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    04 Jun 2016
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    Ridiculous Marathon is another endless running game, with an extremely similar model to that of Subway Surfer or Temple Run. The game itself is based around a small creature running away from two kids who want to beat him up. There is no story to the game and all of the content revolves around the actual act of running, dodging, picking up coins and power ups and netting higher and higher scores. There are two types of sections to the game: long sections that have different components to them (items, height changes, different possibilities) and short sections (these are simply connectors between the different long sections). There are about 12 different long sections and about six short sections in the game. With the lack of variety the game becomes extremely easy to understand quickly, and also proves to be quite repetitive as well.

    Ridiculous Marathon does not bring anything new to the genre of endless running games. There are four power ups (2x score, coin magnet, jetpack, and double jump) that can all be leveled up with coins for longer ability duration. You can also spend coins on customization of your creature and for piñatas (buyable protection item). There is also a "premium" currency in diamonds, but with only one customization item requiring you use diamonds for it, there is no incentive to purchase diamonds with real world money as you can collect them during your runs. There are also three "super" power ups that are only purchased with real world money that apply to every run: double coins, one free revive every match, and no ads).

    The game would be on par with the other endless runner games if it did not have serious issues with character interaction and object hit boxes. You will find out quickly that certain objects hit box, that is the area where you stumble or wipe out, extend further than where the item actually ends. This becomes a huge issue as you begin to run faster and try to transition over different heights and objects to stay safe as the hidden walls can easily ruin a run. The daily and weekly missions are also glitched. You can only completely each of them once. After your initial completion they will never reset which will cause you to miss out on free coins, mystery boxes, and forces you to purchase more missions with your coins because the daily and weekly do not refresh.

    Overall this is another run-of-the-mill endless running game with flaws that will ensure that you spend more time on the game than you would like to.

    2.5 Flawed Stars out of 5.
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    LGS I HitmanThere is alot of bugs and glitches with this version as the developers haven't bothered with it since releasing it.
    Posted by LGS I Hitman on 05 Jun 16 at 19:35
    THE DEADLY DOGOh yeah, the game felt plagued at times with it. I would think that fixing the dailies and weeklies wouldn't be too hard to patch.
    Posted by THE DEADLY DOG on 05 Jun 16 at 19:36
    Airdair1Can someone please tell me how to stumble. I've got that mission but i can't figure it out. Please & thank you
    Posted by Airdair1 on 11 Jun 16 at 19:43
    THE DEADLY DOGBest way I found to do it was to just knock into a log when you are running next to it.
    Posted by THE DEADLY DOG on 11 Jun 16 at 22:10
    JuicyjamsI don't know why but I seem to enjoy endless runners, but this one is aweful. I liked the music to it but it became as repetitive as the game itself. The characters suck, the art sucks, hit boxes and bugs suck. I cant wait to be done with this one. Its easy enough but I'm not enjoying it. Unless your really bored stay away from this one. Oh and I liked the review but 2.5 stars is very generous. Considering theres really one level compared to the minion running game that offered a ton of other scenarios. this thing with its flaws really isn't even a 2.
    Posted by Juicyjams on 17 Dec 16 at 03:56