6. Resident Evil Revelations 2 (Xbox 360) Episode Four

Episode Four

We made it to the final episode! Time to see how it ends! The ending will be different depending on your choice at the end of Claire's Episode Three, so make sure your final playthrough of Three that you will carry over to Four has the choice you want!




6:15 Cleared the episode with a 100% accuracy rate
6:15 Defeated 1 Glasp with a knife
1:05 Opened 2 military boxes
8:54 Cleared the episode with no retries
1:58 Defeated 3 glasps
7:20 Escaped the monument with more than 15 seconds to spare
4:52 Killed 5 indigenous animals
0:38 Found 4 treasures
4:10 Found all of the Tower Emblems
8:54 Cleared the episode within 20 minutes

This episode has a medal for 100% accuracy, so don't shoot by accident or start playing with your gun randomly. Go on through the door. On the left you'll see a switch. This affects Barry's path, where you'll have to go both ways in that section. Leave the switch alone on this run. Go through the door and before you go up the stairs, go right underneath them to find a treasure. Go up and in this room check the seat on the right of the bed for a treasure and break all the vases to get that medal done. Break the fish tank in the middle and move it to find a switch. Go up the stairs and through the door. On this room, look to the right to find a Tower Emblem and shoot it. Wait for the talk to end and walk back to where you started the episode. Move along the path and through the door. Here you'll find your first 2 animals. Check the video above for the exact spots on where they are, one in front of you as you enter this room and one on the left near the box. Be careful killing them or you can lose the 100% accuracy. Get to the gate and shoot the lock on the left and knife the one on the right. You'll find your first military box here. Drop down the ladder and break the box on the left for a smoke bottle. Check the video for the exact spot where you can kill the first Glasp with a knife, at the end of the rail. Now wait for the Glasp from the left to come to you and throw the smoke bottle at it to kill it without missing a shot. Drop down the ladder and go to the left. Stop before the 3 boxes. A Glasp will move towards you. You'll know it's in front of you when the boxes start moving, so shoot above the boxes slowly until you see the Glasp dying. That's the 3 you need for the medal. Run to the door so you don't have to fight the 4th Glasp around here.

You'll be outside the tower. Check the video for the exact spot for the next 3 animals. 2 crows are on the right and the 3rd one is beneath you. Be careful on the shooting. Drop down to where the 3rd crow was. Look back at where you where to find a Tower Emblem under the top. Move on until you have to go down for the next military box. Getting down there with Claire can be annoying, as it's easy for her to fall to her death. To make this easy, instead of dropping down to where the box is, drop down to the right. Claire will take damage. AI Moira will go down next to the box, so change into her once she drops down safely. Move on until you see a box that is too big to climb. Go back and you'll find a small box to carry and put down next to the big box. Move on until you get to a part where you have to lift Moira up to the right. Use the crowbar to make platforms for Claire. At the end you'll see some movable crates. Move the left crate to the wall. Moira can now move the crate in front of her while she crouches. Move on and you'll have to run down the tower. You'll eventually get to a tube that looks like a big worm. Instead of going left, go right to find the last Tower Emblem. Continue for an event to happen. Immediately turn around to the hole in the wall, you need to have at least 15 seconds left on the clock. And we're done with Claire's story.




18:57 Defeated 10 revenant by only hitting their weak spots
19:39 Defeat Alex in the mine sub-level without taking damage
10:04, 17:07 Hit enemies with Natalia's brick 15 times
11:35 Defeated 5 enemies with a follow-up attack
17:07 Defeated 10 enemies with sub-weapons
10:58, 18:19 Defeated 5 enemies using the stealth attack
10:58, 17:07 Defeated 10 enemies with the knife
12:00 Opened 3 gimmick boxes
9:45 Found 10 hidden items with Natalia
14:40 Cleared the level by moving the crane no more than 3 times

Walk along and turn right before moving up the stairs to find some items and a workbench in a cabin. Go to the stairs. Move to the left of the big metal box on the middle of this section to get 2 stealth kills. Inside the box is an enemy that can't be stealth killed, so knife him down. On the top of the big box there's a hidden item for Natalia. There's 2 paths in here, but only one is available depending on what position you choose with the sluice in Claire's episode. The path you chose will have no water and will have several enemies sleeping until you get close. Whenever you see bricks before going down the ladder, throw them in this path to get brick hits with Natalia. After you're done with bricks, use the knife with Barry for some kills and you could get some follow-up attacks too. Remember that knifing while walking backwards seems to improve your chances of getting it. If you're lucky, some enemies will have their backs turned on you, so there's some more stealth attacks here, but don't worry if you don't get the chance here. Move on and you'll find more big metal boxes to your right. Natalia can only enter this area. Shoot the lock on the box for Natalia to lure the enemies inside out of the box and open the first gimmic box. After that, go on down and move until you get to the huge ladder. Behind the ladder on the right side is a hidden item.

At the top, you'll see several switches. The medal here is to get to the end by only pushing 3 switches. Move Barry to the little lift next to the first switch and with Natalia, use this switch. After Barry moves to the other side, move to the ladder next to him and climb it. At the top, go to the right, move past the lift and pick up the explosive bottle at the end. Move him back to the lift in the center. With Natalia, use the 3rd switch. Barry will move and you'll get to a ladder you can push down. Move Barry again to the lift in the center. Natalia now has to climb the ladder, move past Barry and go down the ladder on the right. There's a hidden item in the pillar after the 4th switch. Use the 5th switch. Barry will move to the end and you'll drop down the ladder for Natalia to get up to the top. Go up the stairs and as you pass through the windows, enemies will break them. Knife them for some follow-up attacks chances. In this area there's a weapon and some items. Move on until you get to another outdoors area. There's a few items boxes around here. Check the room up the stairs at the end of the area for items. Move up the stairs and you can jump to a railroad. In the middle of the road, you can jump to an area that has a small box with an exploding bottle. Go inside the elevator and push the button.

Once the ride stops, you can find some ammo and a hidden item in the room to the left. When you reach the door, there's a hidden item to the left. Enter the next room and you'll find another box of ammo in the table to the right. You'll find there's gas on these mines. If you stay too long on the gas, you'll lose health and die, but your AI partner is unaffected. Run straight into the gas until you get to a dead end with rifle ammo. Go back to the other way you just passed for some air. There's a hidden item between the destroyed wall remains. There's a brick here if you need some more brick hits. Move on and take the right passage. To the right, there's 4 enemies. Group them together and throw them a bottle. Run to the end of this hall to get air and turn on the power. Take the rifle ammo to the right. Go back the previous room to take the door to the left. This area has 6 enemies, which will get you the medal if you group them all together. Go on and you'll reach a large area with gas on the bottom. There's a disinfectant next to the work bench. Go up the stairs to the left and up the ladder. Enter the door in front of you. Tell Natalia to wait and crouch until the revenant has moved past you so you can stealth kill him. Now go to the right and stealth kill the goo monster. Go to the left and push the mine car. Natalia can enter the hole in the wall and quickly open the door. Kill the revenant on his weak spot. Go back to the locked room and open the item boxes on the platform and carry the metal box to the right end of the main room, where you can use it to reach the stairs above. In this room there's a few items to pick up and a Lift Activation Key. Leave and go to the door on the other side. There's a large area full of gas and enemies. Use the enemies for any medals you need, either sub-weapon kills, follow-ups or bricks. If you need air, just climb the platform in the middle. Having the electric door in front of you, go to the left to push a mine car. Stairs will appear to your left if you need air and you can find an item box. Keep pushing the mine car to the end to find a gimmick box on a door to the right. Going back to the previous area, with the door in your sight again, go to the path to the right. To the left is another mine car you don't need to push very far. Go into this new path while walking slowly, so you can stealth kill the revenant in here. If you follow the path the revenant was facing, you'll reach a dead end with a platform that has a Magnum 2005M. Turn around and go back to the path you didn't take. Enter the door and you'll see a room with very little space. Just a few steps in and the Dhurlga will jump into the screen, with a goo throwing monster as his backup. You can fight these enemies, but you can also just avoid them entirely by running and dodging, heal if necessary. Reach the top of this room to find an item box, a red herb and a switch. Use it and leave the room. As you return to the gas mine and the electric door, you'll see a revenant behind the platform where we take air. Kill him on his weak spot. Use the electric door and you'll find 5 enemies just around the corner. Go up the stairs, through the door and you'll find another switch that will take out the gas out of this room. Drop the ladder and go back to the lift to activate it.

At the bottom, go left and use the ID machine. Now switch to Natalia and use the machine again. Move on to find a small room with some items on the sides. Go on to enter the mansion. Enter the door to the right to find some handgun ammo on a box. Back in the hall, turn right and crouch. There is a revenant lurking around here. Wait to stealth kill him. This should be your last stealth kill if you managed to get the previous ones. Search the book cases in the room to find magnum ammo. Go back to the hall to take the left path. You'll see a revenant walking into the bathroom, you can stealth kill him if you need another one. Search the bathrooms for a few items and go to the end of the hall for the last door. A revenant is waiting for you right at the entrance, kill his weak spot. Go on to the door at the end of the hall. Go down the stairs and enter the door to the left to find an empty bottle and cloth. Enter the door at the end of the hall to find a room full of revenants in tubes. Kill all of them one by one on their weak spot. When you're done, enter the door to the right. You'll find another revenant in a tube to kill. When you enter the next room, there's an empty bottle right by the entrance. Move on to the stairs and enter the door on the left. You'll see a corpse with a Level 1 Security Card. Now go all the way back to the revenant tube room. Go to the other end of the room, but walk slowly, as a glasp has now appeared. Go down the stairs and enter the room in front of you. There's 2 revenants here. After you killed them, open the gimmick box. Go to the door you just ignored. Enter the rooms to the right to find a couple of items. Go to the room on the left. A revenant is on the floor, but it won't get up unless you shoot him. You need to open the corpse containers in this room to find a key. If you wish to avoid combat, use Natalia to see which ones contain revenants. You'll find an emblem key in one of these containers. When you go back to the revenant tube room, another glasp is waiting for you. Go back down to where you got the Security Card and go up the stairs. You'll end up in the mansion hall.

Go to the right hall and open the door at the end. In this room, another gimmick box is hidden behind the counter. Enter the room to find ammo and a Level 2 Security Card. As you return to the hall, a revenant will drop down from the ceilling. Go back to the Level 1 Security Card Room, enter the room with the stairs and open the door to the left. As you enter, some alcohol is on the ground. Crouch to the left to enter the hole in the wall. You'll enter a big area. Search this room completely for herbs, ammo, bottles and hidden items. On the left side of this room is a switch that will call the elevator. Don't touch it yet. First, go to the left of this switch and kill the revenants. After this, pull the switch. An endurance round will start, with enemies coming from the other side of the room. The first enemy will appear on the platform on the left side, a goo throwing monster. Next, some revenants will come out of the platform on the right, with a glasp next to you on the ground on the left. When they're dead, another revenant and a goo monster will come out from the right platform. The last enemy will be a Dhurlga. Remember to keep your distance and try to save your magnum ammo and your bottles if you can. Enter the elevator. Now you'll be in a long corridor. There's several items to pick along the way that are easy to spot. At the end you'll find a door that will lead you to the final boss.

In this room, there's several items to pick up and the boss is hidden at the beginning to give you time to collect them all. After a while, the boss will show up. The medal here is that you can't be hurt by the boss. If you do, reload checkpoint. Use your bottles and your Magnum first. If you choose to kill the boss in Claire's Episode 3 with Claire, the game ends here. If you choose Moira, the game continues. In round 2 of this fight, you can get hit and not lose the medal, but if you don't want to take the risk, just avoid fighting the boss inside the cave and lure her outside where you can shoot at it from a distance.

And that's it! You'll obtain this after the ending:

True or False

Clear Episode Four.

True or False
Online/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeHost OnlyMain Storyline

And now we're mostly done playing story. Next, choose Claire in Episode 4 in the episode select screen and choose the Normal difficulty. Activate the sluice switch in the room with all of the surveillance monitors at the beginning of the episode. After hearing someone's long monologue again, there will be 4 glasps in the area with the electric coils, two on each level. Kill all of these. If you are playing on Survival mode, there will be an extra glasp as you progress outside. After your brief outdoors section, there will be 2 more glasps as you run to the end while the building collapses. Kill both of these. When you've killed your 6th glasp, you'll unlock:

What You Can't See Can Kill You

Defeat six or more Glasps in the monument in Claire's Episode Four, on Normal difficulty or higher.

What You Can't See Can Kill You
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeHost OnlyDifficulty Specific

Once you get to Barry, move along until you get to step on the route that was locked out in your previous playthrough. As soon as you step on it, this will unlock and we're done with the Story!

Routes of Future Past

Complete both routes through the landfill in Barry's Episode Four.

Routes of Future Past
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeHost Only



All medals on this episode can be unlocked in just one playthrough. The trickiest one is the no damage run at the final boss fight. Some people have said that it doesn't unlock when they got hit on the 2nd round, so avoid close contact and just do the damage from the helicopter.

Complete all medals to unlock:

I'm Not Leaving Without My Medal

Get all medals in Episode Four.

I'm Not Leaving Without My Medal
Online/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeHost OnlyCollectableCumulative +


Countdown Mode

Time for your last Countdown Mode! Nothing stands out as being particularly frustrating except potentially the Barry sections in the poison mines. If you killed the boss with Claire in Episode 3, the boss battle will be much shorter, but as you can see in the videos below, dormouse03 was just too stubborn and she couldn't accept the bad ending. 😅 Just kill those enemies quickly (bottles work well) and move as fast as you can. The final boss fight can be irritating if you don't kill it quickly enough, so be sure to save up some bottles/ammo for the end. The room before the boss where you have to kill everything to proceed can be glitchy as well, as I have had the experience where I have killed everything that I can find, but the door never opens, causing me to run out of time. As with everything, just be persistent and make sure that you know where everything will spawn.




Complete both parts to unlock:

"You are Authorized to Panic"

Clear Episode Four in Countdown Mode.

You are Authorized to Panic
Online/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeHost OnlyShopTime/DateMultiple Playthroughs Required


Invisible Mode

Lastly, we have our final challenge: Invisible Mode. This can be pretty tough in places, particularly in the prison mines with the Revenants and Dhurlga and in the lockdown/quarantine room before the end. You don't need very much ammunition for Claire's episode, and it isn't all that different from the regular campaign because all of the enemies are invisible anyway. If you haven't played on survival difficulty, there will be a glasp during the outside section that isn't there on the other difficulties, so be aware of that.

I would suggest running past any enemies that you can. I particularly recommend skipping the first Dhurlga fight, because the Revenants in that section are hard to snipe when you can't really see them, and they keep blindsiding you with their goop. Using Natalia there makes it a little easier to avoid the grab of insta-death. In the lockdown room, I have had problems with the enemies not spawning, so beware of that. There is no solution that I know of if that glitch happens other than to restart the checkpoint and try not to scream.




Complete both parts to unlock:

"There's Something in Here"

Clear Episode Four in Invisible Mode.

There's Something in Here
Online/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeHost OnlyShopMultiple Playthroughs Required

And that does it! Congratulations on being a zombie slayer extraordinare! You may have a few miscellaneous kill achievements to clean up if you didn't stop to grind them out, but other than that, you can put this one to bed! Until it wakes up six months later with a new personality and wants to kill you...

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