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Smokey Joh
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Smokey Joh
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Posted on 09 February 18 at 03:06, Edited on 12 February 18 at 06:37
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Rime Review

From the very first moments Rime shows itself as a unique experience. A boy, lying on the beach, doesn't get up until you direct him to. The camera shows him exhausted, the seagulls flap and trot around on the sand, and in the distance a huge tower extends from the cliffs edge. Moments like this make up the entire game of Rime. Its beautiful design, stunning visuals and incredible story make it one of the most memorable games I have ever played.

At its heart Rime is a story about loss, through the eyes of a small boy in a mysterious place. A huge tower beckons him forth and while he finds those to guide him along the way, he must get there himself in more ways than one. The beauty of Rime falls in its world and sense of wonder. Every inch asked to be explored with beautiful vistas lined with gigantic towers and structures to more subtle indoor areas and caves lined with crackling fires and dancing shadows. There is no combat, no equipment or levelling up, not even any UI on screen. Progression comes in the form of understanding and recognition. The game does an excellent job of establishing the rules of the world then expanding on them as you progress, all while challenging new ways of thinking. The puzzles are smart and reflective of the story, especially in chapter two as you hide from a giant creature that attempts to swoop you if you wander into open light. The controls are straightforward and never a bother, even when required to shimmy across giant structures or swim through underwater caverns. Every action you need you have from the start which leaves it up to the player to think about the puzzles presented to them rather than finding items/skills to assist, a refreshing change from the grind heavy games going around.

The game is drop dead gorgeous. Not because of its poly count or rendering etc, but because of it's design. The contrast in colours and areas is stunning and its persistent day/night cycles really showcase the world. The lighting and effects are suitably excellent and even in some of the more plain parts of some levels it just looks great. Shoutout to the incredible orchestral score too which drives a lot of the emotion in scenes and accompanies the visuals perfectly.

By the end of Rime I was stunned. The story shook me to my core, the game was engaging and thoughtful, the design direction incredible. It's a game that I keep thinking about, with both a smile on my face and a tear in my eye because it is just an achievement in game design and a shining example of storytelling in the gaming medium. Recommended for anyone that loves story driven games.
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