the area past the bus, you can stealth kill the first Revenant and then either kill the other two with weak-spot shots or dodge and run past them to the door.

If you left the crate in the door in Claire's episode, you can bypass the next section entirely.

If you killed Mutant Pedro in Claire's episode, then you can just drill through the wall and exit the level. If not, you'll need to make your way upstairs, killing a couple of glasps along the way, and dispose of Pedro. Same deal as before: use Natalia to locate the eyes and pop them one by one. He'll take a bit more punishment, but when he dies, you'll get the drill and can proceed to the end of the level.

Complete both parts to unlock:

"That's Gonna Be Fun"

Clear Episode Two in Invisible Mode.

That's Gonna Be Fun
Online/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeHost OnlyShopMultiple Playthroughs Required


And that completes Episode Two!

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