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    12 Feb 2015 19 Feb 2015
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    Riptide GP2, an arcadey sea doo/waverunner racing game by Vector Unit in the vein of... well, Waverunner, is a digital-only racer that is well worth its asking price.

    The game released rather quietly, and if not for the tiny $5 price tag, I feel that many of us achievement hunters may not have given it a second glance. I can't say that it would be worth a ton more than this, but it is most definitely worth at least that much.

    You start out the game like so many other racing games, with a basic rig, a career mode to tackle, and plenty of upgrades and new rides to purchase in the game's store after earning the moolah by winning races (or coming in 2nd, or 3rd).

    The gameplay loop consists of doing straight up races, 'hot lap' runs which are essentially time trials, and stunt courses where the aim is to pull off as many stunts with as much variety as possible. The tracks, sadly, are limited and re-used throughout the various stages of the career mode, but with the $5 price tag it's difficult to quibble over this. The game was originally released in mobile form, but seems to have found its true home on consoles as the addition of a real controller makes a marked difference in gameplay. I tried it on my cell phone.... and was not impressed. But I thoroughly enjoyed it on Xbox One.

    My only niggling complaint about the gameplay is the rubber-banding AI. You can get quite a good lead over the guy in 2nd place, as much as 3-4 seconds, then suddenly it will rocket-boost as if by magic and be nearly right on your tail. This can get frustrating at times, but isn't insurmountable and is only really noticeable on a couple of the harder courses.

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    The graphics and audio are serviceable, and actually quite good considering it's such a budget title and a port of a mobile game no less. It hearkens back to Waverunner by Sega and Waverace 64. In fact, I felt quite a decent dose of nostalgia in playing through.

    The achievement list consists of progressing through the career and getting 3-stars on each and every race, and buying/upgrading new rides. I believe I clocked in right around 7 or 8 hours for the full 1k, but it could be done a decent bit faster if you're super good at racing games and don't have to wait as long to upgrade your rig.

    Overall this is an incredibly solid arcade racer and could have sold for twice the price. At $5 it's a steal. What are you waiting for, buy this game!
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    TrapMuzik99Great review, right to the point. +1
    Posted by TrapMuzik99 on 19 Feb 15 at 16:48
    LifeExpectancyThanks for the feedback, I appreciated it! :)
    Posted by LifeExpectancy on 19 Feb 15 at 17:18
    AngelTiddlesAwesome review! I completely agree on the rubberbanding AI, it's the only thing that spoils this game somewhat. I love racing jet-skis in real life, and have never actually played a water racing game like this. A top game, if they patched the AI banding this would be perfect!

    +1 from me, couldn't have written it differently!
    Posted by AngelTiddles on 01 Mar 15 at 23:12
    LifeExpectancyThanks Angel I appreciate the feedback :)
    Posted by LifeExpectancy on 02 Mar 15 at 01:28
    Jamiereloaded23I hated the rubberbanding A.I, it was ridiculous at times, pretty accurate review though, to me this game is like a hybrid of wave race 64 and wipeout.....obviously without the weapons. +1 from me.
    Posted by Jamiereloaded23 on 05 Mar 15 at 17:28
    Darklord1899A great review. I was going to review this game but yours is perfect so I do not need to . Completely agree.
    Posted by Darklord1899 on 08 Mar 15 at 13:54
    LifeExpectancyThanks guys, I appreciate the positive feedback :) I've been trying to make my reviews better and more concise.
    Posted by LifeExpectancy on 08 Mar 15 at 14:39