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    Souvenirs souvenirs...
    ARCADE as it is meant to be.
    It's not an arcade game as in 21st century definition like PGR or midnight club where all racing games are more or less realistic and finally all close to simulation style but as in 20th century when the graphics were really poor and the only forbiden thing was to brake.

    GRAPHICS: 7/10

    Ridge Racer 6 is not a great looking 360 game, it's far from uggly but it lacks the sharp textures and detailed environments. Even the cars themselves, while sharp and rendered well enough, just look a bit blurry during races. It could have been better than this.

    SOUND: 6/10

    The soundtrack is fine: from acid jazz to something like technocore music, but, come on!!! Only 20 free tracks, 38 tracks can be downloaded for 80 mspoints each which mean that it's one of the most expensive content ever. Hopefully it's easy to switch to your own soundtrack when you need.
    The in races DJ's are just pure useless noise, all of them are just like parrots funny at start, you just want to chocke them as time goes by.

    GAMEPLAY: 9/10

    Here is the point of ridge racer. Either you love it or you hate it. Newton must be turning in his grave beacuse of the car's physics.
    Which is exactly why I enjoy this game, "it's a game": some kind of a fantasy where you can do what you want; and what I want is taking a curve at 400 km/h without braking at all. It's not a reality clone where you need to stop when you see red traffic light to avoid police or where your tire is almost destroyed if you put a wheel in the grass. It's basicaly driving as fast as you can as long as you can.
    Though It's not so basics at it seems because you need to understand how boost really works and even if the car looks like guided by some rails in curves there is still your trajectories to improve.


    Few differents modes but the good thing: some people still play. Of course if you want the achievements it's better to boost with a friend because the people who still play the game online are kinda good to it.


    You begin the game with a joke 360° achievement and little by little you understand that it's not going to be a short one. In carreer mode every time you think you are done with it, other races magicaly appears from nowhere...
    The online 200 victories can be boosted in 3 hours for each players.
    The no nitrous and no crash victories needs to be done in a mode where you need to complete 150 races. No crash is a huge deep pain and will recquire lots of calm and patience when you restart a race for 4 hours.

    OVERALL: 8/10

    This game is not the most pretty, or the most interesting but it's really fun. It's just another ridge racer, not really a racing game consider it like a permAdrenalin rush.
    Even if I know that some people are going to throw up playing it, I found it really addictive. I Honestly didn't realize that i've spend 120 hours playing contrary to some high detailled boring to death motorstuff sequel.
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    the sconnieThis was a nice review. I own the game and I'd say this sums it up perfectly.
    Posted by the sconnie on 19 Feb 15 at 04:06