Ridge Racer 6

Ridge Racer 6

Xbox 360

Ridge Racer 6 Achievements

Most Earned

360!5 (5)Congratulations! The 360-spin is the first trick every Ridge Racer fan tries.
International Match
International Match6 (5)Congratulations! Race against more rivals from around the globe.
800 km/500 miles driven
800 km/500 miles driven20 (15)Congratulations! 500 miles is equivalent to the distance between LA and the Grand Canyon.
Goal 3 Complete: Basic Route
Goal 3 Complete: Basic Route16 (10)Congratulations! Don't forget to challenge Goals 1 and 2 if you haven't cleared them yet.

Least Earned

No Crash Victory: Single Races
No Crash Victory: Single Races479 (60)Congratulations! You've won by showing your quick yet beautiful driving techniques.
16000 km / 10000 miles driven
16000 km / 10000 miles driven542 (100)Congratulations! 10000 miles is equivalent to driving 2/5th of the way around Earth.
No-Nitrous Victory: Single Races
No-Nitrous Victory: Single Races246 (60)Congratulations! You've won by not using the fully charged nitrous!
Message from Reiko #5
Message from Reiko #528 (7)A quick message from Nagase! "Congratulations! Good luck in the final route!"
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