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XBL Content Roundup: January 22nd & 23rd, 2015

Xbox One Games Now that the Holiday Edition of Madden NFL 15 has been removed from the Xbox One Games Store, this means that another must arrive to take its place. We also have a new ID@Xbox title to

Posted 9 years ago by Rebecca Smith

Riptide GP2 Coming to Xbox One This Friday

VectorUnit has revealed through their Twitter that their mobile racing game, Riptide GP2, will be coming to Xbox One. The graphics have been up-rezzed and the game has been optimized for its console

Posted 9 years ago by Michelle Balsan

Riptide GP2 E3 Screenshots

Back at GDC, Riptide GP2 was announced to be coming to the Xbox One via the ID@Xbox scheme, with the first screens of the game in-action also unveiled at that time. Today we get another chance to tak

Posted 10 years ago by Ellis Spice

Upcoming ID@Xbox Titles Shown Off at E3

Over at their E3 press conference, Microsoft devoted a whole section to some of the games set to be published via the ID@Xbox system. Take a look at this extended version of the trailer shown at E3 t

Posted 10 years ago by Ellis Spice

Microsoft Confirms 25 ID@Xbox Titles Part 2

Following on from the first 17 titles to be revealed as part of Microsoft's ID@Xbox display at San Francisco's GDC, we continue the list with the final eight titles. Habitat 4gency isn't a studio tha

Posted 10 years ago by Rebecca Smith

More Developers Sign On for ID@Xbox

Back in December, Microsoft offered a first glance at some of the developers who had signed on for the ID@Xbox program. Putting out the call to all interested independent developers, the ID@Xbox prog

Posted 10 years ago by Marc Caccamise

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