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    31 Dec 2010
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    This is a twitch puzzler, its based upon a cog system where you have one pinion (drive mechanic) and several fixed cogs scattered about that you have to turn, you are given a range of other cogs of varying sizes to place in the spaces to turn the fixed cogs.... sounds pretty simple right? its literally a lateral thinking jigsaw puzzle

    Graphics, Sound and Camera/Control:
    Being that this is a 2D puzzle game on a 3-4 inch screen theres not a whole lot of "wow" to it... its done in a cute and tasteful way where everything looks like blue prints and true to the WP7 os feel.
    The sound is no masterpiece... it gets very repetitive and annoying quite quickly you can adjust the audio with the side rocker buttons without affecting game play.
    Controls are a whisker laggy but nothing thats going to ruin the slow pace of game play anyhow. The latter stages are a very precision based we're talking one or even half a tooth of a cog in a handful of levels.

    There are a total of 75 puzzles, broken in to three sets.
    Each puzzle has three rewards to obtain and three tiers of completion
    The rewards are for: the time it takes you and the use of cogs and the amount of moves made (a move is one fluid motion from the time you place your finger on the cog to when you put it down, if you place and replace and fidget with it each replace counts as another move)
    the three tiers are bronze, silver and gold.
    most people will attempt to use only the cogs given to complete a puzzle this will net you a gold automatically but you can request more cogs for a silver etc
    and while the timer doesn't reset the first time round.... once you complete a set your timer is reset per level per reset.

    Replay Value:
    The puzzles are never terribly long or complicated, but to 200/200 this game will take a solid chunk of patience and smart thinking... and at the moment i'm not sure that you can... i'm almost certain one achievement is unobtainable at present. But its unlikely one will feel the need to bust this out to play once completed

    As mentioned above it should be basic enough for most people with enough patience and a steady finger and basic spacial recognition to complete. Its a bit of a grind in that the latter 100g will be based upon completion and collecting gold in all three category for every puzzle.
    You may find yourself finding five random people to friend as there is a leaderboard based achievement but its a good excuse to message randoms.
    As at the time of completing this review there is no solution for getting all golds so only 180g is obtainable.
    Much in the style of Tinker the amount of moves allowed for gold is less than that of what is needed to complete one level.

    This is no ground breaker but for short pick up and put down gaming this is a pretty sound purchase for $2.99 USD / £2.49 / $4.99 NZD.
    The game works smoothly and will be enjoyed by puzzle fans.
    A huge disappointment in whoever proof checked the achievements and tested the game.... so completionists you have been warned.
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    Rare BishopWould be great if I could even get added to the leaderboards. I've completed each level pack, all 75 levels. I've even completed the first two level packs three different times, and uninstalled the game and re-installed it. Still not on the leaderboard. Very, very weird.

    Anyway, the game is decent, and very well written review. Nice job!
    Posted by Rare Bishop on 01 Jan 11 at 07:09
    AnotherSocietyGreat review really liked the game ;-)
    Posted by AnotherSociety on 01 Nov 11 at 19:31
    BonxyGreat review and people shouldn't let the unobtainable achievement put you off this great game.
    Posted by Bonxy on 04 Apr 14 at 09:51